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AN: Revan is a badass warrior with Force powers, Shepard is a badass soldier with cybernetic enhancements and nearly an entire armory attached to his hardsuit. Who would win? Revan, hands down... but that is not to say it would be easy. Revan is fighting entirely new species and weapons based on an entirely different set of standards. Projectiles the size of a grain of sand and moving at hypervelocity doesn't exactly equal success at dodging... but he can avoid or confuse the senses of his attackers and see where the shots will be. As the Mass accelerated rounds are not blasterbolts he can't deflect them with his lightsabers, but he can with hardened sections of his Mandalorian armor in a pinch. The Turian Sniper with the overpowered rifle was oversight on my part. I needed something that could punch though cover as a plot device and I didn't finish reading the damned explanation. Let's just pretend a mercenary outside of Council Space doesn't have a problem with illegal gene modification.

Chapter 12: Malfunction (Korlus Part II)

In all his years as a soldier and his later time spent as an N7 Commando and a Spectre, John Shepard had never seen anything quite like what he was seeing at that very moment. The only thing the Commander could think of in recent memory that was even close to the sheer destruction he'd just bore witness to what Jack's escape from Purgatory. Even that escape had been in the realm of believability. The newest addition to his crew was a super powered biotic with a bad attitude and enough emotional scars to match each of the elaborate tattoos covering her, but even she had a certain set of basic rules to follow in combat. Despite her powerful biotics, Jack would still need to stop to collect her powers, still needed to raise a biotic barrier to avoid being torn apart by the fire of guard's weapons and she still needed to take cover when her powers had been taxed too far after her isolation and confinement. Revan was another thing entirely.

There had been hints of the extent of Revan's abilities. A crushed gunship, Miranda helplessly pinned to the wall by a telekinetic grip or the nearly impossible speed at which the man could move. Until this point, Shepard still put Revan's Force powers in the same category as biotics... but this went beyond biotics. This went beyond almost anything he'd ever seen.

Having long since given up the instinctual need to seek cover, Shepard and Garrus were warily following in Revan's wake. Bodies lay strewn about at off angles, their necks or throats or even their vital organs crushed by an invisible hand. It was a humbling sight and Shepard did his best to keep his focus on the mission. Revan had gone apeshit over something when they'd been debating what to do about the Krogans. He hadn't caught all of what the man had muttered to himself but one word had stood out and it sent a chill down the first human Spectre's spine as he tried to get Revan's attention.


A pale streak of energy pulsed over Revan's armor, grazing Shepard and overloading his kinetic barriers. Cursing as the tendril of energy gave him a slight shock, Shepard could only look on in equal parts surprise and horror as Revan stepped from where the squad was gathered and into the hive of Krogan. A thunderclap sounded, deafening to the Commander as he gave a curse and flinched back from the sight of Revan extending his left arm while his right held his lightsaber in a reversed grip. Blue-white energy shot from Revan's fingertips in a devastating blast of Force-charged lightning and the nearest Krogan to Revan simply collapsed to the ground with a strangled cry or agony, the lightning bypassing the hulking alien's armor and striking at its vital organs with such force and focus that they all instantly flash-fried, overwhelming its natural ability to regenerate.

Using the Force to see the vital organs of his foes, Revan rushed forward with a Force-enhanced sprint down the lower walkway the Krogan were occupying. Leaping into the air the former Dark Lord of the Sith sailed gracefully through the air before descending with an audible crash on the walkway in the middle of three full grown tank-bred Krogan armed with shotguns. A wave of Force-energy passed from Revan's crouched form in a shockwave of power and knocked each of the Krogan back and off of the walkway. Bellows of surprised outrage came from the Krogan before they fell to their deaths, their shouted curses and roars echoing around the chamber as more Krogan appeared from the entrance to the Blue Sun facility.

"I can level this entire facility in mere seconds and we can walk over the corpses of our enemies to Warlord Okeer."

