A/N: Hello peeps! Long time no see! As you can see by the lack of updates thus far, 2017 has not been…gentle to me. Lots of things have happened to me. A lot of them are great things. A lot of them are not so great. Regardless, the result is that I'm probably in the busiest phase of my life. I am happy and in good health though I am also under a lot of pressure and has a lot of things on my mind. This year, I hit 29 years old. Believe me when I tell you it's been a milestone for me. So many things happened to me this year. A lot of laughters. A lot of tears too.

I won't bore you with the details but, in the foreseeable future, I'm not sure if I will have much if any time to devote to my fanfiction. I love the stories I write and my imagination has never once stopped churning out new ideas. But the task of writing them down, giving them solid shapes, and refining them is something that is beyond me right now. So, with much regret, I will have to tell you that all of my stories will henceforth be put on indefinite hiatus until a time when I have the mental and physical space to return.

That said however, I have been writing snippets of future parts of the stories. Some of them are short moments that will act as plot hooks. Some of them are entire turning points or character focus in strategic parts of the stories. I have been posting them on tumblr. Recently, I received a letter from a fan asking me why I don't post these snippets on ffnet where more readers will be able to enjoy them and not just the very small number of people who follow me on my tumblr account. Well, I used to not do that because I did not want to spoil the stories and also the snippets aren't meant to be 100% unchangable. They hold the essence of that part of the stories but until the moment when they are connected to the main storylines, they remain in a semi-draft stage and those reasons are why I don't post them on ffnet.

However, because of this indefinite hiatus, those reasons no longer hold true and I shall now start to post the quite significant number of snippets I have written for the stories.

I hope you enjoy them and will tell me what you think or feel about them, whether they surprise you, and whether you feel that any parts could be improved upon.


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Tis Femina Draft Note 1: Naruto's Gender Reveal to the Kokkyian Generals

Naruto reveals it to them. It basically goes like this:

1/ Open war starts between Kokkyo and the assorted tribes of Rain (assisted by the Uchiha clans and a bunch of smaller clans)

2/ The war started badly for the Kokkian who are forced to move from their position of strength (the wall of Kokkyo) to initiate conflict in mountain lands (thus restricting their army and Calvary advantages). They are also hammered by Uchiha strike forces. Uchiha are specialists at mass destruction after all. They are a perfect counter to conventional armies. A small squad of Uchiha is enough to sow discord in the ranks of Kokkian army.

3/ With the help of Naruto (and his creation of the first anti-nin squad from the remnants of the fourth general's force, that general who went traitor on the Kokkians), the Kokkian shift the balance more to their favor.

4/ Guerilla warfare happens. Due to the situation at home, the Kokkian army is under pressure to achieve decisive victory as fast as possible. The other side knows this and purposefully tries to drag out conflict as long as possible to sap the Kokkian's strength.

5/ During the course of the war and due to the first decisive battle victory in which he was very visible, Naruto under the code name Yurei, the mysterious new fourth general of the Kokkian army becomes known as an important figure of this war.

6/ The other side orchestrates several attempts to assassinate him (even hiring a disciple of Jashin to strike at him when he goes back to Kokkyo for a brief time to check up on the kids). When that doesn't work, they then try to tempt him to their side by planting seductress in his tent (which prompts a funny incident and nets Naruto a faithful follower later on), sending him mails and promises. Etc… That doesn't work either.

7/ Eventually, the war effort comes to a point where it becomes clear that they must end things as quickly as possible now or it becomes a Pyrrhic victory in which Kokkyo is ruined regardless.

8/ During a meeting with the other generals (with two generals on loan to the Kokkian from the Daishogun of the North), Naruto puts forth a plan to lure the Uchiha and Ame tribes. Since he has become an important and night-unkillable figure in this war, if he shows any opening, the Ame forces are very likely to take it. Since the Ame forces have tried both assassination and temptations in the past and failed, if he shows an opening in line of both of above, they aren't likely to bite. However, if he were to show a completely different weakness, something that they have never tried before, then the plan has much better chance of success.

9/ The generals ask what is this weakness he has in mind. He replies 'Well, if Yurei aka Kiiro no Kami is untouchable to abduction, assassination, and temptation, what about his beloved sister instead? Might she be a much easier target to get at his heart? If the Ame were to abduct his beloved sole sister, surely Yurei would then consider the chance to… if not turn coat on the Kokkian… then to sit out of this entire war?'

10/ The generals are astonished. Their questions. "You would do such a thing. You would offer up your own beloved sister for victory?" "You have a sister?!" "Where is this sister? And can she actually handle herself? Wars are not kind to women captured by enemy forces, you must know this."

11/ Naruto answers by lowering the collar of his shirt and taking off the choker he wears to cover his body's lack of Adam's apple. It doesn't take long for the generals to realize what he's saying. The mysterious fourth general, the instrument with which the Kokkians have retained the upper hands in this war until now, the founder of the anti-nin brigade, and the person who has dueled Tsuki no Miyamoto to a standstill but weeks before…. is a woman all this time. He's offering up himself (or herself in their eyes) as bait to launch a counter offensive in the heart of the Ame force's camp and end this war once and for all.

12/ Of course, because of sexist social rule shenanigans of the time period, this reveal incites argument among the ranks of the generals. Some generals don't take this reveal well. Some, like Zazanha Nobunaga, are practical enough to look past that as long as victory is assured. Eventually, it comes down to a question of trustworthiness. The general consensus is that the generals do not know whether they can trust Naruto when she has been deceiving them all this time.

13/ Tsuki no Myamoto resolves this issue by using his unique ability, Sovereign's Judgement, on Naruto. The ability clears the huddle of trustworthiness and they go with Naruto's plan.

14/ Naruto's plan is to basically introduce Yurei's beloved sister to the public and make a target out of her. Through discussion with the generals, the plan eventually becomes 'introduce Yurei's beloved sister to the noble court of Kokkyo as a pretext to granting the fourth general Yurei new noble status'. They will do this by hosting a debut party in the heart of Kokkian court in the beloved sister's name (thus creating a juicy target for Uchiha infiltrator).

15/ Cue special court training for Naruto to appear an appropriate future noble lady.

16/ This is when Tsuki no Miyamoto sees Naruto's face for the first time (through a window some 30 meters away. Guy has good eyes). It's not quite love at first sight. He already has some complicated feelings, a combination of respect, competitiveness, intrigue, disapproval, for Naruto. But it's close. Cue love-sick socially awkward Daishogun.

17/ Also a bunch of shenanigans when Naruto appears san-mask before many upper echelon members of the Kokkian army before and during the debut party. Some have been told of Yurei's actual gender… but nothing prepares them for her real appearance (especially after Naruto is dolled up by Tsuki no Miyamoto's mother and her ladies in waiting). When Naruto does leave Kokkyo to go on the next part of his adventure, he leaves a lot of broken hearts in his wake.