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Chapter Four: To Fly

"How can there be no one home in a house this big?"

Bankotsu's mother stood outside of the Midari estate, staring up at the expansive, stately mansion. 'Well, at least it was nice to look at…' She sighed, deciding to stop ringing the doorbell and head on home. However, while walking down the driveway, she passed by the owner of that very house!

The tall, redheaded man was standing on a very expensive-looking white vehicle. Snow had started falling, sparkling white against the clear blue sky, but he didn't even bat an eyelash. His dark black shoes were leaving scuffmarks on the smooth white paint of the car, but he didn't seem to care about that either. His handsome face was pointed upward, toward the house, fixated on something…

"Excuse m-"

"Shh…" He pressed a finger to his lips and she fell silent, watching the snowflakes melt on those calm, handsome features. Curious, she made to stand beside him, trying to see what it was he was watching. Those emerald eyes did not diverge for even a second, but he noticed what she was trying to do. "Can you see him?" he whispered, gesturing off toward one of the many white balconies that branched off from his mansion-like home. "My darling son is out on his balcony."

"Oh." Now she noticed him, though it was hard to believe he was even a boy. The most beautiful person she'd ever seen was indeed standing on one of those balconies. Long red hair and snow white skin. He had his head rested on his arms and seemed to be staring off at the sky, much like his father.

"That is Suzaku." Kujaku explained, finally looking away from his son to meet this woman's eyes. "He is the light of my life; my precious little sparrow. On more magical days, if you listen closely, you can even hear him sing…"

He sat down and patted the space beside him, but she shook her head, not wanting to scuff up such a nice car. "I only came to find Jakotsu…" she explained.

"Oh, I know." he mumbled, again staring off at the angel on the balcony. "I assume you're the mother of that 'too young' boy… And just so you know, Jakotsu spoke very fondly of you."


"Yeah… He's not stupid. It's not hard to realize what a difficult time you must be going through. To be honest, I myself understand completely…"

'How can that be?' She didn't quite understand his vague line of reasoning, but did follow his eyes back up to the beautiful boy on the balcony.

"Teenagers…" Kujaku whispered, smiling wryly. "At this time in their lives, they really are just like birds. Birds with newly formed wings. They think they're ready to just up and fly away… But as parents we are then faced with the most difficult decision of our lives…"

"To let them fly off or keep them safe at home?"

"Precisely." He sighed, leaning back on his palms. "To me my son is hardly even human. More like an angelic little bird, with those big beautiful wings and that innocent little halo… Sometimes I really can hear him sing up there. Singing about that boy he loves. Singing about the one he wants to fly away to meet. Every note makes the pain worse. The heart splinters, breaking in my chest…"

Finally those sad emerald eyes met with her watery blue ones. "That's why I know what you're feeling right now…"

She nodded, leaning up against the car to watch the snow fall along with him. For a moment both were silent, but then she voiced a question. "So what will you do, then? Have you made the choice yet?"

"That is up to my little Sparrow. Hopefully he will allow me to keep those wings clipped just a little while longer. Since I'd die if he ever got hurt… And what about you? Will you hold on and try to keep your son safe?"

"It seems that keeping him safe only hurts Bankotsu more…"

"Then perhaps you should allow him to fly…"

"I think I must. Though that's so much easier said than done…"

"Don't I know it?" He smiled rather wryly, hopping down from the trunk of that amazing car.
"Not all of us have the willpower to do what's right… To give up the ones we cherish above everything else. But that's supposed to be what love is all about right? Learning to let go…"

"Are you leaving?"

He paused, absently running a hand through that long red hair. "I must go speak to him," he explained, bowing so he could politely take his leave. "Beg him to stay, like the coward I am…"

She watched him walk away, and even though she didn't know his name, or if they'd ever meet again, she felt a connection with him. One she'd never known possible…

'Someone whose heart hurts exactly like mine…' And then she turned around, heading back to her own home. 'Yet I must learn to be so much stronger.'

"Aisuru what are you doing here?"

"Shh!" Jakotsu shoved his stunned companion into the nearest shower, whispering, even though he knew the locker room was empty. "Football practice on Saturdays is optional, isn't it?"

