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Ch.1-Knights of Ratatosk

Long, long ago, there was three nations,

two of which had been had been at war for a thousand years,

the last one being the battlefield, torn apart by the battles.

However, this war caused the God Tree,

the source of all life, to wither away.

Due to an angel's sacrifice, the tree survived... But at a cost.

The earth tore viciously,

the two warring countries disappearing from the lands.

Yet... The war remained for 3,000 more years.

Those left behind carrying hatred from past...

Yet, even forgetting where that hate came from after the years.

The only saving grace was the tree took no damage,

All due to the wars being crude and basic,

Nothing like the Great War.

However, all the while, the tree always produced a fruit,

once every thousand years before it disappeared.

This fruit was seen as a gift of the deity like tree.

Till one day, a queen ate the fruit.

Using the powers she gained,

she ended what came to be loosely called the Lost Wars.

However, years after its fruit was eating,

the tree suddenly became a furious monster,

demanding the powers taken to be returned.

Instead, a mighty sage sealed the beast,

and ushered in the Age of Shinobi.

"So please! Please use your Centurions to restore the balance of mana!"

"Don't you understand? You 'people' are nothing more than parasites on this world."


"NARUTO!" Uzumaki Naruto snapped up, fully awake and sweating. "Are you alright?" Naruto looked to his side, finding his teammate Uchiha Sasuke next to him, holding his shoulder.

"Um... Yeah... I think so..." Naruto said, rubbing his head. An ache slowly began to ease into his temple. 'Though... Was I having a nightmare?... I can't remember.' Naruto tried to stand up, only to sway and Sasuke caught him. "Whoa... What the heck did I do?" Naruto asked, having never felt like this before. The closest he could remember was training really hard back in the academy when he was made and passed out from exhaustion. He woke up the next day with one heck of a cold.

"No clue... Do you think you can stand?" Sasuke asked, though Naruto did notice he was also a little paler than usual.

"Yeah..." Naruto said while his legs got from being like jello to being a bit more solid. "Are you okay? Is your wounds causing you-"

"Yeah. Just tired like you." Sasuke sighed, rubbing his neck which showed the bandages still around his neck. "But, where are we?" Sasuke said, pointing out their terrain. They both found themselves surrounded by woodland... Only the trees and plants they have never seen before. They were nothing like from Fire Country or even Wave Country.

"Do you remember what happened?" Naruto groaned, finding his memories hazy. He at least remembered saying good-bye to the bridge builder and his family and crossing the bridge that now connected Fire Country and Wave Country together. Anything pass that was a blur.

"No... But, something must have moved us from Fire Country to another country..." Sasuke sighed before blanching. "Indeed, another country."

"Gulp." Naruto was pale as well, seeing next to a tree several skeletons, all with different armor, weapons, and apparel for fighting. "Samurai?... Er... Isn't that... Um...Steel Country?" Naruto asked, trying to remember what he was taught at the academy.

"No, it's Iron Country, though good guess coming from you." Sasuke sighed with a smirk as the blond glared at him. "However, I don't think these guys are samurai... The armor is nothing what samurai or even ninja use." Naruto looked at the skeletons and was shocked that Sasuke was right. Even though he roughly remembered samurai would sometimes wear heavy armor, the armor was still made to give them great movement. The armor and clothing the skeletons were wearing were more focused on defense, taking out some of the movement for solid armor instead of segmented samurai and sometimes ninja wore. The weapons were also different as instead of being streamline and focused on speed and such, all of the weapons looked to be more boarder and heavy, focusing on attack by using the weight to give more punch. Even the bow one skeleton had looked to be made to take an impact and hence survived the test of time with being made of metal with a wire string instead of a normal fiber one.

"They focus on taking blows and attacks... Maybe a nation far from ninja and samurai?" Naruto offered which Sasuke nodded.

"That is possible. We were still near Waves. If we were knocked out and kidnapped, it wouldn't have been hard to get us on a ship.

"However, the issue is I don't think we were on a ship." Sasuke looked at Naruto with shock. "The gap of memory is too short. If we had been out for a while, we would have at least hints of other memories."

"Aroooooo..." Both boys jumped at a howl.

"What was that?" Sasuke said, confused while Naruto blinked at the strange feeling in him.

