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Rahne opened her eyes and dropped back down onto her four legs. The tall trees framed the little clearing, which had a few tall boulders strewn around on the other side. A sheet of rough cloth had been propped up against the boulders to form a rough tent.

"Ve met a new mutant!" Kurt called to the tent. Rahne cocked her head, not knowing what "mutant" meant.

"Really? Wow! They're rare up here." People appeared out of the tent. There was a tall man with normal eyes, except the irises were red! There was a tall willowy girl with hair as red as Rahne's, who seemed to like the red-eyed man. There was a stocky girl with dark hair (again, unusual) with a white stripe through it, definitely marking her as a foreigner, through the willowy girl and the red-eye man could pass as tribespeople if they had to. Rahne rubbed her pawlike fists into her eyes and did a double take at the last boy. He had dark skin! She cautiously approached them, intent on the dark-skin boy, the color of fresh mud.

"Did your mother drop you in mud when you were a babe?" Rahne asked, finding that speech was harder with her changing mouth.

"I'm from a faraway place, which is also part of the Roman Empire, called Africa. We all have dark skin there, as protection from the sun, which is hotter and brighter there." The boy had a rich voice, and Rahne found she liked it very much. "I'm Evan."

"I'm Jean, this is Scott, and this is Rogue." The red-head said. Rahne padded over to her and sniffed her critically.

"You're from a southern tribe." She said to Jean. "But you don't have a tribal name."

"I changed it." Jean said simply.

"But I know you two are foreigners." Rahne said to red-eye man and white-stripe girl, Scott and Rogue.

"We come from the same place, not part of the Roman Empire, but it's just as far away as Africa. Kitty comes from there too. It's called the Home-Land. We're part of a tribe called the Iroquois. [1] Kurt is from a Gothic tribe, in the south." Scott said. Rahne nodded sagely, pretending to understand what the Iroquois were, but knowing that the Goths were people similar to the Iceni.

"And you're Boudica's daughter. She must expect a lot from you . . . though if she saw you now she'd be quite disappointed her daughter was a mutant." Jean said, hands on hips. Rahne stood and mirrored the pose, though had to drop back down quickly because she was losing her balance.

"Wha—yoon'n . . . ?" Rahne garbled in a growly, low voice.

"Don't talk, your transformation's almost complete," Jean said, staring at Rahne with fixated fascination. Rahne growled at the overt attention the southerner was giving her. Jean's eyes snapped away from Rahne, down to the ground, and her hands fell from her hips. Rahne stopped growling; good, that Jean submitted. She wheeled around and looked at the others. They were mirroring Jean's pose. If she'd been human at the time, Rahne would have smirked. She had her own pack now.

"So what now?" Rahne tried to say. It came out as a snarly bark. Jean glanced at Rahne for a second.

"You have a real Goddess-given power, little queen." She said respectfully. Images of the Goddess, Andraste, snapped into her mind and suddenly she found herself crouched uncomfortably on the ground.

"What just happened?" she asked, voice un-garbled. Everyone looked delighted.

"You shapeshift to a wolf! A red wolf!" Kitty said excitedly.

"Yer motha called us here t' help 'er faght a war, though she's been starin' her most pow'rful ally in th' face fer years." Rogue said prophetically, and Rahne overlooked her almost unintelligible accent.

"What does that mean?" Rahne snapped. Jean hurried to answer the little queen.

"It means that you'll be the biggest warrior in this war coming up." She said.

"But I don't like war. It's bloody." Rahne protested petulantly.

"So it is." Kurt said. "Zere's not much you can do about it."

There was an uncomfortable silence for several minutes.

"Well . . . what now?" Rahne asked.

"You can probably go back to your compound now, but don't tell anybody about us, or your mother will lose the edge we give her in battle. You may tell her that we are here, but nothing more than that." Evan said in his lovely exotic voice. Rahne felt her face split into a wide grin.

"Sure," she said softly. "I'll come back tomorrow, I promise."

"How're ya g'nna find us?" Rogue asked.

"I'm a wolf, I'll smell you." Rahne answered simply, thinking about wolves and suddenly finding herself down on all fours as a red-furred wolf; a big wolf, bigger than even Andraste. She dipped her head and loped off into the brush, loving the power she felt in this huge, primal form.

All of a sudden, she heard something to her right. She stopped mid-stride and turned her ears as for the second time that day something pounced on her. Andraste the wolfhound cannoned into her side, growling furiously, teeth ripping for Rahne's neck. Twisting her head around, Rahne grabbed Andraste's scruff and shook the bitch violently.

"Oi!" Prasutagus shouted, thundering through the brush; something whistled past Rahne's ears. She let Andraste go and became a girl again, running up to her father.

"No, father, it's me!" she said gleefully. Prasutagus paled dramatically. He gripped Rahne by the shoulders and stared straight into her eyes.

"You will not tell anyone about this, understood, Rahne? Do not go around the compound like a wolf or you will get hurt or killed. We need to see your mother." He said gravely, taking her hand and summoning for Andraste, who slunk past Rahne, embarrassed by her easy defeat.

They returned to the compound quickly. Rahne ran ahead to her roundhouse with her normal thirteen-year-old exuberance.

"Mother! They're here." She said. Boudica, holding Camile (though the girl was far too old to be held), almost dropped her second-born.

"Tell her what happened in the woods, Rahne." Prasutagus said. Rahne nodded to her father and skipped over to her mother, beckoning for her to bend down so she could whisper in the queen's ear.

"I'm a wolf." Rahne said, unable to contain her smile. Quick as a flash, Boudica whirled on her eldest daughter, gripping her forearms tightly. Rahne's smile disappeared.

"Don't joke with me, Rahne. Is this true?" Boudica looked to Prasutagus, who nodded and sent Andraste and Camile out.

"Show her, Rahne." Prasutagus commanded. Rahne backed away from her mother, thought of wolves and dogs, and found herself as the great red-furred wolf. Boudica's eyes were bugging out of her head.

"The Red Queen," she murmured, going to sit down on one of the low benches. Rahne returned to her girl state and sat with her mother.

"What do you mean, mother?" she asked.

"When I was in child with Camile, Andraste, the war Goddess, came to me in a vision. She said that the death of a loved one would start a war with the Romans, one that only the Red Queen of Wolves and her pack could win. I was hoping this day would never come. Who will die? Boudica explained, looking again to Prasutagus, who shrugged. The war is inevitable now . . ."

[1] Historical inaccuracies just make it more convenient for me, so forgive me for not being textbook-straight on my history.

In this story, all the X-Men members mentioned turn into wolves, just to let you know. Don't worry, I won't go Twilight on you. I'll keep it within reason. ;)