Ch.1 "Down The Rabbit Hole To A New World!"

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Long ago, the tree that brought all life, mana, stood tall and well.

However, a war caused it to wither and

A heroine was sacrificed to revive the tree,

Becoming the new spirit for the tree.

However, a betrayal of Lord Ratatosk and the Summon Spirits came to light.

And the earth torn apart and the warring factions forever were lost.

The world descended into chaos.

Then, Lord Ratatosk made the Chosen before falling into slumber.

He left an edict:

"You must awaken my power every so decade,

Or the world with destroy itself."

With that the world came back into order...

Till several hundred years ago,

When the Chosen failed...

"Naruto!" Thirteen year old Uzumaki Naruto as Haruno Sakura's face came into his view. "Why are you here on the hospital roof instead of visiting Sasuke!?!" The pink hair, green eyed teenager snorted at the blond.

"...I think Sasuke needs some time to cool off before I see him.... I probably accidentally cause him to go berserk or something like that right no if I go see him." Naruto sighed, looking up at the clouds. He was thinking of how things were finally looking up. He was finally keeping his promises! 'I wonder if-' Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as Sakura put her hand on his forehead and the other hand on her forehead. "Er... What are you doing?" Naruto asked sheepishly.

"For a minute there, I thought you were sick... You always want to pick a fight with Sasuke!" Sakura puffed her cheeks out.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I know when to not do it... Right now, Sasuke doesn't need me picking a fight with him." Naruto sighed. 'He has enough worries on his mind.' Naruto also had a lot on his mind as well. 'I wonder if I should tell Tsunade-obaa-chan about my idea about using the Kage Bushin no Jutsu for paperwork.' An evil scheme look came into Naruto's eyes before a foot stepped on his face.

"...Dope...." Uchiha Sasuke glared at the blond who pushed his foot off.

"What was that for!?" Naruto shouted, glaring back.

"For saying I was weak." Sasuke snorted back.

"Saying you was weak?" Naruto blinked. "Oh... You mean not picking a fight with you... Nah... Just you need to cool your anger for a bit." Naruto sighed as both of his teammates sighed.

"... Naruto, are you okay?" Sasuke did the same thing as Sakura, putting his hand on Naruto's forehead and the other on his own forehead as Naruto looked very confused.

"Sasuke-kun! What are you doing out of bed!? You should be resting!" Sakura panicked.

"The hospital already released me with the agreement to stick with D-rank and C-rank missions and taking it easy on training for a bit." Sasuke explained as Naruto looked at them with confusion.

"Why do you both think I am sick?" Naruto sighed as both looked back at him.

"Because you always want a fight with me." Sasuke growled, glaring at the blond.

"Yeah, but only when it was alright to. I maybe a blond, but I am not a total idiot." Naruto sighed, causing both youths to recoil. "Right now, you need to cool down, Sasuke. Too much anger can cause you to act really stupid. I should know as I let anger control me a few times and it ended up bad for me." Naruto sheepishly grinned as Sasuke and Sakura sweated. "Plus, Sasuke... Ever heard the saying 'Revenge is best serve cold?'"

"What about it?" Sasuke glared, furious of Naruto saying about his goal.

"Well... Cool the heat on the rage to kill your brother. Think about it. You are just trying to kill the one who wrong you, but not really 'punish' him." Naruto sighed. "'Do onto others as they done onto you.' Make his life miserable like he did yours instead o killing him... That way, he will regret what he has done and make him wish you killed him. That way, you can put killing him or real on the back burning to slowly boil while reorganizing your goals so that you have something to live for after you do kill him." Naruto chimed as both of Naruto's teammates looked at Naruto wide-eyed and in shock at the blond.

Naruto blinked when both put their hands on Naruto's forehead. "Are you sure you are not running a fever?" Both asked in unison, trying to think what could possibly be causing Naruto to be smart.

"You know... That's starting to get annoying, even for my standards..." Naruto sighed just before Hatake Kakashi appeared before them.

"...Er. What's going on here?" Kakashi raised an eyebrow as to why Sakura and Sasuke had a hand on Naruto's forehead.

"Nothing." Both said in embarrassment. However, Naruto was just wondering why Kakashi was there.

"Well, we already got a mission to do. It's a simple C-rank delivery mission." Kakashi chimed.

"But, shouldn't we wait till Sasuke rests some more before doing a mission?" Sakura asked in worry.

"Don't worry. We are just delivering some equipment for some scientists to a location they will be studying. There even a low chance of thieves attacking, too, so a perfect warm up mission to get back into the schedule." Kakashi said. "Get ready, because we will be leaving pretty soon." With that, Kakashi left, leaving the three teens sweating.

"Oh, well. See ya later!" Naruto chimed, leaving his teammates. 'I wonder what kind of scientists would want us to deliver equipment and where?' Naruto pondered. "Oh, well, it's just a mission." Naruto whistled happily, glad to be back on track with being a ninja after getting the Fifth Hokage to Konoha.

Meanwhile, Senju Tsunade sneezed, cursing Naruto for dragging her back to Konoha as she was doing all the paperwork that came with being the Hokage. 'I am going to hurt that blond brat whenever I see him again!'


'Now... This is not a place most scientists go to...' Naruto sweated as his team and he walked up to three large pillars in a perfect triangle to each other in a circle of smaller stones. 'The Otherworldly Gate...'

"Hello!" Naruto, well...All of Team Seven sweated as they were greeted by two scientists-possibly twins-that looked exactly alike except for one had black hair that was styled to go over his right eye and the other hair white that went over the other eye even though they were both wearing glasses. The sun was setting, so the area of study was being lit by lights. "We are glad you guys are here!"

"Hai! Do you have the equipment we need?" The dark hair "twin" scientist asked.

"Yep. But, where are the other scientists at?" Kakashi asked, noticing the camp was pretty empty.

"They went to the village nearby to get supplies and eat." White twin scientist chimed.

"Yeah. We drew the short straws to who was to stay here and get the equipment we needed when it came." The other sighed. "Quite annoying really."

"I see..." Kakashi sighed as Naruto felt the hairs on the back of his neck standing. The feeling just wouldn't go away as they put the supplies down.

'I don't have a good feeling...' Naruto looked at looked that the scientists before looking around. 'Something isn't right. I just know it!'

"I bet you are pretty tired from getting these supplies here. You can rest here for a bit." Both twin scientists chimed.

"Nah. There isn't a village far from here we can crash at and then head back to Konoha from tomorrow." Kakashi said, noticing how Naruto was at unease about the place they were at. That was definitely not a good sign in Kakashi's book.

"Oh, too bad..." Team Seven noticed the evil smirk on both of the men's faces.

"We were hoping to snatch away what we were really after without a fight!" Both twins pulled out a blade from their sleeves and attacked, causing Kakashi to pull out a kunai and block their attacks.

"Kakashi!" Sakura shouted before several men in strange uniforms came out of nowhere wearing half a bird looking mask similar to the ANBU. "What the heck!?"

"If you hand over the kid we want than we will spare your lives." Both twins jumped back to disappear in a puff of smoke to appear as two strangely dressed jesters wearing white and black.

"We know the Chosen is standing in this group. It took us a while to realize the little stunt your knight and you did, but now we have you cornered." The black jester chimed while both showed off claw like blade strapped to their arms.

"I don't know what you are talking..." Kakashi wondered who this chosen was and why these thugs wanted from that person, but he was sure none of his students was this person.

"We had a feeling you wouldn't." The white jester chimed.

"The Chosen has done quite an act to fool everyone, but it is time for the Chosen to show us what the Chosen can do!" Both charged forward along with the other men. However, a fire ball killed several of the men behind Team Seven.

"So this is the so called Vanguard group..." Kakashi looked up to see two S-ranked criminals he did not want to see: Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame.

'Why is he here!?!' Sasuke thought, ready to attack his criminal brother before remembering what Naruto said.

"Kakashi-san, get your team out of here. We will handle these thugs." Uchiha Itachi said in an emotionless tone.

"Yeah. We were stuck with monitoring this Vanguard group to see what they were up to, but there is no way we are going to let them kill our target. Rather let the gaki run away to catch another day than that." Kisame grinned, showing off his sharp pointed teeth.

"..." Kakashi knew instantly now, at least, he knew this Vanguard group was bad news if the Akatsuki was looking into this group. "Come on, let's go." Kakashi said in a serious tone as the Genin group knew they were no match. Sasuke decided to leave his brother be as this time might be a good time to let two enemies fight against each other instead of going after his brother. However, they escape route was quickly blocked by more of the Vanguard thugs.

"This is bad!" Sakura shouted as Naruto, Sasuke, and she was fighting several thugs as Kakashi ended up facing the jesters with the two criminals. Naruto was using his Kage Bushin to help somewhat even the odds, but they all found that this Vanguard group was not pushovers. In fact, they were pretty powerful for thugs.

"Heh. Now this is getting fun!" The missing-nin fro Kiri chimed, tearing apart human flesh with his sword. "At least you Vanguard guys know how to fight a good fight!"

"That's because of Exspheres." The jesters chimed while a strange magic circle appeared under them that Naruto noticed.

"Watch it! Move!" Naruto shouted for all of them to move out of the way before spikes of rock came out of the earth. The earth separated Itachi from Kisame and place him next to Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto near the middle of the pillars as the moon was rising and Kisame was with Kakashi.

"Ah. We missed." The twins pouted. "Oh, well. We know the two over there isn't the Chosen is one of those three other there!" The two charged towards the Genin along with their soldiers, only for several to be knocked away by a large bone arm and a blast of vile chakra.

"You alright?" The group of four blinked as they found two men. One was a light color blond that contrasted with the person's dark skin. The person was wearing an orange sleeveless top with a black feathered like scarf that covered the lower portion of his face with matching black gloves with orange lines on them that matched his black pants which had similar orange cross lines on it which the pants were tucked into black boots with orange lines and metal toe and heel plates. He had on a black belt with a back hip pouch and a strange weapon. It was two tree pointed blade claws on his left wrist with the two side blades curved with the middle sharp and straight with as they were glowing black with white lines on it. His ears were downward pointing like a deer's and his eyes were a glowing bloody red with darker red pupils.

The other man was just a strange as the blond. He was a pale skin man wearing a black body with yellow seam lines on the legs where a patch o four eyes looking symbols in the spaces of the crosses on each of man's thigh that matched the front of the front of his scarf which turned ripped and burning with embers at the ends, making it appear it was burning. He also had a gloved right arm with claw like nails, but his left arm turned into a large demonic bone arm with black and ember glowing claws. His hair was purple with long side bangs, but cut to short, droopy spikes. However, his eyes were with silted pupils and an angry narrow shape. His left eye was blood red while the right eye was an eerie yellow.

"You! The Knight of Ratatosk!" One of the jesters shouted in shock.

"Heh... Not that it will matter once you are death." The blond chimed as Naruto got a really bad feeling and looked up to see a beam coming off the fully risen moon launched a beam of energy towards the pillars.

"Hey! We need to move now!" Naruto shouted as the group around him looked at him and then looked up where Naruto was looking up at to see the beam turned into a ball of lightning energy that electrocuted the three pillars. The pillars began to glow the symbols on them for a purple vortex appeared beneath the group of six.

"Oh, crud..." The purple hair man cursed before their bodies turned into light and went into the portal.

