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Title: Angel of the Fayth

Rating: T-M

Pairing: Seymour/Tidus

Summary: It was by chance that the angel fell out of time. Tidus is a Summoner and he was raised by the Fayth in their dream world until Sin became impatient and prematurely ripped the dream to shreds sending Tidus into Spira three years too early.

Warnings: Yaoi: Male/Male Relationships, SEVERE Alternate Reality, Drama, Slight Angst, Slight OOC, Sexual Content, Summoner Tidus, language, and other things I can't think of. FFX world all mixed and mangled for my own fun. TIDUS IS NOT A DREAM IN THIS!

Angel of the Fayth

Part I

It is impossible to see the Angel unless you first have a notion of it.

James Hillman, The Soul's Code

Seymour Guado believed with all his heart that the angel had been sent down for him and him alone. Guadosalam was a splendid sight to behold when night fell but it had been even more beautiful on that particular evening three years ago.

The skies were covered in tranquilizing silhouettes of fading stars, clouds, and the moon sequestered between them were bright and wholesome to the eyes.

The scent of the trees and fields hushed across his skin as he lay in the still silence. It was times like these that made Seymour feel more than the negative energy of his past. Rare times in which he believed that setting aside his ambitious plans was a good idea, especially when the wind whispered into his ear telling him things that only he could hear and understand.

Filled with demons and despair, Seymour had come to despise Spira but not as much as he despised his filthy good for nothing father and it had nothing to do with his own pain. Exiled was a nasty thing and Seymour wished to give taste to everyone who had looked down upon him because he was half-Guado half-human. But it was his mother, the agonizing deterioration inside of her that made it so cutting.

The intensity of his rage began to build within him but it subsided when a spark of brilliant white light modeling that of a shooting star streaked along the darkened skies. But instead of disappearing on the other side of the world it became larger, closer and closer like a pulse.

Seymour was frozen where he sat on the lush grass. He could not move if he wanted too, everything inside of his being told him to get up and move but the whispers calmly rippled through his mind telling Seymour that he was safe and he wouldn't want to miss this.

The sky lit up red and the ball of light came closer until Seymour realized that it wasn't a ball, it was a human. It fell with monumental speed and Seymour's body became unfrozen and before he could think of what he was doing, launched himself out until he was hit with the impact of the weight. He fell backwards, warmth of flesh seeped in through his open robe and he clutched the thing on top of him, eyes wide in shock.

The pulsing light had all but disappeared leaving this light weight human in its wake. Seymour shifted and rolled the human, definitely a boy over onto the grass and he gasped when he saw just what had fallen from the heavens.

An angel, literally had fallen into his lap. It sounded absurd but what else could it have been? He not only looked like an angel but he felt like one because of the racing heart beneath Seymour's mixed skin.

He was blond and not just any type of blond, but bright like the sun and it was long and messy tangled in and out of a braid. His bangs stuck out and wrapped around the crown of his head and it made Seymour think of a halo. His skin was sun-kissed and his face had a form that seemed otherworldly.

He was dressed in a thin silk powder blue robe and it accented his slim frame, like that of a prince. His cheeks were soft and he had lips that were all too kissable.

A glint of white peaked out from the other side of his hair and when Seymour leaned over examining the little angel he saw a V shaped diamond in his earlobe.

He was barefooted and lying at his feet was a familiar object that those who were blessed by the Fayth were allowed to carry.

However, the staff was no normal Summoner's tool. It looked like a revered piece of art that should be hung up in the museums of Bevelle. It was a light aqua silver about as long as his own and it looked like a mix between a blade and a staff. There were two hand holds one above the bright blue jewel in the center and one below it. There were black intricate designs with multiple runes in a language that Seymour could not decipher.

Just who was this little thing? He wondered as he reached over to lift the creation only to be zapped the moment he pressed his hand to it. He jerked back and winced at the pulse of electric riding through his arm.

"I'm sorry about that, are you hurt?"

Seymour's head whipped around so fast that it was a wonder he didn't suffer a nervous strain. He found himself looking into wide beautiful eyes that matched the jewels on the staff. He looked no older than sixteen if not younger, if Seymour had to make a guess.

He was sitting up and while the confusion was written all over his face, he had a look of concern as he reached out instantly and took the man's hand.