"Yeah, bu-"

"Well you're opting out!" He insisted, dragging his captive out of the room before any of the other football players arrived. The snow crushed beneath their feet as Bankotsu chased after the taller male, who for once was not wearing heels. Jakotsu must have planned to do this running.

The cross dresser led him all the way out into the back parking lot and hopped effortlessly into the shining red convertible. "Just get in!" He hissed, before Bankotsu could ask about the car.

In no time at all they had left the school far behind, traveling along the back roads to avoid as many prying eyes as possible.


Jakotsu chuckled, trying very hard to keep his eyes on the road. His highly amused companion had turned all the way around in his seat and was staring upward, watching the clouds race by. "Aisuru, this is so amazing. It's like flying…"

"Like a dream come true…"

"Yeah…" Bankotsu sat back down, still unable to believe this was even happening. 'Incredible…' he couldn't stop running his hands over the leather interior of the car. Was it going to fade away, back into a dream? The wind in his hair was starting to turn his ears red, but he didn't mind. This road was unfamiliar, but he was anything but troubled. Jakotsu had a confident smile on his face. He seemed to know exactly where he was going, so that's all that mattered. Bankotsu couldn't help but lean over and put a hand on one of those warm, porcelain hips. 'He's real,' he kept thinking, "I can touch you…"

That comment made Jakotsu laugh. He absently reached up and pressed a button above the dashboard which caused the convertible roof to slide back up over them. At the same time the heating system engaged itself and warm comfort swept throughout, but it needn't have bothered. Somehow Bankotsu felt that he'd never be cold or uncomfortable again. "Aisuru…"

The car pulled to a stop, the red light glaring, but Bankotsu didn't even notice. He leaned forward and caught those cherry red lips; mesmerized.

"That's enough," his love whispered, gently nudging him back, "can't drive if you're on me."

"Sorry..." No, he wasn't, but Jakotsu already knew that. Bankotsu sat back in his seat with a finger to his lips. That intoxicating taste lingered. Precious, sweet… God he was hungry. For the first time in weeks… but his body still did not crave food. It craved that kiss, that touch…

Suddenly it was dark. It seemed Jakotsu had driven into some kind of tunnel. The car stopped before a large, metal gate with a bright red sign. 'Restricted Area. Authorization Required Beyond this Point.' Jakotsu reached over and pulled the decal from the rearview mirror. The automatic windows slid out of the way and he scanned the decal on an electronic eye, which beeped and flashed green. "Wow," Bankotsu heard himself say. The gate did not even open, but sank into the ground to let them pass. "Where are we, Aisuru?"

"Midari Inc." the cross dresser replied, though he knew the name would not sound familiar.
"This is where I live now." He pulled right into the very first parking spot, which had green lettering all across the sides. "Reserved For President Midari?" Bankotsu read, absently removing his seatbelt as Jakotsu held the door open for him.

"Yeah, Midari himself gave me all of this. The guy's a fuckin' maniac. But a very useful one." He put the decal back in its place, clicked the little black button on his carkeys and watched the convertible lock itself down with a chirp.

Bankotsu took his hand, admiring those perfectly manicured, bloodred nails as Jakotsu led the way. The glass doors of the elevator opened automatically to admit them and one of those smooth red nails mashed the very top button, which was not labeled.

"It's like company housing or some shit." Jakotsu explained, "executive and CEO suites are on the top floors." With a beep the doors slid back open, and again Jakotsu took the lead. The place looked like a mix between a high-end hotel and a corporate office. Rich carpeting, marble floors and lush indoor greenery stretched on either side. Men and women bustled about, each wearing an identical black suite with large red 'M's embroidered on their chests. "Good morning, Kujaku-sama," more than one of these people greeted Jakotsu as he passed, and he offered a bow in return for each of theirs. "Raiyuki!" The receptionist nodded with a smile as the two of them approached her large, ebony desk. "Yes, Kujaku-sama?"

"Do me a favor?" Jakotsu wondered, returning her cheerful nod. "Of course, Kujaku-sama."

