Bella's point-of-view

I looked down at the baby rather than Jasper's gaze. Ever since yesterday, I had to train extra hard. Right now I was leaning on a tree's trunk with the baby, who's mother died by Dan.

"So, what's going to happen to the baby?" I asked Charlotte, while looking down at the baby in my arms. Charlotte looked like she was deep in thought. "I don't know… maybe Maria-"

"What is wrong with you, Charlotte, he's human, we don't feel for them." Jasper growled. I glared at him. I'm sure his eyes soften when he saw the baby's innocent face. "What, you think all humans are filth?" I spat "you were human before, smart ass."

Charlotte looked surprised, while Jasper looked shocked, like he'd been slapped across the face. "You think… we should treat the humans with respect?"


"…" I knew I won this argument. "Look at him." I demanded. Jasper looked at the child. "Does he look disgusting, because last time I checked you soften your expression, right?" Jasper looked shocked, again.

You're not the only one who can tell emotions. I thought.

Charlotte, looked at both of us, opening her mouth every second, but nothing came out. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking." I snapped my head to Jasper's direction. "Huh?" I was confused. The baby in my arms stirred, I roved my confused gaze away from Jasper and looked down at the baby. How come he didn't cry, while I had an argument with Jasper?

"Do you know his name?" I asked Charlotte, still surprised that Jasper apologized for his behavior.

"No… the humans don't really get rights here." She replied.

"Who ever made up those stupid rules?" I spat.

"Maria and some of the others." Jasper answered.

"Well, how do they know their names?" I didn't remove my eyes from the handsome baby. "They don't." Jasper sigh. "They get kidnaped... well used to get kidnaped when they were children. So it's like a farm; instead of hunting down human... we go to the human slaughter house and you know, that's our lunch."

I didn't realized that my mouth was open. "That's disgusting." I wanted to throw up... somewhere. The baby looked up at me, giving me a confused look. My disgusted face turned into a smile. I didn't want this baby see me like this. "Hello handsome, want to go somewhere else?" I knew he couldn't understand me, but it's worth a try.

"We should name him." Charlotte grinned, ignoring the Empath's glare.

"Hmm... What about Jonathan? or hmm... I'll think of a name." I looked at the baby for a second, before I was lost in thought.

"I'm here to train you, not to stand here like a idiot." Jasper looked impatient.

Charlotte gave him a glare, "Jasper!"

"It's alright Char..." I gave her a small smile, "could you take the baby... without eating him." While I said this, I realized that the child's scent was odd. I didn't feel like eating him. For some reason, I thought babies' smelled delicious.

I gave the blonde Vampire a smirk. he looked confused, than glared. "Aren't you going to help me train or are you going to stand like an idiot and glare?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Next thing I knew, we were standing on a meadow. Maria was ahead with Jasper on her left side and Samuel on her right. Her eyes were straight ahead, as to sense our enemies.

I felt like someone's hand on my shoulder. Turning I came to face a concerned Charlotte. "Are you alright Bella?" Her voice was kind.

"Yes," I gave her a weak smile. "but who would keep watch on the humans?" I couldn't help but worry about the baby and the others, who were back at camp.

"I will," She replied. "would you want to protect them with me or stay here and fight?"

"Here." Was my answer.

Charlotte nodded in understandment. "Okay take care."

She turned to walk back to the direction where we came from before I called her name. She turned completely confused; some other newborns gave both of us curios looks even Maria, Peter, Samuel and Jasper.

"Take care of him." Not wanting the others to know who I was referring to, but probably Jasper knew, he is an empath.

"I'll sure will." She gave me a small wave before she ran in vampire speed towards camp. I ignored the stares I was getting.

"What was that about?" Came a male's voice. I looked into the eyes of a half-confused, half-amused Peter.

"Oh, nothing, just girl stuff." I lied, not wanting to explain, while the rest of the army would hear. vampire hearing.

It looked like he knew I didn't want to talk about it, so he dropped it.

Then I smelt it. A different scent. Maria's army smelled like cinnamon and vanilla, don't know why? But this scent was really strong, like I wanted to destroy it to get rid of it! So appealing, like I should... ugh... must attack!

"Miguel," Maria hissed. "this would be our last fight."

I saw blurry until I saw them. A man with raven-black hair and very dark crimson eyes stood ahead of the others, who might be his army!

I scan through my side and was surprised that that we had like 26! I looked at Miguel's army and almost groan out loud. There's like 40!

How did he raise this many, I thought newborns were a handful to train, I'll never know.

Half an hour later, I was fighting against a blond-haired girl that looked 16. She threw herself at me, her sharp nails slashing at me. Her eyes were bright red, half-crazed, half-frighten. Her movements were quick, catching me out guard. She didn't stop her 'dance' all I saw was a flash, from her torn light violet dress.

Next thing I knew a hand grabbed me by the waist, moving me out of the way. I growled, ready to take on that person than was shocked to see Jasper. He removed his hand and threw himself at the girl.

I looked around to see the three vampires that Jasper was fighting with, being thrown at the fire Samuel built by Peter and another who's name I didn't know.

I thought back to the rules.

First rule: Kill as many as you can and not be killed.

Second: Throw the body parts in the fire.

A growling caused me to turn away from the burning bodies to Jasper and the newborn. Jasper grabbed the girl by the dress, roughly slamming her to the ground, while ripping her arm off.

The young vampire howl with pain as she lost her other arm. I was watching the girl being ripped apart that I didn't sense another vampire from behind me, before I was thrown to the ground, hard.

Miguel stood in-front of me in a crouching position. I stood growling, waiting for him to make the first move. "Stupid girl," He sneered. "you think you can take me? I've been a vampire longer than you, so you think you can defeat me?" He laugh.

I tackled him, catching him off guard. He stood as fast as he came down, he didn't have humor in his eyes.

I smirked, glad I took that stupid smile off his face. This infuriated him more. "You bit-" I didn't let him finish his sentence. I managed to get on his back, trying to tear off flesh.

He some how pushed me off. "Stop talking and fight!" I snarled.

"Very well," he spat.

We began to form a circle. My eyes were on him, not paying attention to anything else. We were waiting for one of us to make a move.

Just than I saw shoved off the way, making me lose my balance. I snapped my head up to see Maria and two other girls who names I didn't know.

Maria was facing Miguel. "What are you doing!" I yelled at her. "this is my fight."

"Was your fight." She didn't bother looking at me.

I growled at her in anger. It was unfair, I thought we each take down are own target! This is not a competition.

"Are you alright?" The voice seemed familiar.


"I'm was fine, until each of you took my targets away from me, like I'm a damn little kid."

"Miguel!" I heard Maria yell in anger. "Run away than!"

I ignored Jasper's stare and saw Miguel running with 8 others.

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