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There was a crowd of people surrounding the Strawhat's navigator, who was entertaining them with stories of previous adventures. Robin and Chopper were closest to her, one listening with amusement and one with amazement. There were also some of the Frankies, including Kiwi and Mozu, but the larger part of the crowd was filled with Galley-La shipwrights and carpenters, including both Lulu and Tyselin, who wanted to hear her stories of course but for the most part they were just smitten and wanting to be near her.

The only shipwright not caught by her charms, that he would admit, was the head foreman Paulie…who was starting to get ticked. It had been a half hour or more of her distracting his workers and his patience had finally run out.

Muttering angrily under his breath the blond stalked over to the group…who quickly began to disappear as they saw his approach. Even the Frankies found themselves with the urge to be elsewhere, and by the time he had reached the troublesome woman the crowd had been cut down to her nakama, and his nakama…

Letting out a puff of cigar smoke he stopped behind Lulu and Tyselin and waited for them to notice him. Nami, apparently not caring about how large her crowd of listeners was, had not stopped in her story telling and the blond caught the tail end of what she was saying.

"So in the end I ended up with nearly three hundred thousand and they were completely convinced that it had all fallen overboard!"

Her four listeners broke into laughter. "Wooohooo!! You must be really good!!" Tyselin shouted.

"Wow Nami! And they didn't even suspect you?" Chopper asked her with wide eyed amazement. Robin and Lulu had both laughed but neither of them spoke up…They were the first to notice the pissed off foreman.

"Nope!" The copper haired pirate was saying with a grin. "I got away totally free and they didn't even notice…" She winked down at her nakama, sticking her tongue out cutely as she did so.

Eye twitching in annoyance Paulie finally spoke. "What the hell are you doing distracting everyone?!"

Nami looked at him in surprise. "Eh? Where'd you come from?" Then, ignoring her own question, she continued. "What 'everyone'?" She asked innocently, shrugging her shoulders as she looked around. "I don't see anyone being distracted, do you?"

Her dark haired nakama smiled at them cheerfully. "I'm sorry Paulie-san, but I think you can spare Lulu-san and Tyselin-san for a little while…" The two women shared a look.

Paulie lost his temper, again, and began shouting at her. "You know damn well what I'm talking about!!" Lulu put a restraining hand on his nakama's shoulder as the blond lifted one fist to shake in Nami's direction. "I already made them go back to work but you shouldn't be here in the first place!!"

The navigator looked down at him from her place on the table where all could see her, a cool look on her face. "Iceburg-san said we could stay." She pointed out.

"He said you could stay in the building not the shipyards!!"

Looking worried Tyselin jumped in, trying to help her. "It's really okay Paulie!" He shouted. "Nami-san was just telling us some of her stories about being a thief before she met Strawhat!!"

Thrown off his tirade in surprise he looked back up at her. "Thief? You?"

Nami stepped down from the table top onto the bench, (she didn't step down completely because then he would have towered over her.) crossing her arms and giving him an indifferent look. "Not that it's any of your business but yes…I did used to be a thief who stole from pirates."

Chopper was looking between the two worriedly…everyone knew that when they got started in a fight it was loud, angry, and tended to last a long time. "S-She's really good too!" He spoke up, feeling he should defend his nakama. "Nami could steal anything!"

The copper haired woman smiled down at the little reindeer, ignoring Paulie. "Not anything Chopper…just about anything…" Then she winked at him again.

The blond, not liking to be ignored, snorted. "I don't believe it." He snapped, making her look back up at him angrily. "And why is that exactly? It's pretty stupid to make judgments when you've never even seen how good I am."

Still standing on the bench she was just about at eye level with the shipwright, who was smirking at her. "You're too clumsy." His voice was smug too. "There's no way a clumsy girl like you could have been a thief."

Nami's eyes widened and then narrowed in anger. Her jaw clenched and she took in a deep breath, trying to control her rage. 'Clumsy?! Who the hell is clumsy?!' The petite woman opened her mouth to deliver a scalding retort when an absolutely brilliant idea came to her. Instead of shouting at him the copper haired woman gave him a sly look from under her lashes. "Would you care to make a bet on that?" She said silkily.

Well obviously it was a trap…but if he backed out she would win, and he'd be damned before he let Nami win without a fight. He crossed his own arms across his chest, his smirk still in place. "And what would that be?"

