Warning: Incest

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I didn't scream, though I wasn't permitted enough time to. A rough calloused hand clamped over my mouth and I panicked, my arms were pinned down at my sides. I was being pulled away and Gaara didn't even see it, didn't notice. My face burned as I cried silently, hot, scalding tears. I wouldn't breath! Before I passed out, I saw a glimpse of Gaara farther away, than I expected, slicing open another deer.

"Kankuro, you realize that Gaara will more than likely kill you for taking her while he was in his killing mode; right?"

Said a female voice, Temari, and then a reply from who I thought was Kankuro, "Maybe I've thought about it." "Kankuro" Said Temari in a stern voice said in an agitated voice. "Okay, I might have known that, but he wouldn't kill his own brother." I slowly opened my eyes finding myself in a stark white room. I slowly turned my head seeing a working bench with puppet parts discarded all over its surface, a few open paint cans with dry paint specks all over, some worn out tools, and dirty cleaning rags. "He may not but the Shukaku inside him more than likely will. The Shukaku might have been attached to her because of how she acts towards him differently than the rest of them."

"Stop bitching at me, Temari! I can do whatever the hell I want!" Kankuro suddenly snapped. "You mean you want to be killed?" Temari shouted. "Why? Why the fuck would you do that to yourself? And more over do that to me?" She slumped down on the bench, scattering puppet parts further, but she didn't seem to care. Her eyes looked red, but she didn't start crying-even though I knew it could happen any second now. "You Asshole!" she cried in pain. Kankuro's own anger must have left him as he watched his sister's despair. "Why the hell did you steal her?"

"Temari," Kankuro said softly. He came to her, sat beside her and stroked her hair. Ew, I thought disgusted, incest. I shouldn't be witnessing this. God, what would they do if they saw me? I closed my eyes, relying upon my hearing.

"Why did you steal her, then?" Temari repeated. Then there was the soft, distinct smack of a kiss and Kankuro whispered. "I can't tell you that yet."

Temari sounded calmer as she said, "Will you ever tell me?"

"Of course, my love." God, Gaara's siblings were so f-ed up!

A pause, more kissing noises. I fought down the urge to vomit. Another pause. And then, "Gaara might come after us," Temari warned.

"Or not," Kakuro countered.

A soft sigh. "For how long? How long will you keep her here?"

"I don't know," Kankuro replied and I heard them both stand up.

"Don't hurt her," Temari pleaded. "If not for Gaara's sake, then mind. Because if she has even a scratch when Gaara finds out. He will eventually find then he'll kill the both of us."

"I'll take good car of her," Kankuro promised. "You can help."

"Maybe…if you tell me why you're doing this."

"Okay, tonight."

"Bye," Temari said.


Temari left and I heard Kankuro side down again with a sigh. I opened my eyes and Kankuro sat there wide eye staring at me.

His voice was mothering more than a horrified whisper, he asked me, "How long have you been awake?"

Hmmm….well, you icest kidnapping bastard, maybe I should tell you what I know. I know your dirty thoughts now revolve around your sister and when I hear the words "tonight," I can only presume you're going to put those dirty thoughts into action. I wanted to say that, all of that. But then I thought do I really want to tell the truth? Knowing this dirty little secret was like having an atomic bomb in ones pocket. I could get him to do whatever I wanted. The puppet master would become one of his beloved puppets. Heh, how ironic.

Maybe that's why when I finally spoke, I said, "I just woke up."

I don't think he totally believed me, but some of the tension in his posture left him as I spoke. Obviously he wanted to cling to the hope that I hadn't heard anything of what was just said.

"So why am I here?" I asked him, "Why'd you kidnap me?"

I could see the reluctance right away, or sense it anyhow. I knew if he said anything next it would either be his refusal to explain to me or a plain out lie. I couldn't have that. I wanted facts and not a bunch of bullshit.

"Maybe if you tell me," I said softly, darkly, "I will forget the last twelve hours I was conscience and what happened."

Kankuro paled. Of course, twelve hours was an exaggeration but how would he know. "I know everything." I assured him with a cruel smile. I watched him gulp and then reluctance left him again. Suddenly everything came pouring out.