"I have a guest today, lock up behind me so we wont be disturbed?"

"Certainly. Would you still like lunch delivered at 12?"

Jakotsu turned, raising an eyebrow at his younger companion. Bankotsu shrugged guiltily and the cross dresser took that as a yes. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

"Very well. I do hope you enjoy your stay."

Bankotsu felt his face flush as she offered him a bow and returned it automatically before hurrying off to follow his leader. This time Jakotsu had to scan his own fingers to get the doors to open, and when they stepped through, Bankotsu couldn't help but gasp when his eyes met the magnificent splendor of this 'bedroom.' He felt that he'd just stepped outdoors. There were actually flowing, lit up fountains on either side of them, leading the way in. Glittering stones and soft blue lights gave the perfect illusion of walking out into a garden at twilight.

"Ridiculous, isn't it?" Jakotsu tittered, gesturing toward the floating light fixtures, which looked just like water lilies. "You can set them for daytime or nighttime."

He kicked off his shoes and Bankotsu did the same, carefully treading on, over a traditional Japanese bridge. Beneath his bare feet, bright golden and red koi flittered about through the calm, clear water, and past the bridge, the ground turned to plush carpet which mimicked soft green grass.

"It's supposed to be the garden of Eden," Jakotsu explained, kicking some of the fake flowers out of his way as he passed. "But I think it's just more proof that Midari has way too much money on his hands…"

Bankotsu was in awe. It did look exactly like a garden. There were rosebushes and cherry blossoms everywhere. The ceiling had been cleverly disguised to mimic the night sky so the lighting twinkled just like stars. There was even a picnic area, complete with wrought iron table and chairs. A large black pond was fixed directly in the center of the room, but when Jakotsu wandered down the stairs and hopped down into it, Bankotsu realized it was a cleverly disguised water bed. "Wow…"

The mattress felt cool beneath his fingers. Gingerly he climbed onto the bed as well, feeling just like he'd fallen into some kind of moonlit fantasy. Jakotsu seemed to read his mind. "We're not here to look at the scenery." Those mischievous lips quirked into a sultry grin, and true to his word, Jakotsu wasted not another second before undressing. His tight black skirt was first to go, followed by his fur coat and silken blouse. Forgotten clothing piled up somewhere beneath the trick water's surface and that long, dark hair fell about his shoulders as he beckoned his young love to come hither.

Bankotsu obeyed without a moment's delay. 'Yes, yes!' his mind was already screaming. Somehow, miraculously, the mesmerizing curves of this flawless, tempting body turned out to be more than just imagined bliss. His fingers slid along each heated, porcelain inch and Bankotsu felt almost dizzy. Those warm, tantalizing lips finally met his own cool, starved ones. The pair of them tumbled onto those silk sheets, surrendering completely to the dreamlike passion of this breathtaking, erotic fantasy land.

Their tongues wrestled; danced and intoxicating arousal sparked wherever their heated, bare skin met. Those skilled fingers worked Bankotsu out of his clothing without a hitch. He didn't even notice. The 'stars' winked down into dark blue eyes as those cherry lips traced over his entire body; worshiping, bathing him in fiery, passionate kisses.

"Oh…" Bankotsu could not even speak. Those sorely missed, open-mouthed kisses had found their way between his legs. Careful, gentle hands bid his knees to bend for easier access; deeper, wetter contact. He slid his fingers into that smooth, dark hair, encouraging; begging. "Yes, yes, just like that."

Jakotsu obeyed, taking the entirety of that smooth, caramel rod into his mouth. Each hot, tender inch teased; mouthwatering and sweet. The liquid pleasure kissed bitter satisfaction to the back of his throat and that panting, gasping voice still begged for more and more. Oh, that husky delicious scent. This insistent, hardened candy cock. Every moment was making him positively dizzy with arousal…

