Chapter 1

So long, he had dreamed about that moment for so long and when he finally had it Ron realized that he truly never would. He was holding his best friend since kindergarten in his arms, the girl who he risked his life for time and again just to show her that he could be more than just a bumbling buffoon to her. Their lips were touching, pressing together as the music played in the background in a sweet, gentle kiss. Problem was, he could feel her salty tears as they started to fall as a few streamed down to their lips as she tilted her head. There was no passion in the girls kiss, just sadness and defeat that mirrored in her eyes as she pulled away a bit and looked up at the blonde haired boy.

"Ron...why aren't you kissing back?" Kim asked, a torrent of emotions reflecting in her green eyes as she looked up into the blonde's blue orbs.

"No Kim...why are you doing this?" Ron asked, his voice betraying the hurt he was feeling over believing that the girl he loved so much was just using him to make herself feel better after the whole Eric incident only hours earlier. He knew that if he let himself give in then both teens would be hurt even more than they are now. "You don't love me like that KP...I can tell by the way you kissed me...Your just hurting right now and this is going to help. Your just going to wake up in the morning and regret kissing me."

"No Ron, that's not true." Kim whispered, the two not noticing the other students stopping to look over at them.

"Yeah KP, it is." Ron sighed, "I...I love you KP, I always have and this...I've dreamed about it for so long. I know you though KP...I...know you."

"You don't love me." Kim said, her voice in a monotone as she glared at the blonde haired boy. "If you even cared a little you wouldn't be embarrassing me like THIS! Do you THINK I'd kiss you if I didn't mean it? Do YOU! I'm the head cheerleader and you're the school loser, I just killed my rep for YOU and this is how you act?"

"Goodnight Kim." Ron sighed turning away from the red haired girl as he started walking toward the exit with his shoulders slumped.

"Ron..." Kim said, her voice trembling as the blonde kept walking. Screaming, half sobbing, "Damn it Stoppable if you walk away from me our friendship is OVER!"

"So be it then." Ron said as he pushed the door open a bit before turning to look at the trembling girl as tears ran down his own face. What she said was true, he was the school's loser and no one would argue the point, not even himself. He was actually surprised that their friendship lasted as long as it did as it was. "Goodbye KP." Ron whispered but his voice easily carried over the now quite gymnasium before he walked out the door letting the door close behind him. The students left at the dance looked on in shock as the redhead stood trembling a few moments before dropping to her knees sobbing, the pain and stress of the night finally catching up to her.