"They're getting away!" The jesters ran forward only to cursed as the moon went out of aliment and the portal closed. "The knight got away with the Chosen!" The Vanguard goons cursed as Kakashi and Kisame retreated. Kakashi to report to Konoha what has happened and figure out where the heck his students went as Kisame went to report their missing member and the Kyuubi brat was missing as well... Along with the interesting thing that the Vanguard was after one of Kakashi's students even though he did not know who.

Tales-Naruto-Tales (Note: T-N-T goes for ToS events and N-T-N means something going on in Naruto and gang's world)

A vortex formed within the morning sky over the area of Iselia with two beams shooting with a smaller one heading for the mountains of Hakonesia Peak while the larger beam hit out of Iselia Village in the Iselia Forest.

"Ow... What the heck happened?" Sasuke groaned, rubbing his head. He blinked as he found himself in a forest.

"Sasuke! Are you alright!?" Sakura asked Sasuke who noticed most of the plants around him he did not recognized.

"I'M GOING TO KILL RATATO WHEN I SEE HIM!?!" Sakura and Sasuke jumped up and found Naruto standing next to Itachi, who was staring out into space with diluted eyes. They noticed the blond was holding a cracked whitish bracelet with a black orb in it. "I told him 'Use my weapon as it will be useful with those Vanguard bakas are after you.' But, no, instead of using it, he breaks it!"

"Uh... Naruto?" Sakura asked as Naruto blinked and sheepishly grinned.

"Oops... Sorry... Agh... Good thing I kept the original barrel..." Naruto sighed as he pulled out a scroll and unsealed a strange barrel looking weapon. He pulled out the black stone in the bracelet and put it in a space in the handler before sealing the bracelet. "There... Usually I wouldn't be using what my father gave me, but I have a feeling we are going to need it." Naruto sighed; cocking the strange barrel weapon with had a blade on the bottom. It was a black sliver barrel on a while hilt with a trigger to pull on the bottom to fire the weapon.

"What is that, Naruto?" Sasuke asked.

"It's called a Soma or a gun. My Soma is called Howling Darkness, though it is mainly the black orb, not the weapon itself. My dad gave it to me before he died and the bracelet you saw was its ultimate form. Many Soma are used by the clans that form the Knights of Ratatosk." Naruto sighed.

"Wait! Didn't those thugs call the two guys who appeared Knights of Ratatosk!" Sakura shouted.

"Ratato, the snow blond, yeah. The other guy wasn't human. I never saw him before, so he could be a spirit." Naruto sighed. "I guess those guys confused me for this Chosen person when I just help out a fellow member of my clan who is exiled from our homeland."

"Exiled?" Sasuke asked in confusion.

"Well, I'm not technically exiled. My father was because of his stubbornness and wanting to explore the world more even after his time to be away from our clan's homeland was up." Naruto looked at the sky. "The Uzumaki and other Ratatosk Knight clans are very isolated as we believe in keeping to ourselves and keeping our traditions strong, even though the clans keep two smaller countries that are on the land which they are hidden on and called the Whirlpool Country from fighting. My dad died when I was young as my mom died when I was born. My father's friend watched over me while hiding from Konoha as since he was a Dwarf, people would want him to make weapons and such."

"Dwarves don't exist." Sakura snorted.

"They do along with elves." Naruto sighed. "Though, Whirlpool is the only place where you can find them as Whirlpool is mostly hidden as the only expose part where the ninja village was destroyed a while back. But, I guess those Vanguard confused me for this Chosen or whatever as Ratato often visits Gadzhi-Ojii-san and me a lot because of weapons and such. I mean, half bloods got to stick together."

"Half-blood?" Sasuke asked, glaring at Naruto.

"Yeah. Ratato is soon to be a dead half-elf for breaking Gadzhi-Ojii's hard work. He made the ultimate forms for our Soma a while back. I let him borrow my Soma as I wanted to show the world I can be myself without using any of my clan's abilities.... Even though I can't even use our clan's bloodline known as Ratatosk Mode!" Naruto sheepishly grinned as Sakura and Sasuke sweated.

"Ba-" Sakura started.

"-Ka." And Sasuke finished.

"I'm not a baka! If I used the powers I did have, Konoha would run me out since I can summon monsters and make contracts with spirits instead of using Lord Ratatosk's power!" Naruto snapped back.

"Lord Ratatosk?" Sakura asked while Sasuke wondered what Naruto meant.

"Lord Ratatosk is the Lord of all Monsters and the protector of our world tree which is the source of all chakra. However, because of a tragedy, he was force into some kind of slumber and I think the legend goes this Chosen has to wake him up." Naruto sighed. "Which is probably why those Vanguard guys confused me for this person as I can make contracts with Centurions."

"Centurions... Naruto, what the heck are you talking about!?" Sasuke growled.

"Lady Naruto is talking about me." Sakura and Sasuke recoiled when a dark canine or feline looking being with a claw like tail and purple markings over its body appeared before them and floating in the air.


"I am the Centurion of Darkness, Tenebrae." The monster spoke in a superior tone. "Lady Naruto had formed a pact with me long ago when she found my Centurion Core and woke me up."

"Wait...Lady Naruto?" Sakura asked while Naruto blushed.

"Tenebrae!!! How many times I told you not to call me that!?!" Naruto growled before a black mass engulfed Naruto and replaced the blond's orange jumpsuit with a new outfit of a orange top with sewn back on black sleeves with a black sweater underneath along with loose black pants with orange crosses on it held up with a belt with sacks on it and a holster for the Sora and tucked into black and orange boots with steel toes and heels. A top Naruto's head was short pointed hair with black clothes on the bottom with Naruto's headband around the base (Kind of like of Claus F. Lester's outfit from Tales of Phantasia).

"Wow... That actually looks good on you Naruto." Sasuke sighed as Sakura noticed Sasuke's brother and waved her hand in front of his face.

"I will kill you, Tenebrae!?! Where did put my wonderful handmade clothes!?" Naruto cried out as Sasuke snickered. Now he knew why Naruto wore those ugly jumpsuits (they do fit Naruto, but I like experiment with outfits for Naruto with the orange and black theme).

"But, this suits you much better. You are a Knight of Ratatosk, so you must present yourself with a certain degree of elegance, especially with the ability to summon monsters directly from the First Forest. The outfit's fabric is prepared with a number of special incantations and hexes that make the garment waterproof, wrinkle-free, and mold-resistant. The design is meant to evoke Lord Ratatosk's fierce bravery and his subtle grace. The effect is mesmerizing."

"But, what about my other clothes!?!" Naruto hissed as Sasuke blacked away as Naruto's ears morphed to be pointed downward and backwards and his sapphire blue eyes silted in anger. Sasuke had never seen Naruto so angry before in his life and made mental note never to mess with the blond's clothing.

"That is the darkness'-I'm sorry, forgot I said anything." Tenebrae chuckled.

"The darkness's what!?! Tell me!?"

"Only the darkness knows." Tenebrae laughed.

"Tenebrae!?! I'm-"

"EEEK!!!" Sasuke and Naruto turned to Sakura who was pale in front of Itachi. "H-He's dead! He isn't breathing!!"

"What are you saying!?!" Sasuke shouted in shock as he saw the very reason of his hate not breathing or moving. "No way... He's dead..." Sasuke paled.

"This isn't death..." Naruto looked at the ring on Itachi's right ring finger.

"What are you saying Naruto!? He's not breathing!" Sakura shouted, feeling she was going to be sick. However, Naruto pinched the ring hard enough for it to break and expose a reddish ring of crystal that had darken skin around it.

"I thought so. Angelus Stone."

"What is that? And why do you mean he isn't dead?" Sasuke asked.

"Simple. Mainly, you can find Angelus Stones on Knights of Ratatosk as it is naturally formed inside us to increase our strength. However, once in a while, you can find wild Angelus stone and mine it. However, if a person does not use an inhibitor ore to make a crest of sorts and is not from a Ratatosk clan by birth, it can make him or her really sick or, as it seems with Itachi, put them in sort of a death like trance where they can hear and see, but have no control of their body. Sasuke. Someone else is responsible for the Uchiha Massacre and even your clan looks like they might have done this." Naruto showed the seals within the ring that was on the other ring and showed there is two layers: one Itachi's skin color and the other was the Akatsuki ring. "I can make a crest to put on it, but I need to get some inhibitor ore. If we do that, maybe we can finally solve what the heck was going on with the Uchiha deal." Sakura blinked while Sasuke nodded. He wanted to know.

However, all three noticed Tenebrae disappearing as a rustling noise came from the bushes. Sakura and Sasuke pulled out each a kunai while Naruto cocked her Soma-if you haven't figured it out yet, it's a gun and all Wild Arms fans will love Naruto's weapon.

"Woof." A white cream dog creature with greenish spots on its forehead, mane, rear, legs, and end of its long tail and long ears with jagged ends whined while coming through the bushes.

"Oh! An Arshis!" Naruto chimed happily, causing Sakura and Sasuke to fall over. "Oh! You looks just like Yoishe, my dad's Arshis!" Naruto began to pet the whimpering dog creature.

"Naruto! You gave us a heart attack!" Sakura shouted.

"Sorry! It's just it's really rare to see an Arshis monster! They are one of the forms of a Protozoan which is a being that evolves over many years through several forms to each this form as they are believed to be the first beings made from the World Tree. Isn't he cute!" Naruto cooed while hugging the beast which Sakura and Sasuke could have sworn they saw a blush on the dog creature's muzzle.

"Wha' is goin' on here?" Sakura and Sasuke's eyes widen as they saw a short, stocky man with a dark brown beard and looked very strong came out of the bushes.

"Ha! Told ya Dwarves existed!" Naruto chimed with a grin as the trio was sitting in the house/workshop of Dirk the Dwarf craftsman while working on some inhibitor ore to make a ring like crest for Itachi who actually followed them like a lost puppy to the home in the woods.

"Just shut up and work on the ore." Sakura glared at the blond.

"I must say, ye pretty good at the Dwarven arts." Dirk, the Dwarven craftsmen, said, amazed by her skills for a half-human. Though, he could sense what the other half of the blond's blood was and he didn't even know humans could breed with those.

"Gadzhi-Ojii-san is a Dwarf who has been a friend of my dead dad. They were both craftsmen, so they drilled into me their habits and skills in me." Naruto let out a sigh before smiling. "I hope this works." Naruto went over to Itachi, who was sitting down next to the three. Naruto clipped on the ring she made which clipped and clung over the crystal ring. After a few minutes of silence with waiting, Itachi's pupils finally came back to focus.

"I-I have my body back?" Itachi stuttered before seeing Sasuke. ".....I'm so sorry, Sasuke!" Both of Sasuke's teammates recoiled as Itachi got his brother into a bear hug. "I wasn't even able to protect you from my own body being control!!! Can you ever forgive me!?!"

"O-kay... I guess that's what happens to an Uchiha is you imprison them inside their own body... Why didn't anybody back in Konoha ever thought of this to get their kunai out their rear-ends?" Naruto snickered, getting a glare from Itachi. "But, if you keep that up, you will forever regret it." Itachi blinked, wondering what the blond meant before seeing the fact Sasuke's face was turning blue.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Itachi let go for Sasuke to take several big breathes. Itachi then suddenly felt light headed and sat down holding his head. "Agh... I... feel sick..."