'Was that calling for me?... I must be really out of it?' Naruto shook his head, getting the odd thoughts out of his head before seeing Sasuke pulling the bow out of the deadman's hand, the bones falling apart. "Sasuke?! What are you doing?!" Naruto shouted, scared of the possible outcome.

"Sadly, these guys won't be needing their weapons anymore. Since we have no idea what we will face here, it's better to at least have some extra insurance. Sense these guys were decked out, that means at least there is powerful beasts in these woods." Sasuke said with a serious face, taking also the quiver and a dagger which he connected the sheathe of it to the belt loop of his pants.

"B-But... W-What if... G-G-Ghost." Sasuke sweated at the trembling form of Naruto before shaking his head.

"You're a full-fledge shinobi, but afraid of ghosts?" Sasuke said, kneeling back to the skeletons. "W-Well, sorry! I-It's just s-something you c-can't deny or prove!" Naruto shouted only to be knocked back with Sasuke shoving something into his hands. Naruto looked down to see it was a blade, a bit thicker in width than a katana in a sheathe.

"I think the ghosts of these guys would want us to live instead of dying here." Naruto blushed in embarrassment before looking away. "Though, we better get to at least a settlement. Without any information of our current location and possible ties with Konoha, we're blind here."

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire, huh?" Naruto sheepishly laughed, realizing they could be in a country not too keen on ninja. However, he noticed Sasuke taking off his headband.

"Best to make them think we are not ninja." Naruto nodded, doing the same, but just flipping his headband so the metal was not seen to put the sheathe on his pants since he had not belt. "Smart. Then... we best head towards-"


"That howl again." Naruto said as Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "It's nearby."

"Then we might want to leave soon. It doesn't sound like a threat, but that does not mean there could be a threat near it." Sasuke sighed, pulling an arrow out of the quiver and holding it in his hand just in case. "It would be best we avoid conflict."

"Yeah... Wait... Why do you have a bow and arrow while I have a sword?" Naruto grinned forcibly, trying to hide his anger and freaking Sasuke out.

"It's to give you some distance between enemies and yourself. Sasuke stated in a matter of fact tone. "I have used a bow and arrow before, so I can use it. I rather be the one using it as even though I might be rusty, I can at least hit a target."

"I see... Hey... Sasuke... Does your catkra feel weird?" Naruto asked, realizing something.

"Chakra, baka." Sasuke ignored the angry blue eyes. "But, yeah... It feels like I been drained of a lot of it."

"...Wait, isn't there jutsu that can teleport things?" Naruto asked, remembering the Fourth Hokage's nickname.

"No way..." Sasuke whispered, realizing what Naruto meant. "You meant someone used a jut-" Both of them heard a scream from a girl.

"Nani?... Wait! Sakura-chan!" Naruto shouted with remembering they were still missing a teammate and sensei. "Let's go!" Sasuke nodded, not too fond of losing his teammates. He already nearly died protecting Naruto back in Waves.

They both ran down the path they heard the scream from... However, instead of finding their pink hair teammate and silver hair sensei, they found two different people instead. One was a light orange hair girl wearing a an odd outfit sort of dress that was white with some black in theme with the sleeves cut off, yet arm length warmers on her arms and black stockings with odd strapped boots. On her right hand was some type of duel blade similar to a shuriken, but as some kind of hand weapon on a hilt. Before her was a red hair man wearing a dark outfit akin to a formal suit attire the two boys seen before, but more fit for combat as he had a sword pulled out and pointed at the girl who was just a little older than the two boys.

"Now, hand over that Ratatosk's core on your forehead." The man said, Sasuke raising an eyebrow at the situation. Naruto, on the other hand, had his eyes wide in shock.

"No." The girl shook her head, showing her two flower hair pins in her hair, keeping her bangs out of her eyes.

"Then I'll just have to destroy it along with you." The man said while swinging his sword at the girl.

"Stop, Stop it, please!" Naruto shouted, running in between the two people and shocking Sasuke and the two people. "Richter, what are you doing?!" Naruto shouted, holding his blade out before the man's blade.

"Huh?" The red hair man looked at Naruto with confused green eyes behind a pair of glasses. However, his eyes widen at Naruto. "You... No... You're not him." The man mumbled, narrowing his eyes.

