Kazuma walked the empty streets thinking about what she said to him so long ago...

" Kazuma, just tell me the truth...you were with katherine last night werent you?'' The 16 year old redhead asked with tears stinging to fall from her ember eyes.

He looked at her trying not to get wrapped up into his emotions who was he kidding?

Falling for a minor is not what he asked for and was certainly illegal.

'' WERENT YOU!'' she yelled about to slice his head off.

Getting Ayano mad was the last thing you wanted to do

Kazuma on the other hand was signing his death certificate.

He continued to look at her knowing that the feelings he fighting with had to be stopped.

And the only way to do that was to break her heart.

'' So what if i was?'' he whispered turning his back to her so that he wouldnt see her crying.

It practically killed him everytime he saw her upset.

It had made him want to beat the person responible for hurting her.

Now he was the one doing it.

Ayano grabbed him by his collar and made him look at her.

She be damned if he was going to try to weasel his way out of this.

'' Dont play stupid mind games...im not one of your bimbos!'' she yelled with her heart breaking.

Kazuma smirked and pushed her off '' im not playing anything its obvious about your petty little feelings...just face it im too old for you.''

The held back tears couldnt be held anymore and Ayano stepped back a few steps.

She knew it was too good to be true.

A guy like him would never be interested in her.

Not to mention the age difference didnt exactly help either.

'' Whatever...i dont need you anyway...SCREW YOU!'' she said throwing the necklace he had given her in his face and ran off.

Leaving a guilt-ridden Kazuma behind.

Looking back on it now he stopped walking how could he be so stupid?

The one person who mattered the most to him was gone and it was all his fault.

'' Well maybe its for the best...'' he whispered almost forgetting how to breathe.

The sight almost stopped his heart from beating...it was Ayano!

She must have just gotten off of work but she never looked more attractive.

Kazuma couldnt stop the hammering in his chest..there she was!