"No, just a quick zap. Nothing life threatening. I told them not to add such restrictions," the boy grumbled as he brushed his thumb across the man's hand.

The Guado had to resist a shiver, the touch wasn't typical. Seymour was very cautious of touching, he never allowed another human or Guado to touch him on the flesh. It made him feel dirty and nauseated. What right would they have to touch him? Their blood was disdainful compared to his own. The sensation of the boy's slim fingers played on his own and then to Seymour's ultimate surprise, the boy brought the fingers up to his lips and kissed them.

"Who are you?" Seymour asked.

Blue eyes captivated him as they peaked from under his long lashes. "My name is Tidus. What is yours?" he asked moving onto his knees and slowly letting go, he leaned over in a curious fashion.

Seymour was confused, he didn't know? For a second, he thought the boy might be mocking him but the spark in his eyes told Seymour that he was not mocking him and that he was truly curious. The boy reached up and picked up a strand of blue hair. "It's pretty, I've never seen blue hair before," he hummed with a smile.

The move was so innocent and pure without any intentions behind it that Seymour was left stunned and just as confused. "I am Seymour Guado, half-human and half-Guado."

Tidus tilted his head to the side. "It's nice to meet you Seymour."

Seymour didn't bother correcting him with titles, he inclined his head. Perhaps he was far too drawn in or perhaps correcting the angel seemed a sin, since the way he spoke Seymour's name made him feel special. "As is you, little Angel."

Seymour let the memories of that night wash across him and he felt as though he were drowning in a pool of grief. For the first time in his life, he had been ready to give up his plans. All for his little angel. The same little angel who'd have a nightmare and come running into his arms and fall asleep against his chest or the same innocent little angel that no one but him knew about.

Tidus had remained in his living corridors for half a year, no one but Seymour knew of him and that was how he liked it. Tidus was his special little angel, made just for him.

But then, one evening Seymour came home from Macalania Temple only to find his bedroom empty. Nothing of his little angel remained except for blue paper rose that sat by his bed side.

His world ended on that very day and Spira would become the victim of his blade cutting anguish until all that was left was a mere hollow impression. The heart that Seymour had formed during that time withered and died, leaving a black hole.


"Did he have to attack when I was making my debut shot?" Tidus scowled as he was dragged from the wreckage of the stadium.

It was massive chaos, Sin's attack had devastated Zanarkand, a place where he was dropped too by the Fayth for his safety after their dream world stasis had been destroyed by Sin's attack.

Apparently, the bastard known as Tidus' father decided he didn't want to wait any longer and was infuriated that Tidus had been taken away and so he decided to launch an attack with an attempt to separate Tidus from the family of Gods.

The Fayth did the only they could do at the time, repair their dreams and thrust Tidus into the past world of Zanarkand and now it was being destroyed by Sin and only Tidus knew the true extent of the destruction.

It all led back to Yu Yevon and the Yevonites that were sequestered in Bevelle. Every time he heard the word Bevelle, Spira, Sin, and Yevon it made his heart bleed and the pain of loss to take control over his emotions.

He had been infuriated when the Fayth had ripped him away. A mistake in time it may have been but Tidus had gained something more valuable and precious during his short stay in Spira.

"You're a Summoner, Tidus," Auron ground out as they rushed toward the attack while the citizens of Zanarkand ran from it.

The street lights glowed upon them both and Tidus glared at the back of the man's head. He had appeared out of nowhere only months ago hell bent on keeping his promise to Jecht.

But the Tidus that Auron had expected to see didn't exist. Instead, Auron had found out that Tidus was a Summoner, directly trained underneath the Fayth's guidance.

"No kidding," Tidus growled. "Just because I'm a Summoner doesn't mean I have to always act like one. I'm a kid too you know and Blitzball was a wonderful way to fill the gap in my days."

"Now that gap will be filled," Auron said as they battled there way roughly through massive hordes of Sinspawns. Every time one came near, either Auron would slice it into a bunch of pyreflies or Tidus used his bursts of second level Black Magic.

Whenever he used one of the spells, his eyes would glaze over and he would recall how he had learned such and the shape of a man that Tidus could never forget seemed to formulate out of thin air and stand next to him, teaching and coaxing him while fingers toyed with the ends of his blond hair.