"A side effect from not using your senses for a long time. You best rest for a day before doing a lot." Naruto sighed before turning to Dirk. "Hey, can you make some new outfits for my friends. From the fact I sense monsters; we are going to need better gear. I'll go sell some of the stuff Gadzhi-Ojii-san had me bring to sell outside Konoha to pay for it in a nearby village while getting us some supplies."

"What do you mean by 'I?' If there are monsters out there, then we are going with you!" Sasuke growled.

"Sasuke, right now, your brother needs you near him. The fact of how he reacted 'awaking up' tells me he had been in that state much longer than what I thought. Plus, since these outfits will be for you, so you need to tell Dirk what you want. Another reason is most weak level monsters won't attack me. I actually understand monster language and I'll ask them for directions to the closest village." Naruto chimed. "Plus, I'm better fighting monsters than humans to begin with. Hence why I did kind of badly in the ninja academy... I had so much monster knowledge and such put in my head, the ninjutsu stuff had a hard time sticking especially since the written languages of the Ratatosk clans and Dwarves are much different from written Japanese."

"Explains your poor hand writing and reading skills." Sakura sighed.

"Hey!" Naruto puffed out her cheeks. "But, can you do that for me, Dirk-san?"

"Sure, and I'll do it free since I got some extra supplies anyways. Just come back with my son, Lloyd. He should be getting off from school soon, so you can just follow him back to here. But, I would like you to buy some food for dinner for me."

"Sure, I'll pay for it and we can call ourselves even." Naruto chimed.

"I guess tha' will do. Noishe can also lead you to Iselia, the village near here." Dirk sighed.

"Alrighty! Then I will be going!" Naruto chimed.

"Wait.... What is Dwarven Vow #55?" Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"'A bad workman blames his tools.'" Naruto chuckled. "But my dad often blamed his stiff hands instead when something didn't come out right. Well, see you guys later!" Naruto chimed while running out the door.

"So, that kid wasn't lying about knowing the Dwarf language and knowing a Dwarf." Dirk sighed.

"Wait... What was just now?" Sakura asked.

"One of the Dwarven Vows. It's over hundred sayings or so we Dwarves strive to follow throughout our lives. We past them down from generation to generation." Dirk explained. "Not many people know them by heart."

"I wonder how much Naruto has never told us?" Sakura sighed. Naruto didn't really lie about his life, but he never said anything about it either.

"...." Sasuke frowned. 'Why were you hiding you had family from Konoha?'

Naruto ran through the forest before shivering while going through a small mountain trail and saw a sigh in a similar language the blond knew. ".... Desian Human Ranch.... I don't like the sound of that or the feeling coming from that direction." Naruto sighed while leaving the area. He just had a horrible feeling of that place as silent screams of agony and pain hit his ears.


"Agh! I can't believe I forgot to make that necklace!" A brown hair youth wearing a red coat and black pants held with suspenders and had two wooden swords, one on each side of his hips groaned. Neither noticed a blond walking up from behind after leaving the village store.

"Lloyd, you really need to remember such things." The sliver hair boy wearing a loose blue shirt with white markings like his pants and wearing a black shirt underneath sighed.

"I know, Genis, so shut up!" Lloyd pouted before jumping when some tapped his shoulder. "Huh!? Who are you?!"

"You don't have to yell." The blond in front of the two boys sighed. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, but call me Naruto. Are you perhaps Lloyd?"

"And why do you want to know?" Lloyd snorted.

"Because Dirk-san told me to find you so I can get back to his house without trouble. I came here with your Arshis friend!" Naruto chimed.

"My Ar-whatie?" Lloyd asked before one of the two village guards shouted at him.

"Lloyd! Do something about this thing!"

"What?" Lloyd walked up to the gate along with Genis and Naruto.

"Your pet! This... creature!"

"Noishe!" Lloyd ran up to the dog creature which whined. "Hey! How many times have I told you not to enter the village?!"

"Sorry! He was showing me how to get to the village!" Naruto bowed while Lloyd and Genis looked at the blond. "I had to get some supplies while my friends are resting at Dirk-san's place, so I asked your Arshis to lead me here."

"What?" Lloyd asked in confusion before their attention was shifted again.

"Oh, that reminds me. Lloyd, the Mayor wanted me to ask you a question." The guard said in a serious tone.

"From the Mayor? What is it?" Lloyd asked as the blond cocked a head.

"It's about the northwest forest that you go through. You know there's a human ranch on the way through, right?" The guard asked while Naruto's eyes narrowed. "You haven't been playing near the ranch have you?" Naruto caught the shock face of Genis.

"Of course not! Right, Genis?" Lloyd looked at Genis.

"Y-Yeah. Of course not." Genis answered stiffly.

"Really? If so, that's fine, but.... that weird animal...."

"How many times do I have to tell you that Noishe is a dog?!!" Lloyd growled before remembering what Naruto said. "You called Noishe at Arshi-whatever. Isn't that a dog?"

"Kind of... I guess you could call an Arshis a dog type." Naruto sighed.

"Ah, sorry. He just doesn't look like a dog...."

"He's a dog type monster." Naruto said while everyone looked at the blond. "But, Arshis are also known as very tamed monster who often look for companions to spend time with and almost went extinct four thousand years ago as they battled aside their masters in the great war. Only a few with their lower level evolutions are alive now."

"Evolutions?" Genis asked.

"Yep. Feed and raise a monster and it will evolve once has been loved and grown enough." Naruto chimed. "Your Arshis friend has been raised well. His coat is perfect, though I thought Arshis were brave... Yours is a chicken..." Noishe whined as the blond sighed.

"Anyway, make sure he doesn't go near the ranch, either."

"W-We can go now, right? Let's go, Lloyd." Genis sighed.

"Be careful you two... Er, three?" The other guard looked at the blond.

"We will. See you tomorrow." Lloyd turned to Noishe. "Time to go, Noishe." Noishe whined after Lloyd spoke.

"By the way, Noishe, why were you trying to go into the village?" Lloyd asked.

"He said he smelled someone he met a long time ago and wanted to see that person. Arshis live a very long life span, so it is possible before he became your pet, he knew another person as a friend and he was in this village." Naruto explained.

"Wait? You understand that creature?" A guard asked.

"Hai. I understand monster tongue... It was how I got here after this chicken of an Arshis ran off... It's amazing how nice the local monsters are here!" Naruto grinned. "Some even offered to lead me here, but I was glad I decided to just take directions from how defended this village is."

"Whine...." Noishe whined again.

"Oh, and he also saids he was looking for you, Lloyd... Saying that there is this crazy-Wait!? You're talking about me, aren't ya!?" Naruto puffed out whiskered cheeks as the dog creature hid behind Lloyd. "Oh, well... I need to get back to my friends, so I will be joining you two on your way through the woods."

"Wow, Noishe, I never knew you cared so much." Lloyd chimed while the dog whimpered before they all left the village. It wasn't far till they reached the forest. However, right when they walked into the forest, Noishe began to whine.

"Yes, not this again." Naruto sighed.

"Ah, that's right. Noishe doesn't like this place." Genis sighed as well.

"He'll never go near places like this have lots of monsters." Lloyd added in. "Even though you hardly see monsters bigger than him."

"I guess he had a traumatic event and he got monster-phobia because of it." Naruto said just before Noishe ran away, whining and his tail between his legs.

"Ah, he ran off again! Fine, do whatever you want, Noishe." Lloyd groaned at his pet's behavior.

"I keep thinking if he's going to run away, he should at least take us with him." Genis sighed.

"Agreed." Naruto sighed while both boys looked at the blond.

"Why are you with us again?" Lloyd asked.

"I got to get back to Dirk-san's place. He's making some new equipment for my friends while I got supplies. Two of our other friends got separated from us and we have to go looking for them." Naruto explained. "Plus, I got to thank the monsters that told me where to go." Both sweated as the blond began to walk.

"What a weird guy..."

"I agree with you on that Lloyd." Genis sighed. However, most of the time was very uneventful. The blond known as Naruto actually did talk to the monsters and the monsters left the group alone. Both Lloyd and Genis was shocked that the blond was saying the truth he could understand monsters. However, both noticed the blond shivered when they reached the mountain path which connected to the path that splits to the human ranch. However, both Naruto and Lloyd were shocked to see Genis go to the ranch path.

"Here's my stop." Genis sighed.

"At the Desian human ranch? Doesn't going there violate the non-aggression treaty?" Lloyd asked in total shock as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"The Desians already attacked the temple!" Genis growled back.

Lloyd frowned in anger. "Hmm, well, yeah, I guess that's true, but...." Lloyd didn't want his friend doing something bad.

"I know I'm not suppose to... But there's someone I just have to tell about the oracle." Genis sighed.

"All right. But I'm worried about you going alone, so I'm going with you." Lloyd sighed.

"I'm coming, too." Both looked at Naruto. "I don't know who these Desians are or what the deal is with these human ranches, but I can hear the pain and sorrow coming from that place and I can't ignore it. Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need."

"Wait! You know the Dwarven Vows?!" Lloyd asked.

"Hai. My father's friend was a Dwarf and he watched over me as a kid after my dad died. I haven't lived by the way I was raised lately because of where I have been living, but right now, I want to make up for not doing that even though I kept those vows and my clan's vows always in my head and leading my actions." Naruto sighed.

"Okay... Thanks..." Genis smiled. Maybe he could be friends with this person. All three headed for the ranch, but Genis's eyes widen when he sensed the blond's mana. 'No way... Can it be? That guy.... Is he a Desian?' Genis thought as they were walking up to the large, well technology advanced fort.

Several humans in tattered clothes were pushing stone blocks while men in strange red uniforms kept watch other the slave looking people. A woman stopped for a second to get a breather for both men to notice.

"Hey! Stop slacking off, swine!" One man shouted while wiping the woman and she began to move again just as Naruto, Lloyd, and Genis were sneaking up. Once all the slaves were in the back, the guards went into another building just as an old, wore woman walked from the back and into the front yard.

"Marble!" Genis shouted while the three ran up for the woman to notice them.

"Genis!" The woman walked up and looked at Lloyd. "Is that your friend?"

"Yeah, I'm Lloyd." Lloyd smiled.

"I'm not exactly a friend, but my name is Naruto." Naruto added before looking at the fort or prison to be exact. 'This is a horrible place! Who would do such a thing!?'

"I'm please to meet you both." Marble smiled.

"Marble, did you see it? There was an oracle!" Genis happily said.

"Yes, I did. I saw the Tower of Salvation. Now, the Chosen's Journey of regeneration can finally begin." Marble sighed in relief.

"...." Naruto just looked down, staying quiet.

"I hope it is successful this time..." Marble sighed again, but sadly.

"The last Chosen filed, right?" Naruto looked at Lloyd with a confused look.

"Yes. I heard the Chosen was killed by Desians during the journey." Marble said in a sorrow filled tone.

Genis became worried. "I wonder if Colette will be alright?"

"Let us pray to Martel. May she guide the Chosen on a safe journey." Marble closed her eyes. Both Naruto and Lloyd noticed the orb embedded in Marble's right hand.

"Hey, grams-"

"Her name's Marble!" Genis glared at his friend.

"Marble, isn't that an Exsphere?" Naruto cocked her head. The stone was not an Angelus Stone, but it was much like it...

"Oh, is that what this is called? They placed it on me shortly after I came here." Marble sighed, feeling tired.

