Title: Cold Crush

Rating: M-NC-17

Pairing: Nakajima/Keita

Summary: From the moment Kieta met Nakajima he always felt different around him. A strange nervous warming sensation that flutters through his stomach like an electrical charge. What is it and why does only Nakajima affect him so?

Warnings: Yaoi: Male/Male Relationship, Strong Sexual Content, little drama, very mild obscured violence, and a possessive!Nakajima

Volume I

Why was it that every time he got within range of a certain Vice President of the Student Council, he felt as though he were being electrocuted? He didn't exactly understand, could he even begin to describe it? He didn't think so.

It had been a month since Ito Keita had found out about his best friend Kazuki and his role in the school. Thirty days since he discovered that Kazuki had been a childhood boy who he had adored above all else. Kazuki made him feel warm and safe, like he would always be taken care of.

Like a big brother.

But Nakajima-san was completely different on a whole new level. While delving into his jumbled mind to try and put into a description, Nakajima-san was the type of man he couldn't understand. He didn't make him feel safe more than he put him on edge. But something about the edge drew Keita in like a moth to a flickering flame from a candle.

There were so many wonderful people in the BL Academy. To Keita the whole school should be called Boy's Love rather than Bell Liberty. It would suit it. Everyone here seemed to be gorgeous and held a personality that Keita enjoyed being around.

Naruse as brazen and bold as he is, he was sweet and protective. He adored Keita and Keita adored him. But not in the electrical or warm way like Nakajima and Kazuki. Niwa-san the famous King of BL Academy was perfect in every way and Keita felt that he could go to the man with all his troubles and they would be listened too. He was like a big gorgeous brother that wasn't exactly related because he was way too attracted for that.

Then there was Iwa-san, a gentle genius artist with a somber but beautiful mind. Shinomiya-san the dorm leader who was ready and willing to do all he could for others. He too was like a gorgeous unrelated big brother.

Oh, let's not forget the annoying twins. Keita couldn't really place those two, they were trouble making brats but at the same time they were enjoyable. They were funny.

Then there was Shichijo-san, the older teen was a lot like him. He had been put into BL under different circumstances. But he was brilliant nonetheless. He could be creepy but he meant well. A chocolate loving addict who could hack into any computer coming and going.

Then there was Kaoru, the gentle jewel of BL Academy. Quiet and beautiful in just about every way he was. Let's not forget Shunsuke, the bicyclist who reminded Keita of a wolf with those fangs for teeth.

Each one of these people he could trust. Each one he adored but then when he got back to Nakajima-san he came to a halt. That feeling of electric would surge spectacularly and Keita would be left knock-for-six.

He sighed out and bowed his head. It was just after class and Keita had decided to sit outside underneath a beautiful Sakura Tree. The pink petals fluttered down with each warm breeze that flittered across the lawn. In the distance, he could see Naruse-san's ponytailed blond hair and the tennis racket firmly in his right hand. He could also see the twins snickering and leaning into one another whispering back and forth. They always seemed to be up to no good. It was cute.

Kazuki had a meeting to go to and so Keita was on his own. He didn't mind honestly, he was trying to figure his mind out and it was difficult.

His messy dark auburn hair fluttered causing it to become even worse of a disarray than what it normally was. He stared down at the pavement and brushed his feet across it. He loved BL Academy, a year around school that was more than amazing. His whole life had changed in the blink of an eye.

He was in such deep thoughts that he hadn't noticed the bright warm sun being engulfed by a shadow. There was a brush beside him and then a pair of cool lips were barely pressed to his ear.

"You look like a lost puppy, Keita-kun," a crisp calculative voice caused his blue eyes to widen as he jerked and turned his head instinctively only to be caught like a deer in a set of headlights by the very man on his mind. Rectangular fitted glasses and deep dark blue piercing eyes stared into his own. "You know, Keita-kun looking like that will cause someone to take you away." Their lips were inches apart from Keita's surprise shift.

"O- oh! Nakajima-san, hi, and yeah I'm a little lost in thought." His head was spinning now, he was aware of the smell of alcohol like cologne that engulfed him and the warm puffs of breath that emitted from the man was causing him to feel light headed. There was a mixture of tobacco in his scent as well and it was engulfing. "W- what are you do- doing Nakajima-san?"

The man smirked at him and then he straightened, towering over him in the most formidable of ways. Those same eyes continued to pierce him as if trying to see deep into his soul and figure out all his hidden secrets. Keita could feel the blush deeply across his nose and cheeks.

"Saving the lost puppy."

"Eh, heh." Keita ducked his head sheepishly. "Just thinking."

"That can be bad you know, come take a walk with me."

Keita gulped silently as he nodded, he grabbed his school bag and fumbled with it for a moment. The shadow disappeared and Keita noticed that Nakajima-san was already walking ahead of him. Those long legs striding along, Keita was worried that he may not be able to keep up.

He rushed up to Nakajima's side, his skin underneath was sizzling and he felt just a little breathless.

"How long has it been since you've been off campus?" Nakajima asked sliding right through Keita's thoughts.