"Why are you trying to kill her?! What has she done?!" Naruto demanded while Sasuke got his bow ready, though confused. "Why?"

"Because she is trying to awaken Ratatosk, the demon lord." The man said calmly as the girl glared at him.

"Demon lord? What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, confused.

"I agree, it's quite a foolish name, but 'demon lord' is the most appropriate term to describe what he is. If Ratatosk awakens, the world will be destroyed."

"No, you're wrong!" The girl shouted in anger. "Ratatosk is not a demon! He's the lord of all monsters. He won't destroy the world!"

"I'm not interested in semantics." The man said, ready to strike, however he was shocked when Naruto tackled him, knocking him back and getting between the girl and him. "Agh... What are you doing?! Step aside!"

"No! I am stopping you from making a mistake, Richter!" Naruto shouted, holding his hands out to protect the girl who was blushing.

"Wait... How do you..." Both were shocked when girl ran to a nearby path.

"Thank you!" The girl shouted while running away. Naruto go in front of the path, blade before him.

"I don't want to kill you. Move!" The man shouted, glaring at the boy.

"I don't really understand the situation, but you can't do things like this! If you just talk this


"I thought I told you not to get in my way." The man shouted, swinging his hand out. "Aqua! Show yourself!"

"Aqua?!" Naruto asked in shock before seeing a humanoid being with blue hair, car like hair and white and black skin appear right next to the man.

"You called, Master Richter?" The feminine being asked in a happy tone, shocking both Naruto and Sasuke.

"Take care of the boy. Just don't overdo it." The man sighed as Naruto eyes widen.

"A talking monster?!" The being and man looked behind them, seeing Sasuke though the man was confused.

"Who're you calling a monster, you human!" The being shouted in anger. "I am a Centurion! Centurion Aqua!" Sasuke frowned, his bow ready as the being turned and pointed at Naruto. "Now then, my cute little minion. Remove the boy from our presence!"

"Minion?" Naruto asked, confused while Sasuke's eyes widen at what appeared behind Naruto.

"Naruto! Look out!" Sasuke shouted while Naruto yelped, getting knocked pushed forward by something behind him. The man Richter and the being Aqua went around while Naruto spun around and was shocked to find a large turtle creature now between him and the trail.

"What the?! I won't be able to catch up with Richter with that thing in the way!" Naruto shouted while Sasuke ran up to him.

"What the hell are you saying!?" Naruto blinked at Sasuke, confused. "Heck, how the heck were you talking to those people?! I couldn't understand a word you four were saying! And how the hell did they summon a monster?!"

"You couldn't under-Ah, shit! I just realize where I recognized that girl! She was that girl who was being chased by those men!" Naruto said, wide eyed.

"She was the one who used the jutsu?" Sasuke asked, deciding to let what was going on slide.

"And Richter is trying to kill her! We got to stop him!" Naruto shouted while the monster turtle before them stood its ground, just waiting for one of them to make its day.

"Well, I don't think we can defeat this guy in our current condition and with the stuff we have. Heck, I don't even think I can do damage with a fire jutsu with how low my chakra feels. Can you make clones?" Sasuke asked, trying to think of an idea.

"I don't think that would work either. I mean, with how sluggish I am, I think at max I could make three clones. But, I could knock myself out." Naruto sighed, thinking hard.

"You must forge a pact."

"Huh?" Both boys looked around, hearing a voice. They turned around and were shocked when a dark color dog creature appeared in front of them in a veil of black smoke. It had a long tail and purple lines on some of the flips on its body, but it was also floating in mid air much like Aqua.

"Another talking monster?!" Sasuke shouted, somewhat amazed. Sure, he has seen nin-cats that could talk, but never monsters that could talk.

"I am not a beast. I, too, am a Centurion. Centurion Tenebrae." The beast introduced itself.

"Centurion Tenebrae?" Naruto asked, realizing he heard it before and not from Aqua.

"You two could never defeat that monster as you are now." Both were shocked by Tenebrae's words. "Forge a pact to become Knights of Ratatosk. Then you will be able to accept Lord Ratatosk's power in battle."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked, looking back to make sure the monster was not going to attack them. However, it was content with blocking the trail more than possibly attacking them from behind.

