I seem to be writing dark latley, and this little mitten popped out too...so...I thought, hey why not keep the dark feeling? All the top rated songs on my (old) Ipod seem to be ...deep and more meaningful than 'yo, at the shizzle...dem bitches and dem ho's' so...sorry I'm not loving those beaut songs :/ I like this song tho...nomnom 3OH3!

I may be a teen, but my god my brain and my mouth are not!

Summary: Sam doesn't care anymore. Go ahead and burn it down. Season 1.

Warning: language, mope...brood...ah...Oh, it's nice...but it gets dark- warning yeah?

Disclaimer: I don't even own a car yet! How am I supposed to take them places? Please...get a grip! Congrats on the marriage btw laddo! They both look fucking stunning! I cried...haha

This song really fits, and their voices and the timbre...really fit too. Have a listen.

Still Around-3OH!3

Go ahead and burn it down


A hand reached out, wanting, helping but he shrugged it off.

"Sam, get in the car for me?...yeah?" It's safe, a soft voice asking.

One more, last, look to the still burning flames. Everything and it's just gone.

Sam swallows the lump, gets in the car and shuts his eyes. He doesn't want to open them, doesn't want to know what he'll see.

I'm drunk and so is everyone else

In this devil town

They won't let me turn around

"Maybe, ya know...you should get up today. I mean the...the funeral is...ugh" Dean flops, because what can he say, the kids lost his life. His brand new life, he loved.

"I know" Sam says. It's weak and he knows it is. "I'll go..."

But he doesn't. Not until all her family and friends have gone, and there's no more tears to watch fall.

Dean's keeping his distance, but Sam can seen the figure in the jacket at the cemetary gates and he can't let his emotions out. Can't feel anything right now.

To get one last look at my baby

While she's still around

While she's still around

While she's still around

While she's still around

Sam has a bizarre urge to dig it up, to see her one last time because he just saw her like yesterday, except it's gone nearly a week now and Sam hasn't changed clothes, he can still see her wearing his brown hoodie, how she said it was soft, it was warm on her.

Sam remembers a book she was reading, 'Wuthering Heights' and about this guy who loved someone so much he wanted to be with her, even if that meant death and Sam starts to think, maybe she's waiting for him, maybe she's happy there...safe.

A hand grazes his shoulder again and he's pulled, pushed into the black shining car and being told it's okay, don't you worry Sammy. It's gonna' get better, yeah?

Go ahead and build it up again

This city's just cemeteries and forgotten men

My only hope's to see you

And even if I never do

He's seeing her, burnt, literally on the back of his eyelids, in the rearview and he even saw her at a convienience store in Hope. But she wasn't, not really.

He did see her smile one more time though and it made his stomach tighten and his breath stutter just like the first time he saw her.

While she's still around

While she's still around

While she's still around

While she's still around

"Are you sure you're okay? You've been kinda spaced out recently..."

Sam's nodding, seeing her white dress billowing outside in a soft breeze, he's smiling.

"Y-yeah...never been better"

Dean frowns, looks the way Sam's eyes are hyptnotised and he sees nothing.

And I know what your thinking, But that won't stop this drinking,

It's the least I can do

Cause this life

Is anything but certain

When they close the final curtain

You'll get a glimpse of the truth

This time, Dean's out getting dinner, picking up a waitress and probably another date when Sam sees her.

His eyes are bleary and his breathings a little raggid, but my god is she beautiful, and he can smell her again but he won't shut his eyes and he definitley won't let this moment get away, not this time.

Why do you look so sad Sam?...I'm right here

Cause you're still around

Well she's still around

Well she's still around

Well she's still around

When Dean opens the motel door, he's smiling...and that suddenly changes when he sees his baby brother, eyes open and staring glassy, his hands limp at his sides and his legs stretched out in front of him.

"Sam?!" The food bags hit the floor and Dean skidded on his knees to Sam. "SAM!"

Go ahead and burn it down

I'm drunk and so is everyone else

In this devil town

Sam's lip quirks as he stares right through Dean, who's panicked and screaming and asking,

"How much Sam?....How many did you take?!"

He's smiling because she's right there, smiling too, reaching out with her hands and nodding for him to follow.

He's smiling because after so many times of trying, he's seeing her again and this time it isn't fading away, not swirling away like dust and Dean just walks through it.

Something rattles as Sam's moved and the nearly empty pill bottles roll, and Dean's screaming almost as if in slow motion, his green eyes tearing but all Sam can do is smell sweet vanilla and see bright blonde curls.



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