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Brown & Beyond

By: Santiva Potter

Summary: A collection of one shots following Kat and Patrick's journey after high school


The first year wasn't so bad, but it had started off with a little anxiety.

The day she left was particularly memorable. They had somehow—and quite miraculously avoided any discussion of the dreaded Ivy League to the east. He knew Kat. She was going and he was in no place to stop her—even if it were possible. But those last were filled with a stirring tension that had built day in and day out, until they collided in this moment.

The roar of his bike came as she was packing her last bag into the back of her father's SUV. As she closed the trunk, he swaggered off the bike and headed towards his brunette. Kat knew full and well that Patrick was here, but she refused to acknowledge his presence until he was pressed against her back, his scent smothering her into near bliss.

They stood there together, still in the world, waiting for the other to begin, but there was no smart remark she could think of or an innuendo he could use to break the ice—well there was, but Patrick figured he was deep enough as it was.

Sticking with their infamous no talking policy, he placed his hands on her shoulder and slowly turned her to face him. But the fact of the matter was that she was scared. Not nervous, not anxious but flat out scared, terrified even. Kat had never invested so much of herself in a relationship and now, now she didn't know what to do. This past year she had lost her defiant, independent self and traded her for a much calmer, negotiable kind of girl.

"Patrick, I—"

But he silenced her with two of his fingers. He used that hand to cup the side of her face and brought her closer to him. She accepted the gesture and tugged lightly on his leather jacket, a favorite of hers, closing the space between them.

He started with her hair, nuzzling his nose lightly before traveling down her skin, brushing lightly over each of her eyes and make her whimper slightly as he passed over her lips.

"Mmm, I think I am going to miss this," he chuckled, "you being so horny all of the time."

A smile broke out on her face. "I'm the horny one?"

"Oh yeah Stratford. You've been trying to jump me for ages now. Ever since that night at the club…"

Kat broke away from him and laughed. "Oh yes, I was the one pulling out all of the stops that night."

She leaned against the hood of the trunk and sighed. He walked to her other side, facing the back window of the SUV and began doodling with the dirt on the window.

"I've been meaning to clean that," Kat mumbled absentmindedly, before lapsing back into silence.

"This isn't over, Stratford."

She looked up at him, as he stepped away from the car. P hearts K stood proudly on the window, making Kat smile.

"Is that so?" she teased.

"Possibly," Patrick responded in kind, bring Kat back into his arms.

"It's not over," he whispered softly, bringing her closer to him.

"Never had a doubt in my mind."

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Sneak Peak: "Easy," Patrick replied. "I mean I was bored for a few moments after you left but then Sandra called."

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