Hello there readers! I wasn't originally ever planning on doing a short fic collection, but when I realized I have at least 10 drabbles or vignettes lying around my hard drive, all too short to be posted on their own, but a lot of them that I actually liked, I figured it was time to jump on another bandwagon. Not all of these will be romance fics, although a majority of them are. Some of these are song-based; if they are, I'll give the name of the song they're based on.

The first fic in this collection is an angsty Germany/Italy piece (sorry!), and based on the song In Another Life by the Veronicas.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia.

Keeps Going Back

Veneziano smiled, seeing Germany so flustered. He was rather cute, when he wasn't yelling, that is. Especially now, with enough alcohol in his system to make him a little looser, but not nearly enough to rouse Italy's concern.

"I-Italy?" Germany stammered, and not from the beer he was consuming either. Italy stopped rocking in his chair, and looked up at the blond with bright doe eyes.


"I-I… I want you to have this."

A small box was thrust into Italy's unsuspecting hands, and the smaller nation only just managed to get a hold on it. Looking from the innocent little felt box (one he knew was used for jewelry even without opening it) to Germany and back again, he felt his heart ithump/i uncomfortably.

Italy clenched his fingers a bit to keep them from shaking too visibly, and slowly opened the box-

It was just as he'd feared. Inside the palm sized box was a ring, this one a plain silver band without any embellishments on it. It was beautiful, too, not too thick, but not too thin, and the ring gleamed as though it had just been polished multiple times (and, knowing Germany, it probably had).

Italy wanted it. Presented with this ring, his mind started showing him flashes of all the things he could have: living with Germany, kissing Germany, being with Germany, unconditional love from Germany; in that moment, he saw it all.

But something else tugged at Italy's memory, before he could blurt out the yes he wanted so much to say.

"No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world!"

He faltered.

"I-Italy? W-What?"

By now he could feel the tears running down his cheeks. Italy did not want to say no, and yet he could not find it in himself to say yes, either. So he cried.

"Italy?" Germany sounded crushed. It made Veneziano's heart shatter even more, but he couldn't try to replace the Holy Roman Empire, he wouldn't let himself do so.

When it came right down to it, Italy realized that if his love for Germany had been pure, it would have been okay to wear that ring and to kiss him. But his love for Germany was not pure; it was built on the remnants of a small boy in a black coat that Italy could not and would not forget. It was built on the hope that someday Germany would turn out to be the Holy Roman Empire.

All so that Italy would not have to choose. But now there was a ring in front of him, and so he had to choose.

Burying his tear streaked face into Germany's chest, Italy allowed himself to inhale that scent that was sweat and grass and muscle and wurst and all things Germany, wondering in his mind if he could really give this up.

"…I'll always love you…"

Italy sniffled, pulling himself out of Germany's hold and looking up at him with puffy red eyes.


It took all of Italy's willpower to press the box back against Germany's broad chest, and he turned around immediately, not wanting to see the reaction that would merit him.

"Italy." Germany sounded choked, defeated; a sound Italy never wanted to hear.

"For-forgive me," he whimpered. "I pr-promised I would wait for someone."

And then, without looking back and without a single falter in his step, Italy did what he did best.

He ran away.


Note: The italicized lines are Holy Roman Empire's parting words.

Thank you for reading! Coming up tomorrow is a silly platonic US/UK fic, so stay tuned!