"A while," Keita said softly. "Ever since Jin-san kidnapped me."

Nakajima paused and his eyes narrowed. "I heard something about that from Kaoru-san. You can explain in detail over a drink." He made no room for argument but Keita didn't plan on arguing.

"Okay, let me drop this off at my dorm."

Nakajima nodded and he led the way. Keita marveled at how the man knew just which room was his. "You might as well change into something more comfortable," he said turning and eyeing Keita critically.

The blush was back and he bit his lip. "Hai."

Keita's blush deepened when Nakajima eyed the bears in the corner and his fuzzy brown slippers. He dropped his bag to the bed and found some clothes in a drawer. He moved out of eye view of the upperclassman and quickly changed into a long sleeved dark green hooded sweater and a pair of black jeans. When he reappeared, he saw Nakajima staring at the mirror where Keita left his pictures pushed into the frame.

"You have known Endo-san for a long time." He flicked the picture of Keita sitting in Kazuki's lap.

"Ah, hai! It had taken a while for me to remember," Keita said softly. "That Kazuki was the boy I met when I went to my grandma's before I became ill."

Nakajima paused and glanced at him. "Ill?"

Keita toed the ground. "Part of the reason why Jin-san had kidnapped me."

Keita could tell that Nakajima wanted to know more. "Are we ready? We can talk about it over drinks."

"Hm." He turned and left the room, Keita bit his lip but followed swiftly.

They took the bus into town toward the lowly lit lounge that he remembered Nakajima-san taking him to a while back when he was so upset over being kicked out.

"You should try something light."

"What do you suggest?" Keita asked.

They were taken to the far corner of the room and Nakajima said nothing to him as he ordered for the two of them.

"Talk," Nakajima then commanded once they got their drinks and were left alone.

There was light music in the background, Keita peered into the fruity drink given to him. "Jin-san had a friend who was in a coma from a rare fever. He was in the hospital for years. A fever that has absolutely no cure. I was diagnosed with that same illness when I was small. I was in a coma for a couple months but then I woke up. He took me because he believed that Suzubishi was responsible for it and he wanted to get back at Kazuki but Kazuki didn't know anything about it. He had been too young and the files had all been hidden by then."

"Hn," Nakajima took a drink long drink from his glass and Keita sipped at his. It was a strawberry flavored and very good. He took another drink. "How did you wake up so fast?"

"I would say it was luck," Keita said and Nakajima looked at him to go on. "You see, besides Kazuki having wanted me to come here that's probably the only merit I have. I have a lot of luck. I'm an average kid with average grades, I don't excel much at sports but I always wind up getting lucky." He took another drink and went silent for a bit.

Nakajima digested the information he was given. "Did Jin-san get punished for his atrocious acts?"

Keita shook his head. "I asked Kazuki not too. He was distressed about his friend, a friend he loved but was never able to tell him. I mean, I probably would never go to such extremes but if a good friend of mine was in that same coma for years on end… I would do all I could to make him better."

"You wouldn't resort to harming the innocent lives of others."

"I know," Keita said softly. "I'm not justifying it but I felt bad about it and so did Kazuki. The Vice Chairman was the one who caused Niwa-san and I to have that accident on the bridge."

Nakajima-san looked at Keita sharply. "You're sure of that?"

Keita nodded. "Kazuki looked into it. He's in jail now for attempted murder of two students and embezzling."

Nakajima leaned back. "Hn, how interesting."

"Heh, seems I give Kazuki a lot of trouble," Keita murmured sadly. "All because of a promise."


"When we were kids we made a promise to go to school together."

Nakajima crossed his arms and legs crisply. "You have an atrocious habit, Keita-kun."

"Hm?" Keita blinked at Nakajima who sounded stern. "What do you mean Nakajima-san?"

"It's Hideaki, use it. You have a bad habit of laying blame on the wrong person. Your calculations are terrible, Keita-kun. They only targeted you because of your closeness to Endo-san and nothing more. They knew that you are Endo-san's weakness and they exploited that. Endo-san is in a very high position with crooked and corrupted individuals who do not believe that someone so young should have the position that he holds."

Keita thought about it. Nakajima was right, he was rarely ever wrong. He didn't coddle anyone to make them feel better. "What about you Naka- er Hideaki?" To drop the honorific and last name was really strange, but he liked it and felt privileged because only one other person dared to called him by given name.

Nakajima actually smiled a little rather than smirked. "Why does it matter what I think?"

"It does," Keita chirped. "To me it does because I know you don't lie."

"You know, how?"

"You have no reason," Keita said softly. "You don't sugarcoat anything. You tell the truth."

"How interesting of an observation of you," Nakajima replied taking another drink and waving the bartender over for another.

"Two more please, make his light."

"Yes sir."

"I think, Endo-san is exactly what BL Academy needs," Nakajima responded. "Someone out of our generation would never understand. Every generation is different and you must adapt to that generation lest everyone fails. That's what BL Academy stands for. The here and now generation. Not the ones before or the ones coming, but the generation now."