Revan's previously spoken words rang true in Shepard's mind as he watched the armored figure extend his left hand outward to two Krogan that were charging his exposed position. Memories of Jenkins falling under the fire of Geth Drones on Eden Prime two years before flashed through Shepard's mind as Revan stood completely out of any real cover, facing his foes head-on in a suicidal display of recklessness. The two Krogan charging Revan were halted in their tracks, their eyes widening in surprise before Revan's head tilted slightly to the side and he made a violent twisting motion with his hand, closing his hand in the process.

The Force flowed through the room, channeling itself through Revan and exploding violently at his direction. A focused Force-crush attack assaulted the two Krogan captured in Revan's invisible grasp and Revan used his powers to focus the assault on the vital organs of his foes instead of wasting unnecessary energy on a compressing them to small sacs of twisted flesh and metal. Blood poured from the Krogan's eyes and mouths as they collapsed to the ground, the dull thumps of their bodies striking the walkway the only noise to come from them as the violent focus of Revan's assault killed both instantly.

Shifting his stance, Revan kept his hand extended to the two fresh bodies he'd just created before waving his hand towards a single Krogan that looked on in confused surprise. The Krogan's body glowed blue as it summoned a biotic barrier and it staggered as the two bodies of is fellow tank-bred brothers struck with bone-breaking force. Growling in rage, the Krogan released a deafening bellow of outrage as it summoned a biotic warp and threw it towards Revan.

Shepard had never seen anyone move as quickly as he saw Revan move in that instant. Even a Vanguard using a biotic charge couldn't hold a candle to the sheer speed with which Revan moved. One moment the man was standing in the target zone of a deadly biotic attack and the next he was driving his lightsaber into the biotic barrier of the Krogan as they grappled violently with one another. The biotic barrier had actually stopped the motion of Revan's blade and Revan's Force-powers could not penetrate the Krogan's biotics even if he wasn't blinded by nausea and pain at the unleashing of the Krogan's abilities. A Mandalorian curse rose from Revan's lips as he lashed out violently ducking and twisting around the Krogan and striking in a violent and almost beautiful flurry of movement as his blade danced around the Krogan's barrier. The Krogan staggered under the exhaustion of his powers and the massive alien could not move fast enough to capture Revan in its deadly grasp. Losing his focus as a superheated blade finally penetrated his biotic barrier; the Krogan watched its hand remove itself from his body, barely having enough time to register the pain beyond the foreign sense of nausea that had assaulted him at his foe's approach before a quick upward strike from Revan's blade struck the tank-bred Krogan's brain.

Shepard had recovered enough from his surprise at the odd display of powers to shoulder his M-8 Avenger and unload on a group of Krogan on an adjacent walkway. Garrus had switched to his sniper rifle and was calmly picking off the Krogan as he used a crate to steady his rifle. The targets both were firing on staggered back and fell over the walkways when Revan lifted his left hand, flicking his wrist casually as he turned and proceeded on, not even bothering to watch the Krogan he caught by his invisible Force-grip and by thrown to their deaths with their brothers.

"Did I hear him right, Commander?"

Garrus finally asked as he pulled his gaze from the scope of his rifle and cast a wary glance towards the Blue Sun facility. Shepard nodded grimly, his lips pressing into a thin line as his blue eyes hardened. He'd seen enough of Revan's abilities before the mission to know the man could read other's minds at will. Revan had even said so himself and the Commander knew by the serious abruptness of the change in Revan that something involving Indoctrination and the Reapers was going on in this base.

"Lets move, Garrus. We haven't got much time before the Mercs figure out where we are then we'll be fighting full platoons instead of squads and fire teams."

The former C-Sec officer nodded, his mandibles shifting nervously as he surveyed the damage Revan left in his wake before pressing on with his rifle grasped firmly in his taloned hands. Shepard flanked Garrus immediately and both moved forward, side-by-side into the Blue Sun facility, the door having been ripped from the wall and cast aside like a torn and bent piece of scrap. Distant screams and gunfire could be heard and Shepard pushed past the voice of his old drill instructor telling him he was an idiot in his mind and sprinted on ahead, Garrus right by his side as they ran up a winding ramp, a security camera swiveling to follow the duo before the green light indicating an active signal flashed red before going dark.

"Commander, I am detecting a breakdown of base security. The cameras have gone dark."