"There is no time to explain. Lady Marta is in danger." Tenebrae said in a serious tone.

"But, you're just a monster, er... Centurion and I don't know-" Naruto bit his lip. 'Kyuubi... I lost control back in Waves after Sasuke-'

"Arroooooooo." Both boy were shocked at the howl that came from Tenebrae.

"That howl? You were the one calling?" Sasuke asked, shocked that an intelligent being was howling.

"Yes. Lady Marta was looking for you. You saved her life and she has chosen you to be a knight. However, it seems you comrade who assisted you also has the potential to become a knight." Tenebrae explained.

"Me?" Tenebrae nodded at Naruto whose eyes widen as he remember almost losing an arm when he pushed the girl from before out of the way of the mask guys that ambushed them.

"Now forge the pact!" Tenebrae looked at the both.

"... I'll make the pact!" Naruto said in a serious tone. "If I can't save her, then we may never find a way back home to Konoha!"

"If he is forming a pact, then so am I." Sasuke said, though a bit wary. "Like he said, if that girl dies, so do any clues to how we got to this place."

"Understood." Tenebrae said while unleashing a bright purple light on the two. "Naruto, Sasuke, I command you. Unleash the power within yourself. Awaken, 'Hunters of Evil!'" Both boys' clothing suddenly changed with the light disbursing. Naruto was wearing a blue sleeveless top with gray pants with yellow longs on them, matching boot and straps on his top along with a dark blue scarf that matched his arm length, cut at the fingers gloves which each having a tri color wrist band of light blue, yellow, and white. Connected to the straps on the back of his top is a long sword in a sheath with a pouch.

Sasuke was wearing a large short sleeve dark blue top with a bit of light armor which connected to a quiver full of arrows on his back. Coming out of the large shirt was a pair of white pants which pooled at a part of dark blue and yellow boots with similar straps to Naruto's straps. He was also wearing fingerless gloves, but they stop at his wrists with his palms with armors on them. In his hands was a long bow that appeared to be similar to Naruto's long sword.

The turtle monster instantly growled before howling when several arrows embedded in his eye, distracting him to Naruto who ran right up to it with. "Aaaaaagh!" The monster cried out as Naruto lopped off its head and it disappeared. Both boys ran down the trail with Tenebrae. However, they stopped with finding Aqua waiting for them.

"Spiteful Tenenbrae! What are you doing here?!" Aqua shouted in anger, glaring at the canine Centurion.

"Let's go."Tenenbrae said with a smirk.

"What?! You wanna fight?! You're gonna regret this!" Aqua sneered with her hands on her hips.

"The only one who's gonna regret this is you." Naruto growled, his eyes fire red with a strange symbol akin to wings in each eye as his voice was deeper now. "Now, come on!" Naruto shouted as Aqua summoned up a liquid female being which whips it fish tail shaped hair at Naruto who blocked it with his blade.

"No, you don't!" Naruto shouted, slicing his blade across and knocking back the liquid lady into Sasuke's sight as he pulled three arrows from his quiver and pulled the back on his bow. Both his eyes were red with three black symbols, but instead of tomoes as a normal Sharingan, the tomoes were in the form of three feather/wing link symbols with the tips touching a black circle touching another, but hollow which enclosed a red pupil along with other symbols to form a sort of magic emblem.

"Tri-Shot!" Sasuke shouted, fire the three arrows at it the creature, making it separate out from the hits. Naruto hit the liquid woman with an three wild cross cuts to the arrows where they embedded.

"Demon Fang!" Naruto unleashed a cut again, but this time instead of hitting the creature with the blade due to jumping back to avoid the creature's attack with her arm, a blast of energy hit the creature making it splash into water and it dried up . "Hmph. You should have never gone against me." Naruto chimed, sheathing his blade.(Naruto-Knight of Ratatosk-"One who gains strength from Ratatosk to become a brutal knight."; Sasuke-Archer of Ratatosk-"One who gains strength from Ratatosk to become a silent, yet fierce archer.")

"What... just happened?" Naruto asked, his eyes returning to blue, as did Sasukes return to their normal dark color.

"Lord Ratatosk's power took hold of you." Tenebrae explained with a smile.

"It felt like I became someone else... Not in a bad way... I hope." Naruto said, now a little worried.

