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Part VII

Dream Angel

Rikku and Kalu met up with them as they were heading toward the command center. Rikku was holding a strange bronze crest with a dark red ruby in it.

Tidus took in the design briefly. "That's a Mar's Crest. It powers up katana's by extremes."

"Yup!" she chirped. "We decided to go see if there was anything useful around the roads, so we borrowed a chocobo," she said excitedly. "I think this would go good with Auron, don't you think? It has the same symbols around it as his robe. I bet if I had a sword I could combine this and make the ultimate weapon."

Auron arched an eyebrow. "Weapon?" he asked taking the crest and looking it over.

Rikku bobbed her head. "Us Al-Bhed are quite the engineers. I can put just about anything together."

"Indeed," Auron said handing it back.

"What are we doing now?" Kalu asked looking at a grim Tidus who stood rather close to Maester Seymour.

"Heading to the command center, it won't be safe," Seymour warned softly. "But it will be safer than down here on the ocean shore."

Crusaders and Al-Bhed's passed, talking excitedly about how that day would be the end of z Sin. Tidus tried not to flash his forlorn expression as they took a left hand turn away from the shoreline and headed through Mushroom Rock Road.

Seymour and his two Guado guards led the way, Kinoc had already traveled on ahead to the command center.

They ran into a dozen or so fiends along the way, but they made quick work of them, clearing a path as they took several mushroom topped stones that ran on generators to the higher part of the woods.

Rikku collected an army of items as people stopped by the road giving Kalu things for Tidus.

The Crusaders along the path had various things to say, they greeted Tidus and Seymour as though they were royalty.

Lucil and two other Al-Bhed's on armored chocobos called out to them.

"Your grace," she said dipping her head down as she tightened her hold on her reigns. "It is a remarkable pleasure to see you. I am Lucil, the Captain of the Crusaders and this operation, who are your companions?" she asked looking at Summoner Tidus and his guardians with curiosity.

Seymour smiled and placed a gentle hand on Tidus' shoulder. "Summoner Tidus and his guardians. I have requested Summoner Tidus to remain by my side, I believe the Crusaders and Al-Bhed need as much hope as they can in their hearts."

"Oh," she said her eyes widening. "I thought Lady Summoner Yuna was accompanying you."

Seymour shook his head. "No, I let them off near the eastern southern road."

"I'm confused," she admitted with a frown. "They passed through not ten minutes ago." Seymour's eyes narrowed and Tidus and Auron exchanged frowning looks. "They made mention that Lady Yuna was traveling with you as your companion. I heard no word about another Summoner and his party."

It took a lot for Seymour not to snap at the woman in irritation, it wasn't her fault, but he could see that the lies were stressing his little angel.

"I see, I thank you for informing me of this, but no. Lady Yuna is not my traveling companion."

To say that the look on Lucil's face was one of stunned surprise. "I understand your grace, I won't hold you up any longer. Stay safe, Lord Summoner Tidus and guardians." She trotted off swiftly after that.

"They must have lied to weasel their way into the operations," Auron grunted. "Perhaps, she's not as naïve as we believed her to be, Tidus, hm?"

Tidus snorted. "Obviously," he drawled. "What are we going to do with them?" he asked looking up at Seymour. "They'll just get in the way."

Seymour nodded. "I'm aware, but for now, let's not quarrel with them. This is about lending our support and squabbling with another Summoner because of such childishly trivial matters won't help them at all."

"You're right," Tidus said sharply nodding. "We'll deal with them when this is over."

They continued to climb their way higher, until they met a machina gate. Maester Kinoc was waiting on them inside, Kinoc surveyed Auron closely as he spoke with Seymour.

"You better prepare yourselves, when we release the spawn, you might be attacked."

"We'll be ready," Auron grunted adjusting his katana.

"See that you are, old friend," Kinoc said inclining his head. "We know how the events of today will turn out. It's best to give them as much hope as possible until then."

Tidus frowned and turned away from the chubby maester and took a walk around the machina, surveying the pieces of metal closely.

Rikku and Kalu followed along.

One of the Al-Bhed's were cursing about one of the malfunctioning machina until Rikku bounded over. "(Can I look?)" she asked in Al-Bhed.

The man bobbed his head, when he recognized her, and immediately Rikku and Kalu surrounded the metal contraption.

"(Thank you, it keeps misfiring, I thought I packed too much powder in it.)"