EDI's artificial voice came from Shepard's omni-tool and the Commander jumped in surprise, ducking to cover as he finally gave in to the berating voice of his old instructor for the sake of his shot nerves. He'd caught a glimpse of what Revan was doing in the next room and after their confrontation down in the training ground shortly before he wasn't particularly interested in having his internal organs ripped from his body by an invisible hand as had happened to one unfortunate individual.

"Say again, EDI?"

Shepard asked, his eyes shifting to see Garrus crouching behind a crate and sighting a distant Blue Sun mercenary. The Turian's features hardened as he focused on his target, steadying his breathing before gently squeezing his trigger. The head of his target snapped back, the armored helmet of the Blue Sun mercenary snapping back as a hole appeared in the front. The round never penetrated the back of the armored helmet and Garrus glanced down at his ammo-block with the Turian equivalent of a frown before he replaced it with an armor-piercing mod. The action took only seconds and Garrus quickly rejoined the battle, his deadly skills at range making Revan's charge through the Blue Suns all the more easy for the former Jedi Knight.

"Miss Vael detected a shift in power in the base's automated defense network. It appears that someone shut down the security cameras from inside the base."

Shepard frowned thoughtfully, glancing around his cover to release a short burst from his assault rifle towards a Blue Sun that was cowering in his cover, but still trying to find a way out in the wake of Revan's violent assault.

"Guess we got a friend on the inside."

Revan's voice was toneless and completely even. Despite all of the running the man had been doing he wasn't even short of breath. Flinching slightly at the sudden sound of Revan's mechanically filtered voice, Shepard moved from his cover, advancing on the Blue Sun mercenary closest to him and spraying the area with assault rifle fire until his thermal clip overheated. Dropping the clip, Shepard allowed a small smirk as the mercenary rose at the sound of his weapon's overheat warning and fired a blast of concussive energy from the small attachment he'd added to his weapon. The concussive shot struck the man violently, sending him sprawling and Shepard replaced his thermal clip before lining up his weapon with the prone mercenary and squeezing off a short burst after the mercenary scrambled for his sidearm.

"Lets move, Garrus."

Shepard finally stated, a pensive expression crossing his features as he turned his gaze to where Revan had finally stopped his insanely suicidal advance to apparently have a conversation into his uniquely blue-tinged omni-tool. The nearly casual stance of the man as mass accelerated around streaked past him and sometimes through his cover caused Shepard to double-time it to the closest cover as he switched to his own sniper rifle and started returning fire to the Blue Suns beyond their position. An expansive section of the facility seemed to drop off into nothing and as a result both parties exchanged fire over two suspended catwalks, joined by a narrow walkway that continued upwards into the towering facility.

"I'm fine, Lia. Don't worry about what the sensors are telling you."

Shepard caught part of what Revan was saying into his omni-tool and spared a disbelieving glance with Garrus when the Turian caught the conversation as well.

"You stupid Bosh'tet. I told you I'd have to fabricate a new set of conductors to place in the armor before even trying to route those damned power cells of yours through the hardsuit. Its running too hot!"

Shepard noticed that Revan's left arm was locked up, a series of red lights within the armor telling the Commander even without the aid of his omni-tool that the suit's exoskeleton had overloaded. A set of heatsinks were visible sticking out of the back of Revan's armored suit and the former Jedi Knight was cursing in annoyance as he shifted his right arm to pull one loose. For a moment, Shepard wondered why the man didn't just use his strange powers until a biotic warp traveled overhead and he remembered the spar Revan and Shari'a had in the cargo bay as well as the adverse reaction both had to the other's respective abilities and powers.

"Now I know I should have tested this before-"Revan began calmly, stopping his defense when Lia's angry voice came back over the omni-tool's speaker.

"I told you there was no way to compensate for the heat differential and you didn't listen! I don't care if the exoskeleton is your own design, you are also using the hardsuit's framework and it wasn't designed to deal with the output of power those power cells of yours give off! This is insulting, Revan! People will start to think I taught you this."