He remembered the man's words one evening when Tidus had come out of the bath, his hair free of its messy braid and hanging wildly around his shoulders.

"I love your hair, never cut it. Let it grow and be as wild as you my little angel."

Tidus had been fourteen at the time and now he was seventeen and his hair was still long and wild, always clasped to the middle of his head, hiding it's true length.

"You know your role, Lord Tidus."

Tidus rolled his eyes but he knew that correcting the man was futile, no matter what he said Auron would ignore him. "Of course, destroy Sin for good. I'm aware of that."

After knocking out an electrical tanker the entire street blew up, buildings caught in the middle of the impact made the whole world rumble at their feet and sparks of fire shot up grandly and spread all around them.

Using his special agility, he jumped the gap of the broken bridge and landed on two feet next to Auron who was peering up at the soul molded skin of Sin. "We ready for this, Jecht?"

Tidus sneered. "You bastard! I will kill your ass for this!"

Auron smirked. "That's the intentions, Lord Tidus, this is it. I will be with you and if I can't find you, seek out Cid and the Al Bhed. They know of you and they will protect you."

A familiar bright white light engulfed them and Tidus gasped as the pressure on his chest became heavy and he clung to Auron's red robes as he was sucked into the black hole of Sin leaving the destroyed town of mystical Zanarkand behind forever.


Tidus was cursing his father's name to hell and back as he sat on the floor of Baaj Temple, the fire crackled and popped but he was still shiverish. He had changed out of his soaked Blitzball gear and into a simple black floor length robe with a black turtle neck and slacks underneath to cover his nakedness.

The sounds of the soft falls of water on each side of him lulled him into an odd sort of trance, he was starving, tired, and cold. He didn't know where to go from here and he moaned piteously as he remembered the warmth of Seymour's arms and the strong smell of something spicy and hot along the man's skin.

It had intoxicated him and he felt safe and warm as if nothing could get at him, not even his nightmares. Seymour probably wouldn't even recognize him, he thought. He had left the man and he knew that the Guado would see it as an act of betrayal, even if it was out of Tidus' hands.

He remembered arguing with Bahamut for almost an hour and had been so embarrassed when he went up in tears. Bahamut's mystical voice asking him to stop crying and to this day, every time Tidus ran into the bratty God his first words were, 'Don't cry.'

Embarrassing, the Fayth had no understanding of pride, to them it was drivel to feel such but Tidus was still a human, he had just been surrounded by Gods and Goddesses all his life.

He didn't know how long it had been since he had fallen asleep, but the shapes of endless haunting dreams were torn from behind his eyelids at the skittering sound of something that didn't belong in his dreams.

He shot awake, his hands gripping his staff. The fire had gone out and he was once again shivering as the icy air bit through his robes and attacked his skin. In the distance of the temple a flicker of glowing eyes zoned in on Tidus and the teen could literally hear it snickering to itself about easy prey.

Fiend, Tidus' mind conjured up immediately. A big fiend too.

It scampered down from the high balcony, it was massive and it looked like a spider but with two legs and it reared it's flashing eyes as it lashed out toward Tidus causing the teen to send up a Protect Shield and while the damage was limited there was still damage, Tidus winced as he was grazed in the side.

When Tidus retaliated he used Fira, second level of Black Magic causing a wave of fire to smash into the creature, he used it a second time while it was disoriented and dodged a strike from its sharp talons.

He was caught off guard when the sealed doors of the temple blasted open revealing armored clad men and one female.

Tidus breathed in relief when he recognized them as Al Bhed.

The girl cracked her knuckles and walked forward. He inclined his head and said flawlessly in their own language, "Dryhg oui vun ouin ramb." (Thank you for your help.)

She blinked at him in surprise at his usage of their language. She nodded firmly and sent a hand grenade out to the hissing fiend.

Tidus sent one more Fira at it and it keened backwards before exploding in a puff of pyreflies.

Tidus breathed a sigh of relief as the girl turned to him and ripped her goggles off. The spirals were evident of her nationality.

"E ys Cissuhan Tidus," Tidus greeted. (I am Summoner Tidus.)

The Al Bhed's all gasped when he revealed his name and they clambered around him and inspected him thoroughly.

