So, hey guys, it's me again, Vulpixi Misa. (Also self-proclaimed Queen of Ike x Red, which I totally stole the idea from Midnight, but, I'm not going to be using that alias anyway, so, nevermind.) And judging by that previous sentence, you can already tell what is in store for this fic. Yup! More Ike x Red! So... Yeah.

This will be a collection of one-shots, all will be AUs, and there will be a total of five of them. Why five? Well, if you haven't already guessed from the summary, well... Yeah, you guys figure it out. If you already know, good for you! I'm actually not a huge Bleach fan, but I do support that pairing. I thought that was one of the most romantic lines I have ever heard, even though I haven't been keeping up to date with that series. I only saw that certain episode because of certain screencaps that made me go "Woah! Did that really happen?!" and then, yeah. Those that don't watch anime or get what I'm saying, never mind.

So! Onward to the first of five fics!


"You want me to what?" Red slammed his orange juice on the table and stared wide eyed at his sister.

"Just do my project for me? It's really simple, and you're already pretty good with my camera. I know you'll have fun with it. You like taking pictures, right?"

"Yeah yeah, I got that part, but repeat the second part."

Leaf laughed nervously and muttered the rest of her request lowly that Red barely heard it again.


"But Red! Please? I'm in real trouble if I don't get either of these projects done." She pleaded, even attempting her puppy eyes.

"The project, yes, I can do that. Dressing up as you so you can lie to your partner, no."

"But why?" His sister whined. "I'm not asking you to wear a dress, just... some extensions and maybe a cute blouse?"

Her brother glared back, his eyebrows in a straight line and unwavering.

"Please Red? I'm really desperate here! My Financial project is due the day after tomorrow and my group is really struggling to finish it."

"Why can't I just explain to your partner that you're too busy to do it and I'm just taking your place?"

Leaf actually looked like she was contemplating the idea, which made Red a little hopeful. His face fell when he heard her say, "Nope."

"The whole reason I want you to dress up is so that my partner doesn't know that I'm skipping out on him." She clapped her hands together. "Please Red? For your caring, fun and loving older sister?"

"Ugh…" The things he does for love. "You owe me big time."

Leaf squealed and jumped her brother. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!" She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. "You're the best brother ever!"

The boy sighed. What did he get himself into?

Red grimaced. Here he was, dressed in tight skinny jeans, a loose fitting white top with butterflies embroidery and extensions that made his brown hair look much longer and resembling his sister even more. He would have added the blue pins but he decided against it and just donned his sister's trademark hat. Red sighed out and smoothed out the wrinkles of the white shirt. With the camera case on his left shoulder and one of his sister's bags on his other, he stepped up to the door mat and opened the door.

"Hi." He greeted with a smile, the strawberry lip gloss tingling on his lips.

The blue haired teen waiting on the other side looked up at the brunette in surprise. Blinking away the confusion, the teen graced him with a smile.

"Hey, ready to go?"

"Sure thing." Red squeaked in embarrassment by the disarming smile and closed the door behind him. He took one last look at the house and saw his sister peaking out behind the window curtains. She waved and stuck a thumbs-up at him. He rolled his eyes in return and shrugged the camera case higher on his shoulder.

"So we're taking pictures of things downtown?" Red asked the partner that walked beside him.

"Yeah, we have to be within ten feet of the object."

"All man-made items, right?"

The partner nodded again, pulling out a packet of papers to fill out certain procedures.

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad." Red laughed nervously. He glanced at the other teen, who seemed too indulged in paper work to answer his petty comment.

"Um… Ike?" He questioned to confirm his name. Red has seen him before on campus, but he never knew his name and only recognized his face. Leaf wasn't entirely familiar with him either, so it wasn't too difficult to play her part to a stranger.


"Ah… Um, how about that piece of… wire?" He fumbled for a response and pointed to a broken fence that has seen better days.

"Hm, looks good." Ike scribbled something on the packet again. "You can take the picture, since you have your camera with you. We can switch later, if that's okay with you."

