This is my first fanfiction story and I hope you like it. It takes place around the civil war. I hope you like it!

Bella's point-of-view

I was enjoying reading my book; I just loved poems and riddles. I can't stop reading. It's like life you never knew existed.

"Hey Bells you wanna play with us outside?" My six year old brother William asked.

"No Will, why don't you and Angela pick up a book and read with me." I said without looking from my book.

"It's boring Bells, you no fun." He whined.

I glared at him for his outburst. "Why can't mother teach you how to speck well, you shouldn't say you no fun, smart one, you should say you're not fun." I pointed out.

"Hmm, okay Bella what ever you say." He walked off to the back door.

Angel's point-of-view

I was on the grass picking on it, while looking up at the sky. I notice footsteps walking toward me. I saw my brother Will. We both had chocolate eyes same as our father Charlie. Well we all had those eyes except our mother Renee, she had light brown eyes.

"So did she say yes?" I asked hoping Bella would spend time with us. Will looked down at me and shook his head. I looked down; of course Bella won't play with us I thought.

"Let's play tag." Will said probably trying to make me feel better.

"Sure why not" I smiled while getting off the grass. Just then we saw men in uniforms heading into town. I notice two men heading toward our house, curios we walked toward the house wanting to see what those men want.

"Lets check out what they want." Will whispered. We ran to get there faster before the men reached the porch. We went through the back door. We almost reached the front door when we heard Bella.

"What are you two doing?" She seemed upset, probably because we made too much noise, she probably couldn't focus on her book. When I was about to respond there was a knock on the door. Wow that took so long I thought. We heard our mom Renee answer the door, when she saw the men her face fell.

"Renee Swan?" the tallest man said.

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