"E ys Rikku," the girl answered in a child like voice. "Frana ec ouin kiynteyh?" (Where is your guardian?)

Tidus sighed. "E fyc tnubbat rana po Ceh. Yinuh dumt sa du caag uid yh Ym Prat syh hysat Cid." (I was dropped here by Sin. Auron told me to seek out an Al Bhed man named Cid.) Already, he was tired of speaking their language.

Rikku's eyes widened. "Cid?" she repeated. "Sir. Auron?"

"You can speak English?" Tidus said with a breath of fresh air.

"Yes, of course. Guys, let's get him onto the ship where's safe."

They began squabbling about taking Tidus to home where he would be safe, the teen sighed and shook his head. "I'm not that kind of Summoner," he told Rikku in English. He jumped when a moleskin coat was draped over him and he looked back to see a masked man holding a gun under one arm. "Thank you."

"Let's get on the ship and then we can talk," Rikku suggested. "Do you have everything?"

Tidus nodded, feeling some warmth come from the coat he had been given. He pulled it around him and held his staff to his chest as they left the same way the Al Bhed had come in.

The air outside was just as frigid and it was still night which told Tidus he hadn't slept for very long at all. He would imagine that perhaps an hour worth of sleep was all he had been able to come up with and it was no wonder his body felt so fatigued.

The ship was massive, machina tanks on one side with an anchor and hook.

Double doors slid open mechanically and a man with goggles and no hair appeared wearing blue overalls.

"Eh? I send you out to find something interesting and look what you brought back a Summoner!" Cid gruffed in English.

Tidus breathed out, relieved he didn't have to slide back into Al Bhed. "I'm Summoner Tidus," he said before the others could tell him. "Auron told me to seek you out if I couldn't find him."

Cid ripped off his goggles and stared at him. "Ai! So it seems you're the brat we were told about. I see, I see! Rikku, take care of him. You know the drill, everyone get inside and then we'll discuss everything. Auron'll have my head if you get sick and so will the Fayth for that matter."

Tidus clenched his teeth at being called a brat, however, he allowed it to slide. He wouldn't be ungrateful for their hospitality.

Rikku beamed. "Right on it, Pops! Cid is my Pops, so you lucked out." She took him by the arm. "Come on, we've set up a room just for you!"

"Huh? You expected me?" Tidus asked confused.

"Well, we didn't expect oui. But we expected that a Summoner of a different kind was brought to Spira. We don't know all the details but we trust Sir. Auron," she chirped happily.

Tidus took off the moleskin coat and turned to the guy who unmasked himself. Dark coal black hair that fell into his spiral teal eyes. He was dark skinned and he stared at Tidus intensely. He was about four inches taller than Tidus and he looked to be in his early twenties.

"Dryhg oui vun drec." (Thank you for this.)

"Oui'na famlusa. Ev oui haat yhodrehk mad sa ghuf, so hysa ec, Kalu." (You're welcome. If you need anything let me know, my name is Kalu.)

Tidus smiled and inclined his head before letting the hyper girl take him by the arm through the ship.

Rikku typed in a serial number. "Remember 09623, otherwise you won't get in. This is where we live when we're not at Home or in the air."

There was a hall with many metal sliding doors, two Al Bhed's took in deep breaths when they saw Tidus next to Rikku. The girl chirped out in Al Bhed that he was the Summoner they were searching for.

"Sir. Auron contacted us three months ago," Rikku explained when they got to the end of the hall. "23232 is your code. You can change it at any time. But he explained to us that he was bringing a Summoner here that was unlike any other Summoner and that he would need our protection in case you were separated and we Al Bhed are always looking for a new way to defeat Sin. We don't appreciate the lives being sacrificed for nothing."

The doors slid open and Tidus gaped when he saw a full sized room. "We have a bunch of different robes if you want something new. They're all your size, honestly, we thought we were getting a girl." Tidus scowled at her as she giggled incessantly. "Sorry, it's just your smaller than most boys here in Spira."

Tidus rolled his eyes. "Thanks," he muttered not sure if that was a compliment or not. The bed looked inviting. "Do you have showers?"

"We have baths," Rikku said with a smile. "If you want you can bathe and rest and I can come get you in a few hours?"