The two other foremen looked back and forth between the shipwright and the navigator with worried looks. Robin's face still held a private smile of amusement, and Chopper was cheering his nakama on…quietly.

"I bet you…" She paused, pretending to think about it. "500 beri that I can steal something from you without you knowing it, and be able to keep it from you until the end of the day…Say…until six tonight?"

Paulie blinked. She couldn't be serious! There was absolutely no way she could pull that off. He was way to careful! His smirk increased. Easy money. "Deal." The carpenter said, holding out one hand.

The thief smiled back at him sweetly, and took his offered hand. They shook on it and before dropping his hand the lovely woman pulled him closer.

"I'm going to make you regret this Paulie…" She purred.

He snickered. "Not a chance."

Nami smiled back at him again and let his hand go. She jumped off the bench and began sauntering away. "Are you guys coming?" She asked her nakama who had both turned away from the fight.

Eh? He had expected her to try right away…

Almost like she could hear his thoughts she turned around and looked back at him. "Oh don't worry…" She said cheerfully as her nakama passed her and continued towards the building. "I'll definitely win…but what fun is it if you know it's coming?" She bat her lashes at him and then continued with her companions.

How stupid…he was going to know it was coming no matter when it was…then again, she would probably try closer to the end of the day so she wouldn't have as long to keep it away from him…

He turned back to his nakama but they had both turned away from him and he sighed.

They thought he and Nami's fights were a bad thing…and neither was shy about being vocal in their opinions. It seemed they were so angry they weren't even going to talk to him…

The blond sighed again and left them alone…

Nami led Robin and Chopper inside the Strawhat's apartment. Grinning smugly she shut the door behind them, and her two companions, finally out of the shipwright's hearing, burst out laughing. For Chopper it wasn't so unusual but…Robin was usually restrained and yet here she was, leaning against the wall and clutching her stomach as they laughed.

Their other nakama gave the three wide eyed looks. Nami's smug look didn't fade as she came over to the table.

"Where'd that map of Water 7 go?" She asked sweetly, ignoring the almost hysterical giggles coming from beside the door. Behind her Chopper was lying on the ground, pounding it as he laughed, and Robin had sunk to her knees.

"What…?" Sanji looked between them in confusion. He didn't even know how to ask what was going on. Luffy, ever wanting to join in the fun, jumped down and went to his two nakama. "Oi…Oi Robin." He poked the giggling archeologist. "What's up?"

Finally pulling herself back under control the dark haired woman wiped tears of mirth off her cheeks. "Nami…she…" She took a deep breath and started again. "Nami and Paulie-san…made a deal…" That was as far as she got before she broke back into peels of laughter.

Even Zoro was staring at her now but she just could not stop. Taking pity on her Nami, who had been rustling through her sack to find the map of Water 7 she knew was in there, began to explain.

"Paulie and I made a bet that I couldn't steal something off of him, and keep him away from it the whole day…" The navigator grinned fiendishly but the three men just looked at her.

"And Robin-chwan is…" Sanji stopped to look at her. Smiling widely she had propped herself up against the wall, little giggles breaking out occasionally.

"Well…." He looked back at the copper haired woman and blinked.

Nami was now wearing Paulie-san's orange goggles.

"S-S-She…!!" Chopper gasped for air and sat up. "She stole them right off his head while they were shaking hands!!" The zoan fruit user also leaned back against the wall. "He didn't notice a thing…!!"

Nami bowed, winking at her two nakama by the door, and ignoring the bewildered looks from the others. "Thank you, thank you…" She said mockingly. "But as I intend to win this bet I'm going to be leaving now before he figures out what happened." She stuck her tongue out in a cute way, the rolled up map in her hands.

Robin pulled herself up off the floor. Her breathing had returned to normal but the genuine smile hadn't left her face. "What will you do all day?" It was only two in the afternoon after all…

Nami shrugged. "I can always make it more interesting…" Her smirk reappeared. "I'm not just pissed 'cause he said I'm clumsy…he really doesn't think I can get away…And I might just have to show him how wrong he is."

Robin glided across the floor gracefully and sat at the apartment's table. "Be sure you don't let him catch you…" She murmured. "Although…I think the fact that you've already gotten him will count for something even if you are."

Nami went to the door. "No way Robin…I'm not letting him catch me!" She flashed a peace sign and then was gone.

Chopper also came to the table to sit with the archeologist…Their three companions still looking confused. "Whether she can stay out of his reach or not…" Robin said, smiling down at the reindeer. "I think she's already won." He grinned back up at her.