"Yes, that is Lord Ratatosk's power." Both boys sweated slightly at the repeated statement, wondering why he was being vague.

"Anyways... What happened to Aqua?" Naruto noticed the female Centurion laying on the ground, out cold. "We didn't even touch her."

"Centurions themselves do not fight. They employ monster servants to battle in their place." Tenebrae explained in a calm manner. "If their monsters are defeated, the Centurion's power will also fade. Right now, she is only unconscious."

"Oh, that's good. I didn't want to hurt her." Naruto sighed in relief before realizing something. 'Why would I not hurt her? Sure, she did attack us with two monsters and rude... Everything is quite perplexing.'

"Come. We must go after Lady Marta!" Both boys nodded, needing to catch up with Marta as she was the only clue they had to getting home.


"Man... What exactly live in these woods?" Sasuke sighed, after they had to go a long way after finding something had blocked off the path. Though, it was clearly not the guy after the girl as it looked like a twister went through.

"I am worried for Lady Marta. That damage is possibly from a monster currently berserk." Tenebrae said calmly, though his tail twitching as he was anxious.

"... Something... isn't right." Sasuke and Tenebrae looked at Naruto, quite confused as Naruto shivered. "There... something here that is not good..." Naruto said, looking a little pale.

"A monster?" Sasuke asked before all three noticed the man Richter on the path before them, using a sword to keep himself upright.

"Richter!" Naruto shouted, running right up to the injured man while Sasuke was wary, having his knife ready.

"Ugh..." The man grunted, panting hard in pain.

"Hang on! How did this-" Naruto knelled down, trying to see the man's wounds.

"I... was careless...Demon..."

"Huh?"Naruto asked in confusion.

"A demon...Here..."

"A demon? Here? What do you mean a demon?!" Naruto asked, now really worried.

"The core... It's..."

"Richter?!" Naruto shouted as the man fully collapsed, unconscious. Naruto began to shake him, trying to wake him up. However, he was shocked when he flipped him to the side and noticed something on him. "What the hell?" Naruto asked as Sasuke and Tenebrae got closer and noticed the black substance that was appearing on his skin.

"This is... We need to hurry. Lady Marta is in grave danger for sure now!" Tenebrae saw, panic in his voice while Sasuke noticed Naruto's eyes slightly dull at the moment. "Leave him here. He is done for. Since Aqua is no longer under Ratatosk, he does not have the protection to fight it-"

"No...Hmph..." Both Sasuke and Tenebrae looked at Naruto as he put his hands on Richter's chest. Both were then shocked as a glowing circle appeared beneath both Naruto and Richter with odd symbols with forming a star like shape with points going outside the main circle. "Default: Extract and transmute!" Naruto shouted for Richter to grunt as Naruto lifted his hands up some for the black substance to follow up with his hands. Once it was all out of Richter, the black substance turned into a ball before spinning and suddenly turning into nothing through the plants underneath the two suddenly grew some and few even flowered as the circle disappeared.

"What... did you just do?" Sasuke asked, wondering what just happened. 'Naruto can heal?'

"I-I don't know... It...It just came into my mind and my body moved on its own." Naruto stuttered before noticing Richter was still bleeding. "What?! I-I thought I healed him!"

"It's all right. The attack missed his vital organs. What you did heal would have killed him if let be." Tenebrae said, though looking at Naruto seriously.

"So he'll survive?" Naruto asked, looking at Tenebrae.

"Yes. Just leave him here and he will be fine. It is more important to go after Lady Marta." Tenebrae said with urgency.

"Leave him here? We can't do that! We need to at least tell someone!" Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto's behavior.

'But you don't know him and he attacked that girl?' Sasuke thought. Sure, Naruto was a bit naive... But, he couldn't be so naive to help someone without a reason.

"There's no time. If I believe I know what wounded Richter has appeared, time is of the essence. Lady Marta's life is in grave." Tenebrae glared at Naruto, stressing his seriousness. "After all, this man is the enemy. Didn't you come here to protect her?"

"I did... But I can't just leave him like this." Naruto said in an unsteady tone. "I-I don't know why, but I can't just abandon him!" Naruto gave Tenebrae as look of determination. "Go on ahead and find Marta with Sasuke. I'll follow you as-"

"Cough, Kage Bushin, cough." Sasuke coughed, looking away with a smirk.