Finally he released that precious treasure and forcibly claimed Bankotsu's lips instead. His young lover welcomed the kisses on his lips now, tasting a little of himself. Their sweet, sopping wet kiss grew only deeper, more desperate. Carefully Jakotsu lowered himself, guiding that slick, insistent rod inside of his waiting body. The smooth, fluid motion of Bankotsu's initial, powerful thrust was almost enough to push him right over the edge. "Wait..." they panted in unison, yet rested for only a moment. That rhythm picked right back up, crashing with the waves of the water mattress and then quickening to match the moans and shuddering breath.
"Yes! Deeper," Sweet Jakotsu begged, arching that sexy, slender back. Then he let himself be rolled over and fucked even harder, faster. "Yes, oh..."
Possessive, dominant mocha crashed against submissive, insatiable cream-colored hips for what they only wished could be an eternity. But the final plunge came, sudden yet sweet.
Two came as one; their frustration melting into shuddering, passionate, orgasmic bliss.

As that slick satisfaction painted his stomach, Bankotsu collapsed atop his equally exhausted partner. With that wet, erotic evidence pressed between their tightly joined chests, they kissed again and again, whispering their sweet words of devotion.

"I love you, I love you, Oh so much." "-missed you," "-dreamt of you," "every single night." "couldn't sleep." "couldn't even breathe…" "without you." "Aisuru…"

Their words jumbled together, but neither cared. Two hearts beat as one so both understood despite the panting, stumbling confessions. Both were on the verge of tears, clinging so tightly that it hurt just to breathe. Shamelessly those onyx eyes shed their sorrow, and Bankotsu kissed every drop of it away. "Never again," he promised yet begged, stroking and soothing that shivering, beautiful body. "I love you, I need you. Have to be with you. Simple as that…"

Slowly their fervor began to calm. A gentle, mutual silence settled between them, broken intermittently by forcedly quieted sobs and cute, affectionate sniffles. Pleasant, bittersweet kisses won out over words. And finally the reborn lovers lay together, resting in the afterglow of their renewed, unified perfection. "I love you," sweet Jakotsu purred. "I know you do," his Bankotsu teased. "Only you," those red lips insisted. "Only you too," he nuzzled right back.

"Three more yearsss…" the sultry snake hissed, and those blue eyes winked back.

"can kiss my ass."

"What do you mean he's not here?" Bankotsu's mother and best friend were cursing the sky at the exact same time, but on opposite sides of the city. One of them turned around and stalked away from Jakotsu's mother while the other skipped out on his friends after football practice.

Their roads intersected at the same place, at the same time, right in front of Bankotsu's home.
"Have you seen Jakotsu?"
"Have you seen Bankotsu?"

"Who is that?"
"He's not with you?"

"Nevermind," The older of the two sighed. She then turned and led the way into her house, ushering for Hiten to follow her to the kitchen. "If my husband comes home, please tell him you already saw Ban-Chan at school." The confused teenager took the chair she offered him, nodding in the positive.


She gave him a tired smile, wandering over to the refrigerator. "I bet you like chocolate, just like Ban-Chan…"

"Actually, yeah I do."

She went right to work preparing a large, chocolate milkshake and set it in front of her guest. "Also," she requested, "remind Ban-Chan to open his Christmas present. There's one for you too on his bed."


"Please make yourself at home. I will be right back."
And with that she wandered off, leaving Hiten by himself. "Weird people…" he muttered, sipping on his shake. Bankotsu arrived just a few minutes later, but froze at the entrance to the kitchen. "Rai-Chan, what're you doing here?"

"Looking for you, duh." Hiten scoffed, raising an eyebrow at the sudden panic on his best friend's face. "What?"

"Now my parents will know I skipped practice you dumbass!"


Bankotsu practically growled, tugging on his hair in his frustration. "Oh my god, Rai-Chan you're so fucking cluelesssssssss…"

"I don't see what the big deal is," Hiten went right back to work on his milkshake, ignoring his rather spastic best friend. "You people don't make any sense…"

"Just come on!" Bankotsu practically dragged Hiten out of the kitchen and made to duck into his bedroom, intending to hide there for the remainder of the day, but unfortunately someone had already beaten him to the punch.

"Mama what are you doing here?"