"(Hm, we'll see, I think it's the lower node here. It's missing two screws.)"

Tidus peered over the edge down the beach at all the crusaders moving about.

"Your grace, I hope you don't mind us joining, we wish to help as much as we can," the soft tepid voice of Lady Yuna reached Tidus' ears causing the teen to roll his eyes and turn around to see Wakka sneering at all the machina and Lulu keeping her distance with uncertainty.

"It is fine, but please, next time ask my permission Lady Yuna."

"Yes, of course," she bowed deeply in apology.

"Your Maester… lordship… how can you allow this? All this illegal machina!"

"The Crusaders and Al-Bhed are working hard and they are pure in their intentions of defeating Sin. Even if it goes against the teachings. As a person, I must do all I can to support them."

"B- but that's not what a Maester should say!"

"Pretend you didn't hear then," Seymour said with a smirk.

Tidus chuckled softly as the group spluttered.

Tidus noticed a few of the Crusaders smiling fondly at seeing Lady Yuna and Seymour interact together and he couldn't help but feel the frown tugging at the edges of his lips. Just what kind of tripe were people spreading?

"(There you go!)" Rikku chirped happily.

"(Thank you, thank you, Rikku! I didn't think I'd ever get it working. You're a genius!)"

"(Oi! What about me?)" Kalu argued playfully.

The Al-Bhed chuckled. "(Thank you too, but she's cuter.)"

Rikku squealed with delight. "(Shall I check the rest for you?)"


Wakka squawked. "You guys speak Al-Bhed?" he blurted out in horror.

Tidus really did roll his eyes at that.

Rikku looked over her shoulder. "I am Al-Bhed, you meathead!"

"Me too," Kalu said causing Wakka to choke on air.

"Wh- what?!" he yelped. He whirled around to Tidus. "You knew they were Al-Bhed?"

Tidus snorted. "Of course I did."

"Yeah, Tidus loves us, so you stay out of it," Rikku said shouldering herself up to full height.

"You have Al-Bhed guardians? Are you insane? Do you want to be punished by Yevon?"

"Seymour, please tell them to leave off my guardians, before I get angry," he requested with impatience.

"Do behave yourselves," Seymour interjected causing Wakka and Yuna to both go red. "Remember, you were not initially given permission to be here. Be thankful that I allow you to remain."

"O- Of course," Wakka spluttered in shame at being chastised.

"Wakka, mind yourself," Lulu chastised. "You won't get anywhere with those anger issues."

"I just don't understand, what's the world coming too? First Yevon accepts the use of forbidden machina and a Summoner allows Al-Bhed's to interfere with their pilgrimage."

"It is not for you to decide but for Summoner Tidus and you do well to remember that," Lulu warned harshly.

Wakka scowled but said nothing more, which was a good thing because Tidus was about to abandon all propriety just so he could punch the Blitzball idiot.

Tidus resumed his spot next to Seymour and continued to watch the preparations being completed with Rikku and Kalu giving the Al-Bhed their assistance.

When the operation began, a humongous crate of skittering Sinspawn was lifted into the air by a familiar anchor and power was drawn to it as the creatures made loud keen noises.

It happened in a flash, the contorted Sinspawn was massive and when it was released it was thrust into the path of Tidus and his guardians.

"We'll take care of it!" Tidus said as Auron, Kalu, and Rikku stepped into place.

It had four weak points on its body but it's large arms blocked it's middle.

"Go for the arms Kalu!" Auron ordered. "Tidus and Rikku aim for its head."

Simultaneously, Tidus let off a string of Fira spells while Rikku used her hand grenades. They were all taken off guard when a vicious zap of thunder pierced Kalu's body, causing him to cry out.

Auron got his side of the arm off first and after a bit of a struggle, Kalu was able to use the flamethrower on his gun to make it disappear. Every few hits the arms regenerated causing Tidus to growl when he was pelted straight in the back by said arms. Auron had blocked most of it.

"Back up!" Tidus growled. "I'm going to summon," he said tired of the game already. It's health was only half down.

Tidus held his staff vertically, drawing it up and then down until the end smashed into the earth. There was a rippling wave all around causing everyone to stagger. "Come on guys, I need your help!" Tidus called overhead.