Her preparations made the thief went to the dock no.1 gates…her target was there and she was going to get him good.

She had taken off the pilfered goggles, it wouldn't be good for Paulie to realize he'd been robbed before she wanted him too…

Nami shook herself, it was time to get serious. She stopped in the dock's main doorway and took a deep breath, unable to help the smirk of excitement that was on her face.

"Oh Paaaaaauuuuuulieeeee~~~!!!"

He wasn't close to the gate, so she had to shout quite loudly and most of the shipyards had stopped to look at her. She only had eyes for the blond foreman who had turned around, a puzzled expression on his face.

"I think you're missing something!" She called sweetly. And then, because she knew it would kill him, she pulled his precious goggles out of her shirt and waved them in the air for all to see.

The blond froze for only a few seconds before… "NAMI!!!"

Taking her cue the thief was off and running…He was at least 50 feet from the gate and she had prepared well.

'Catch me if you can~!'

She didn't have to let him know of course…but where was the fun in that? The copper haired woman knew she was good, and besides his comment about clumsiness, which implied she wouldn't be able to rob him in the first place… 'I hope he's feeling all kinds of embarrassment right now…' …She wanted to prove her ability to escape.

She had crossed the stone bridge first, checking carefully to make sure the blond was keeping up with her, and then darted into her chosen alley way when he made it past the dock's gate.

The alley was one long tunnel…or so it appeared. Halfway down there was a break off to the right, leading to the ladder she had carefully set up…She knew Paulie was faster than her, but she had also measured the distance quite carefully before invoking his wrath, and was positive she could reach the split before he got into the alley.

She barely made it in time…Either he was really pissed and it was helping him with his speed, or she had miscalculated…it didn't matter. She was in the side alley and up the ladder in seconds, immediately dodging to the left across the roof tops. Eighteen seconds later she knew he had reached the roof… 'Just in time…' The navigator smirked and then threw herself off the building's roof…landing perfectly on the shorter building behind it. Dodging to the left a second time, she slid down the shorter, round roof and then used it as a spring board to jump to the next. Immediately she threw herself off the new roof, catching the light post and sliding down it like a fireman's pole. Again she took off to the left.

Paulie was be able to make the same jumps from roof to roof that she had, swearing the entire time. When the hell had she gotten his goggles?! And hiding them in her shirt?!! The blond nearly had a nose bleed just thinking about it. He hadn't seen her since they had made their little deal two hours ago, so when…?

He slid down the short, round roof, jumping to the next but…which way did she go now?! Thinking quick he continued up to the next building…Nothing there.

'Damn it!!!'

He darted to the right to check the street below which was empty…well empty of the person he was looking for anyway…

Back to the left, looking up and down…There!!

Nami had managed to increase the distance between them but she was on the street and had to dodge people. He allowed a tight grin onto his face as he began running across the roof tops to catch up…

Three buildings later he swore again…there was an enormous gap between the roof he was on and the one he was aiming for…She must have known that, but how?!

Ignoring that he snapped a rope out and slid down the side of the building…he'd have to continue after her on the ground…

The thief was still grinning in excitement…Oh this was so much fun!!!

She knew he had reached the impassible roof top and she knew that he could easily get himself down by the rope he always carried…but there was a two and a half second difference between climbing down a rope and sliding down a pole.

There was a second gap, one of the larger canals, complete with long bridges…But she didn't have to worry about that. Half way across the giant stone bridge she did exactly what she had seen him do the first day they had met, using one arm to bring her body up and over the bridge railing, and allowing herself to fall…Directly into the rented yagara boat she had waiting. Smiling wickedly she cut the rope that had been keeping him there, tossing 50 beri to the kid who had been watching him for her, and allowed herself to be swept down by the current.

Nami looked back…Perfect timing…

Paulie had reached a second stone bridge…but he couldn't see her. 'Damn it!!!' He seemed to be thinking that a lot. Which way would she have gone…?!

Half way across he heard her call his name. She was…She had…!

The petite thief was rolling down the watery street on a yagara drawn boat and the cheeky woman was…waving goodbye to him?!!

'Argh! Damn it!!!'

To add to the insult the beautiful woman had put his precious goggles onto her own head, allowing them to hold her hair back from her face. She blew him a kiss and then the yagara turned onto a smaller channel on the right.

