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Fall For You

Prussia was many things; he was bold, presumptuous, loud, boisterous, uncouth, unkempt, gutter-minded, pig-headed, and so many other things that Austria did not even wish to waste his time listing them all. There were loads of things his time could be put to better use to than anything to do with the rowdy albino. Or, so he said.

"Just hear me out, okay? I want to apologize!"

"You? Apologize?" Austria scoffed. "Is this the end of the world coming?"

The brunet nation, sick of hearing lies and not wanting to let the cold into his warm home, made to shut the door, only to have Prussia stick his foot in the doorway and keep it open.

"Seriously you prissy anal bastard, I'm not here to mess with you!"

"Oh, sure, because when you want someone to listen to you the best way to go about it is to insult them. If I find you on my doorstep again I'm not above calling the authorities." The brunet stated simply, his tone cold, and kicking Prussia's foot out of the doorway he slammed it shut and clicked the lock.

Ignoring the pounding and the pleading, Austria turned around and left the room.

It was to his kitchen that Austria looked for peace of mind; sitting at his table with a cup of hot tea in one hand and an autobiography of Chopin in the other, he could finally relax.

Relax, that is, until he heard rasping on the glass window pane. Looking up, he was more annoyed than surprised to see Prussia, still standing out in the snow.

When the albino found he'd had Austria's attention, he blew on the glass and wrote in the fog.

Austria scoffed. "It's backwards, you dolt!" He called, knowing that Prussia couldn't hear him anyways. Turning back to his book, he sipped at his tea silently until the rasping on the window got to be too hard to ignore.

This time Austria was fully prepared to turn around and yell at Prussia, but froze instantly. There on the glass, written so that Austria could read it, was the simplest of messages:

I love you

Beyond that, Austria could see Prussia kicking at the snow, refusing to meet his gaze. With a heavy sigh, he unlocked the back door and called out,

"Well, then, I'll hear you out."

"So then, I expect your warm enough now to tell me what it was you wanted to say."

Prussia sighed heavily, giving Austria an odd sort of look.

"You already don't want hear what I have to say, so what's the point?"

Austria could feel a vein throb in his forehead.

"I already let you into my house. Please just say it before I choose to kick you out."

"There! See, you're only listenin' because I bothered you so much. You probably don't even give a fuck what I have to say."

Rubbing his forefingers at the beginnings of a migraine, Austria sighed. He then looked up at Prussia, trying to let the albino know he was listening, and noticed something odd flickering in those red eyes. He would go as far as to say it was embarrassment, but this was still Prussia so that was impossible.

"Alright." Nope, he was definitely nervous about something, what with the way his voice was quavering. Austria leaned in a bit, suddenly more interested.

"I guess I- I mean, um. Well, the Awesome Me decided that our last fight was completely stupid and decided that you had to get over yourself, priss." Prussia's voice still sounded doubtful, and Austria had a startling thought.

"Is this… your way of apologizing?"

"What? Me, apologize?" Prussia chuckled, but to Austria it seemed half hearted. "You're cracked."

"Hm, well, that's too bad." The brunet mused, and he could feel Prussia's stare once him once more. "If you had apologized, I might have possibly considered forgiving you."

Now Prussia stood, walking around the table and plopping down beside Austria on the couch.


"Yes, Prussia, forgive."

There was a devilish smirk on the albino's face now, and Austria could swear their faces had gotten closer.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't know what that word means. Maybe you could show me." Even from this close, Austria could sense the eyebrow waggle. He sighed, more for show than anything else, and complied.

"Alright then. But only because your manners are atrocious-"

But before Austria could even breathe, Prussia was kissing him senseless.


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