Revan's lips turned down into a frown beneath his mask as Shepard finally stopped shooting at the Blue Sun mercenaries after the last one fell. With the last Blue Sun, the biotic that had been holding Revan at bay, fell; the former Jedi Knight used the Force to quickly remove the heatsinks from his armor and replace them with a fresh batch he'd been carrying on a pouch on his belt.

"I had to try field testing the equipment, Lia. All of my calculations told me this would not happen."

Revan had the sneaking suspicion his earlier Force-lightning attack had accelerated the breakdown of his hardsuit's cooling system but it was still a bit humbling to realize he still didn't know everything about Element Zero-based technology. It was a good thing he had a Quarrian tech on hand, despite the utter embarrassment of the situation.

On the Normandy, Lia'Vael nar Ulnay was hunched over a console, her omni-tool glowing orange as she kept the channel open with Revan. Displayed before her visor was a small schematic of Revan's hardsuit and the modifications they'd both worked on. At least up until the point where she'd gone to get some rest. Revan had gone on to completely rebuild the power matrix and ignored her suggestion to use an Element Zero-based power core of a helium 3 microfusion reactor. It was as insulting to her as it was satisfying when Revan's hesitant voice had come over her omni-tool in the middle of an operation. If it hadn't been for the sound of weapons fire and profanity the likes of which she'd never heard in her life coming from the Blue Sun Mercenaries, she may have made Revan sweat it out as the humans put it. Instead, she'd given in an accessed a remote link to Revan's hardsuit. The man was over-confident in his abilities and while he was brilliant in regards to his innovations, the hard mechanics of the eezo-technology he was trying to mix with his own was still beyond him. It had only been two and a half months since Revan had come to the Citadel galaxy and while he'd had a quarrian as his personal teacher, there had simply been too much to learn. Written languages foreign to his own even if he spoke the human's more widely used language he still could not read it. When she'd asked him how it was he knew English, Revan had simply told her it was a slave-language that had been genetically encoded into a majority of the species within his galaxy; Galactic Basic as he'd called it but it had no written form initially. Instead of Romanized lettering, Revan's people had developed a language from mathematical signs and the results were two vastly differing written forms of two nearly-identical languages.

"I think you've fused two of the servos together along your elbow joint and one near your shoulder... I think- there! I got the one on your shoulder unlocked. I might need a second on the next."

Revan could have used the Force to free up the locks in his hardsuit but it would irreparably damage the internal components and a complete rebuilding of the unit would be necessary if he were to force the locked servos free. Lia had painstakingly mapped out a program on her omni-tool to allow her remote, though significantly limited access to his suit's functions and Revan was grateful in that moment that he'd silenced the paranoid voice in the back of his mind and trusted the girl to know her work. Being able to read her mind had given him enough reason to trust her and Revan had pushed past his paranoia and listened to the advice of his young companion.

Shepard scowled as the Blue Sun's local leader, Jedore; shouted over the loudspeakers. He'd been able to ignore the broadcasts in the wake of Revan's violence and abilities until this point and the lull in the fighting as the squad waited for Revan to get his suit's malfunction repaired was both welcome and unwelcome in the sense that it gave him a moment to analyze their situation but also gave his enemies time to prepare for them. Activating his omni-tool, Shepard checked the encrypted signal of their transport and debated ordering the other fire team in. Coming to a decision, Shepard nodded to himself and motioned Garrus to prepare to move out. The Turian nodded immediately to Shepard's signal and moved from his cover to scan for threats on the path before them.

"Revan, we can't wait around all day for you to fix that armor. I don't know what the Hell you just did here before that locked up but-"

Shepard quickly sent the silent signal through his omni-tool for Jacob's team from the shuttle to meet them in the base. Distantly he could hear the thrusters of the UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle as it moved to hover beside Garrus' position on the catwalks. Jacob and Zaeed jumped from the back of the door, their pistol and assault rifle rising respectively to sweep the perimeter while Jack casually strolled from the transport, grinning cockily as she absently brushed her fingers over the deadly M-22 Eviscerator shotgun she'd acquired from the Normandy's armory.

"Told you I was coming with you, Shepard."

Shepard turned from Revan with a scowl, turning his gaze from one unstable squad mate to another.