Tidus shivered unconsciously as he thought about the cold wet air of the temple he'd been in and nodded. "Please," he said quietly.

"Great!" Rikku cheered. "I'll go tell Pops you'll be a while, so to hold out on the grub."

Tidus turned and looked down at Rikku. "Thank you, so much," he said sincerely.

She smiled. "We're always here to help the willing." She bounced out of the room and Tidus was left to the warmth of the room and the prospect of a very hot bath.

Eight hours later, Tidus was awake and after going through all the clothes and tossing the bright silk fabrics of fuchsia, magenta, and every other kind of pink mixed with purple to the side he found something worth wearing.

The robes were a deep blue, embroidered with so many unique designs that it'd be impossible to describe each one. The neckline was a deep vee, trimmed in gold. A pale blue, gold-trimmed sheath of fabric curved around the shoulder, secured over the deep blue robes with a black satin belt that was adorned with golden pins. The robes fell to the floor, swishing with every step he took. The inside of the fabric had a warm base to keep frigid temperatures from assaulting him so much.

After messing with his back length blond hair, he set it in a winding braid and lifted his staff. His stomach was rumbling and he took his pack with a few spare robes stuffed inside along with his Blitzball uniform and various potions and currency that was used in this world.

He came out expecting to see the hall empty but was visibly surprised when he met Kalu leaning against the wall just outside his room.

"Good morning, Summoner Tidus," Kalu said inclining his head and smiling.

"You speak English?"

"Yes, Rikku taught me," he said and then nodded. "You look much better."

Tidus breathed and sagged his shoulders. "I feel much better, you guys have my eternal gratitude for this."

"No need, you were expected. Come, let's get you fed and then we can have a long talk with Cid."

The Al Bhed in the hallway either waved at him, smiled, or made quiet comments to their partners. Tidus pinked when he heard a few of these and Kalu chuckled.

"You are a sight to see, Lord Tidus."

"It's just Tidus, please!" Tidus insisted.

Kalu nodded. "Tidus it is."

When they got up on the main inner deck, they went through a few cabins before getting to a room filled with laughing Al Bhed's sitting around a long rectangular table. Some were lounged back with mugs of frothy beer while others were digging in with no tolerance for table manners.

Cid was at the head table and sitting opposite of him was Rikku who had climbed out of her diving gear and looked all of fourteen sitting cross-legged her blonde hair pitched at the top of her head.

"Tidus!" she called with delight as everyone paused and looked over. A few drew in breaths as they saw him.

"Well, don't you look mighty purdy! Sorry about all the lady garb."

Tidus resisted a glare as the pink in his cheeks remained. "It's fine, I'm just appreciative," he said and he was.

"Well brat, come over here and sit, you've got this entire group chatting up a storm."

"By me, Tidus! By me!" Rikku bounced in her seat.

Kalu took a seat next to a guy with a Mohawk, Tidus remembered that he was Rikku's brother and he looked quite a bit like Cid.

"Help yourself to the grub kiddo and relax!"

Tidus smiled and selected a few things, his stomach doing flips of joy as he put a hot buttery croissant to his mouth and bit in. He could feel that he was being watched by a few of the others and Rikku struck up a conversation to Kalu and her brother.

Tidus ate in silence and watched the large happy group. The brother of Rikku was complaining about diving into the water for some underground ruins.

"There is no way, I'm sending you down there by yourself, Rikku," Cid argued firmly. "Unless we have another underwater breather, we'll have to forget it."

"But Pops! I'm not a child."

"I don't care, you're my only girl and it's not happening, not alone."

Tidus finished the medium rare steak tips on his plate before wiping his fingers. "Uhm, you know, I can breathe underwater," he said to the crowd causing them to all look over at him.

"Can you?" Cid asked surprised.

"I know more than Summoning," Tidus insisted. "I'm also a Blitzball player, I can always help Rikku and if we get into trouble, I have my staff." He held it up and everyone noticed that it was different than normal.

"That looks like a sword," Kalu pointed out.

Tidus smiled and ran his hand across the metal. "It is, it's both." He brushed his finger over the left blue jewel and it transformed long and deadly sharp. "What I lack in strength when I fight melee, I make up with stamina and speed."

Kalu related what Tidus said in Al Bhed so he didn't have too and the Brother of Rikku perked and began gabbling.