"Kage Bushin?" Tenenbrae asked, confused while Naruto blushed with realizing what Sasuke meant.

"Oh, yeah! Thanks, Sasuke!" Naruto made a cross seal. "Kage Bushin!" Naruto shouted, but both were shocked when a magic circle formed under him in the process. "Wha-" In a puff of smoke with a smaller circle appeared between the two, another Naruto appeared with shocking Tenebrae. "That... was weird, though it work."

"Indeed..." The clone said while the three looked at it with shock. "What... I...Oh... That's right, Kage Bushin isn't link mentally like I am now."

"Mentally link?" Sasuke asked, a bit worried.

"I don't get it either. Go and get Aqua... With how long it took for us to get here, she should be awake now." Naruto sighed, also a bit worried with what has happened to his favorite jutsu.

"Righty-o!" The clone saluted and ran off back where they had gone through.

"..You can clone yourself?" Tenebrae asked, somewhat mystified.

"Yeah. It's his favorite jutsu and often uses it in ways one would not expect a ninja to use it... Like overwhelming the enemy in a full frontal attack." Naruto sweated at Sasuke, realizing the dark hair boy was right. "However, we need to go save that girl!" Sasuke shouted, making Naruto jump.

"H-Hai!" Naruto got off his knees and led the way as the three headed down the trail... And instantly found what possibly has made the damage before.

"W-What the hell is that?!" Sasuke shouted with seeing Marta dodging the attacks of a large monster. It was using two large front arms to more around like an ape while holding two blades clearly too small over it. It's skin was several shades of purple and looked to be some kind of mutated beast and only had one eye.

"Nega..." Naruto whispered while Tenebrae narrowed his eyes at the beast.

"Sasuke, keep back and provide support to Naruto. Even though you have Ratatosk's protection, you cannot defeat a Nega."

"What?" Sasuke looked at Tenebrae with shock.

"You heard me. You can have some contact with it, but Ratatosk's powers cannot protect you from a Nega's infectious touch if you stay in direct contact for too long."

"Then how are we going to save Marta?!" Naruto panicked, pulling out his blade as Marta noticed them and was trying to dodge and move towards them.

"Simple. You are going to defeat the Nega, Naruto. You're the only one who can come in contact with a Nega without any problems and can defeat it."

"Wait?! What?!" Naruto turned back to Tenebrae.

"Look out. Here it comes." Naruto turned back around and barely got out of the beast's charging attack while Marta and Sasuke went the other way. The monster turned back towards Marta and Sasuke and charged again.

"Stop right there!" Naruto shouted, his voice deepening and his eyes turning red while grabbing the tail on the beast. Sasuke and Marta were shocked when Naruto threw the beast over him and slam it down behind him.

"Holy... Just how much power did this Ratatosk guy give us?" Sasuke sheepishly laughed while getting his bow ready.

"Only a small portion as Lord Ratatosk is in a deep slumber." Tenebrae explained as Sasuke looked at him.

"If that is weak, I certainly cannot imagine what strong is." Sasuke said while pulled back on the string with an arrow, instantly becoming quiet as his eyes turned red.

"Demon Fang!" Naruto shouted, after unleashing several wild slashing and jumping back. Just in time as the beast began spinning around, trying to cut Naruto with its own blade. The instant it stopped spinning, Sasuke unleashed an arrow, nailing right into the creature's head. It roared in pain before seeing Sasuke.

"Bad..." Sasuke muttered as the beast charged towards Marta and him. He pushed Marta to the side with him and flashed through hand signs with one hand as it passed him. "Ryuka no Jutsu..." Sasuke calmly blew out several small streams of fire right at the beast. It did not phase the beast, but blocked it's sight of Marta and Sasuke due to the wall of flames created by the dry grass and brush.

"Roooooar!" The beast began slamming his fist on the ground, putting the flames out in anger as Naruto waited, carefully dodging the rock being broken from the ground. He jumped onto the beasts back as soon as it stopped it's fit and tried slashing at the beast's back and instantly discovered a problem as his blade did not even went deep into the beast skin.