"Yeah, that's definitely an Exsphere. But, there's no Key Crest on it." Lloyd said with worry. "An Exsphere without a Key Crest is dangerous."

"What's a Key Crest? And how is it dangerous?" Genis asked.

"Attaching an Exsphere directly to your skin makes you sick. But, ironically, it's useless unless you attach it directly onto the skin." Lloyd sighed.

"And, if this Key Crest is the same for of what I know... To prevent this sickness by craving a spell into a special ore and use that as the mount for the Exsphere. That's the Key Crest, right?" Naruto finished with Lloyd nodding in approval.

"You're very knowledgeable, both of you." Marble smiled at them both.

"But, it looks like Marble's Exsphere doesn't have a mount at all." Genis was now worried for his friend.

"Nope. Doesn't look like it, if the charm was the only thing needed, I could crave one myself, but there's nothing I can do without the inhibitor ore that's acts as the mount." Lloyd shook his head sadly.

"There has to be something you can do, Lloyd?" Genis asked.

"It's not as easy as you think." Naruto added in. "Key Crests are dwarven technology." Naruto explained, looking at Lloyd.

"Your dad's a dwarf! Please ask him for help, Lloyd!" Genis blue eyes were filled with worry.

"....." Lloyd sighed. "Fine, fine. I'll ask him." Lloyd looked at Naruto who nodded, saying it was all right.

"All right! That's why I like you, Lloyd!" Genis chimed; happy Marble was going to get the help she would need.

"Please don't trouble yourself." Marble said with a sigh as Naruto got a bad feeling.

"Hey, old hag! What the hell you doin' over there?" One of the uniformed men shouted.

"Oh-no! The Desians!" Marble groaned. "Run away, you three! Hurry!"

"But who knows what they may do to her." Naruto pointed out.

"I agree." Lloyd nodded.

"I know that, but what can we do?" Genis asked the blond. "If the Desians find out we're here just think about what they'll do to Marble and the people of the village!"

"That's right. You must go!" Marble ordered.

"....I'm sorry, grams." Lloyd and Naruto said in unison while Genis moved away before both ran off with Genis.

"What are you doing over here?!" One of three men shouted as all three sporting whips. "Who said you could slack off?! Get back to work!"

"I'm sorry." Marble turned around with a frown.

"What's with that look, huh?" Another asked.

"Looks like someone's got an attitude problem." The last of the three growled.

"No. Of course not, I-"

"Shaddup! You two, take her to the back! We're gonna give her a little lesson on respect!" The leader snickered.

"Yeah!" The other two cheered before dragging Marble into the back of the ranch. Naruto, Genis, and Lloyd were watching from the bushes.

"Oh, this doesn't look good. They're taking her to the back." Lloyd said with worry.

"But, what can we do?" Genis asked, worried about Marble.

"There's gotta be something we can do." Lloyd said while Naruto was looking around. "Let's find higher ground where we can see what's going on in there."

"There!" Naruto pointed at a ledge on the cliff side. "There are several spots we can use to get up there!"

"Thanks, Naruto." Lloyd and Genis looked at the blond.

"These Desian guys are horrible! There is no way I am going to make them get away with this." Naruto growled before they all nodded and went over to the cliff wall behind some bushes and found an area they could climb up to. Once they got to the top, their eyes widen at what they saw. The three thugs were whipping Marble while the other prisoners watched.

"She's-" Genis looked down. This was his entire fault.

"We gotta save her!" Lloyd growled.

"But how!?!" Genis cried out, feeling so weak.

"You attack the Desians from here with magic." Lloyd said in a serious tone.

"What!? Aren't we gonna get in trouble?!!" Genis shouted in a whisper.

"We don't have a choice! Afterwards, hide among the bushes and make your way back to the village." Lloyd explained. "I'll act as the decoy."

"But that'll put you in danger!" Genis shouted.

"Don't worry. I'll head down the cliff so they don't see my face, then I'll run in the opposite direction from the village." Lloyd said with a sigh. However, both heard a click.

"Only one problem with your plan, Lloyd." Both remembered now Naruto was there. "Even if they don't see your face, they might see your swords which clearly tell them you are not a ranged fighter. So, I'll also be a decoy and fire three shots at them to cover the magic Genis will cast and follow you. That way, Genis is covered." Naruto smirked, cocking the barrel device in hands.

"....Okay." Genis sighed. "Just be careful." Genis looked at Naruto who had closed one eye to aim. 'But... Are you friend or foe?' Genis got up and pulled out his kendama and caused a spell. "Fire ball!" Genis shouted, launch three fire balls from his weapon before Naruto shot three beams of black energy from the gun that hit each fireball and turned them into dark red burning shots which hit all three guys, causing one to collapse to the ground.

"What the?!" One man shouted before everyone looked up to see Lloyd and Naruto jumping from the cliff onto the top of the gate and down.

"There they are! Stop them!"

"Open the main gate!" The main gate opened for the two whipping Marble to run as their comrade was panting hard from his wound.

"Are you all right, Marble?" One of the prisoners asked.

"Quickly! Come this way!" Another shouted.

"Genis. Lloyd... Naruto... Thank you." Marble sighed with relief.

Lloyd and Naruto landed on the ground and ran past the gate, shocking the guards. Genis began to move from behind the bushes to escape, but he tripped and fell onto the ground.

"Owww..." Both men stopped in shock.

"What was that?" One asked, catching both Lloyd and Naruto's attention.

"Uh-oh!" Lloyd said as both of the nodded at each other and ran back. Lloyd pulled out his sword as Naruto pointed Howling Darkness at the two Desian thugs.

"You little brats!" The thugs charged forward, but Lloyd knocked one out with five quick trusts and slashes from his blades while Naruto shoot the other in the shoulders and thigh to knock him how from pain.

"All right!" Lloyd cheered while Naruto noticed more Desians coming out before noticed something above them.

"Hey! Help!" Naruto shouted, causing Lloyd to look at the blond in confusion before Naruto grabbed Lloyd and they headed for the cliff where they jumped down. Just as they both jump, several Harpy monsters flew down and knocked the Desians back with a gust of wind together before flying of, giving the two enough time to get to the bottom. Genis ran up in a panic and saw the two land safety.

"Lloyd, they saw your face! You, too, Naruto!" Genis cried out. "I'm sorry! It's all my fault!"

"Heh. Don't worry. Not all plans go as planned." Naruto sighed.

"Yeah. Don't worry about it." Lloyd sighed.


"We took out the ones that saw our faces and the rest of them are still back on the cliff."

"Coo!" Both boys recoiled as a Harpy appeared before them.

"Thank you for the assist back there. I guess we are even now, huh?" Naruto chuckled while Genis and Lloyd looked at the blond.

"Coo coo!" The Harpy nodded for Genis and Lloyd to see a smaller Harpy child clinging to the Harpies back with bandages on its winged arm before it flew off.

"Oh. I saw that Harpy's child in the woods hurt earlier and bandaged it up before its mom found us and gave the child back to its mom. They were luckily flying right above us when our plan went a little wrong, so I called out for help. One thing monsters will always do is if they owe a debt, no matter how small it is, they will repay it." Naruto chimed.

"Well. Back to this. As long as we hurry up and get out of here, they'll never know better." Lloyd chimed, though freaked out that monsters helped them out.

"O-Okay." Genis sighed.

"Just do my homework for me, okay?" Lloyd chimed with a smile.

"Okay!" Genis chimed back to his friend.

"Dwarven Vow #4: Don't depend on others. Walk on your own two legs." Naruto mischievously smiled a Cheshire Cat smile. "Even though I did badly at school, I never asked for my homework to be done by anyone."

"Hey! You barely know us and we barely know you, s-so butt out!" Lloyd shouted in embarrassment.

"Heh heh! I think I like you, Naruto!" Genis laughed as the blond cornered Lloyd with a dwarven vow.

"W-Whatever." Lloyd snorted, changing the subject. "All right then, I'm gonna head on home. You should head back to the village." Lloyd looked at Genis.

"Lloyd, thanks for helping Marble. You, too, Naruto." Genis smiled.

"No problem. Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need." Naruto sighed.

"Hey, that's what friends are for, right?" Lloyd smirked at Naruto before Genis ran off and both ran towards where Lloyd's home was.

Meanwhile, back at the human ranch, the Desians were searching the grounds. A man with a red top and strange uniform including a gold metal object on his left arm came up to the cliff where the two troublemakers escaped.

"Analyze the data from the gate surveillance system." The teal hair man said in a serious tone.

"Yes, sir!" One Desian shouted before leaving the man.

"...." The man frowned. "How were two mere humans make that kind of jump?"


Lloyd and Naruto walked up to Lloyd's home with Noishe running ahead to go into the stable the dog creature called home. Naruto saw the three figures of Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi. Naruto went quickly into the building before Lloyd for Lloyd to see the blond's friends.

One was a pink hair girl wearing a crest piece and shoulder pieces of red armor with a pink sleeveless shirt with black overall shorts with bags on the straps. She had on pink leggings and strange sandals along with matching black and pink gloves on her hands. She also had pads on her shoulders and knees to protect herself while having bracer on her arms that were connected to her gloves and a bladed staff on her back She had a pink scarf with red sakura petals on it (Look up the Tales of character Pascal if confuse.)

The other two looked like brothers. The younger one of the raven hair brothers was wearing a beret cap of shorts with a navy blue coat with a gray undershirt under it and black pants with similar sandals to the pink hair girl. He had a sword on a belt and a red and white fan crest on each of his sleeves and on the back of his collar (Think of Tales of character Yuri Lowell's outfit fused with Spada Belforma). The older one had longer hair that was tied back in a low ponytail and he had on rim glasses. He was wearing a black overcoat with a white shirt underneath with brown gloves and matching pants and shoes. He had a sword and ax strapped to the coat along with a pouch on the back (Itachi's wearing Richter Abend's outfit, exact!).

"Who are you?" Lloyd asked for all three to look at him.

"Hey! It's rude to ask for someone's name without giving yours!" The pink hair girl glared at Lloyd with mad green eyes.

"Sorry. I'm Lloyd Irving." Lloyd sweated. 'She's blunt...'

"I'm Haruno Sakura. This is my teammate Uchiha Sasuke and his brother Itachi." The girl name Sakura sighed. "Hey, do you know where Naruto is?"

"Yeah. He just ran into the house." Lloyd said just as Naruto came out.

"Hey, guys! I'm back!" Naruto chimed while running up to the group.

"Baka!" Lloyd flinched as the pink hair girl slammed her fist into the blond head, sending the blond into the ground and the blond's hat slowly floated down and landed onto of the bump the girl made. "What took you so long?!"

"Sorry." Naruto sheepishly grinned. "But, man, Dirk did a good job on your new outfits... Wait, he even gave you weapons?" Naruto blinked.

"Yes. Since we will be journeying around, he said we would need weapons as there are a lot of monsters and bandits to worry about." Itachi sighed, trying to get use to his new glasses. The Dwarf noticed Itachi's poor sight and made him a pair of special glasses that adjusted so he could see... However, now that he could see properly, everything seemed a whole lot sharper and he could see a lot farther than he thought he could before... Plus, he could hear a lot better than before as well, so his senses were making him feel queasy as he was not use to them as he was numb for years.

"I see. Even though weaker monsters won't attack me, tougher ones are not as nice." Naruto sighed. "Lloyd, your father is waiting for you inside." Naruto looked at Lloyd.