Cid hummed. "Well, I don't see why not. You don't mind helping? You might get your pretty robes all filthy."

Tidus chuckled at the small jab but didn't take it to heart. "I have my Blitzball uniform with me," he explained. "When Sin attacked I was in the middle of a game."

"Summoning and Blitzball, two very different combinations," Kalu hummed.

"Yeah well, Blitzball was a good way to help me forget," he said as a haunting fog entered his ocean blue eyes.

Most of the Al Bhed's in the room shifted when they saw the sadness and Rikku tilted her head. "What were you trying to forget?"

Tidus brushed his finger across the jewel once more sending it back into its normal staff. He placed it aside. "What did Auron tell you about me?" he asked cautiously.

Cid grunted and wiped his mouth before taking another pork rib. "He told us that you weren't from Spira, another world but he didn't tell us where. He says dimensions are fickle things."

"I guess you could say once my dad disappeared from our world, the Fayth stepped in and took me into their dreams."

Kalu's eyes widened. "You're serious?"

Tidus nodded. "Can't really give you proof right now, so you don't have to believe me but somehow Sin was able to break through the Fayth's dreams and it sent me into Spira three years too early. I met a good friend when I was here before disappearing, he taught me Black Magic so that I had more offensive spells in my arsenal because the Fayth don't teach Black Magic, just White."

Each Al Bhed was hanging onto his every word as Kalu translated what he said to them.

Cid nodded. "That makes since, it was three years ago roughly that we were approached by a boy in purple garb."

Tidus rolled his eyes. "Bahamut," he said dryly. "He's the one who moves between the worlds and confiding in those he trusts or believes to be able to end their suffering."

"Suffering?" Kalu queried.

"Suffering because of Yu Yevon," Tidus answered as he took a drink of the sweet tangerine stuff he had been given.

Cid grunted. "Everyone suffers because of that farfetched religion."

"That's why you're different!" Rikku yelped.

"I was trained by the Fayth," Tidus said earnestly. "What do you know of the legendary Aeons?"

Kalu scratched his head. "There are five of them. They are in all Yevon type of books, all Legendary Aeons take up human form and only the most trusted Summoner are able to wield their power and strength."

Tidus nodded. "I have all five," he explained causing an intake of breaths for those who understood.

Rikku squealed. "You do? Can we see one?" she asked hopeful.

"I don't see why not, let's see who I can call out." He stood and took up his staff, everyone swiveled around to watch.

With a small circling sweep to the right, Tidus began to draw a symbol with the edge of his staff causing it to light up in dark shadowy purples. There was a loud roar and the whole ship began to rumble and the dimensions of the Fayth and Spira began to collide as Tidus beckoned the Aeon out with his staff.

"Mercy!" Kalu yelped when a beautiful and rather revealing woman crawled out on all fours. Her claws were shiny and sharp and her mane was silk coils of wild purple around her head. Her eyes were yellow and shaped like a cat, she had black cat ears and a swinging tail.

She was almost all naked except for the black fur patches that covered her chest and fuzzy cloth around her lower half.

Tidus stood next to her and began to stroke her head until she purred. "Everyone meet Pantaria, the Cat Goddess."

"Little Tidus, what are we doing?" she asked in a whiny seductive voice as she rubbed against his thigh with her head.

"I'm sorry to call you out Pantaria but I needed proof that I was raised by you guys."

She meowed and smiled. "Got any fish?" she asked her cat ear coming down in a curious quirk.

Kalu was already up with some salmon and handed it to Tidus. "Here you go, thanks Kalu."

"Mmm… delicious." She took it with her claws and devoured it.

"You can go back now, Pantaria."

"Hm, call me out when you have more food or need me to shred someone," she teased with a wink before turning and crawling across the floor back into the dimension.

The rune around Tidus' feet disappeared along with the break in dimension.

There were claps all around, along with hoots and chatter about how sexy she was. Tidus blushed as Kalu stood staring.

"You really are an Angel of the Fayth," he breathed in awe.

Tidus' eyes widened at the declaration and he recalled a similar term that Seymour used to always use although he had no idea how true it was. Seymour had only thought that he was an angel sent down for no other reason than for Seymour Guado to end his suffering.

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