"I'm so sorry! I was just jealous, because me and Temari miss Gaara and us all being together. When he started going psycho, it was us, who helped him become sane again at first. But even after our help, he began to separate from us so for punishment we stuck him in an asylum because if he wanted to be alone, we'd ensure that he went to no one else, that he'd stay along! We couldn't stand the thought of him meeting someone else and that someone consuming his life! And then you came and freed Gaara from his rightful prison and we hated you. We thought of you as the bitch, and couldn't wait to find some way to rid of you. Well, we aren't going to kill you, but we're going to send you someplace very far away."

"Why?" I demanded.

"Because of our bond-?"

"What bond?"

He sighed. "We love each other. And I miss our threesomes."

He stared at me while I sat speechless, soaking in all the information that was handed to me basically on a silver platter. Then suddenly there was a tickly like something going down my back slowly. I then looked at my hands in my lap as it was replaced by a gentle hand running up and down my spine in a soothing manner taking my mind off of the information I just learned about from Kankuro. Then a body appeared behind me, one of the arms wrapped around me then pulling me into this person's muscular chest. The arm had little drops of dried blood on his arm, where as the hand was covered with dry blood up to his elbow. I looked up at Kankuro, who looked like he had just seen the scariest thing in his life. I realized the person behind me must be Gaara, he pulled me tighter to his chest as I looked up at his eyes, seeing one of them the Shukaku while the other was his natural eye but darker in color from how much hate he had in his eyes. He seemed to growl as if he had heard; every word of what Kankuro had told me. Something he would have told me when he was good and ready. Gaara was definitely not happy at this moment in time. I looked back at Kankuro and he looked as if he was about to shit himself as sand held him in place, a really weird thing just accured to me.

If Gaara was only put there for punishment, just because he changed his mind, but if he wants to be back with them why would he fool with me? All those thoughts ran through my mind like a char cell put on fast forward. Then Gaara said in the rough and husky voice of the Shukaku's voice, "I pulled back because I didn't want that for me Anymore!"

"Gaara! Please!" Kankuro gasped, withering in the sand like a fish without water. His eyes were red and he began to sob, "Gaara," he cried out like a child who had lost his favorite toy.

"Gaara!" Temari echoed behind me, suddenly bursting forth on the scene. "Put him down!"

Gaara turned on her with a hiss, first out to strike her, but stopped short of her face.

"You'd hurt me," Temari whispered. "You'd hurt me because you're a spoiled brat and now that you consider what you did in the past wrong, you think you'll make it right by getting rid of us."

I watched Gaara pale as though what she was saying was true. His fist still hovered inches from her face, his expression stricken and pained. Temari leaned forward and kissed his closed hand. Like, really kissed it. She held his arm and swirled her tongue around each individual knuckle, sucking till it bruised. I watched in morbid fascination as she slowly pried his hand open and fed the finders into her mouth. Gaara's eyes fluttered shut and he sighed. His whole body shuddered and the sand holding Kakuro prisoner released him.

Kakuro walked over and caressed Gaara's face; pulling his mouth to his lips. I watched enviously as Gaara's mouth allowed Kankuro entrance. I wanted Gaara as mine. All mine. I couldn't allow Temari and Kankuro to take him from me…..at least, not without me involved. I joined the threesome, laying claim to Gaara's lower half. Gaara felt me there with his free hand and knotted his fingers in my black hair. He pushed me into him so I felt the hard bump in his jeans. God, was he hard. My hand had a mind of its own, and began to stroke him through his jeans. I heard him groan into Kankuro's mouth which encouraged me to squeeze the erect lump between my fingers. His hips bucked and Temari giggled.

"Come on, Kakuro, lets tie him up!"

I helped. And Kankuro brushed my face in a way that was more than friendly. Gaara's arms were tied behind his back and hoisted into the air by a chain to a bar on the ceiling. His shirt was off; his sight was hindered by a blindfold.

He looked so hot. So hot, vulnerable, and weak. My mouth water at the sight of him. "Gaara," I whispered. "I could free you if you want." Even though I didn't want to.

"Just kiss me," he whispered back, his voice strangely husky and hoarse.

To Be Continued...