"S-sure." Red was so glad that his sister had taught him the mechanics to her fancy camera.

"Well, that's the last one on the list." Red let out huff of relief and filled out the last section of the paper work.

The two undergraduates worked their way around the area for 50 objects from the city located close to their campus. Ike had taken the last 25 pictures while Red was doing the paper work for each item. The partners didn't talk much and only kept conversation to a minimum, only speaking of the project. That was good news for Red because he wasn't sure he pulled off a good imitation of Leaf anyway.

"Hey, well look who it is." A voice laced in mockery called out.

Both Ike and Red looked up to the source of the voice that seemed to be addressing them. A group of teens that looked more like a bunch of gang members drew close to the two. They surrounded the pair, blocking them off from any sort of escape.

"Why hello Miss Journalist. Looking for more lies to publish?" A teen with light grey hair swept back, who posed as the leader of the group, snarled at the boy who was supposed to be Leaf.

"Shut it Wolf, my stories are not lies." Red snapped back. He kept track of his sister's articles, and he knew that she only published stories and articles that had plenty of valid information. She took her job as the college newspaper's journalist quite seriously.

Wolf gave the brunette a toothy grin. "Oh really? So are you telling me that you really witnessed my friend Leon beat up that freshman with your own eyes?"

As a sophomore, Red remembered quite well how difficult it was to start out in college. There were so many things to get used to, socially and academically. Freshman Friday, something he thought only happened in high school, is apparently also a tradition in Smashville University. He personally has not witnessed any beatings but some of his younger friends have.

"I've got reliable sources." The brunette growled.

"Yeah, you also got my friend in trouble with the UP. Now I'm missing my VP because of you Miss Goody-Two Snitch." Wolf spat out.

"Well maybe—" Red was about to counter but was held back by a hand on his shoulder.

"Leave her alone, she hasn't done anything wrong."

"And who are you supposed to be?"

Ike glared at Wolf. He also scanned the rest of the group that crowded around him.

"Ike Greil, and I don't like how you're accusing my partner of posting slander when she was only doing the right thing."

"Keep out of this pretty-boy, this is none of your business." Wolf snarled, then swung a fist at the blue haired teen, cuffing Ike on the jaw.

"Ike!" Red gasped. He grabbed Ike's arm, holding up his partner as he tried to recover from the hit.

"Stay behind me." Ike whispered to him, grabbing the brunette and shoving him out of range. His gaze went back to the leader of the gang, who looked back at him with a cocky smirk.

"What's the matter, scared?" Wolf taunted.

"Pit Icarus." Ike said, confusing everyone at the vicinity of his speech.

"What?" The grey haired teen actually asked.

"You don't remember the name of the freshman you and your friends nearly killed?" Ike kept his eyes on Wolf. He cracked his knuckles.

"Tch, why should I? Do you take the names of all the little bugs you squish? I don't think so!" Wolf flashed his teeth and for a moment, they looked like fangs. "What, you gonna take revenge?"

Ike's blue eyes narrowed. "You better prepare yourself." He muttered and almost like a blur, he advanced on the leader and punched his target in the gut.

Red gaped at the feat that was Ike taking down each member one by one. One of the groupies jumped him from behind but the blue haired teen managed to throw them off, knocking someone else out with the body. Punches and elbows were thrown around and bodies flew in every direction. It was almost comical how different in strength the groups of druggies were compared to Ike.

Eventually, Wolf decided it was not worth it to continue, and he called for his people to retreat. He took one more glance back at the two.

"You two better watch your backs, I won't forgive you the next time I see either of you on my turf." He spat on the ground and his gang disappeared down the block.

When he was sure it was safe, Red ran up to Ike, who stood tall but was panting from exhaustion. The brunette put a hand on the other's shoulder to draw his attention. The furious expression on Ike's face immediately changed back to his calm façade.

"Ike, are you okay? Did they hurt you too bad?" Red bit his lip when he saw that the other teen had several cuts on his face.

