How Fred and George Became Beaters


Harry was the youngest Seeker in 100 years. Who were the youngest Beaters, though?

Well, who do you think?

One day, Fred was bored.

As a matter of fact, George was, too.

Now that's dangerous.

They were first years. So they weren't allowed to do anything. Hagrid invited them to eat rock cakes, but they tasted too much like rock. Flitwick offered to show them how to do a Summoning Charm, but they weren't in the mood to learn fourth-year work.


"INSPIRATION!" screamed Fred suddenly.

George jumped up from the book he wasn't reading. "WHAT?"

"Simple," said Fred happily. "We steal a broomstick and chase each other around, then practice our Beatings."

What happened next was not what you might think.

Flint, a burly third year, was marching around, knocking random people out of the way.

The two twins were marching around, carrying broomsticks.

They got up to Flint, and when he tried to knock them out of the way..

"BEAT BEAT BEAT!" beated Fred cheerfully, followed by George.

Oliver Wood was watching. He grabbed the twins by the neck and what do you know..

The next day, they were practicing for the match.

And they won too.