"Oh! Thanks!" Lloyd ran into the house while Naruto looked at his friends.

"Guys... We got a major problem." Naruto sighed with a frown.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke blinked. Itachi explain how their clan put the crystal ring on him behind their father's back to use him to kill their father as he was trying to keep the Uchiha clan from taking over Konoha, but then their father agreed on it, but wanted to do it in a peaceful way with the help of the Hokage and ninja council's help as the civilian council was corrupted and needed to be fix... Then the Akatsuki came into play a year or two before the massacre. Itachi couldn't remember much between those times as the seal on the ring was being messed with and messed up his memory. However, he remembered being able to save Sasuke by taking some control of his body even though his mouth was not under his control. Then he became an Akatsuki member and his life of crime began. Now, Sasuke just wondered how his brother managed not to go insane being imprisoned inside his own body.

"We aren't in Gaia anymore." Naruto sighed as all three looked at the blond with shock. "I checked a map before leaving the shop. We are in a world called Sylvarant and Konoha or any countries I know are not on that map. It does explain why all the plants around here haven't been seen before and such."

"So, we are stuck in another world!" Sakura cried. She had decided to finally step up as after Sasuke was brought back in a coma to Konoha, she had began to train to catch up with Sasuke and Naruto so she wouldn't be worthless anymore. She discover she was stronger than she first thought and built on that and she found a book which she got from an old book she found at the market in Konoha while also getting books to study medic jutsu on how to draw special glyphs with chakra to use jutsus and thought she could learn how to do that. Dirk noticed the book and made her a special staff so she could do it and she found she was good at it because of her chakra control.

"Hai... And the chakra here is a lot different from our world... In fact, it's very low... I'm amazed of what they even have in the market right now as all life requires chakra and the mana is so low, I expect they are having a lot of droughts and such here." Naruto sighed.

"Mana?" Itachi asked this time. He wanted to make up for the years he was unable to protect his brother as well as right the wrongs he had done as best as possible. That means head had to get back home soon as possible.

"Chakra is mana... Mana is just the real name as the ninja world advance after a stall period in history where a lot of information was lost. Whirlpool Country is the only place you can find that lost information." Naruto explained. "But, we need to find a way home. I already thought of a way of contacting Konoha. Now I am glad I keep getting perverts for senseis." All three sweated at the blond. "However, it seems this Chosen thing is also here and she is suppose to travel the world on some kind of pilgrimage to this Tower of Salvation to save the world from its poor mana supply, so I guess we best join her and protect her till we find a way home."

"...O-kay... Who are you and what have you done with Naruto?" Sakura sighed while Naruto pouted.

"Ah! Come on! I maybe a blond, but I am suppose to be twenty years old!"

"Huh!?" All three looked at the blond with shock.

"Not my fault when Ratato and I ran into some stupid thugs close to the time of the Kyuubi attack after going to our homeland to bury my father's remains and one of Ratato's attacks mixed with a jutsu and I ended up like this! At least it made it easier on me as Konoha thought I was just another baby born on the same night as the Kyuubi attack as my records were already there and didn't check it well." Naruto sighed. "But, do you agree with my idea?"

"Yeah... Wait... Are you a girl?" Sakura asked.

"Hai. But, most people just kept saying I was a guy, so I went with it to protect myself." Naruto sighed. "Then again, after you are raised by two manly guys like my dad and Gadzhi-Ojii-san, you just get used to being referred to as a guy." Naruto let out another sigh.

"Then... Why did you ask me out on dates?" Sakura growled while the Uchiha brothers back away.

"Huh? Isn't that how friends ask each other to spend time with each other?" Naruto asked innocently before both Uchiha sweated at the fury coming off of Sakura.

"No! No!" Sakura chimed, patting Naruto's shoulders. "A date is for couples, not friends! But, promise me not to do that anymore unless it's a guy you really like!"

"Oh... Okay..." Naruto blinked as both brothers paled.

"...Sasuke... You are a very lucky guy." Itachi sighed; amazed his brother was not dead with a girl with such mood swings on his team.

"I know.... She never hit me with that anger." Sasuke whispered back.

(Default titles=Sakura-Blooming Warrior-"Like the cherry blossoms, it's better to start late than never to be the warrior that is needed!"....Sasuke-Atoning Child- "After years of believing a lie, this is a title for a person who now regrets all he had done and thought.".....Itachi-Bodily Convict- "A prisoner within his own body, now free, this title is for one who wishes to atone what the puppet that was his body has done."....Naruto-Loud Mystery- "How can someone be so loud, yet almost nothing is known about this person? A title for one who can say a lot, but hardly a thing about herself.")

"Naruto!" Naruto turned around to see Genis run up as a older woman who looked a lot like Genis wearing an orange red outfit with black pants and white boots, a blond hair girl wearing a white outfit, and a brown hair man wearing a purple outfit walked up to the house.

"Genis, you know this person?" The woman that looked like Genis asked.

"Yeah, we met Naruto back in the village as he went to the village to get supplies and followed Lloyd to get back here to his friends." Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi sweated as they realized now how easily it was to mistake the blond ninja for a guy.

"Well, I am Raine, Genis's sister." Raine smiled at Naruto.

"Nice to meet ya. I'm Naruto. The pink hair female is Sakura and the two brothers are Sasuke and Itachi being the older one." Naruto grinned. "And, who are the other two?"

"My name is Colette!" The blond chimed.

"...I'm Kratos." The man sighed, somewhat stoic.

"So, why are you here at Lloyd's place?" Colette asked before they heard shouting.

"You went to the ranch!?!" Itachi flinched as the shout made his ears hurt just as the sun began to set.

"I-I'm sorry. A bunch of stuff happened, and..."

"You didn't let the Desians see your Exsphere, did you?"

"No, don't worry. I made sure. But, why is it so important to hide this thing? The mercenary that came to the village today wore his right out in the open."

"....Your Exsphere is special."

"Special? Is it different from the ones the Desians have equipped?"

"...That Exsphere is your mother's keepsake. The Desians killed your mother in order to take it from her."

"They did?"

"I told you about how I found you at the cliff near the ranch, right? Your mother was still conscious at that time, so she explained everything. There's no doubt about it."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?!!"

"If I had, you'd have run out and tried to take revenge on the Desians. The Tower of Salvation appeared today. Just leave the rest to Colette. That'll take care of the Desians, too."

"But, still..."

"Don't get involved with the Desians. Your mother protected you and that Exsphere with her life. Don't go throwing either away."

"...So will you make me the Key Crest?"

"Lloyd! Have you been listening at all?"

"Yeah, I heard you! But you can't expect me not to do anything now that I know!" There was a pause. "Ugh! You don't have to hit me!" Lloyd ran out of the house to find his friends, Naruto, and the blond's friends looking at him in the moonlight. "Oh... Let me guess. You heard that just now?"

"I'm sorry, because of me, you-"

"It's okay. It's not your fault." Lloyd sighed at his friend.

"Yeah, Genis-san. Things happen... Though, that was quite loud. It was almost impossible not to hear..." Naruto sighed as Lloyd looked at the blond with hurt as Genis was about to talk when the blond continued. "But, a word of advice. Don't let hate control your life. 'Hate only causes more hate and that causing more pain and suffering.' That is a saying from my clan and my father said it a lot even before he died."

"...Heh... Thanks, Naruto... That made me feel better." Lloyd sighed, actually feeling a little better.

"...Lloyd, you should go speak to Colette." Naruto instantly recognized the name.

"Wait... Isn't Colette the Chosen?" Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi looked at both blond's in shock.

"Yes, I am." Colette answered, innocently blinking.

"Then, my friends and I will join you on your journey." Naruto said as if it was an everyday thing.

"You can't... The journey will be very dangerous." Kratos snorted.

"We know, but we kind of need to find a way home. Plus, we kind of lost track of our other two friends when we got suddenly teleported into these woods during a battle anyways. They could be anyway, so since the Chosen is probably go almost everywhere. That will hopefully help us in finding them." Naruto explained.

"Well, still, Lloyd, you need to talk with Colette, so we'll wait here." Raine sighed.

"Okay." Lloyd said, wondering why Colette needed to talk to him.

"Lloyd, let's go up to the terrace." Colette said before Lloyd nodded and they went inside to go onto the terrace to talk to each other.

"Now, why do three kids and a young adult want to become guards for the Chosen." Raine glared at all four.

"Hey, we were on a mission with our sensei when-boom-we suddenly we found ourselves in the forest near here. Problem is, the place where we live is very isolated and so is our people as we are ninja." Naruto sighed.

"Yeah. Two of Naruto's clan came to help us when this weird enemy attacked us near this weird ruin and our fight accidentally causes it to teleport us here. They are the two friends we are looking for as we know they were the only other two who were hit by the blast that teleported us here." Sakura added. "Plus, protecting is one mission we often get as ninja. We may be thirteen... Well, except Naruto, but we are ninja, so we can take care of ourselves if we need to."

"I'm also with them and a bit stronger and Naruto is a lot older than what the appearance shows." Itachi chuckled.

"Hey! It's not funny I'm a twenty year old stuck in the body of a thirteen year! You try re-learning to walk and all!" Naruto growled at Itachi who hide behind his little brother. "Chicken! Stand tall if you're going to make such a comment!"

"Er... Sasuke..." Itachi asked while sweating.

"Hey. You made the dope mad, not me." Sasuke sighed; glad some things have not changed even though he hoped his brother didn't use him for a shield a lot.

"Well.... This is interesting." Kratos sighed, though he looked at Naruto with interest. "But, what is your clan?"

"I am an Uzumaki from the clans of the Knights of Ratatosk." Naruto said, forgetting they were in another world for Raine and Kratos to look at the blond.

"Ratatosk? I think I remember hearing that before." Genis blinked.

"You're right. Ratatosk is the believed King of Monsters and protected the Mana Tree four thousand years ago before the tree withered away and the Goddess Martel went into the heavens. Ratatosk has not been seen or heard of sense." Raine explained in lecture mode.

"There was also a group known as the Knights of Ratatosk that also fought during the Great War four thousand years to stop the war and try to save the Mana Tree and disappeared four thousand years ago as well." Kratos added. "I did not think any of them were alive."

"... Lord Ratatosk was betrayed by the person he trusted most and made the Knights vow to never betray him. They decided to isolate themselves along with those who followed them in their battle to save the tree to keep that from happening... Which is kind of the problem... Our home is so well hidden... We don't know where it is as it was never put on the map." Naruto sheepishly grinned while scratching the back of her head.

"I see... That would explain why there have been no sightings of records from those clans for so long." Kratos sighed while Raine nodded.

"Is that why you can understand monsters, Naruto?" Genis asked.

"No.... My ability does not come from Lord Ratatosk. I have no such gifts from our master as the others of my clan though I do not need them." Naruto sighed as everyone sweated.

'What does that mean?' They all thought while looking at the blond. However, the dropped the subject as Raine and Genis went to go get Colette. Soon, the group was waving off at Lloyd as Naruto's group went inside Dirk's home.

"Oh... Sorry about before." Dirk apologized for his yelling.

"Don't worry... But, I am sorry to ask this, but can we stay the night here tonight?" Naruto asked.

"No, no. I don't mind. It will just be a bit uncomfortable with the lack of space." Dirk sighed.

