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Lex Luthor's mind relaxed as the verdict was read, ignoring everything else in the room. He had expected a soft verdict from the saps of Central City and with the greasing of a few corrupt wheels on his own, he was pretty much a free man now. He'd bribe his probation officer and get back to LexCorp, back to what he really wanted to take care of. A smile crossed his lips as he shook his attorney's hand, reminding himself to get the man a generous Christmas bonus. More things were said but Luthor didn't pay any mind, it was time to go home.

Bruce Wayne was up as early as ever was on a weekend. He pushed himself out of bed, careful not disturb his bed mate who was still dead to the world. Bruce smiled softly and reached out to push some of the red head's hair back.

"Mhmf…pizza…" The younger man muttered, rolling away from Bruce's hand to snuggle deeper into the blankets to make up for the loss of body heat. A small knock at the door gave Bruce another reason to smile, Alfred, prompt as ever, was waiting with a small tray of coffee and the morning paper. Bruce opened the door and thanked his old friend, taking the tray and setting it down on his desk. He picked up the coffee cup and the paper and walked himself out to the balcony that was connected to his room to enjoy the garden view and the sunrise. He took a sip of coffee and flipped the paper over, the smile dropping from his handsome face and the grip on the cup becoming dangerously tight.

"…Bruce?" Wally's voice called to him from the door, where he was leaning, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He took in the look on his lover's face and sighed, "The verdict came back huh?"

Bruce softened his hard gaze and walked back over to Wally, slipping his arm around his slim waist easily.

"It was the best they could do without you actually testifying."

"I know. Really, Bruce, it's okay. I'm okay." Wally gave him a smile before stealing a sip out of his cup, "Yuck! I always forget you take it black."

Bruce chuckled and finished the cup himself, "Hurry up and get ready, we've got duty today."

The Flash zipped under Shayera as she plummeted down to the ground, feathers flying off one wing as Star Sapphire's beam hit true.

"You okay?" He asked as he looked over her wound.

"Yeah." She growled as she forced herself out of Flash's arms to take flight once more and smacked her mace against Star Sapphire's shield. Flash whistled and zipped towards Cheetah, easily dodging her claws.

"Ooh, cat fight." He grinned cheekily and the former scientist laughed as she tackled him to the ground.

Batman was watching the fight with narrowed eyes and a scowl as he tied up Copperhead, making the bonds extra tight as he had never liked the snake like villain. He looked up as the sound of a roaring vehicle made its way quickly towards the area.

"I thought this place got locked down by the cops?" Flash asked the others as held Cheetah down.

"Cadmus?" Superman asked the others as he narrowed his sights on the slowing vehicle. It was an armored car but he was annoyed because it had been layered with lead, making it impossible for him to see its contents.

"Doubtful. Waller hasn't been making any moves against us since that Brainiac incident." Batman's deep baritone reached the Man of Steel with little effort.

"Then who…?"

The vehicle stopped and out of the inside emerged several well equipped soldiers, their leader a heavily scarred man who had an air of authority that even the Flash had to recognize.

"I am special agent Leo Callaway." He held out a strange badge and looked over the captured villains, "I am here to take custody of these Meta humans."

"Why?" Flash pulled Cheetah back somewhat, confused by the agent's appearance. Callaway snapped his fingers and his men quickly rounded up the villains, one of them shoving Flash away to grab Cheetah roughly.

"HEY!" Flash yelled and instantly the soldiers' weapons were trained on him. "Uh…" Batman moved quickly as did John who put his ring up, showing the soldiers that he was willing to attack if they harmed his friend.

"Excuse me, Agent Callaway but I was under the impression that Cadmus had been disbanded." Lantern said darkly, the power from his ring glowing in warning.

The Agent laughed as his men started forcing their prisoners into the vehicle.

"We're not Cadmus, make no mistake. We're only interested in locking up the metas who cause trouble, not the ones who serve the public."

His words seem to satisfy the others but Batman was still wearing a dark look on his masked face. Callaway nodded towards Superman as Copperhead was loaded up before reentering the vehicle himself and ordering his men to leave.

"…that was weird." As always Flash was the first one to speak as the others gathered around to be teleported back to the WatchTower. Batman, on the other hand, moved away from the group. The others knew where he was going and made no moves to stop him.

"Debriefing's at six." Lantern called as they vanished in a flash of light. Batman stood there for a moment before he pulled out his zip line, created a path and swung off to follow the odd vehicle.

Flash zipped away as soon as they were teleported, muttering something about a Brawlin' Bots game with Ollie. Green Lantern had walked away to see that Shayera would get to the medical bay to get her wing treated which left Superman to fill in Mr. Terrific on the events that had just transpired.

"Your new friends that grabbed those metas are on the up and up." He said lightly, "It looks as if they're being funded by the government but some of the numbers don't add up..."

"Can you follow the paper trail?"

"Sure but it'll take time." Mr. Terrific answered as his fingers danced around the keyboard.

"Can you also find out where they took them?"

The other man swiveled in his comfortable chair to look at Superman, "Already did." He hit a button and a small hologram appeared. "It's a prison just off the coast of Florida; Cadmus had been working on it to house metas but construction stopped when their funds did. Looks like this group finished and is now using it."

Superman scowled at the idea of Cadmus building a place to house them but he supposed that if this place really was meant to hold Meta humans that the number of breakouts would decrease.

"Find out all the information you can and bring it to the meeting at six." Superman ordered and walked off to go and see how Shayera was doing.


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