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thinking or narrating

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of p.o.v.

~Flashback/End Flashback~

--------------------with person---------------------

A few years back a prince tried to marry off the sister of the 5th Kazekage. Not knowing a man would do anything to have her in his arms and save her. He was killed. The man and the woman ended up marrying each other a year later. They lived happily in Konoha, even though she left frequently to go to her homeland, Suna. They had two kids. A girl and a boy in that order. The girl's name was Koki and the boy's name was Tayuki. The girl was older than the boy and was in school wanting to go to college. The boy on the other hand became a ninja.

They both got their father's smarts but their mother's personality and strength. The girl also has a fan like her mother and trains with it even though she isn't a ninja. The boy worked with shadows and perferably liked to hide in them also. Their mother and father never told them of the incident with the prince and decided it would be better left unsaid. What they didn't know, was on that fateful day when he died, he didn't die. He left Konoha and hid deep in the lands of the shinobi. Hoping never to be found.

Until he was ready for his revenge. That day has finally come.

" TAYUKI!! GET DOWNSTAIRS YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE ACADEMY TODAY!" Temari yelled upstairs towards her lazy ass son. He might have a few of her personalities but he sure is lazy like his father.

" Mari stop yelling its no use." Shikamaru sighed.

" I think there is use. I'm leaving for Suna in a few minutes and I want to say bye to my own kids and husband." Yes, Temari still had her temper.

" Fine. He won't be coming do-" They heard footsteps descending the staircase.

Tayuki yawned and waved a lazy wave and sat down at the table waiting. He was still wearing a big white t-shirt and his plain p.j. pants with his hair sort of ruffled. His sister on the other hand was dressed in her uniform for her school. She had a sailor uniform and the colors it contained were gray and red (kind of like the one ichigo wears on tokyo mew mew). Her hair was held in two hair ties, just like her mother's except only two instead of four.

" Are you ready for school Koki?" Shikamaru asked.

" Yes daddy! Let me say bye to mommy before she leaves to see unkie Gaara and unkie Koon Koon (had to think of somthing lol)."

Tayuki sighed. " Can't you just call them Gaara and Kankuro? I mean it's really not that difficult. You sound like a baby...course you sound like one everyday...." He spaced off with a smirk on his face.

Koki on the other hand was not so thrilled. She stood up ready to kill. Not wanting any of her children dead, Temari stepped in while Shikamaru just watched the events unfold.

" Honey, you can't kill your brother no matter how annoying he is. I have to go now." Temari kissed Koki on the cheek and gave her a hug and walked around the table to Tayuki and did the same.

'' Mom....how troublesome." He sighed...again.

She walked to Shikamaru. " Bye sweetie. I'll miss you. Don't worry I'll be fine. I'm not going to go and get myself killed like you." She gave a smug smile to her loving husband.

He smiled back at her. " Ok, I'll try. I'll miss you too Mari. Love you and see you seen. Send me a letter and tell me how long you are staying."

" Ok. Love you too Shika-kun." Then she kissed him full on the lips.

" Mom, Dad that's disgusting. I'm eating my breakfast." Replied a disgusted son.

" Really Tayuki. I think it's romantic how they love each other. I want a guy who will love me one day..." Now Koki started spacing off.

" Yeah right. More like get Kusasu Inuzuka to like you. Geez your obssessed." She glared at him.

" Don't make fun of me Mr. Uzumaki." Yes Tayuki liked one of Naruto and Sakura's daughter while Koki fell head over heels for Kiba and Hinata's son.

" Stop bickering you two and be good for your father while I'm gone. I'll be back soon. Now what are the rules?"

" No killing, fighting, or hurting each other." They both replied stimulously.

She cocked her eyebrow. " Anddd?"

They both sighed. " And no hurting or fighting or bothering daddy too much."

" Good." She smiled. " Love you all!" With that said she left the rest of the Nara household in Shikamaru's hands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outside walking away from the Nara household~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Temari heard instantly yet faintly her kids fighting another pointless argument and Shikamaru trying to get them to shut up. She missed her brothers dearly but she loved this part of her family too. She was just happy everything turned out alright. She was happy she lived from that deadly day. She was ecstatic that the prince was gone.

What she didn't know was that a pair of blueish greenish eyes were following every move she made. Waiting for the moment to strike and taker her away and make her his again. He has been waiting so long to get to this point and now he can't mess this up. The plan he made was simple. She will realize he should have been her choice. Hopefully she'll go along with it easily. If they are found...well he has no choice but to run and leave her behind unless there is a possibility of escape.

He could wait. He has waited and will wait for the perfect moment to get his revenge on Shikamaru Nara.

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