Bankotsu stared in disbelief at his mother, who was seated on his bed. She didn't answer the question, but stood immediately to leave. As she passed, she very discretely handed him a small, white envelope. "Don't worry, I won't tell your father," she whispered, and that was it. He raised an eyebrow at those sad blue eyes, and in that instant he wanted to stop her, but chose not to. She simply bowed out of the room, leaving him alone with his best friend and wandered back out to the front of the house.

"Your parents are so weird," Hiten immediately commented, stealing her place on the bed. Bankotsu however remained frozen; speechless. 'So Mama doesn't care I skipped practice? I'm not in trouble?' It was way too good to be true. 'She must know I was exactly where I wasn't supposed to be…'

He closed the door and turned away from Hiten, who seemed to be distracted anyway.
"Oh yeah, the Christmas presents…" He heard Hiten mumble, but Bankotsu ignored this and ripped open his mother's letter instead.

'I love you so much. Please tell Jakotsu, thanks for having faith in me, even after I said such terrible things. I hope you can forgive me too, because the truth is, you make me so proud. I just want you to be happy, wherever you are. From now on I will trust in you and support you no matter what. So follow your heart and fly to wherever it leads.

Ps. Please be safe!'

Bankotsu could hardly believe his eyes. He read over the note twice, just for good measure, and then pressed it firmly to his chest, unable to say or do anything else. For a moment he was alone in the world, with nothing but this sudden rush of unfathomable joy. The little note bathed relief onto the heart that was once so grievous and strained.

"Awe! What the hell?"
Bankotsu came back down from cloud nine and turned to his best friend who was holding up his newly unwrapped Christmas present. "Your parents just get weirder and weirder…"

Hiten ripped the box open and let the contents litter the ground. Small, colorful squares of plastic lightly bounced on the soft, plush carpeting. "Condoms." He scoffed, tossing over Bankotsu's gift as well. "Bet yours is too…"

'Oh, I get it!' Bankotsu had to try very hard not to burst out laughing as he opened his own gift and beheld the exact same thing. 'Be safe.'

"I'm sorr-" he tried to say, but wound up losing out to the hilarity of the situation.
Hiten instinctively caught hold of Bankotsu, who promptly fell right over, spilling condoms everywhere during the ensuing hysterical fit of giggles.

"Well I'm glad you think this is so funny," Hiten sighed, glaring down at those lit pink cheeks. He was trying to sound annoyed, but had probably failed, since Bankotsu only laughed harder.

"I love-" he choked out, in between the laughter, "my mother!"

"Fine then," Hiten sighed, dropping him onto the ground. 'Why is it I'm the only one who always loses?' He sat down, watching Bankotsu try to catch his breath, but still couldn't help smiling right back at those joyful blue eyes. Absently he stroked those thick bluish bangs, not even bothering to ask Bankotsu to explain his strange behavior. 'I love this weirdass boy…'

"Hiten," Bankotsu snickered, "you really don't want your condoms? I figure a guy like you would need plenty of those…"

"Nope," he replied simply, "They're too small to fit me."

"Really?" The other boy sat up, examining one of the many colorful packages. "How can you tell? It doesn't say what size…"

"Well the larger ones should say 'large'," Hiten explained, ripping one open with his teeth.
"See, much too small." He held it up to show Bankotsu, but this only made him burst into another fit of giggles. 'So immature.' He sighed, pinning his still snickering best friend beneath himself. "Here, let's see if they'll fit you."

"No, no!" Bankotsu insisted, "I'm allergic to latex."


"Rai-Chan!" Bankotsu squirmed his way out from under him and bolted out the door, still laughing hysterically as Hiten gave chase. They wound up running right into Bankotsu's father, who tumbled to the ground along with them, looking almost as miffed as they were amused.

"What the hell are you boys doing?"

"Playing with condoms." Hiten replied simply, surprised by the sudden frozen look on the older male's face. "Oops, I think I killed him…"

"You really need to learn how to lie," Bankotsu chuckled, leaning up against his best friend for support. "My stomach hurts from laughing too much…"

Bankotsu waved to his mother as she stepped over them, shrugging along the way.
"Still like Hiten better, darling?"

