A/N: I realize that I should be working on The Killing Joke and Love is Complicated, but I couldn't resist writing this one. I just got back from seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which totally blew my mind by, and I wanted, no needed, to write this. As soon as I saw the movie I knew that Alice was going to get hit on, but it shocked the crap out of me when they showed who it was doing so. And as I'm watching the movie, I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh, I am so going to write a story about this, and that, and this person and that person…" the list went on.

I do apologize for not writing further on my other two stories; I got caught up with work and school, so hopefully, you'll see new chapters this coming week. So, without further adieu, I present my latest masterpiece. R&R. Enjoy!


He hadn't noticed her until the Queen started speaking. If he hadn't been so focused on distracting himself from her royal highness' babble he probably wouldn't have noticed her at all.

But he did.

It was with a mere quick glance that he had spotted her, but once he had he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was beautiful. Far more beautiful than the Red Queen, and he'd even dare to say that she out classed the White Queen. With her pale skin - so pale that she looked like a ghost - and her perfect blonde curly hair, she was dazzling.

As he kept his gaze focused on her, thoughts began to pour into his head, almost as if a flood gate had opened. Thoughts about what he'd say to her should the occasion call for it. Thoughts about what he'd do if they were ever alone together. He knew precisely what he'd like to do to her right now. He wanted to take her hand and ask for her name. And then when she'd tell him, he would kiss her hand and lift her up and walk away, taking her to a place where he would be free to claim her as his.

Such an idea seemed positively…naughty. And he liked it.

"Your majesty, who is your guest?" he asked, his voice felt like a whisper. Upon hearing the question, the young beauty glanced over at him, and when their eyes met he knew that he'd never be the same again, that she'd be on his mind until he had her. She looked away quickly, seeming a bit flustered. He mentally smirk; he still had it even after the loss of his eye.

"She's Um, Stayne."

His mouth moved and formed words that his mind wasn't even comprehending. All he could think of was her tall frame, her beauty, her body, her eyes, and her most unusual name.