"Just get ready, Jack. We've got damn near an entire Platoon to fight through."

Jack merely continued to smirk, a dangerous gleam in her eyes as she glanced around Shepard to see Revan trying to unlock his armor.

"Your new toys not working out how you wanted?"

Jack asked mockingly, her eyes narrowing as Revan ignored her, continuing to work his omni-tool awkwardly as the left-side elbow joint of his hardsuit was locked up."Hey! I fuckin asked you a question."

Revan stilled for a moment, his masked features turning from his omni-tool to Jack's angry face. The former Jedi Knight stared silently at Subject Zero, not saying a word before Shepard finally moved forward, shoving Jack lightly to get her attention and assert control of the situation. He didn't need the two powerhouses going at each other on such an exposed position.

"Stow it, Jack. We've got work to do. You take point, Zaeed'll cover you."

Scowling as she turned to glare at Shepard, Jack flicked her eyes back to see that Revan was once again absorbed in his omni-tool's readings and slapped Shepard's hand away from where it was hovering by her shoulder.

"Fuck off, Shepard. I'll go up front so I get first call. Didn't get enough of those bastard Blue Suns on Purgatory. These shit-heads'll have to do for now."

Sighing in relief when Jack backed off, Shepard caught the glare she threw at Revan before shaking off his irritation. Revan was surprisingly level-headed during the confrontation Jack was trying to start and while he was grateful, it didn't inspire any warm feelings in regards to the former Dark Lord of the Sith. Revan had mentally tortured a man before needlessly killing him in a brutal and callous matter that set off warning bells in the former N7 Commando's head. Watching as the squad advanced, Shepard turned back to Revan and finally voiced his concern over what had spurred on Revan's brief little rampage.

"What were you talking about before all this, something about Indoctrination?"

Revan cursed in impotent fury at his hardsuit, wondering why he even bothered wearing the damned thing before he pushed aside the embarrassment. He'd rushed his work and made a mistake. Throwing a fit about it wouldn't chance anything and probably do more damage than good.

"There was a security camera watching us. I couldn't tell before but whoever is on the other side watching us wasn't Okeer... or one of the Blue Suns. It was an Asari who seemed to know you. She kept thinking about Sovereign and Indoctrination but I couldn't get much more. She's several stories above us, out of my line of sight and her biotics are shifting chaotically."

It took Shepard a moment to recall the woman who fit into Revan's description. Rana Thanoptis, the neurospecialist that had been working on Virmire for Saren.


Shepard muttered, surprised the Asari had made it clear of the nuclear blast Kaiden had died making sure would happen. Shifting at the memory of his friend and the confrontation with both Saren and Sovereign on Virmire, Shepard spared a glance towards Revan before motioning his head towards the still hovering shuttle. Revan signed in irritation before nodding reluctantly and moving to board the transport. He'd chosen to go into combat with untested gear and it had caused a delay in the mission.

"Good luck, Shepard."

Revan stated neutrally, his eyes closing in irritation when the Commander jabbed a finger into his chest.

"This isn't over, Revan. When this mission is over we're going to have a long talk about what you did down here. I won't tip Cerberus off to what you have planned... but if you want my support beyond that you're going to have to earn it."

Even in the face of seeing his powers unleashed, Shepard still would not back down from Revan. For a moment, Revan looked on in surprise more than annoyance. Shepard would have made a fine Mandalorian, Revan thought absently before he nodded his compliance with the Commander. They had different methods and Revan wasn't too fond of taking orders but he was the guest on Shepard's vessel and as tempting as it would be to just crush the insolent man with his powers it would be counterproductive to his cause. Cerberus would not give him the information he needed on to Conduit if Shepard were to have an accident and despite their clashing personalities, Revan felt a bit of respect for the Commander. In a way, John Shepard reminded Revan of Alec, long before his friend had given in to the Darkness and embraced Darth Malak. He hadn't had a choice in how Malak met his end, the Jedi's actions making it nearly impossible for him at the time but now, in the face of the Reapers and all of the convoluted mess that was Shepard's galaxy Revan felt he had a part to play beyond fighting a delaying action to an enemy like the True Sith.