"Agh!" Both Marta and Sasuke flinched when the beast grabbed Naruto off his back and threw him off, making him skip off the ground some before managing to land on his knee and foot, skidding to a stop. "What the hell? My weapon isn't even going through his skin! How the hell am I-" Naruto's eyes widen, his right eye suddenly becoming a dull blue. He stood up and held his blade out. A similar circle to before that appeared when he healed Richter appeared and making a clone. The blade in his hand glowed, turning a deep red color while the circle beneath him did the same while a symbol appearing to be a pair of butterfly wings in the form of several strokes akin to like feathers appeared in the middle of the circle. "Pact accepted, weapon synthesis!" Naruto shouted letting the blade go and it began to change shape.

"Watch out!" Marta shouted as the beast charged at Naruto. She was shocked when an arrow suddenly hit its eye, making it roar in pain while still charging at Naruto. However, now it was trashing its head and speeding up.

"Uh-oh..." Sasuke frowned, expressing no emotion.

"Heh! As if I would let you!" Naruto smugly shouted, grabbing the blade which the light broke away like broken glass. "Purgatory Spikes!" Naruto shouted while raising his sword up for a mass of black spikes to come out of the ground. The blade itself now black with red markings which matched the deep red hilt.

"Roooooar!" The beast roared, even though the upper half of its head was now gone, though exposing an odd sphere as other parts of its body was trying to heal.

"Even that does-"

"Default: Deconstruction and Spread!" Naruto shouted, both Marta and Sasuke shock seeing Naruto in the air from jumping and slammed down his new blade of black metal with a red gem in its grey hilt right on the sphere as a large magical circle appear beneath him. The blade went straight through the sphere and smashing a spiked black gem and the beast suddenly was engulfed in a whirlwind of black which dissolved away while all the plants within the small opening of the woods they were in suddenly grew, turning green and blooming with flowers. "Tch!" Naruto sheath his blade with landing a ways back while the whirlwind began to die down.

"N-No way..." Naruto heard Marta gasped as his eyes turned back to their normal blue color. He looked at Sasuke and Marta. Marta's face showed horror while Sasuke was looking away, his eyes now back to their original dark color.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked before noticing where Marta was looking at. His eyes widen in horror with seeing where the monster once was... Was now a man who looked was dressed in light armor and appeared like a warrior. His body was badly mangled and bleeding, clearly dead... However, Naruto recognized the two blades the beast was using in the man's hands. "W-What the hell?" Naruto stuttered, his eyes wide. "That... was a person?" Naruto collapsed to his knees. "B-But... T-That means.. En..." Naruto gripped the ground as tears came off his face. "Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeee!" Naruto screamed to the heavens while Marta ran over to him in worry. However, right when she got to him, he collapsed to his side with her catching him and causing Sasuke to run over in worry of his teammate.

"...That demon was a person?" Richter panted while hidden in the brush with Aqua holding him up.

"That was a Nega." Richter looked at Aqua with a stern expression. "They are people who's souls have been corrupted. You could say... It's a side effect from the war 4,000 years ago.."

"A mana disease?" Richter asked, confused.

"... Though, I pity the boy Tenebrae now has on his hands." Aqua sighed, looking straight at the blond hair boy. "He has a cruel lineage."

"...Heh... So... He's like me?" Richter chuckled at the thought.

"No... His is worse than that. Mainly because his lineage was only made to dispose of Nega, not cure them... They can only cure those who have not been changed." Richter frowned, realizing what the Centurion meant and now thankful slightly towards the boy. "Though, if Nega's are appearing again... Then something is off with the seal."

"...Let's go..." Aqua nodded, helping Richter away, though he looked back to see Sasuke using a fire jutsu to burn the body and then helping the girl with getting Naruto moved out of the wooded area.

"Hmm?" A seemingly shadowed figure looked up at the sky, the three wispy butterfly beings on his head and shoulders looking up as well. "It seems to have started."

"What are you talking about?" A female voice said from the shadows of a cliff.

"Nothing really. There has been a shift in mana." The shadowy figure said, "Though, it's so slight, I can't tell if it is our target's doing or something else."

"Damn..." The female voice hissed. "Are you sure she will come through this trail?"

"Yes, give or take a few days. The only way to Palmacosta from the village she comes from is this trail." The shadow said before itself blending in the shadows and disappearing. "All we have to do is wait for the actor of the play to arrive."