Keita considered this while sipping his refreshed drink. The electrical current flowing through him intensified and he swallowed thickly. Why was it like this? Why did he always feel on edge around this man?

There was a shift and Keita gasped when he came face to face with a very close Nakajima, so close that he could see the swirls in the man's gray eyes and the texture of his lips, Keita tried not to linger. "Now, I want to know why you look so lost," he purred.

"I – I – uh – hm, can't explain it," Keita stammered.

"Try me. You've had this expression for two weeks. I've watched you."

Keita's eyes widened. Watched? "Me?" he asked weakly.

"Yes, you Keita-kun. I've watched you. Someone has to keep their eye on you."

Keita's whole body felt a pulsing of energy. What did he do? He couldn't reveal the truth, it was most embarrassing.

"I- It's embarrassing."

"Tell me," Hideaki ordered lowly.

Keita bowed his head losing eye contact with Hideaki. "I was – just – thinking about everyone that I've met and how I feel toward them. Everyone's so different yet they're nice."

"I'm nice?" Hideaki queried and Keita could just see the elegant brow rising up questionably.

"I- in your own way," Keita blurted out.

Hideaki chuckled lowly causing Keita to shiver discreetly. "Is that so?"

Fingers curled underneath his chin and lifted it so that he was level with those piercing gray. "Heh." The touch of his fingers sent the electric zooming through him and it was a wonder that his hair wasn't sticking up from all the static. "H- Hideaki?"

"Very adorable, Keita-kun." Hideaki then let go and pulled back.

"Huh?" Keita asked confused.


Keita did and his whole mind and body was wired up to maximum. He could feel Hideaki's stare on him and he could have sworn that the man had uncovered his hidden secrets.

"Thank you, Hideaki for taking me here," Keita said softly.

"I'll take you anywhere, Kei-chan," the serious man responded with.


Keita had a lot to think about that night as he pushed his way up the staircase to the dormitories. He was tired but at the same time he was completely restless. He didn't think that sleep would come easily on that night.


Keita whirled around at the mention of his name, Kazuki was rushing toward him blond hair flickering into his violet eyes.

"Kazuki!" Keita cheered excitedly. "When did you get back?"

"About two hours ago, I was looking for you, I asked everyone and they had no idea where you had gone off too."

Keita blushed a bit when Kazuki engulfed him in a hug. "O- oh, well, uhm, H- Nakajima-san took me off campus for a bit. I just got back."

Kazuki stiffened at the mention of the Vice President. "Is that so? Did you have fun?"

Keita nodded. "It was nice. I was hoping you'd get back early."

"I got back as soon as validly possible."

"Well, I'm not really tired, Kazuki, want to go downstairs to the cantina and get a frozen yogurt?"

Kazuki smiled. "I'd love too."

The cantina was empty and most of the stuff was shut off, but Kazuki being who he was that didn't stand in their way. Keita was handed a strawberry frozen yogurt and they took a seat in the corner by the window.

"Where did you go?" Kazuki asked interestedly.

Keita smiled. "He took me out to this place he always goes too. We talked a little but nothing much. He's always so stoic."

"Yes, Nakajima-san is," Kazuki agreed. "I shouldn't be surprised that you have captured his attention," he added a little reluctantly.

Keita tilted his head innocently. "What do you mean? There's not really anything special about me."

Kazuki shot Keita a reprimanding look. "That is untrue, Keita," he said sternly. "You are very special. Everyone can see that."

The younger teen blushed and ducked his head. "Don't know how, but thanks, Kazuki." He sucked the yogurt from his spoon. The two of them lapsed into a comfortable silence.

Kazuki was studying Keita closely and he wasn't the only one.

In a corner shadow and leaning against the wall, Hideaki watched and listened to the two in conversation. To think of letting Keita out of his sight so late at night, what if someone else tried to kidnap him? The adorable lost puppy just had to be watched.

Hideaki arched an eyebrow, he wondered just what was Kazuki to Keita? He knew that Keita was too innocent and naïve to understand the chairman's tone when he asked questions. They seemed innocent to him, but then again, everything to Keita was innocent.

Perhaps that was why, Hideaki couldn't stop observing.

"Will you be in class tomorrow?" Keita asked tossing his yogurt away and sipping at his bottle of water.

"Yes, I finally have a free day. All those stuffy board members really get on my nerves. I've had four board meetings this week, not counting the damn parties being thrown by the top executives."

"Sounds boring," Keita mumbled. "I feel sorry for you."

"Thanks for the pity, I needed that."

Keita and Kazuki both laughed.

"Well, I think I'm tired now," Keita said rising up and yawning.

"Don't forget to lock your door," Kazuki instructed. "You always forget and God only knows who could come into your room late at night and snatch you away."

Keita blushed. "I doubt it but I'll remember. Night Kazuki!" he waved and rushed off.

Hideaki also took his leave, slipping out the back door and winding around toward his room. He'd do more observing tomorrow. Keita wasn't going anywhere, not on his watch.