So she was all a dream? Kyon, you need to revise your life. Maybe get into a healthy relationship, get some normal friends, stop getting yourself into trouble. But I can't just stop. I have the universe on the line. And…Adam and Eve. Ohh,, I do not want to get into that at all. Dammit Koizumi. I don't know if I'm living in fear or in agony. But maybe I sorta like it. Being around the brigade everyday. When I was in that alternate universe, I missed Haruhi. Though I did like the alternate universe Nagato, I missed Haruhi. I missed us all being together. I missed all the adventures we had. But do I really like all this supernatural crap? Aren't those all just things of my childish past? Maybe I just need to move on. Ifwhen the universe ends, maybe I wont have to be in closed space and I'll just die along with the rest of the universe. We all know that couldn't happen. Haruhi can have whatever she wants. Does she want me? Well, I don't want her. I will not be forced to love anyone!

She is beautiful…Haruhi. Her hair flows ever so beautifully, especially when it's in a ponytail. But she is too ecstatic..just no. If perkiness were a disease, she'd be terminal. I just couldn't stand being with her. But then again, at the end of every day I am lead to a question. I don't know if it's her who is making me ask this question, or if it is just me and my inner feelings coming out, but I always think of this.

What are my feelings for Haruhi Suzumiya?