Swearing, this time out loud, the carpenter could do nothing but run after her…though how he was going to catch up he didn't know. How the hell had she pulled this off…?!

The copper haired pirate directed her yagara back towards the Galley-La HQ's…she wasn't done with her game yet…Oh no. She had told him she'd make him regret it and she was going too…Four streets away she stopped her yagara at the predetermined place, slipping off and letting another kid on. "Don't forget to tell him where I am." She said cheerfully as she passed him 50 beri as well.

The boy nodded obediently and turned the yagara back the way she had just come. Smiling, (she couldn't seem to stop herself!) Nami sauntered down the first street…She had to give him a little time to catch up after all…And there was the added bonus of being able to catch her breath.

She reached into her shirt and pulled out the small den den mushi she had borrowed, ringing the apartment set aside for her crew.

"Moshi moshi!" It was Luffy.

"Hello…" She just couldn't stop feeling smug! "Can I talk to Robin please?"

"Ah, Nami! Okay…" She heard her captain shouting for Robin, and then Sanji-kun's voice as he yelled at the younger man for shouting at a woman.

"Hello? Nami?" The dark haired archeologist sounded worried. "We heard about Paulie-san running out of the shipyards…Are you okay?"

She had reached the second street…two more before she was back. "I'm fine." She said cheerfully. "I was just thinking about you guys and I was wondering if you would do something for me…?"

Robin's voice was puzzled but she agreed immediately.

"In about…Oh…three or four moments can all of you guys be standing by the Galley-La gate?" She knew the other woman could hear the humor in her voice. "Please?"

"Sure Nami-chan…I'll make sure we're all there…But what…?"

"Don't worry, you'll see soon! I'll call you later okay?" Hanging up before her nakama could protest Nami looked back at the end of the street…waiting for her target…

Paulie had stopped swearing out loud…partially because people were giving him dirty looks, and partially because he realized he was wasting his breath. When he caught that woman she was going to be so dead!!!


Still running the shipwright saw the young boy on…Wasn't that Nami's yagara?!

"Paulie-san!!" The kid shouted again. "A lady told me that you would be looking for her and asked if I'd show you where she was!"

The blond nearly started swearing again…She was fucking playing with him!!!

The boy had pulled up to the canal's edge and the shipwright hopped on board…Yes, it was probably playing right into her hands but he had to catch his breath or he ran the risk of falling so far behind she'd leave him in the dust.

He didn't say anything as the boy brought him to the street she wanted him on…It was actually pretty close to Galley-La…

"She said she'd be waiting just down there…" The boy pointed and the carpenter nodded, feeling his jaw clench in anger again…"Thanks kid." He said shortly before he jumped off and was running after her again.

He rounded the first corner…She actually was waiting for him!! The street was pretty long but there was no mistaking Nami's bright orange hair. Angrily he sprinted faster…she waved and disappeared out of sight again.

By the time he had reached the end of that street she was at the end of the third one. Again she waved and began running and the blond nearly shouted with frustration.

'Damn it all to hell!!!'

He didn't even bother stopping as he rounded the third corner…She wasn't quite at the fourth yet…He smiled angrily again…He was definitely gaining on her.

On the street of Galley-La HQ's the beautiful pirate grinned exuberantly when she saw her nakama standing outside the gates. Luffy saw her first as she sprinted towards them…Though she knew it would lose her a bit of air she called to them in advance.

"Hi guys! Stay right where you are, I've brought you something!!"

Then the petite woman was flying past them with a hasty, "Bye guys!" And up the long street towards her next trap.

Robin, in fact all of the Strawhats, stared after their fleeing nakama. "What…?" She didn't finish her sentence as Paulie's voice made her turn back the way the thief had come from.

"NAMI!!!" The blond shouted. "Get your ass back here!!!"

Suddenly realizing what was happening Robin broke into peels of laughter again…Oh Nami was a terrible woman!!!

Chopper had also got it, as had Sanji, and whether Luffy began laughing because he understood or because he just liked to laugh, four of the five pirates standing in the gate were laughing uproariously as the shipwright reached them.

Instantly the blonde's face turned bright red, and he shouted a few swear words as he passed…Nami's little trick had worked…Paulie had lost both time and air by getting embarrassed as he had past them, and she had done it to make her crew laugh.

Robin continued to laugh, even after they were both out of sight, gasping for air until finally Zoro, muttering about insanity catching, took her by the arm to lead her back to the apartment.

Oh….Nami was one terrible woman!!

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