Brilliant red and white light shined down from the skies and the Aeon dimension broke open and from what seemed like the heavens, and from the depths of the light, two slender Aeons floated to the ground. They were very human looking and males, the taller one had deep mahogany brown hair and vibrant red eyes. He was holding a red apple in the palm of his outstretched him. He was wearing a tailored suit and looked all of seventeen-years-old and his right arm was wrapped around the waist of another man, this one looking a little older but he was a complete contrast to his partner. He had wild raven black hair that looked almost blue, deep round matching eyes, and he was pale, wearing a wrinkled white shirt and a pair of blue pants. He was slightly hunched and staring owlishly at Tidus when they landed.

Tidus could hear the rippling gasps.

"Little Tidus-kun," the wild hunched one spoke first.

"What is it you need, Tidus-chan?" the other asked with a tilt of his head.

Tidus inclined his head. "Please, Light, Lawliet, I really need your help."

They turned simultaneously and stared at the confused Sinspawn with curt intelligence.

"Hn, Light-kun, I sense a thunder element fiend with high regeneration abilities."

"Right as usual, L," he answered and they unwound their arms. "Let's do this."

"Hm, the probability of defeating this creature and returning to my shortcake at home… 99.5%."

"Stop thinking of cake at a time like this, L!" Light growled as they dodged out of the way instantly when the creature got fed up.

"I can't help it, I was just taking a bite and little Tidus-kun called me."

"You're always eating, the chances of interrupting your sweet tooth extends one hundred percent."

"Hn, Light-kun is right."

"Of course, I'm right," Light answered narcissistically.

"Guys!" Tidus groaned as he smacked his forehead.

Rikku and Kalu snorted in amusement despite their situation and Auron arched an eyebrow. "How interesting…"

"Sorry little Tidus-kun," Lawliet said not sorry at all.

Light inclined his head and held out his red apple and black shadows began to emerge from it until a massive bat-like creature appeared in black, he had wings and wide crazy red eyes. "Ryuk, decimate him!"

"Right on, Light!"

Ryuk soared high into the air causing the creature to follow it's movements and before the spawn could launch an attack, Ryuk released a jet of wild black flames as Lawliet opened the palm of his hand and released a jet of corrosive green gas.

The damage was extensive, not only did it take off the head and arms simultaneously but it also attacked the middle causing it to fall back and cry in pain. It's entire body was consumed in the flames. Ryuk cackled with glee before slipping back into the apple.

When it was over, Lawliet and Light turned and bowed simultaneously.

"Thank you guys."

"You should be careful little Tidus-kun."

"Take care kid," Light yanked Lawliet up by the scruff of his neck. "Let's get you back to your cake, you're getting grumpy already."

"I think Light-kun is jealous of my cake." Lawliet deadpanned.

Light scoffed. "Of course I am, your cake gets more attention than me!"

"I give you a lot of attention," Lawliet said without blinking.

Light narrowed his eyes and stuffed the apple into his pocket before gripping Lawliet's pale chin. "Oh, yeah? Prove it?" he challenged.

Lawliet drew himself up to full height and pressed a simple kiss to the other's lips. They were all but oblivious to the massive gasps that they received from everyone witnessing them. "Light-kun always needs proof, very well. Let's return and I'll show you proof."

In a flash of light, they disappeared. Seymour was immediately at Tidus' side. "They were amazing, Tidus," he breathed in awe.

"Wh- what was that?" Maester Kinoc croaked.

Tidus wiped his forehead. "Light and Lawliet, Gods of Death. They are an interesting pair."

"A Legendary Aeon!" Yuna blurted out. "How did you get a legendary Aeon? I thought they were a myth!"

Tidus inclined his head. "It is very possible, I have all five human Aeons and they were given to me by each of the Fayth respectfully. They are not a myth, they are legendary because no one but I have ever been able to gain their trust and help."

Wakka was goggling. Lulu took in a breath. "I've only read about them in books, I was unsure if they could possibly exist."

"They do," Seymour assured.

They had no time left to dwell on Tidus' Aeon because Sin rose from the water as the Crusaders and Al-Bhed began to attack but it was futile, in a few very short seconds, Sin released its power causing a blinding light to consume everybody.

Tidus' body collapsed under the pressure and he was half aware of Seymour's arms tightening around him.

Death and destruction, Sin obliterated over half the island, the machina sank into the depths of the ocean as all the Crusaders were crushed under the power.

The massacre made the skies bleed red and black and when Tidus' head rose, he saw quite literally Sin staring back at him. He was convinced that the only reason Sin didn't take them out on top was because Tidus was there and that only infuriated him more.