"Hey, some place is better than none. Beggars can't be choosers." Naruto sighed as her friends nodded. They were all tired from this very "interesting" day.


"....Kakashi..." The CopyCat Ninja found himself staring death in the eyes. "WHY YOU HERE AND YOU TEAM AREN'T!?!" Senju Tsunade shouted while Kakashi was about to wet his pants.

"That's why I came back here so much. I don't know where they are and they may be in danger after getting teleported somewhere when the mission we were doing happened to be a trap." Kakashi explained.

"...So, the Akatsuki?"

"No.... These guys called themselves the Vanguard and the Akatsuki were spying on them when they attacked and jumped in to 'protect' their target." Kakashi sighed. "The reason I am worried is two unknown people who jumped into the fight and Uchiha Itachi was caught into the vortex that teleported my team elsewhere."

"...I see... At least Jiraiya was right on the Akatsuki not going after Naruto for a little while." Tsunade sighed before her day just got even worst as a bandaged up old ninja who appeared to be missing an arm came into the office. "What do you want Shimura Danzou?" Tsunade glared at the war hawk as Jiraiya, who was also in the room though quiet as he was still trying to pop his jaw back in place for drinking one of her jugs of hidden sake, also glared at the man.

"I have discovered some interesting information on Uzumaki Naruto." Danzou seemed to hum. "The civilian council and I have discovered the Kyuubi container is older than he looks."

"Naruto's twenty." Tsunade sighed.

"Yes..... Wait!?! What!?!" Danzou gapped at Tsunade as Jiraiya and Kakashi looked at Tsunade with shock.

"Why do you think I would even listen to that blond on taking this job if I didn't know that person?" Tsunade sighed while Shizune also raised an eyebrow. "At first, I just thought the blond was another kid with the name of Naruto before realizing the kid was the same Naruto I knew from my travels after Naruto proved it when I thought she was a peeper trying to get into the woman's bath when she was really trying to bath. Kid looks completely different from back then thanks to getting turned into an infant right before the Kyuubi attack and then getting said fox sealed inside her... Naruto has the worst luck at life, even worse than me... Though gambling is a different story...."

"So... You mean Naruto wasn't hiding anything?" Danzou asked, kind of shocked and stumped.

"Yeah. Naruto just keeps her mouth shut on much of her personal life just like the Hokage and clan member Uzumaki Kushina. People just put what they think in the blanks. Naruto was just mad about the fact she had to go through puberty twice." Tsunade said with a groan. "But, tell the civilian council to leave Naruto alone. If it took them this long to figure out how old Naruto was even though they made the mistake of thinking she was an orphan, but actually a normal civilian before the attack, then they should leave sleeping dogs lie. Naruto had enough problems with having to go all the way to Whirlpool to bury her father because Konoha refused to bury him and clan problems as well."

"Yeah!" Jiraiya added, finally getting his jaw back in place.

"....Did you just say Uzumaki-san is a girl?" Danzou asked for both of the blond's senseis to look at Tsunade with shock.

"Yeah... Again. With how the blond dresses and being raised by just her father, even I confused the blond for a guy before finding out the truth. Naruto maybe loud, but she doesn't talk much about herself. Such to a point people will just guess Naruto is a guy and she just went with it for personal protection." That very statement got not just Jiraiya and Kakashi tomato red, but Danzou was also beet red in the face as well. "But, shouldn't a ninja not give much info on their selves?"

"Y-Yeah.... Excuse me..." Danzou left the room, thinking he was going to be sick. Sure, he was somewhat evil, but not that evil.

"....So... My student... No!!!" Jiraiya cried. "How am I suppose to pass on my manly skills-"

"Shut up, Jiraiya!" Tsunade hit the Toad Sage across the head with a tossed sake bottle before getting an idea. "Wait.... Jiraiya! Summon one of your toads!"

"Huh? Why?" Jiraiya asked only to shiver under Tsunade glare of anger. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Jiraiya summoned Gamakichi who smirked.

"Wow. Naruto was right. It wouldn't take you guys long to summon me." Gamakichi chimed. "Naruto wanted to give me you guys a message."

"So, spit it out." Tsunade smirked while Jiraiya wondered why he didn't think of summoning a toad earlier.

"Naruto says that the two unknowns she knew. One was a clan member of hers and the other she just knew as a friend of that person; however they got separated from those two when they ended up in this world called Sylvarant. They are all at least alright... However, they found Itachi was technically innocent of all his crimes." Gamakichi sighed.

"WHAT!?!" All three shouted as Danzou suddenly had appeared back into the room when he heard about Itachi.

"Okay, what does that mean?" Tsunade hissed, glaring at the toad.

"This should be part of it." The toad gave Jiraiya the remains of the ring Naruto took off of Itachi. "Naruto found the stone usually found on her clans members made into a ring which was placed on Itachi to make his body a living puppet and then use the remains of that ring to control him. First the Uchiha wanting to kill their clan head before changing their minds against that to the Uchiha massacre and the Akatsuki. Naruto put on a Key Crest on the ring so Itachi has his body back and back to normal... As normal as a guy can after being imprisoned in his own body for several years." Gamakichi frowned.

"...These are seals to control someone's nerve endings on these pieces, so what the toad is saying is true." Tsunade sighed while Jiraiya showed her so they knew they were both right.

"...Interesting." All three looked at Danzou. "And Naruto was able to tell this?"

"Yeah. Naruto said the crystal used to cause Itachi's coma like state was something her clan was born with already on them and it causes the coma state on other people if they don't use this mount called a Key Crest. She says some idiots called the Vanguard confused her for another person as her clan member visited her dwarven friend she helps out a lot as the guy helped her father raise her and watched after her when her father died. A lot of her traveling members of her clan see her for travel tips and such." Gamakichi sighed. "They are looking for a way home from there and get back here."

"Alright. Thanks you... Tell Naruto we'll look for a way here and keep things from getting troublesome." Tsunade glared at Danzou as the frog disappeared. "Danzou. Whatever you are thinking, stop it."

"What?" Danzou cocked his head. He was wondering how much dwarven knowledge the blond hair Jinchuriki knew. That would make the blond an excellent blacksmith in later years... Not that he cared. He just remembered seeing dwarven crafts before and they were pretty amazing. "I didn't know there was a dwarf living near here... I wonder where he is at. I need to get some new items for the house." Danzou said out loud his thoughts while all three sweated. "Oh, well. I will inform the council of the news of Itachi for you."

"You will?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow, suspicious.

"Hai. I believe the council will live Naruto alone with that information." Danzou chimed. Maybe if he did this, the blond would disclose the location of her dwarven friend.

"Fine.... " Tsunade sighed as she watched the war hawk happily leave the room. "...What's next? People falling out of the sky?" Tsunade took out her sake. "Want some?... Don't worry about this time, Jiraiya.... We all need a drink this time." Tsunade said as even Shizune took a jug of sake.


"Hey, are you guys ready to go?" Naruto asked as her group had finished preparing their packs.

"Yeah... Hey, Naruto, I never noticed this, but you're a pretty good leader when the time for one is needed." Sasuke sighed, still kind of half-asleep. He did not get a very good night of sleep with the rough floor they slept on.

"Huh? Really?" Naruto blinked before sighing. "Let's get going. Lloyd is outside already." The four went outside to see Lloyd talking to his dwarven father and walked up to the group.

"Dad! Thanks!" Lloyd chimed while holding a bracelet form of a key crest in his other hand.

"Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need." Dirk sighed. "I'm just going along with the teaching."

"Dad, I'm going on a journey. I'm going to help Colette regenerate the world so that I can avenge my mom." Lloyd said in a serious tone.

"...Yeah, I figured you were going to say that." Dirk said while holding up a pack. "Take this with you. I've put together some things you'll need for your trip."

Lloyd took the sack from his father. "So you're forgiving me?" Lloyd asked.

"Yeah... But remember, this is your home." Dirk sighed. "You're still my son, regardless of blood. Come back here any time you're tired."

"I will. Wish me luck!" Lloyd chimed.

"So..." Naruto was teary eyes, biting on her sleeve,

"Okay... Note about Naruto, keep her away from soap operas when we get back to our world." Sakura whispered to the two brothers who nodded.

"Lloyd! Don't ever forget Dwarven Vow #7!" Dirk glared at his son.

"'Goodness and love will always win'....right?" Lloyd groaned. "Man, that's such a cheesy line for anyone to be saying these days. Don't worry. I won't forget it." Lloyd turned around to see Naruto and her friends.

"I'm coming with you guys! Let's go, Noishe! It's time to regenerate the world!" Lloyd yelled for Noishe to run up with Genis. "Huh? What are you doing here?"

"Lloyd! You're still here!?! You, too, Naruto!" Genis shouted in a slight groan.

"Genis! Good timing. I got my dad to make Marble's Key Crest." Lloyd chimed while all four ninja had a bad feeling.

"Th-That's great and all, but what about seeing Colette off?!" Genis was angry.

"Oh, yeah, about that... I've decided to join her."

"Are you stupid or something?! Colette and the others left a long time ago!" Genis yelled.

"Wha?" Lloyd recoiled in shock.

"I came looking for you because you never showed up!" Genis yelled.

"...Oh, boy... Who knew Colette was a good lair for times." Genis and Lloyd at Naruto. "She must have not wanted to endanger us and told us she was leaving at noon so we wouldn't go."

"You've got to be kidding me!?" Lloyd shouted.

"Lloyd! Go to the village, now!" Dirk yelled for his son to nod.

"Yeah! Come on, come on!" Genis shouted.

"We best go to." Naruto sighed. 'How could this become such a mess?'

After several minutes of traveling

The group of six managed to reach the village. Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi were kind of shocked as they saw the village was pretty primitive, though peaceful looking and much different style from their world's building, compared to what they had seen. The four followed Genis and Lloyd to one of the bigger building after one of the guards at the gate told him this Phiadra person was looking for him. They entered the house to find a blond hair man that looked to be Colette's father and a platinum blond old woman wearing clothes clearly that of a priestess of some kind of church.

"Oh, hello, Lloyd." The old woman greeted Lloyd.

"Phaidra! Is it true that Colette already left?" Lloyd asked.

"Indeed." The old woman known as Phaidra sighed.

"Did she tell Naruto and I the wrong time?" Lloyd asked, hurt was clearly in his voice.

"Colette asked me to give you this letter... For both Naruto and you, Lloyd." The man there sighed, pointing at the letter on the table which Lloyd picked up and the group crowded around to read it.

Dear Lloyd and Naruto,

By the time you read this, I will have already left on my journey. I'm sorry or lying to you both. The world regeneration journey is full of peril-many Chosens have failed. I care about you too deeply to let you get involved. I do not know you, Naruto, but I do not wish for your friends and you to get hurt by because of me. I pray they you can find your friends and a way home. I'm going to do my best to stop the monsters and the Desians, so I want you both to live a happy and peaceful life in the regenerated world. Thank you so much for you friendship and kindness all these years, Lloyd. Naruto, I am glad to have met you and I can tell you are a very good person in the short time I knew you. I'm really lucky to have met you both.

Farewell, Colette

"....." Naruto had a sober frown on her face.

"...What is this? This almost sounds like a will." Lloyd asked in shock.

"Yes... You could call it that." Frank, Colette's father, sighed.

"What do you mean?" Sakura and Genis asked at the same time. Both looked at each other with a raised eyebrow.

