By morning, it was common knowledge all over Sinnoh that the S.S Palkia had sunk, and the news crews were already waiting for the first lifeboats to return. It was believed that no one had died, though one lifeboat had gone astray and several people had used Pokemon to flee.

Staraptor, Honchkrow and Gyarados landed on the Sunyshore Dock half an hour after the first lifeboats had docked and they landed smoothly before collapsing to the ground, looking very tired and gasping for breath after the long journey.

"Thank you very much." Ash said, and stroked Staraptor's head. Staraptor nodded, too tired for anything else, and Ash pulled out the PokeBall. Misty and Paul did the same as well and all three Pokemon were back.

"We should move before those reporters interview us next." Brock said, and pointed towards a mob of reporters that had spotted them, and were trying to wrap up another interview. The group moved further down the dock and side stepped down an alleyway between two buildings. As they left the stinky patch of darkness, Ash turned around and faced Misty and Dawn. They stopped, and Piplup scrambled down towards Pikachu, wishing to escape any fury the girls had.

"When were flying, I figured that you two might be grumpy with me about Chantelle." He began. Misty and Dawn rolled their eyes and exchanged looks. "So, anyway, I'm sorry for going off with her, I really shouldn't have, and again, I'm sorry." Ash finished, and prematurely winced, as if anticipating one of them to slap him. However, none of them had responded. There was an awkward silence, but Misty sighed and stepped forwards.

"I am not sure if I can forgive you just yet." She said, looking very cross. "I wouldn't have drunk so much if you hadn't left with her, and then you let me get out of control." Ash hung his head in shame, which Misty didn't seem to find a suitable enough response. "I am going to go and take Gyarados to the Pokemon Centre, and then I'll probably head back to Kanto." She gave Ash a brief hug, before turning and giving Brock and Pikachu longer ones in return. She then nodded her head at Dawn and walked off without a second glance. Ash watched her leave and then turned to Dawn. She looked into his eyes and saw they were full of guilt and she felt sorry.

"I suppose I forgive you, as you saved my life." Dawn said at last. Ash grinned and moved forwards and gave her a big hug. Paul let out a scoff and they broke apart.

"I am going to go, there's no point staying." He said, and he began to walk off.

"No goodbye?" Dawn called out, but Paul sulked off as always. Dawn sighed and walked off in the opposite direction. Piplup rushed forwards and leapt onto her shoulder.

"Ah Piplup, I just can't decide." Dawn said, keeping her voice low.

"Pip?" The little penguin asked, puzzled.

"I have been thinking about it." Dawn continued, as she continued walking, leaving Ash, Brock and Pikachu behind. "I mean, Ash is really cute, and he is so adorable and caring and helpful. But then you go and throw Paul into the equation…"

That was the final chapter. I hope you all enjoyed the story! The third and final installment in this trilogy, A Conference Affair, is out as well if you want to find out how this saga ends and who choose who!