"I hate all of you," her husband sighed, and the other three burst into laughter.

The snow was still fluttering along, teased with each gentle gust of wind.

Midari Suzaku had lost track of just how long he had been standing outside just watching it snow. There was something about those beautiful, soaring little feathers. If only he too could spread his wings and fly on the wind with those dreamy white flakes…

Today, like any other day, he was dreaming; hoping, wishing…
Every time he blinked those chocolate eyes flashed in his mind. That long, dark braided hair…
Cocky, cheerful Raiyuki Hiten; the one his heart still longed for. Time was fluttering too, just like that sweet white snow; counting down the seconds until his lucky stars would finally align.
'Someday,' he whispered in his mind, refusing to admit. His hands pressed to his chest of their own accord, feeling the beat of the trapped heart beneath. 'I too will fly away…'

And he already knew exactly where he wanted to land.
'in his arms…'

His father approached from behind, but the younger redhead didn't even startle.

"Hello Kujaku…"

Powerful arms wrapped around him; possessive, controlling.
"Jakotsu wont be coming back." Kujaku whispered.

"I know," his son replied vaguely. "I figured it was only a matter of time before you got jealous and chased him away…"

Kujaku chuckled; amused. His tone was conversational, yet his voice was laced with something like syrupy-sweet venom. "You're so smart, ChibiSu..."

"You didn't hurt him, did you?"

"Just a bit."

"He's alive?"

"As long as you want him to be."

"Forever, I love him very much."

"I thought you'd say that."

"Have you put him somewhere safe and comfortable?"

"Yeah. A new place to live…"

"What about other expenses? Maintenance for that car..."

"Hmm…" Kujaku pulled Suzaku closer, absently burying his face into that sleek, red velvet hair.
"Guess I'll have to provide that too…"

"Yes you will. I think five million yen should be just about enough…"

"Bossy, bossy, ChibiSu…" His father tittered, "but ooh, something about that turns me on…"

Suzaku closed his eyes, trying to ignore the wet heat of his father's snakelike kiss. Those fangs sank into his neck, with careful pressure so as not to leave marks.
"It's worth it if Ja-Chan will no longer be lonely…"

"I wouldn't care if Jakotsu dropped dead," Kujaku whispered back, hissing in his ear.
"But for you, ChibiSu, I'd take his place in hell."

"I know."

"Oh, Suzaku," his father sighed, nuzzling closer still, "I'll make you love me yet."

"Oh, Kujaku," The younger male mocked, shoving those insistent hands away. "You will try."
With that said Suzaku stalked off, wandering back into the house, but Kujaku watched him leave without any argument. "Statutory rape," he scoffed, trying not to laugh.

"Three more years is nothing. I would chase him for three hundred…"

For Suzaku those three years passed and began to fade into nothingness; forgotten, just like a bad dream.
Somewhere along the way Suzaku bought that golden locket and finally, like Jakotsu, gave his own heart to its rightful owner.

'My heart around your beautiful neck.'

Hiten was taken by surprise. For nine years they had known each other and Suzaku had not breathed a word of the secret love he'd held all along. But now it was clear, hanging heavy around his neck, glowing warmly in those emerald eyes, radiating with the gentle pulse of the docile body beneath his own… 'I want you.' Those pink lips had breathed.

Suzaku gazed up, expectantly.
At first those chocolate eyes were worried. Those strong arms held him, though hesitantly.
But Suzaku was truly his father's son; stubborn. He was born to get what he wanted, that fact would never change… 'If you insist,' his precious Hiten whispered, and Suzaku carefully read through that with his inherited sharp, green eyes…

"I know you want me just as bad," he decided.

"Oh really?"
Suzaku watched Hiten's reaction with much interest. Was he taking that as some kind of challenge? Everything was a game to him. Life itself; an adventure. Whether tackling his adversary on the football field or tumbling with his lover in bed, it was still a game and Raiyuki Hiten would surely enjoy every second. He carelessly let his own clothes drop to the floor to join Suzaku's and then wasted no time in exploring his newest playing field. He seemed to be in awe, as if he just could not believe what he was seeing, feeling and finally tasting.