"Lloyd. Genis. There is something we hid from you and everyone in the village." The blond hair man sighed. "Colette... No, the already-"

Everyone jumped when they heard a large explosion. "Whoa!" Genis shouted as the house shook a little.

"What was that?!" Lloyd shouted.

"An explosion!" Naruto shouted back. "What else!?!" They all ran outside and were shocked to see the Desians setting the village ablaze.

"What the heck?" Sasuke asked, wondering who could have done this.

"Come on! We got to save the people!" Naruto shouted as they ran to one of the burning buildings to find the red and black wearing uniform Desians.

"Hahahahah! Burn! Burn!" One turned to see the group.

"Look! More survivors!"

"Kill them! Kill all these inferior beings!" The Desians charged forward, but Itachi killed them both in one quick strike.

"What the heck is going on here?" Itachi asked Lloyd as they ran the other direction as the path was blocked by fire.

"The Desians are attacking!" Lloyd shouted while Genis and he headed for the school with Sakura, Sasuke, Itachi, and Naruto following. They found a guard being cornered at the school by two more Desians.

"G-Get back!" The guard shouted as the Desians moved forward.

"Stop!" Naruto shouted as Itachi and she killed both Desians from behind. "Are you alright!?"

"Thank you. You saved me. I couldn't protect this place by myself."

"Is everyone inside the school?" Lloyd asked.

"No, there should still be some people in the village plaza." The guard said with worry in his tone.

"We got to save them!" Genis shouted over the roars of the flames.

"Yeah!" Lloyd shouted before the group left the man and passed a flaming house which Genis stopped at.

"Oh-no! Our house!" Genis shouted as he saw it was his home that was on fire.

"Damn those Desians!" Lloyd shouted in fury.

"This is horrible! What am I going to tell Raine when she gets back?!" Genis looked down. "And this village looked like it might finally be a place we could have called home..." Lloyd as well as the ninja group caught what Genis said.

"Huh? What did you say?" Lloyd asked.

"N-Nothing! Let's hurry up and get rid of the Desians!" Genis shouted.

"Yeah! We're not going to let them do any more damage!" Lloyd growled in anger as the ninja group nodded. For Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto, it reminded them of the Sound-Sand Invasion just weeks ago that happened in Konoha. They ran towards the plaza to find the other villagers herded into a group and surrounded by the Desians. One Desian with a gold looking backpack on and holding a staff came forward.

"Lloyd Irving! Come Forth!" The man shouted, showing he was sort of a leader.

"Lloyd! Naruto!" Sakura shouted as Lloyd, Genis, and Naruto ran in front of the man. "Wait-Huh?" Itachi held Sakura back.

"We best stay back just in case they need help." Itachi sighed as both Genin realized what Itachi mean as the three had ran right in the middle of several enemies.

'...The dope maybe a good leader, but always goes into battle without thinking.' Sasuke thought while smacking his forehead thanks to the blond's stupidity.

"You've come to attack the village again?! I've had enough of this!" Lloyd shouted in fury.

"What are you talking about?" The Desian asked, confuse clearly in his voice.

"He speaks nonsense. Ignore him." The man moved for a teal hair man with a metal like object covering his right arm and wearing pretty strange clothing walked up. "Listen up, inferior beings! I am Forcystus, one of the Five Desian Gran Cardinals. I am a superior half-elf who rules over the farm where we cultivate you pathetic humans."

"What!?" Sakura whispered in shock. Sasuke and Itachi were also shocked at what this man was saying. "Wait... Did he say he was a half-elf?" Sakura wondered out loud.

"...Half-elf..." Genis whispered in worry while look at Naruto.

"Superior half-elf! You make me sick!" Naruto growled. "No one is superior of each other. Human, elf, monster, and even half-breeds should be all equal!"

"What did you just say inferior-" Forcystus stopped his soldier.

"Now, this is interesting. From your mana, you are a half-elf as well!" Forcystus snorted.

"If you mean the half-human part. Yeah, but I didn't get elf blood from my half-elf dad. The fact I was even born still shocks all of my clan." Naruto snorted. "I'm half-human, but not a half-elf. My friend is the same, but my friend is half-elf, but not half-human." Naruto explained.

"What is your name?" Forcystus asked while glaring at the blond.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. Just your average clan member from the Knights of Ratatosk." Naruto smirked.

"Well, half-human Uzumaki and human Lloyd. You both have been found guilty for the crime of violating the non-aggression treaty. Therefore , I bring judgment upon you both and this village!"

"Hey, if you had a bone to pick, just pick it were it goes." Naruto snorted. "Don't get innocent people involved. Heck, I didn't even know there was a treaty between that horrible place you call a ranch and this village. That treaty is probably not even wrote the ink and paper it is written on if it is written down."

"You violated the treaty, too! You tried to murder the Chosen!" Genis shouted as well. The Desians looked at each other before the staff guy laughed.

"Us kill the Chosen? Hahahah! I see now. They must be after the Chosen." The staff Desian shouted.

"They? Are you saying you aren't the ones that attacked Colette?" Lloyd asked in shock.

"I have no need to explain myself to the likes of you. The only thing that matters is that you two, Lloyd Irving and Uzumaki Naruto have been in contact with host body F192 and attacked our guards." Forcystus snorted back as the major got in front of Lloyd.

"What have you done?! How many times have we told you to stay away from the ranch?!!" The Mayor shouted before getting lifted up by the collar by Naruto before Lloyd could apologize.

"Shut your mouth! How can you have such a treaty with that place anyways!?! The pain and suffering I can even sense from here... No wonder all the monsters hate this place and somewhat berserk in the woods! The screams from there hurt my ears like the monsters!" Naruto growled, baring fangs while her ears which had stayed in the strange form when she got mad earlier twitched. Forcystus and the Desians were kind of shocked by what the blond said. "Then, you blame someone for trying to do the right thing! This is why most of my clan stays hidden away!" Naruto tossed the man onto the ground. "Such stupidity is annoying and sick."

"Hmph." Everyone looked back at Forcystus. "We've prepared an appropriate opponent for your crime!"

"What is that!?" Sakura shouted as a monster made of green and grayish white flesh with long limps that had red claws that matched the single red eye it had stomped forward, limping much like a zombie. Itachi noticed it was wearing the remains of some kind of worn shirt.

"What is that thing!?!" Lloyd shouted as Naruto's eyes widen.

"Run away...." Naruto flinched as she heard a voice from the monster and was sure of it now.

"That thing used to be a human!" Naruto shouted in horror.

"Now, receive your punishment!" Forcystus chuckled as the monster lightly swung its arm for it to knock the mayor back.

"Damn!" Lloyd hissed in anger.

"I'll help!" Genis pulled out his weapon.

"I'm in, too... Sasuke! Itachi! Sakura! Deal with the Desians that attack!" Naruto shouted while cocking her gun. Lloyd pulled out his swords and charged forward to the monster. He slashed the monster a few times before jumping back to avoid its claw when it swung.

"Fire ball!" Genis casted a spell that fired several balls of fire at the monster.

"I'm sorry. Dark Barrage!!" Naruto fire several bolts of black mana at the monster which caused it to recoil before she jumped and kicked it and finished the combo by slashing the monster with the blade on her gun. Naruto flipped backwards when the monster swung its arms to get her away, but it did hit Lloyd.

"Agh!" Lloyd hit the ground hard.

"Lloyd!" Genis said in shock before hearing Naruto chanting.

"Heal!" Naruto shouted while black light engulfed Lloyd and the boy was healed and he got back up before Naruto was chanting again. "Show me the enemy's weakness! Evil Eye!" Naruto shouted for a prism to appear around the monster and her eyes widen. "Shot! No spell weaknesses.... Genis! Do you have a spell with multi-hits?!"

"Hai!" Genis chanted another spell for a green circle to appear beneath him. "Wind blade!" Several blades of winds hit the monster, cutting it up.

"I hope this finishes this." Naruto charged a lot of mana towards her gun while pointing it up and a complex mana circle appeared beneath. "Dark Rain!" Naruto fire up for a barrage of dark mana to hit the monster and cause it to collapse to the ground in defeat.

"Lord Forcystus! Just as you thought, that boy has an Exsphere!" The staff Desian shouted.

"...It must be the one from the Angelus Project that we've been searching for!" Forcystus glared at Lloyd. "Give it to me!" The Desians moved closer to the group, but Naruto got in front of them as Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi knocked out a few of the Desians on one side to let the villagers get away.

"What the!?! You two are half-elves!" One Desian shouted while pointing at Sasuke and Itachi.

"...Half-elves?" Itachi asked, confused.

"No! This is a memento of my mom's who you Desians murdered!" Lloyd shouted in fury.

"What are you talking about? You monster was-" Just then, the monster grabbed into Forcystus from behind. The monster panted and tried to speak.

"Run...Away.... Genis... Lloyd... Naruto..."

"Wh-What was that voice? It...sounded like... Marble?..." Genis said in shock.

"It can't be!" Lloyd said in shock.

"It is... That's Marble...." Naruto answered flinching as Marble grunted in pain.

"Ugh...UGH.... Get away.... Hurry..." The monster cried out. "Genis... You were like a grandson to me... Thank you... Goodbye...." Just then, Marble exploded, damaging Forcystus pretty badly as the Exsphere that was on Marble bounced to Genis. Genis picked up the Exsphere with tears in his eyes. Forcystus grunted in pain as Naruto clasped her fists.

"No! Protect Lord Forcyctus!" The Desians ran towards their lord only to be knocked away by Naruto, whose left arm was pulsing with black energy.

"How dare you turn an innocent person into an uncontrollable demon!?" Naruto growled glaring at the demons with her left eye blood red with darker red pupil and three slivers of pink crystal appearing on the left side of her forehead. Naruto was about to kill the Desian when he pointed the metal object as Naruto and the blond stopped, already sensing the mana in the object with knowing what it was.

"Heh... Don't try me. I can easily blow up a quarter of this village if I wanted to." Forcyctus panted as the Desians got around him. Naruto move back next to Lloyd who Forcyctus glared at. "... Lloyd. We will always come after you as long as you possess that Exsphere. Always!" Forcyctus growled.

"...M-Marble! Marble!!... No!!!" Genis cried of the lost of his friend as the Desians ran off. After the Desians had fully left, the villagers came out to the plaza.

"What have you done?!" The Mayor scolded Lloyd. "Look! Look what happened to our village! It's all your fault!"

"I'm sor-"

"Don't apologize, Lloyd." Naruto growled, glaring at the mayor as everyone gasped at her left eye.

"Yes! You think you can fix this by apologizing?! The Desians marked you as their enemy!" The mayor shouted. "As long as you are here, this village will never be at peace. Do you understand?"

"I believe you misunderstood, sir. But, Lloyd doesn't have to apologize. At least he did the right thing." Naruto spat at the mayor, furious. "What right do you have to live in peace when you are letting innocent people suffering in the ranch just next to your village!?! I don't care what excuse you have, how can you live or even sleep at night knowing that innocent people are suffering and you are not going to lift a finger to help them!" Naruto roared.

"What right do you have a say in this!? You were probably the one who urged Lloyd to do that, half-elf!" The Mayor shouted back.

"Half-human... I have no elf blood in me." Naruto corrected. "And no. Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need. No matter what, I always try to help those around me." Naruto glared at the mayor as Genis stood before Lloyd.