The teen's eyes narrowed. "I will kill you, old man. I swear it," he hissed before unconsciousness claimed him thoroughly.

As the bodies lay below and those who survived were sobbing over them, Seymour's head rose from his position, he was almost on top of Tidus and he stared down at his little angel before reaching out and scooping his head up gently and sliding underneath so that Tidus could rest on him.

Lady Yuna and her guardians managed to stagger up, as Kalu and Rikku came over to check on Tidus.

"He is fine," Seymour assured.

"We're going to go down and help what we can," Rikku said taking Tidus' bag and pulling out some potions.

"Ah, man this is a disaster," Wakka moaned. "I knew all this machina was bad news."

Rikku and Kalu ignored him completely as they jumped lithely off the edge. Maester Kinoc came over and bowed. "It is done. Shall we take our leave your grace?"

Seymour didn't look up from Tidus' beautiful face. "Maester Kinoc, you may head back to Bevelle. I will remain."

Kinoc looked questionable. "But your grace…"

"You heard me," Seymour said in a calm and firm voice. "I will be accompanying Tidus and his guardians to the Djose Temple, end of question."

Disgruntled, Kinoc sighed. "Very well, I'm not sure how Maester Mika will see to this."

"That is fine, you tell him what you will," he said shortly.

By this time, Yuna had awoken and she was sitting on the ground eyeing Seymour and Tidus enviously.

Lulu came over to Yuna and touched her shoulder. "I believe we should get going."

"I can do the sending," Yuna said getting up and straightening her dress.

"I have already entrusted Tidus with the sending, Lady Yuna. You and your party go onto the temple," Seymour requested.

Yuna opened her mouth to protest but a stern look from Lulu caused her to close it back. "I- I'll go see if anyone needs healing and then I'll be on my way."

Seymour didn't particularly care as he didn't look up at her when she bowed to him.

Auron walked the lengths to stand by his side. "I do believe, Jecht was trying to show Tidus exactly what Sin does."

Seymour hummed. "I fear that is why he is still out. Do you mind that I accompany you?"

"Not at all, this is Tidus' quest anyhow. I only follow."

Seymour chuckled. "But it is obvious that your word is gold, Sir. Auron. I would hate to disrupt your group."

"I do believe Lady Yuna has done enough of that," Auron said dryly. "I'm sure Maester Kinoc is pleased, all those who turned their backs on Yevon were decimated."

Seymour heaved a sigh. "It is a strong and dangerous political game that we must all play a part in until the end."

Auron observed Seymour coolly. "What are your intentions with Tidus?"

Seymour smiled a little at the question. He had been waiting for it. "How are you speaking, Sir. Auron?"

Auron arched an eyebrow. "What does it matter?"

"My intentions can only be pure, when it comes to Tidus, Sir. Auron," Seymour said allowing his gaze to rise to meet the legendary guardian. "I will admit to you that before my heart was full of despair and revenge. It was cold and I looked forward to this day since the moment it had been planned."

Auron grunted. "I knew that, already."

Seymour chuckled. "Nothing can pass your inspection, Sir. Auron and I am pleased that it does not. However, Tidus has an odd way of filling the black hole of despair inside of someone's heart. It wasn't what I expected three years ago and when he left, I felt betrayed, abandoned, and all that despair came back. I thought he had left me for good, but I was wrong. I intend to honor Tidus; follow, protect, and love him for as long as he shall have me and the path that I had once walked, will no longer exist."

"I see," Auron drawled. "Well, don't let me interfere. Tidus can use all the protection he can get, because once word gets out that he holds the legendary Aeons, those of Yevon will seek to destroy him. They will see Tidus' strength and they will fear it. You best be ready, Maester Seymour Guado, because Yevon won't allow Tidus to hold the means to defeating it without a violent fight to the end."

Seymour smiled grimly as he leaned down, hovering above Tidus and gently pressed his forehead to the boy's. "My little angel, will be safe."


The skies became dark with a vicious haze of red, cries amongst those barely alive were heard and Tidus' head bowed as he stepped forward and glared right up into Sin's disappearing form.

Gatta was sobbing by Luzzu's dead body as Tidus surveyed the grounds sadly. The Hymn of the Fayth was playing in the back of his mind as he saw the body's ripped and torn asunder.