Soon everything grew hot; too hot for inhibition and too hot to read with his eyes anymore… "Wow," his Hiten mumbled, sometime between the 56th and 67th kiss. Suzaku had lost count. He was too overwhelmed to think. A few times Hiten even growled, enjoying the marks he was leaving, and that alone was dizzily arousing.

Was Hiten just excited by new territory or genuinely interested? Suzaku didn't know, nor did he care. Tonight it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but the heat of those kisses and that touch. They were new; exotic, and so much better than the naïve redhead had ever imagined…

"Oh…" Suzaku shuddered, letting that shameless desire drip from his mouth; encouraging. Those powerful arms held him down as Hiten bowed to press another kiss between his legs.

"You're already this wet?" Hiten's voice was teasing, playing off his satisfied amusement.
'How cute.' Apparently Suzaku could not even speak so Hiten teased a bit more.
"Sensitive aren't you…" That wasn't even a question, and he was too preoccupied to listen to the answer anyway. He slid his tongue carefully over Suzaku's dripping, tantalizing erection, relishing every smooth, tender inch before carefully taking it fully into his mouth…

"Oh... but Hiten…"


"I- This is… Oh…" He still couldn't speak. Suzaku stifled another shuddering moan, burning red with embarrassment and Hiten merely continued to worship this lovely body, thoroughly enjoying himself. He let those erotic noises guide his movement, suckling with precise, careful accuracy to elicit as much pleasure as possible. His wet fingers slid between those hot, vanilla cheeks and again Suzaku attempted to speak. "Wait, wait… Haah…"

'He's telling me to stop now?'
Suzaku had those painted red nails on his lips. His tantalizing body writhed with intense, seemingly overwhelming arousal. It was so tempting to just ignore his words and continue, but Hiten conceded. He let that glossy vanilla rod slide from his mouth and sat up to question those panting pink lips. "What is it?"

"I…" Dark, lust-filled emerald eyes sparkled up into his patient chocolate ones.

'I've never done this before…' Suzaku avoided Hiten's gaze, unable to admit something so humiliating to his experienced, handsome partner. Both were silent for a moment, aside from Suzaku's forcibly quieted panting. 'But I want him so bad…' Hiten leaned in and gave him a long, deep kiss, seeming a bit impatient, but he was waiting, just as requested. As soon as those lips released his own Suzaku forced himself to speak. "Just…"

"Hmm?" Hiten slid right back down between his legs, absently licking those same two fingers.
"Be gentle…" those sweet pink lips finally whispered, and Hiten almost laughed.

"Don't be stupid." That cocky smile flashed as he said this and Suzaku lie back down with the embarrassment burning almost as hot as his flaming desire. "Of course I will."
With that said, Hiten slid his wet, careful fingers into that tight, virgin entrance, unaware of the priceless treasure he was claiming. It was more a matter of routine for him. This was how it should be done to heighten his partner's pleasure. He delicately teased those quivering, clenching muscles further open and then resumed his starving worship of the heated vanilla treat between those beautiful legs, taking note of Suzaku's renewed moans of encouragement. "Oh… Yes- Hiten…"

'Wow.' the combination of his sweet, heated taste and purring voice was starting to make Hiten dizzy with almost painful arousal. 'This man is fucking delicious…' Humiliating thoughts like this just would not quit flitting through his mind, but of course Hiten refused to speak them aloud. Instead he just continued to worship that flawless, quivering body, letting those amazing, erotic noises pour fuel on his own flaring, frustrated desires. Oh, Suzaku was so tight; incredible. His fingers were already starting to hurt. "Relax for me…"

Suzaku nodded but almost immediately threw his head back, moaning in either pain or pleasure, it was impossible to tell. Now three wet fingers slid inside of that tight, heated body. The pressure must have been intense. But when Hiten leaned forward again and put his mouth back where it belonged, Suzaku shuddered; obviously begging for more. "Oh, Hiten…"

'Say that again,' Instinctive, automatic thoughts like this forced their way into his consciousness, much like the sudden urge to replace those fingers with something so much better. But Hiten carefully resisted, determined to first focus on Suzaku's pleasure.