"What a minute! You're going to exile them?" Genis asked.

"Yes." The mayor said while glaring at Naruto.

"That's not fair! Lloyd and Naruto didn't do anything wrong! They just saved Marble!" Genis yelled as he was amazed at how Naruto's words hadn't deceased the hate in the eyes of the villagers.

"Any involvement with the ranch is forbidden. There is no exceptions." The mayor growled.

"So, like Naruto said, it's okay to let people die at the human ranch as long as the village is safe?!" Genis yelled back, hoping the words of a fellow villager would change their minds. However, Genis's pleas only caused more anger.

"The people at the ranch are just going to rot there anyway!" A woman shouted.

"Yes, had you not done something so stupid, they'd have been the only ones that died." The mayor growled while Genis's head dropped.

"...You humans are all the same..." Genis growled, biting his lips to hold back tears.

"No, Genis... Just species stupidity." Genis and Lloyd looked at the blond. "No matter how old the species is, they always have something that makes them stupid in a sense even though they have intelligence... Often, its seems to almost always be blind hatred for something they do not understand or do not wish to understand." Naruto sighed, calming down.

"That's enough, Genis... Naruto..." Lloyd sighed. "This was my fault."

"It isn't just your fault, then." Naruto snorted. "It's my fault, too, even though we are not the ones at fault, but the villagers for thinking they could live in peace with such people.... But, I will leave peacefully as I know people like you rather die than let me back."

"I'll leave, too." Lloyd said with sadness.

"Mayor, surely you don't have to be so strict on children!" A young woman pleaded.

"What are you saying!?" Another villager shouted. "Do you realize how many people died here because of them!" Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi walked over to Lloyd and Naruto. "Plus, three of those kids are half-elves!"

"Half-human..." Naruto corrected again.

"It's not their fault!" Genis walked up to the mayor. "I'm the one that took them to the ranch. So it's my fault!"

"But it's Lloyd and the half-elf the Desians are after." The mayor sighed. "And besides, Lloyd and the half-elf aren't from this village to begin with. Lloyd's an outsider raised by a dwarf. I don't know anything from the half-elf except he is also an outsider."

"Agh! I'm.... Never mind...." Naruto groaned while giving up.

"Lloyd. Naruto. Let's go." Sasuke growled. "I'm tired of this. If they don't want us around, then it is best we just go."

"Hai." Naruto sighed.

"Then, I'm leaving, too!" Genis shouted in fury. "I'm just as guilty as they are!"

"Genis..." Lloyd said with a frown as the mayor thought for a bit.

"Fine then. By the rights vested in me as mayor. I hereby announce the banishment of Lloyd, Genis, and the half-elf-Naruto, right?-" Naruto nodded to the mayor. "-From the village of Iselia.....So, get out!" The mayor shouted before everyone but Phaidra and Frank was left with the group.

"...I'm sorry...." Lloyd sighed while dropping his head.

"If you feel that way. Please catch up to the Chosen and protect her." Phaidra sighed as the group looked at her. "If in doing so, the world is saved... Surely, everyone will change their minds about you."

"For I'm sure Colette would want it as well." Frank added.

"If only it was that easy, old woman." Everyone looked at Naruto. "Changing a beings mind is a tough job... Even if it is for the better."

"...Yes. I will atone for what I've done... Even if the people don't change their minds, at least I will be able to give myself at least a clearer head." Lloyd sighed. "I swear to protect Colette for the sake of those who have died because of me."

"I'll follow you, Lloyd." Genis said before looking at Naruto. "And I'll help you, too, Naruto. It's my fault you were both banished. So I promise to stick by you always."

Lloyd then had an idea. "Say, Genis, why don't you use that Exsphere?...That's Marble's memento."

"...Okay..." Genis sighed while looking at Marble's Exsphere.

"I'll explain to you on how to use the Key Crest later. After all, it looks like it's going to be a long journey." Lloyd sighed.

"That might be the understatement of the year." Naruto said with a chuckled.

"...Yeah." Genis smiled at Naruto's attempt to cheer him up. They all left with words of farewell and prays of safety from Phaidra and Frank.(Lloyd-Drifting Swordsman-"The boy sets out on a journey, bearing his sins. Do not forget the past." Naruto-"Half-breed Drifter-"No matter where this half-human goes, noone wants her. No even her own home village, though for different reasons."


After walking several miles and the sun was setting, the group set up camp and sat around the fire Itachi made.

"Hey, Lloyd, Genis, could you go get some edible plants?" Sakura asked.

"Sure!" Lloyd chimed while Genis knew that the pink hair girl wanted the away to give the group time to talk. Both left before the three looked at Naruto.

"Naruto... I just realized this, but back in Konoha... A lot of the villagers hated you just like those villager back there... Why?" Sakura asked.

"...My birthday, in a sense twice, happens to lie right on October Tenth... You guess what the Hokage did to the Kyuubi no Yoko... And he did not kill it." Sakura and Sasuke looked at the blond with confusion.

"The Kyuubi was sealed inside a newborn." The two Genin looked at Itachi. "Naruto, oddly enough was that infant. The Hokage wished for the villagers to see Naruto as a hero. However, the villagers instead saw Naruto as the Kyuubi and hated her.... The Akatsuki want Naruto because of the Kyuubi as it is part of their plan to take over the world..."

"...Naruto... Why didn't you ever tell us!?" Sakura shouted. "Or our parents!"

"Because after the Third Hokage saw the Fourth's wish was not going to be respected, so he put up a law so that noone to talk about the truth so that Naruto had a chance to be not hated among the younger generation that did not know." Itachi sighed. "That time was also the cause of tension between Konoha and the Uchiha clan... The Sharingan is known to be able to control the Bijuu with the Mangekyou Sharingan. The villagers already hated the Uchiha clan as the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan were always at conflict before Konoha was made.... Basically, the Kyuubi attack was the tipping point of the village and this lead to many events like the Uchiha Massacre and Naruto beginning always looked down... However... Now, that is in the past and we need to look into our present and future." (Naruto-Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi- "A jail for a mighty demon, yet spitted and hated for being sacrificed to protect the place that is her home.")

"...I'm sorry for yelling at you, Naruto..." Sakura looked down.

"Eh... Don't worry about it. I'm used to it by now." Naruto sighed. "I'm just glad to at least have good friends... If I never had people who saw me for who I was... I don't know what I would have become... Even being deep in darkness no matter how much I try to get to the light, having friends makes it a lot better." Naruto grinned.

"....." Sasuke looked down, clasping his fists. "Naruto..."

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"...." Sasuke release his hands and sigh. "I swear I will not lead the villagers ever hurt you..."

"...They don't hurt me... What they do is worse." Naruto said without emotion. "They reject my own right to exist.... However, you all don't, so you are already protecting me by being my friends." Naruto grinned.

"... Naruto.... Ow..." Sasuke gripped onto his shoulder where the curse mark was.

"What's wrong, Sasuke!?" Sakura shouted in shock, realizing the curse mark was acting up.

"...Sasuke... Sakura... Did you guys swipe some Exspheres from those Desian guys?" Naruto asked as Sakura nodded and showed two Exspheres she snatched from the dead bodies along with the Key Crests. Naruto took one with a Key Crest and went next to Sasuke. "Sasuke... You got some weird curse thing from that snake guy, right?"

"What!? How did you know?!" Sasuke recoiled, having made Sakura promise not to tell Naruto about the curse mark.

"Sasuke... I'm smarter than I look. Sure, I am still have blond moments, but I am not a complete idiot..." Sasuke blushed as the blond moved his coat and shirt some to see the mark. "I see... This is a curse mark. Often used to make people blood thirsty killing machines... Luckily, if the Exsphere works the same, this should get rid of it in a sense." Naruto sighed while putting the Key Crest in position.

"Wait! What do you mean by 'in a sense?!'" Sasuke asked before Naruto attached the Exsphere right where the curse mark was at and Sasuke collapsed to the ground in pain as a black mark appeared on the bridge of his nose in the form of a cross as the Exsphere became raven purple color with absorbing the curse mark. Sasuke glared at Naruto once the pain died down. "What the heck did you just do!?!"

"...This is quite new, but did the job." Naruto sighed. "I used the Exsphere to absorb the curse mark to now it does give you a power boost, but does not affect you as bad as before... Though, the nose thing is something I wasn't expecting."

"What nose thing?" Sakura gave Sasuke her compact mirror and he looked in it to see what Naruto meant. "....Hey... Does that mean that this is on my face, fangirls will stop going after me...? Because I like it if that's true." Sakura and Naruto fell over while Itachi fell off the log he was sitting on by laughing his butt off.

"What's going on!?!" Lloyd came through the bushes ready to attack.

"Yeah! We heard someone scream!" Genis shouted.

"Don't worry... My friend had a curse a bad guy put on him and I used an Exsphere we took from one of the dead Desians to cure him of it." Naruto explained.

"Yeah... I'm fine..." Sasuke sighed as both Lloyd and Genis noticed the mark on Sasuke's nose and decided to leave the matter alone. However, Genis noticed Naruto's left eye.

"Naruto... What's wrong with our eye?" Genis asked as Naruto raised an eyebrow before taking the compact mirror from Sasuke.

"No way.... Ratatosk mode?" Naruto said in shock.

"What's Ratatosk mode?" Lloyd asked as everyone was curious.

"...It's where a member of the Knights of Ratatosk uses Lord Ratatosk's power in the form of his mana. It's how we keep our promise to never betray him in act.... Our personalities are split between a weaker and nicer normal one and then a brute and merciless one gotten from Ratatosk's mana. With that new personal also comes a lot of power which the Knights use in battle. However, Ratatosk mode is also a lot more moody and cause problems with social relations as well if the person doesn't know the person well enough as it is almost like two different people in one body." Naruto sighed. "However... But... Why is it I am technically in that mode, but the same?" Then Naruto saw the crystal on her forehead and dropped the mirror. "No way...."

"What's wrong, Naruto?" Sakura asked as everyone also noticed the crystal.

"Are those Exsphere shards in your forehead?" Lloyd asked in worry.

"No.... It's..." Naruto frowned.

"It's what?" Genis asked, annoyed.

"It's Lord Ratatosk's core." Lloyd and Genis pulled out their weapons as Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi jumped when Tenebrae appeared. "I was wondering why I had an overwhelming need to serve you and form a pact and now I know why... Though I never would have though Lord Ratatosk would make you sort of a host... Especially with how you are a klutz!" Tenebrae chimed.

"TE-NE-BRAE!!!!" Naruto roared while going after the Centurion who floated away from the angry blond.

"....What the heck is going on?" Lloyd asked, putting his swords back into place.

"...No idea... I think this is one of those odd moments summoners have with one of their summonings." Itachi sighed.

"Wait! Naruto can summon!" Genis chimed, his eyes sparkling. "That's so cool! He can call upon summon spirits!"

"No... My master summons monsters and ninja toads. Lady Naruto is one of the rare people who can summon monsters directly from their home of the First Forest as most Knights of Ratatosk have to form pacts with their monsters and then use special spells and such to bring them around." Tenebrae appeared in front of the group. "However, Lady Naruto has a lot to learn to be a master." Tenebrae phased out when Naruto tried to jump him and hit a tree with her face.

"....I believe Naruto has a lot to learn then..." Genis sighed as everyone sweated. This was going to be a very interesting journey.

End Chapter One

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