"No, I'm fine." He paused, wiping away the sweat on his forehead. "Actually, I'm quite hungry." He laughed a little.

Red blinked. This man just had a tussle with a gang and then addressed his hunger like nothing had just happened. Who was this guy?

So the two ended up in a booth of a little café located somewhere downtown after Ike cleaned up the few tiny wounds. Apparently they served really good appetizers that Ike liked so much. They seated themselves and the waitress took down their orders after she came back with their drinks.

When she left, Red sat stiffly with his sister's bag and camera case on the side of his seat. His eyes were glued to the cup of mocha he had asked for. Maybe he should start a conversation? He didn't know what to say in a situation like this. If it had been anyone else, he might have even thought it was something like a date.

Ike seemed not to be nervous at all and took his time adding sugar and cream to his coffee. He stirred his drink so casually and he was oblivious to Red's tense stature that it made Red feel even more awkward.

"You know, I really liked that paper you wrote." Ike brought up suddenly.

"Eh?" Red looked up from his slowly cooling cup of mocha.

"We had composition class together last term. I'm not sure if you remembered, or if you even knew who I was."

"Ah… Yeah, that class… was fun. "

In all honesty, Red had no idea if Leaf had even taken an English class her previous term. Well, she was a Journalist major, she should be required to take some sort of writing class.

"It…" Ike laughed sheepishly. "Well, this is going to sound corny, but your paper really moved me." He gave the brunette a sincere smile.

Red swallowed nervously. Darn it Leaf, you're so going to owe me big time for this! His conscience was already deep in a puddle of guilt and confusion, but seeing Ike smile so truthfully and pouring his heart out to the wrong person, Red might as well just confess to the whole ploy to prevent any further lies.

"You sound like you had a really rough time. Being separated from your sibling must have been difficult."

The brunette blinked. Why did this sound so familiar? He vaguely remembered writing his own paper on something of the topic of life changing situations. He wrote about how he and his sister were separated from each other when their parents decided they were not good enough for the other. It was only by chance that the two siblings enrolled to the same college and were then reunited. Did Leaf also write a paper like his?

"But, I'm really glad you're able to see your sister again. You must really love her."

"Yeah…" Red whispered with a small smile on his lips as he recalled all of Leaf's antics before and after the separation.

His eyes widened at the realization and then he snapped his jaw shut. "You… you must be mistaken, I only have one brother."

Ike tilted his head to the side curiously. He had a small smirk on his lips as his eyes glued themselves on Red's slowly fading smile.

"Well, I only assumed she is your sister. I don't know what other reason you would have to dress up as her and help her on her project. Unless it's some sort of weird kink, but, hey, I'm not going to pry."

Red could only gape as the teen across from his calmly took a sip of his coffee.

"H-how did you…"

"Well, it was kind of obvious. Even with the feminine clothing you still had the posture of a guy."

The brunette held his hand to cover his face. He messed up, big time. It was bad idea, he knew it from the start.

"I'm sorry," Red started. "for lying to you. She's just really busy this week, and she didn't want to blow you off." Then he looked directly at Ike. "And no, this is not a secret kink, please don't tell anyone?" He pleaded the last part in a squeak.

Ike chuckled. "Don't worry about it, I knew it was you from the start. Your sister must be very trusting in you, to let you borrow her identity like that. You're also quite good at using the camera." He paused. "And there's no reason to tell anyone about this. It'll be a secret between friends."

"Ah, thank you." Red sighed with relief. Then Ike's last sentence echoed in his mind. Had he really just called them friends?

"Did you… really mean what you said?" The brunette asked after the waitress came around to check on them.

"Hm?" Ike asked with his fork in his mouth and already lost in his food.

"About my paper." Red said while poking at his cake. "How did it 'move' you? I'm not that great of a writer."

"Well, I have a sister of my own. It just reminded me of her." The other confessed. "We're quite close. Well, we had to be. I've been taking care of her ever since our parents died."

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's okay. It's been a while, you just have to get used to it. I've lived long enough to realize that. Life goes on."

