Hey Everyone,

First and formost, I would like to thank everyone who loved this story and all the reviews on it. I didn't imagine that 170 people would like Guilt and I thank everyone who reviewed it, added to their favorites, just loved the story in general,added me as their favorite author, had comments both positive and negative. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

But by the time you all read this Guilt and Redemption will be taken off the site. The place in which these stories were written just wasnt a good place for me and if I write something; I want to glorify God first and send a positive message to everyone who reads it. I want to be a writer who brings light to situations, but also gives people hope. I don't want to be someone who influences negative emotions and condones bad choices.

Vamp city and my other stories will still be posted. But It will be cleaned up too.

Much love,