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Slash Pairings

"You wished to see me?" J'onn's voice was cautiously light. The Batman had been in a severe mood ever since Wally's return. He only softened in the presence of the younger hero, who he had returned back to his large mansion on Earth to recover after being cleared by the Watch Tower's doctors.

Batman nodded, securing the small room they were in even further with several keystrokes. The light on the camera, indicating it was on, switched off and J'onn swore he could almost pick up another set of locks moving into place.

"This is about Wally then." Even without his physic powers, he could see where this path was headed, "Batman, I cannot—"

"For Wally, you can." Batman lifted his cowl to reveal the man underneath and J'onn could see that he had not slept in a long time. J'onn paused, decided that even though he had made up his mind, he could at least hear Bruce out.

"He's terrified, J'onn, and rightly so. The legal system can't do anything to protect him and it's clear that Luthor can get to him. I have removed everything about Wally from all his systems but…" Bruce ran a hand through his thick dark hair, "…this isn't a battle we can win using a normal tactics."

"You are asking me to alter Luthor's memories—"

"Just of Wally." Bruce added quickly.

"To start yes, but once the change has been made, who can say that we will not attempt to try it again when things once get out of hand?"

Bruce slammed his hand heavily down on the console in front of him, "J'onn, this is my last option. I would never have come to you if I thought there was another way."

J'onn could easily see in Bruce's face that the memories of the Justice Lords were flooding through him. Wally had proven to be his soft spot then, and the spot only got deeper as their relationship grew.

"What of the others?" J'onn asked simply.

"Out of the question. We will be the only two who carry this burden J'onn." Bruce's intensity was radiating and J'onn knew what had to be done. He had decided long ago, when he had first been asked to give Wally a quick psych evaluation after his time in the Nexus holding facility, that while he would not offer his services, he would not deny Batman or the Flash if they asked.

"I take it you have a plan to secure him then?" J'onn asked, indicating his was speaking about Luthor.


Catching Luthor proved to be very simply with Batman's plan in place. The criminal had been taking great pains to avoid the media which left him secluded several times on one of his routes back home. Batman had tampered with the car before hand and when the driver pulled over to inspect why the car was no longer aclerating, he had been hit with knock out gas.

Luthor, to his credit, stepped out of the vehicle with an odd sense of bravado. He stared up at Batman and J'onn with his trademark smirk,

"So. He was Justice League after all."

Batman's grip around his throat stopped any further comments and J'onn set out to work, routing through his mind and erasing any memory of Wally. His name, his face, any information he had gathered on the younger man was gone. J'onn had adamantly refused to touch anything else in his mind, even though he passed through some dark corners that could have used some touch ups. Finally he erased the last memory Luthor had, which was of the current confrontation and nodded to Batman. Luthor passed out and Batman set him back into the car, taking great pains to ensure that Luthor would wake up simply thinking he had fallen asleep.

He roused the driver who immediately took off; thanking his lucky stars his boss had fallen asleep so as to not see his mistakes. He would never bring up to his boss that something odd had come up with the car; he had no wish to push his luck further.

The two heroes watched the car leave before Batman turned to return home.

Wally was helping Alfred around the house, something the older man would never normally permit but after enough puppy dog eyes, he finally lamented.

"You do get the dusting finished quite quickly." Alfred admitted to a beaming Wally.

"You should be resting." Bruce's voice cut between them and while Alfred remained neutral, Wally looked a bit abashed.

"There are only two things that are going to get me back into bed, Bruce." He said simply, "And if that's not in the cards then I've had enough of bed, thanks."

Alfred had walked away at this point, sensing Bruce's need to want to talk to Wally alone and also wanting to see if Wally's laundry work was as good as his dusting.

Bruce sighed, "I'm sorry it's just—"

"I know." Wally quickly cut him off, "…I'm sorry too. I don't want to sound ungrateful but it's been weeks Bruce."

Wally knew that Bruce had already spoken to the founding members of the League but he also knew he would have to face the rest of the League at some point, though he seriously doubted any of them knew anything beyond he had gotten hurt.

Bruce pulled him into a kiss, wrapping his arms tightly around him. It said many things to Wally and one was that if Bruce had his way, Wally would stay his housewife for forever but then the hug eased and Bruce was looking into his eyes.

"The world does need the Flash, more than ever."

Wally grinned brightly. Only someone who knew him well enough could see the hesitation in his eyes. He desperately wanted to get back into the fray but the shadow of Luthor loomed over him. He steeled himself against the feeling however, it had been weeks, and the initial fear that gripped him, while not gone, had faded slightly.

Bruce looked down at him and knew that one day he would have to tell Wally the truth but he wasn't planning for that day soon. He hoped that when he finally did tell Wally that the speedster would understand. Not wanting to linger on those thoughts any longer, he simply leaned forward to pull Wally into another kiss.