Tidus looked back at Auron. "You might want to step back," he said knowingly to the legendary guardian.

Auron inclined his head. "I will hold on. Go on and send."

Tidus nodded and stepped away from Seymour's chest, the warmth of the man's heat left his body and he was amused to see that Yuna was looking as though she swallowed something particularly sour. He remembered the look on her face when he summoned his Aeon.

Right now though, they didn't matter now, what did matter was the fact that Tidus had hundreds of bodies to send. He stopped along the edge of the shore, those who were alive and alert stopped to watch in awe as Tidus began the natural flow of the dance.

Each movement was brought on by a searing pain twisting and slithering its way down into the depths of his very heart and he could have sworn that he felt the sensation of blood trickling out of the muscle. His hair whipped around him as he twirled and brought the staff close before going down and dancing fluidly around the brilliant particles of pyreflies.

Auron gave a sharp grunt and held tightly onto himself. Rikku and Kalu were at his side as Seymour whispered. "Push him back a little. The magic is strong," he said unable to take his gaze away from the beautiful form in front of him.

The dance was exquisite and somber. Tidus was an artist the way he moved, rolling his slim body and the robes seemed to accent the dance while his hair followed his movements with a lazy delay.

When his eyes opened, they locked with Seymour and no possible skies of blue could be more gorgeous than those glittering orbs that unconsciously began to shed tears.

Tidus twirled around twice more before bringing his staff close. The pyreflies rose up further before disappearing into nothingness, heading straight for the farplane.

Every person there, except for Yuna and Wakka got down onto their knees in respect and thanked him. Even Lulu had gotten down on her knees in deep respect.

"Thank you Lord Summoner Tidus," Lucil whispered amongst the flow of tears.

Gatta choked. "L- Luzzu," it was all he could manage to get out.

When Tidus stopped, he was staring over into the ocean, his heart pounding and filled with grief. He shut his eyes momentarily on the world and breathed in sharply when he felt Seymour come up behind him.

"You were beautiful, little angel," Seymour whispered so very close to his ear.

Tidus smiled sadly. "I will kill my father for this," he said quietly. "I will end it."

"I know and I will be there with you," Seymour said as he gently turned Tidus around so that they were facing. "I won't let you go through this alone. You may have your guardians, but I told you, you would never leave my sight again."

Tidus looked up at Seymour. "You can't just drop all your plans for me, Seymour," he rebuked gently.

"Oh, but I can and I will," Seymour assured as he deftly slipped off the dark blue beaded talisman necklace and he smiled as he placed it around Tidus' neck. "Let's go my little angel, I shall escort you personally to the Djose Temple and then we will head for my home in Guadosalam."

Yuna and her guardians were already gone, thank God, Tidus didn't really feel like going with them. It was uncomfortable being in their presence.

Seymour sent Arnold and Chester off, insisting that he could very well handle himself, not counting the fact that he had Sir. Auron beside him if anything were to happen.

After one last cursory glance around, Tidus and his group set off toward the path of the Djose Temple.

They met several people along the road along with a young acolyte priestess from Bevelle named Shelinda who was doing all she could to heal the injured parties.

"It is nice, even through the midst of all this sadness that you, Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna are joining together," she said bowing lowly.

Tidus looked up at Seymour sharply.

Seymour was quite stunned at the comment. "Excuse me, but where did you hear this from?"

Shelinda looked up, her eyes glittering. "Why, I heard it from Lady Yuna herself, she was particularly glowing, when she announced that the two of you would be making arrangements in Guadosalam. She didn't give specifics but I'm sure anyone listening to her thoughtful and sweet words will agree that a future bond between the two is inevitable. Everyone's already talking about it. Maester Kinoc made mentions of it as well."

"Did he now?" Seymour asked smoothly. "I'll have to speak to Maester Kinoc about this, excuse us but we must get going."

"Yes, of course!" Shelinda gave the bow and prayer.

"Seymour," Tidus said coldly.

"It seems that Lady Yuna has been given the wrong impression," Seymour said demurely. "I don't remember speaking more than three sentences to her."

"She saw that you were taken," Rikku huffed. "I mean, could Tidus' head in your lap be anymore clear?"

"I wonder what Maester Kinoc was getting at by endorsing Lady Yuna," Auron drawled as they continued on their way.

Kalu clasped his fingers together and looked thoughtful. "I don't know, but whatever it is, it can't be good."

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