Title: Who said parenthood was an easy thing?
Pairing: Oliver Wood/Lavender Brown
Rating: PG
Prompts: Two sides of the same coin, Copper and Mother
Word Count: 601
Beta: not betaed. Written really quickly
Warnings: Fluff and girly!Lavender
Summary: Who said parenthood was an easy thing? All the weight of huge responsibilities fall onto your shoulders as soon as we feel how soft and tiny it feels in our grown-up hands.

Who said parenthood was an easy thing?

Who said parenthood was an easy thing? All the weight of huge responsibilities fall onto your shoulders as soon as we feel how soft and tiny it feels in our grown-up hands. We instantly fall in love. Madly in love. Knowing you'll do everything to protect something that makes you just glow with joy the moment your eyes meet.

The what-ifs attack our brain as soon as we realize we are going to have that responsibility. What if I let him fall? What if I'm hated? What if he's a complete rebel and I'm the one who has gave him such life? What if someone or something hurts him? What if a meteorite hits the Earth tonight?

Exaggerating much? You think so? We'll talk when it happens to you. How about that?

"How are we going to call him?"

"You decide. You're the mum after all."

"Yes, I am. Yes, I am," Lavender cooed to her new baby.

"Have you thought how are you going to raise him?"

"How are we going to raise him. Mothers don't do everything by themselves if they can help it. Our baby needs both of us to love him!" making faces to the sleeping ball in her arms.

"Yeah...sure," Oliver rolled his eyes.

"I saw that!" Her hand hit his head not very softly.

"Perfect. Give me a concussion before reaching finals," he scowled rubbing a hand over the spot. "Seriously. I was thinking about he old reward-punishment technique. It's the most common one, right?"

"Rewards and punishments are two sides of the same coin – both are used to control people, and neither works very well," she huffed, hugging her baby tighter against her chest.

"I don't care, Lavender. I don't want it pooing over the carpet. Or his hair all over my Quidditch gear!"

"Him! My baby is a him, not an it," her eyes filled with fury.

Oliver sighed deeply. "I'm sorry, luv. I'm just a bit tensed about my game of tomorrow," he lied. Changing the subject was always the best way to make Lavender forget her anger. It worked like a charm. "So, how are you going to name him?"

"Copper!" she beamed flashing her boyfriend a wide, white smile. Her scars making it look like a grimace, but he loved it nonetheless. He thought she looked more beautiful than ever. When her eyes shone with happiness, making him want to take her right then and there. "Because his fur is that colour. See?" She pushed the puppy right in front of his eyes.

"Yes, I see," he said pushing the dog away softly. "Do you like your present then?"

"I love it! It's the best birthday present I've ever received," she beamed. "We are going to be excellent parents, I tell you."

He smiled tenderly. "Why don't we let Copper sleep and you show me how much you liked it in the bedroom?" He passed his arm around her waist. "Or the kitchen table...you know I'm not picky," he said winking.

"Oliver! We can't leave the baby alone! What irresponsible thing to do. I'm surprised you even suggested we left him all alone here," she pouted as Copper snuggled closer against her chest.

"Oh, so he can bury his face between your boobs anytime he wants? That's not fair," Oliver huffed crossing his arms.

"Oh stop acting like a baby. Merlin knows you're not the baby in the house anymore. Right, Copper?" The puppy reached to her neck and licked softly.

Eyeing at the new addition to the house, he grumpily mumbled, "Lucky bastard" before leaving the room.