It was not unusual for ships to dock in Sunyshore City, but it wasn't too common either. Most of the city had come to see the luscious liner, the S.S Palkia being towed in by three tugboats. It was nearly 300 metres long and 70 metres high. The hull, stern and bow were dark blue, while the main accommodation was a beautiful white. The sun was reflecting off every window on the starboard, making it look like it was glowing. Smoke came out of the single black stack, bringing the beauty of the ship down slightly. The people on the ship all cheered and waved, and the crowd reciprocated.
Amongst them were Ash, Brock and Dawn.
They whooped and cheered, along with Pikachu and Piplup, and watched cheerfully as the liner was docked, and a long gangplank was put in place.
"It is so beautiful." Dawn said admiringly.
"I would sure love to go on that." Ash added. The trio had tried to get tickets, but they had all sold out.
"I am not to fussed, remember what happened last time we went on a cruise ship?" Brock said, and Ash chuckled.
"What happened?" Dawn asked, puzzled.
"Well, let's just say that it involved Team Rocket, a bad tempered Gyarados and an island of giant robots." Brock replied. Dawn let out a gasp while Ash and Brock laughed.
"I know, I know, but it would still be a great experience." Ash said, and craned his neck up to see the top of the ship. The trio sighed, and turned to leave, but a hand suddenly grabbed Ash's shoulder.
"Piki Pika!" Pikachu said, turning around. Ash looked around as well, and found himself facing two woman, both taller than him, wearing long blonde hair, lots of make-up and identical red dresses with Horseas on them.
"Aren't you that boy who saved Sunyshore Tower?" One of them said.
"Um, yeah." Ash replied nervously. The two girls exchanged looks and let out excited squeals.
"We just happen to have three passes on board the ship, and we'd love for you to have them." The second girl said, pulling out three yellow tickets.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Dawn exclaimed, and wrenched them out of the woman's hand. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said.
"Piplup Pip Pip!" Piplup said, and the two embraced.
"We are glad you are so happy." The first woman said.
"Thanks a lot, this is really nice of you." Ash said, and the three went to walk off.
"Anything for a hero like you!" The second called. Brock turned back to look at them, but they had already gone.
"Strange." He thought, but he followed Ash and Dawn towards the gangplank. Dawn gave the tickets to a man standing at the end of the gangplank.
"Enjoy the cruise." He said, and Dawn raced eagerly up the gang plank. Ash and Brock rushed after her.
"It is even more beautiful up close!" Dawn said. The deck was covered in a soft blue carpet, and the entrance was in front of them, and they could make out beautiful wooden walls and spectacular paintings inside.
"I am sure going to look forward to this." Ash said. They were about to walk through the door when someone walked out. Dawn's jaw dropped, Ash's eyes bulged out and Brock let out a soft gasp.
Standing right in front of them was Misty.
"Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise." She said, smiling broadly. "Hello Dawn, how have you been?" Dawn didn't reply, and instead crunched the tickets up in her hands, her face going red with rage.