Hey people. This is a new story. This is my 3rd story and there is more to come. I hope you enjoy this story. Btw, the Fame is this story is different from the Fame movie. And I make a reference to Make it or Break it with the Denver, Colorado.

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Never say never:


Bella got accepted to New York's famous dance school, Fame. While dancing in the streets of Brooklyn, she meets Edward Cullen, the biggest player. Bella goes to a masquerade ball. She has an amazing dance with a stranger, and she can't get his image out her head. All she can remember are those piercing eyes.

Chapter 1:

I sat across the table with my best friend, Jennifer.

"Open it," she urged.

This was my letter to see if I was accepted or declined to Fame. Fame is the best dance school in Brooklyn, New York. To get accepted for senior year is like me winning the lottery, which I've never done. Out of thousands of kids, they pick 150 kids. To get accepted you have to have history with dancing, and you send a tape of you dancing.

With shaky hands, I took the envelope. It said From: the school of dance, Fame. Jennifer took it from my hand, getting tired of my slowness.

She quickly read over it.

"Well, not everyone can get in," she said.

I felt as if all my dreams were crushed.

"Unless, You're Bella Swan!" she yelled.

We were squealing and screaming. I was doing crazy dance moves.

Mom walked into the door with grocery in her hands.

"Mom! I got in!" I said hugging her.

"I'm so proud of you," she said putting up the grocery.

She looked at the letter and approved at it.

"Oh my honey! You're leaving in a couple days! You should start packing!" she said.

And with that I was off to pack my clothes.

I packed my last pair of skinny jeans, and sweaters. It's going to be so different from Phoenix, Arizona. It's so warm and sunny here. In Brooklyn, I actually need sweaters!

"Bye, Mom," I said to her and hugged her.

I got in my corvette, and drove to the airport. Jennifer came because she was flying off to Colorado. She was invited to train at Denver Gym for gymnastics. She's going to live with her dad there.

"Bye, Jenn," I said tearing up.

"Bye, Bells. Call me when you become a famous dancer," she said crying.

"Call me when you make the National team," I said.

We hugged each other one last time before going our separate ways. I got my corvette sent to New York. I sat down with my suitcase, and waited for my plane to be called.

"Flight 3B to Brooklyn, New York," the announcer said.

I got my suitcase, and started walking to the plane. I took a seat, and pulled out my ipod from my purse and gently fell asleep. I woke up at the right time, and grabbed my stuff and walked to the car lot. I found my corvette as perfect as new. I jumped in, and drove to Fame.

I took a deep breath before going to Fame.

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