Red was quiet. This guy, he thought, he's been through a lot. And even though Ike was still a stranger to him, Red didn't mind getting to know him a little bit more. The fork in his hand poked at the brown sponge cake. He smiled inwardly. Maybe, this was a good idea after all. He made a new friend.

"So, how did it go?"

Red shut the door behind him. His sister was already by the entrance, waiting for her brother's return.

"It was pretty good." He shrugged, handing over the bag and camera case.

"Did you enjoy your date?" Leaf asked slyly.

"Ye- What?"

She giggled beneath her hand. "I'm joking, sheesh. But thanks a lot Red, I really appreciate you doing this for me. We finished our Finance project and it looked pretty cool. Just say the word bro, and I'll repay the favor anytime."

"It's fine, forget about it, you don't need to pay me back." Red said while taking the extensions off one at a time.

"Eh? Why the sudden change in attitude Red? Did you actually enjoy being me?" Leaf asked, a smile on her lips.

A knock on the door interrupted Red's upcoming answer. The siblings looked at the door then at each other before the brother went to open it.

"Ike! What are you doing here?" Red asked, slightly pleased at the idea that he might even be here for him.

The blue haired teen blinked, donning the same surprised look he had hours ago when they were leaving in the morning. He snapped out of it once again and put on a neutral expression.

"Hey. Um, I just wanted to ask your sister about the write up for the project, if you don't mind?"

The boy's face fell, but he tried not to show it. Oh right, they technically never met. Leaf came to the door with a folder of papers that Red had written up before. The younger brother stood to the side and watched the two do their business with bored eyes.

"And, tell Red I'll see him around." Ike said as he waved goodbye to the siblings.

Leaf nodded. She paused and watched her partner leave their porch when Ike's words hit her. Swerving to her brother, she looked more surprised than angry.

"What was that all about?!"

"W-what?" Red asked, holding his hands out in defense.

"He knew your name!" She exclaimed and Red could see the gears turning in her head. "What were you two doing all afternoon?"

"Nothing! We didn't do anything!" He pleaded his innocence. Though in the back of his mind, Red replayed the memory of today again and he decided "Nah, she doesn't need to know."

First one down, four more to go! I already have plots for three of them, though it's kinda cheating, but, hey, this is my fic, I can do whatever I want.

So, yeah, first AU is… College life! Actually, some of it is based off my own experience with friends and all. None of the gangs, and beating ups or anything like that, just the photography project my friend had and my other friend falling in love with the boy in her English class. (Don't tell anyone I'm posting her secret on the internet.)

If it's too friendshippy, then, too bad. I seem to like writing my fics like that, you know, subtle and not full blown "ZOMGOSH! I LUB JOO!" followed by passionate making out. And it leaves more room for imagination and cute stuff. It's also difficult to write a pairing when they don't really know each other yet. The other AUs will most likely be like that too, where Ike and Red just meet but they feel a connection. And if it sounds really bad and left off in the middle, then... that's just me trying to sound witty and totally failing at it. Go me!

Leaf and Red as twins/siblings is something I like to do. I'm probably going to run with that for the rest of… of my writings.

Wolf as a bad guy? Well, I know he's not always a bad guy, I just like picking on him, because his bad guy-ness is not apparent as Bowser, Ganondorf's or Wario's. I rather like Bowser, and picking on Ganondorf or Wario is a little too cliched. ...Also, I'm not a huge fan of Wolf. (koff I'm a FalFox fan but that's not entirely relevant. koff)

Sorry if anyone noticed the weird change in mood from the first few scenes then to the cafe. I actually started writing from the cafe part, and then... went back up, then down, then the middle, then back up again. ...Yeah, it's... something I shouldn't have done. And all those tense changes and weird stuff. ...Yeah, this hasn't been beta'd because I'm stubborn and I don't want to regret writing and putting this up, so, I put it up right away before I chicken out on it.

And, any ideas for the last AU might help! I always like feedback!