Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland. That belongs to Lewis Carroll, Disney, etc. Nor do I own any characters, things, ideas, or places therein. I am not making monetary gain off this story, though a few nice reviews would be appreciated…

Summary: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Double drabble. A small peek into Alice's thoughts and feelings on the White Queen's balcony at night. Hint of AlicexHatter

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Pairing: Slight AlicexHatter if you squint and tilt your head

Part: 1/1

Author's Note: I went to see Alice in Wonderland today, and I absolutely adored it! This little piece just popped into my head while I was watching this particular scene, and I decided to put it to paper. I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reading! ~fyd


Madly, Deeply, Sincerely



Leaning against the railing and looking out over the White Queen's broken but determined kingdom, I pondered the words. I was Alice, and I wasn't Alice. There was still quite the debate going on over that one.

And then there was Hatter… He believed in me. I didn't believe in myself, and yet he did…

These people expected me to be some kind of hero. Their savior, so to speak. They argued and discussed and made me feel like so much as a puppet on a string. Jerking me this way and that, making me feel this way and that, forcing me to do this and that. Go here, do this, retrieve this, kill this…

If it continued, I just might go mad.

The best people are.

Despite myself, I smiled. My father had been right. It was an easy conclusion to make that Hatter was quite mad, but perhaps that made him the sanest in this whole upside-down dream world.

I heard someone stir behind me. Despite the fact that I hadn't been here long (though it was argued I'd been here before), I knew Hatter's presence by the smile that immediately sprang to my lips.

Madly. Deeply. Sincerely.

~The End~


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!