The black haired teenaged girl stood intimidated by the iron clad doors of Suna's mental Asylum. She was assigned to Gaara, who is to become Kazekage once deemed sane, the most dangerous patient in the whole asylum. She yawned walking in to the opened doors of the Asylum. I have been chosen special by someone near him or himself, not really sure which. As Aoihi walked in she had to stop and be patted down then metal detected by one of the female guards. She had brown hair in buns on either side of her head, along with brown eyes. Once she deemed her not a threat or to have any weapons on Aoihi's person. She stepped back smiling while she asked, "Name's Tenten, what's yours?" Holding her hand out for Aoihi to take.

Aoihi smiled back but a little shyer than hers taking her hand shaking it replying, "Nice to meet you, Tenten. My name is Aoihi." Tenten's smiled widened shaking her hand harder. Tenten asked with the smile still placed on her face, "Aoihi as in Aoihi Akatsuki, the person assigned to Gaara?" Aoihi nodded with a small smile plastered on her face. Then Tenten walked away as her walkie-talkie started talking kind of like yelling at her.

She waved over her shoulder as she turned the corner to another hall full of closed doors, at least that is what Aoihi assumed anyway. She walked over to the elevator across from her, avoiding the different people, who wanted to meet her and probably tell her the dangers. That she already knew of. The elevator stopped on the top floor where Gaara was, all the dangerous were upstairs. Aoihi walked out as the door came to a groaning stop taking a step out of the elevator. She heard a commotion getting louder and louder coming towards her it seems.

She walked towards the sounds curiosity getting to her. Four doctors with a stretcher swiftly sped past her. The person on the stretcher was cover with a white sheet, her stomach turned. They were dead, Aoihi walked on, almost afraid of what scene would greet her. She saw blood. Blood was splattered off to one side on the walls. Great pools of it gleamed darkly on the white tile floor.

Nausea constricted her throat. She didn't usually have a weak stomach for blood, but this here was too much. People were in a hurry trying to erase the traces of the death scene. She poked one staff member in the back and the staff member gave a little shriek as she turned towards Aoihi slowly. She ignored it, she needed to know what happened.

"What happened here?" Aoihi asked, indicating to all the blood.

"Cell mate, 9-0-5," The staff member whispered to her. Obviously, she hadn't been here long enough to be let in on the secret.

"9-0- what?"

The staff member blinked and stared at her, then a thought seemed to occur. "Oh, you're new here aren't you? Well, 905 is our most dangerous patient --------"

"Gaara," She interrupted, knowingly.

"How did you----?"

"I was just assigned to him."

The words shut the staff member up and her eyes widened to the size of saucers. "You're Aoihi Akatsuki?" A unnerving silence seemed to fall over the building as the staff member said her name. Everyone cleaning or milling around turned to stare at the two of them. She shuffled a little uncomfortable, unaccustomed to so much attention in so little time. Then Aoihi asked, "So which room is Gaara's?"

The woman, she had been talking to before pointed beyond the blood splatters. "At the end of the hall, iron doors, five guards, can't miss it."

She knew the woman wanted to say more, wanting to ask questions, but she avoided all that by walking in the direction, the woman had pointed. Staff gawked at her as she passed by and some whispered "You're a brave one" or "Good-luck". Aoihi had to admit, she was scared slightly. Gaara had just gone off on a rampage and killed someone, and here she was , immediately after wards going to meet him for the first time. She swallowed when she came to the iron doors, black as onyx, with heavy locks and five gray-clad guards stationed outside it. The image did nothing it quell her fears.

"Uh... I'm here to see Gaara," Aoihi told them breathlessly.

"You, Aoihi Akatsuki?" Asked the captain of the squad gruffly. He was tall and burly with chin-length dark-brown curls.

"Yes," She replied.

"I'm Chad." They shook hands. "I promise that we'll protect you at all costs, now come on."

Her fears were partially sent to the back of her mind by Chad's vow of protection. But that didn't stop her heart leaping into her throat as Chad undid the locks and the door soundlessly opened. Her first impression was how cold it was, and how dimly the room was lit. She barely made out a bed and a couple of chairs. When her eyes adjusted a bit more, Aoihi saw a sink off to one side with a cracked mirror and next to the sink a lidless toilet. The room had no smell but the dark, damp odor of mold; and had no feeling but the coldness of the room.

She saw a silhouette of Gaara standing against the wall off to one side. He stepped forward as they entered. He was slim and tall with a pale complexion and heavy circles under his eyes. His hair was dark red— blood red and his face was grim and haunted, his mouth seeming unable to form a smile to save his life. Green eyes bored into hers, cool and expressionless, studying her.

He spoke first, "Who are you?" His voice made her skin crawl as though it were the devil itself speaking to her.

"Aoihi Akatsuki," Aoihi heard herself say, but my words sounded weak and lame. Be turned away uninterested as though she had passed the test but wasn't worthy of the recognition, his recognition. She didn't know what to do. She felt helplessly lost. She turned to Chad for help only to find, he wasn't behind her anymore. Nor was the rest of his squad. So much for that vow of protection.

"They are gone because they are afraid." Gaara's voice sent a chill down her spine. She could only stare, in her state of paralyzed fear. She quickly relaxed though thinking out loud unconsciously,

"Typical, they do the same with my father."

Suddenly there was a commotion outside her hand came up and hits her forehead with a loud smacking sound vibrating off the walls. Then the scaredy cat, Chad appeared panicked, saying in an urgent tone,

"Your father isn't calming down. He knows you are here, he is asking for you." Aoihi said in a sickly sweet voice without turning to him,

"Chad, out! Geez, my mother only placed him here on the agreement that you would be able to handle him and lessen his dependency on me." Suddenly there was more shouting, louder and higher pitch, outside seeping in through the open door. She sighed defeated before walking out with Chad hot on her heels apparently not wanting to stay in Gaara's cell alone. Both of them forgetting that Gaara's iron lock infested door was now wide open. Chad eyed her father, who was currently choking someone, as they walked out of Gaara's cell. She looked at her father in pure horror, there was blood on the walls on him, his once long blue hair cut to his shoulders length. He was glaring at the guard that was currently in his grasp, that was slowly dying from the lack of oxygen.

The guards face turning a shade of blue, with her fathers right hand hooked on his neck with the guard pressed back against the wall up and feet dangling two feet from the ground. Aoihi never took her sapphire eyes off of him as she walked over to him, dodging and ducking the guards and staffs attempts on stopping her. She made it to her dad going around in front of him and tugging his arm that was holding the bluer by the minute guard up. She looked up at her dads face with dried blood splatters on it saying in a little girls voice pulling his hand down harder,

"Daddy, let him go!"

His eyes slowly rolled down looking at her. His once happy red eyes now hard and cold with a look of a crazed killer. His eyes flashed for a moment happiness flickered in them before hatred replaced it. He started glaring at her with such a hateful intensity. Aoihi was truthfully more afraid of her father than anyone else in the world, fear was pushed to the back of her mind trying to save the suffocating guard, who didn't deserve to die. Aoihi's father dropped the guard before his right hand quickly latched onto her neck. He lifted her up to where he held the guard but rougher to the wall.

"Where were you?" He shouted in her face viciously, spit flying into it.

She gaped at him like a fish out of water, struggling for oxygen, nails digging into his arm leaving tiny red crescent dents in his arm..

"let me go!" She tried to say, but was unable to for there wasn't enough oxygen or movement from the tightening of her fathers hand. The light in her mind started flickering dangerously, her lungs burning from the lack of air. Help me! Somebody! Was her wordless plea-

And someone answered.