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Let the feathers fly…

A term someone might use to basically say, 'Forget the past'


A term someone might use as in to, 'Just forget him…' or 'just forgive him!'

Pink hair, green eyes, pale skin, oh my! Sakura, sat waiting for Lee to come home. She sighed and fiddled with her hair, twirling it around her finger, and then slipping it out. She was not someone who was patient. At all. In fact, she was also a perfectionist… Which is how she fell in love with Lee(Brotherly love). He was always trying to be the best he could possibly be! And she liked that. Finally, fed up with waiting, she got up and walked into her room. Lee and she had decided against being in the same room, it would be too awkward for each of them, I mean, they only loved eachother sibling wise! She sighed then fumbled through her drawer looking for her iPod. Finally, she found it and yanked it out. The strings were all tangled… She never could figure that out, she even had this little experiment were she sat it down and told Lee to stay clear of it… She sat in the same room with it for an hour, then when she looked at it, the head phones were tangled. It had really amazed her… And pissed her off because she had to untangle them. She finally untangled them, then pushed the white head phones into her ears. She walked out of her room and into the living room. She played her favorite song, Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Dead Man. She strummed her fingers against her legs, humming along with the song. Someone snuck up to her and wrapped their arms around her neck.

She screamed, as loud as possible, when that somebody covered her mouth and smiled at her. "Lee! You bastard! Don't do that!" She yelled at him, rage in her eyes, he smiled then sat down next to her. He yawned then turned his full attention to Sakura. "How long have you been waiting?" He asked, his usual happy but protective yet strong voice. She smiled at him then positioned herself so she was laying her head against his shoulder. "Eh… Its good… I do not want to go to school tomorrow." She hissed to herself more than him. He smiled, then laughed. "Yeah… I wish we could have another couple days off." But he shook his head, "But! I will fulfill school! I will become better as a person!" He declared, throwing a fist into the air. She rolled her eyes than kissed his cheek, which made him blush. "Riiiiiiiight!" She laughed then got up to go to bed.

Flopping down on her bed, she sighed. School was gonna suck! She just knew it. Especially seeing Ino again, that was the main reason. Ino and she had become friends again, just… Not at closely as they were when they were kids. Now, Hinata was her best friend! She sighed into her pillow, she quickly set her alarm before dropping her face into her pillow. Almost immediately (like five minutes), she was asleep, dreaming of how much life would be easier if she didn't have to go to school and could just sleep all day. Dammit. She really wanted that dream to come true.





Sakura smashed her fist against the stupid alarm. She felt it break under her fist of rage. She slumped up, note to self: Get a new alarm clock.

She got up and walked towards her shower, slipping off her clothes when she opened the door and walked in. About 15 minutes later, she was out. Sakura wrapped a towel around her body, then felt her stomach screaming for some food. Her stomach gets what her stomach wants. Walking into the kitchen, Lee was already waiting for her. "Sakura-chan! Hurry! We don't want to be late!" He whined, handing her some toast which apparently he had already made. Her eye brow twitched. She cracked her knuckles, then punched his face with all her might. "Lee! For God's sakes! It's six AM! Shut the fuck up!" She screamed at him before taking a much needed (says her stomach) bite of the toast.

Walking back out in her usual uniform, dark blue jacket, dark blue skirt, white button down tucked into skirt, red ribbon underneath the white shirt's collar, pin with a shield and colors on it. Yeah, another reason why she hated school, uniforms. She slipped on her white knee high socks, then her black nurse shoes. She had painted them with a sharpie and some nail polish.


"Yes Lee?"

"Are you going to get in trouble today?"

Sakura smiled.

"Please don't!"

Her smile faded.

"To bad~"

"But Sakura-chan!"

She stopped talking, but she grinned. He sighed, "You don't want to see Tsuande-Sama do you?" he stared at her with his weird beady eyes. She laughed and twirled her hair innocently. He sighed again.

Today might actually be a good day. She hummed to herself, thinking of what she was going to do in what class… she skipped with joy at her plan when she entered the school. They waited for the bus, each one sharing an awkward silence, she fidgeted. "Sakura-chan?" Sakura groaned, "What Onii-san?" "I like your hair today." He smiled down at her. Automatically, she blushed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Thanks Onii-san" She giggled.

Finally, a big yellow car pulled to a stop and opened its doors. The woman inside smiled down at her, then motioned for them to come in. Lee bowed and said his thanks, Sakura just ran in, hive fived the girl then jumped into a seat near the middle, before Lee could get there.

Lee sat next to her, sitting up straight with his weird bright smile. As for Sakura, she slouched and stared out the window with her lips puckered innocently. The bus stopped again, Kiba and Ino got on. Lee waved, Sakura groaned, then hit Lee. The two couple sat in the seats behind them. Kiba having the big mouth shouted about Sakura's hair. "OH MY GOD! SAKURA YOU DYED YOUR FUCKING HAIR BLACK!" He yelled pointing at the single streak of black in her hair. All three of them rolled their eyes. As calmly as she could, since she knew the news might 'shock' him, she spoke, "Kiba, my hair is not black, its just streak of black. And!—"Before he could open his mouth, " My hair did grow to my shoulders, and yes… It is flipped over. Now, this is just a new hair style. Don't be a loud mouth." She stated calmly, but… Alas, her fist clenched and she punched him square in the nose.

Ino laughed, Kiba pouted at his now bleeding nose. The bus stopped, more people got on, the bus started moving again.


The school was crowded with people getting off the buses, the group stayed close together as they walked into the doors. The first day was always bad, people were laughing and you know, being idiots, while others panicked at having to be here again and shit like that. Sakura was one of the only people who just seemed pissed off at being here. But, that suddenly flew away when she saw a girl with nice curves and long dark purple hair. She squealed before running up to her and groping her big breasted friend. "Hinata-chan! My big breasted goddess!" She yelled, everything seemed to go silent. Hinata blushed, "S-Sakura-sama!" She squeaked out. Finally, Sakura caught the deal. Everyone was silent and starring at them. Sakura grinned, she really did know how to stop a crowd!

Sakura let go of her friend who was still blushing like crazy… Sakura turned around, then threw her fist into the air. "Kohona High kicks ass!" She screamed down the hallway. A huge roar came from the now wilded up (Thank you, Sakura) hallways with kids. As the crowd laughed and was happy (Thank you again, Sakura), Sakura walked over to her locker, hit a certain spot, then watched as the locker opened. It was her secret 'power' she could open any locker she wanted by hitting a certain spot on it. It was different everything though. Sakura, slipped off the jacket, and shoved it into her locker, next was the tie around her neck. Unlike others, she wore short sleeves, even during the winter, and unlike everyone else, she never wore her coat or ribbon. Sakura slammed her locker, then walked into her first hour class. Health, with Jiraiya. Walking in she smiled and waved to the man. He waved back. His class was always the best, well, because he was such a perv! And Sakura loved it!