'Strange.' Everything about this situation was just so strange. Usually he would never bother putting his partner first, but now it was all he wanted. There was just something special about this delectable redhead… He listened intently to that sweet, deep moaning as it began to escalate and moved his tongue in perfect sync with his gently pumping fingers.

"C- Can I?"
Suzaku panted, and Hiten responded by baring down harder on the succulent object of his fervent obsession. That long, shuddering moan was well worth the slightly bitter tang of his climax, and Hiten spit it right back out, carefully catching it so as not to waste a single drop.

Suzaku was still catching his breath, but he watched with much interest as Hiten stroked that pearly white liquid onto himself. 'How clever,' the redhead couldn't help but think. Then those fingers slid out and Hiten made to replace them with the much larger, much more painful object of his true desire. "Relax," he warned again, and Suzaku obeyed. The determined redhead took careful, deep breaths and closed his eyes, but it still took everything in him to avoid crying out. The pain shot up his back and forced it to arch. The tears burned, wet and hot, just like the smoldering pressure between his legs. And now he was forced to breathe so much harder, feeling so much hotter; overwhelmed. The sweat dripped along with those tears and the heat only intensified with the pain. He hadn't meant to, but at that point Suzaku allowed the tiniest whimper to escape his trembling lips and Hiten immediately noticed. The stronger, experienced male paused to allow him time to adjust, and then nuzzled closer, whispering comfort against that sweet-scented neck. "It's okay…"

"I'm sorry," his redhead angel whimpered, unable to force those watery green eyes open again.
"Don't be," Hiten soothed, catching those cute, pouting lips in his own and kissing them again and again. Sweet, tender distractions. 'Don't stop,' that amazing body begged.

The kisses deepened easily but Hiten ensured their more intimate connection would progress as slowly and gently as possible. Each completed thrust made Suzaku's breath hitch and Hiten lost count of the whimpers he swallowed. But oh, being inside of him felt simply amazing. Those tight, clenching, heated muscles; almost painful perfection. Even the smallest movement brought forth a renewed rush of intense, erotic bliss. It was torturous to hold back; but oh, still so sweet… The second he released those lips Suzaku threw his magnificent head back and moaned his name. 'Fuck.' Hiten bit down on that sweet-scented neck, forcing his eyes closed and at the same time shoving himself fully into that incredible, decadent heat. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before. Suzaku's shuddering, pleading voice positively dripped with desire, yet hissed with pain at the exact same time. "Please don't stop." those stubborn lips insisted, knowing already that he wouldn't dare. 'Suzaku wants this,' Hiten carefully reminded himself. 'he wants me.'

The cool metal of the golden locket was pressed against their tightly joined chests. It seemed to encourage, desperately pleading along with that trembling voice. Their hips crashed together again and again.
'I've always been…' It hurt so good. Sweet, delicious, precious Suzaku,
'In love with you.' Faster, harder. Every stroke drove him closer to the edge. At that moment Hiten clearly felt those invisible red strings begin to wind around his neck; sealing his fate, but he only moaned encouragement. He already knew the addiction would only intensify. He'd known ever since he first touched that golden heart and secretly, shamefully longed for its heated, beating counterpart. Tonight was the night he'd finally carve that name into his body. "Su-za-ku," he found himself panting along with those perfect, heated strokes, matching his partner's moans. 'It's true. I want you just as bad.'

Their two bodies would now join as one, just like their two hearts. Neither could live without the other. Neither could dare. Yes, it felt like flying, but Hiten knew that he was only falling harder; becoming enraptured.

'I too have fallen…'
Deeply; those perfect, precise thrusts.
Hopelessly; entwined, insatiable bodies.
Completely; one final plunge; immortalizing a sacred vow. Liquid ecstasy pumped into that waiting, shivering body as those green eyes locked with his.

'In love with you.'


(AN2: Afterword. As I wrote this, all I could think about was Carl Rogers. "The Cure for neurosis is love."
Some hopeless romantics truly believe that. I am one of them.

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