Title: Frozen

Disclaimer: Look, I don't own Star Trek, though I wish I did own Patrick Stewart. The only thing I own is my own little version of it. :) If you have any preconceived notions about Spock and Kirk, you'd better not read this. I plan on making them a couple. And not just two, I mean.... COUPLE.

Rating: M

Pairing: Kirk and Spock definitely. Possibly others.

Desperately, the tall figure in the black and red environmental suit trudged forward. His arms were wrapped around his chest, trying to hold whatever warmth he could into his half frozen body. The wind howled, ripping at the short, ebony strands of hair that offered no insulation against their bitterly cold teeth. The pale skin that was illuminated by the twin moons of the desolate planet had a slightly bluish tinge to it as the temperature dropped even farther.

Glancing behind himself, the figure sighed wearily at the long skid mark that his former shuttle had left. There was a hint of smoke still rising from the wreckage of the small craft, but the figure knew from experience that there wasn't even the hint of warmth in it's carcass. The only hope there was on this desolate rock was the system of caves that he'd picked up on his sensors a meager forty kilometers away.

The mountains loomed large in front of him as he pushed himself to the limits of his endurance. The blood running through his veins felt like it was getting sluggish, his physiology not having been made to withstand the bitter cold. Squinting against the blowing wind, he tried to make out the entrance to the caves, having traveled ten kilometers already.

When he raised his hand to help block the snow, he tripped on a protruding piece of ice and landed heavily in the snow. Seemingly of it's own accord, his face burrowed in the snow, seeking any respite from the wind that continued to rip and tear at his sensitive flesh. Panting, he allowed himself a moment to contemplate the irony of the situation.

It had only been a short while ago that he'd marooned another officer on such an inhospitable planet as this one. The memory of that human's face floated before his eyes. He closed the lids as tears of pain and humiliation burned through the cracks until they started to run down his cheeks, freezing the instant that they hit the air until his lashes froze to the tender skin underneath his eyes.

Shuddering uncontrollably, the tall officer shivered and shuddered as his hearing started to narrow until there was no more wind. It was peaceful once he lost all feeling in his body. He knew that he was dying, but a small part of himself refused to accept it. The little voice in the back of his mind that sounded like his father reminded him that suicide was an illogical course of action. That laying here in the snow was getting him no where, and that he should get up, move on, and report his findings to Starfleet.

Unfortunately, his body didn't take orders from his mind anymore. The hypothermia had started, and he was starting to find it hard to peice things together in his mind. He thought about all of the things that had made his life the way it was, dwelling on the one thing that he'd never figured out.

James Tiberius Kirk.

The man was an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, hidden inside of a maze. Why he did the things that he did, the illogical, maddening things that he decided to do on a whim all seemed to turn out right in the end. It had always driven him to distraction the way he seemed to walk into a room and command the attention of everyone in it. That human was unique, and more than a little irritating.

Too bad he'd never have the chance to figure him out.

Strong, warm hands pulled him up and out of the frozen liquid that he'd been buried in. He heard the muffled, distant voice that he was sure that he should know. He felt it as he was moved, the frozen air pulled at his lungs, making the already frost bitten tissue convulse. When his breath started to hack, it brought more cold air into his lungs. Without the somewhat dubious protection of the snow, the subzero air of the planet's surface was slowly freezing him from the inside out.

A large rubber mask was laid over his face, sealing into place with a whoosh. Luke warm air washed over his face like a heat wave, warming the tissue with a tingle. The battered officer sucked in the warm air, coughing painfully as his lung tissue rejoiced in the warm air. He tried to open his eyes but they were still frozen shut, the tears that had come when he'd finally given up still sealing the delicate tissue shut.

He heard the distant metal clang of a hatch opening and a wave of heat washed over him before there were more hands on his body, pulling off the environmental suit that had failed been destroyed by the crash. Hot air washed over him, making his skin burn. He groaned softly, his jaw clenching as he felt his muscles twitch like they were trying to crawl out of his skin.

It felt like he was burning in his own personal hell.

"Hold him down, damnnit!" a cultured southern voice commanded as he was pressed into the scratchy surface underneath him.

His breath hissed out as the hypo was pressed into his neck, easing the pain almost immediately. He groaned as he slumped to the flat surface underneath him. He fought his body as his mind tried to shut it down and enter the healing sleep of his people.

"Just let go, Spock. I'm here," came a familiar, deep voice from next to my ear. "I promise I won't leave you. You're safe."

A warm, bare hand brushed over my forehead bringing a strong, vital mind into contact with his own. The thoughts and emotions that were swirling in the alien mind were mostly of concern. There was something buried beneath the surface, though, and his natural curiosity wouldn't let it go. He stalked it deeper into the mind, pushing past the normal boundaries that his people tried and trained to respect in others.

"What's happening?" the deep voice whispered, the hand that was connected to my skin convulsing slightly.

"Jim!" the accented voice said, shock thick in it's tone.

The ebony haired man on the table heard panting before the familiar, welcome voice replied slightly stronger. "It's alright, Bones. I can feel him in my mind. It's okay," the voice of someone that he'd just become tentative friends with replied before the hand that had been pulling away from his cold skin was pressed more firmly against the chill flesh. "Hang on, Spock, just hang on. I'm not going to let you die on me. Not now. Live, damn you, live."

Somehow, that voice penetrated the despair that had been welling in the frozen man and made his heart beat stronger. The pale body gave a hard shudder as it was pushed over on the bed and another body was pressed against it's back, bringing heat with it. As more flesh was pressed against his, he groaned softly with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the heat of the body began raising the temperature of his body.

"Bones, get us the hell off this rock. I'll keep him warm," the deep voice rumbled from behind him as he felt warm arms wrap around his waist and pull a blanket up over his shoulders.

'Thank you,' he thought silently before his body sagged and he passed out.

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