Despite the unique form of their technology, the Citadel galaxy's tech was primitive in comparison to Revan's galaxy. The Citadel seemed to be the limit of their galaxy's ability to create super stations in space and it was a speck of dust compared to the Star Forge, let alone the ironically similarly-named Citadel station over the ruins of Telos or the dry-dock facilities of the Republic Fleet over Foerost. Revan's failure to combine his technology with the Citadel's was embarrassing and distracting. He could strip off the armor and go on in just his robes and a kinetic barrier generator but Revan didn't feel like adding more complications to his situation. He'd been over-eager for combat after spending so much time in the labs on the Normandy and the Seeker Swarmer and the vision he'd gained from the creature had only spurred on his reckless dive into the current situation he was now in. He'd been driven to distraction and it had cost him. Absently rubbing the bruise Shepard had left on the back of his neck; Revan undid the seals of his mask and set the helmet on the seat beside him, the action uncomfortable when using only one arm. Sparing a glance at the pilot of the shuttle, Revan glanced at his omni-tool's still active connection before flinching violently. He'd left his communication line open with Lia the entire time. A hesitant voice, her accent telling of her childhood on the Ulnay came over the omni-tool and Revan let out a long sigh, his mind playing off how this would go over with the Illusive Man if he'd had EDI monitoring their communications. It was a foolish mistake and one Revan knew he would pay for.

"What plan for Cerberus?"

The worry in Lia's voice, the brief shiver of fear was damning in that moment and Revan glared at the omni-tool. He was still learning the tech, even after all this time and he'd made an unforgivable amount of mistakes since the start of the mission. He could blame it on the biotic and eezo fields that distracted his mind and senses, manifesting as a phantom pain in his mind but pain was easily overcome when one had a strong enough will and drive and Revan's lip curled back into a sneer of disgust at himself. Oversight was a bitch and her name was Miranda Lawson.

On the Command Deck of the Normandy, Cerberus Operative Lawson stared at the glowing omni-tool on Lia's wrist and the conversation she'd overheard between the Commander and the near-human General. Something was going on that was likely outside of Cerberus' interests if it had Shepard's support. The Commander had made no effect to hide his distaste of his benefactors and Miranda absently rubbed her temple, wishing the Illusive Man had given her permission to fit Shepard with a neural control chip. She would have to report this to the Illusive Man of course, but not before gathering enough evidence to support the theory forming in her enhanced mind.

"I think your work can wait, Miss Vael."

Miranda stated in a cool tone, her pale blue eyes narrowing as she fixed them onto the young quarrian. Lia shifted nervously as she glanced down to her omni-tool, a voice in her head that sounded like Revan's asking her to remain calm while he performed some damage control.

"I kind of lied to you about helping Cerberus. These Reapers are a real threat, Lia. I had to give them something."

The sincerity in Revan's apologetic tone was a clear sign to Lia that he was lying. Revan would have delivered such news in a toneless relaying of information, not an apology. Luckily Miranda didn't seem to know Revan so well as she frowned slightly, the predatory gleam in her eyes shifting as they rolled in annoyance.

"Bloody dramatics."

Miranda sighed, mentally filing away the situation for later. She'd back off for now, but she was my no means finished with this situation. Lia was arguing loudly over the dangers of Cerberus over her omni-tool and refusing to help Revan, spouting off Quarrian curses and putting up a fairly convincing performance aside from one small detail. Lia's body language was relaxed. She'd made an effort to appear upset, but to Miranda's trained and enhanced eyes the motions lacked a certain trait that most Quarrian's body language entailed. It wasn't subtle enough, she supposed. Spotting a flash of bright blue eyes in her peripheral, Miranda quickly ceased her study of the young Quarrian and returned her attention to the displays before her. With the added firepower of Zaeed and the biotics of Jacob and Subject Zero, Shepard was making quick progress through the Blue Sun Base. That wasn't of much concern, but tipping off Revan's Asari companion to her suspicions would be. Someone as experience as an Asari Matron, let alone one that worked for two centuries as a C-Sec officer would see right through the situation as easily as she had.

Shari'a T'Nala watched the interplay between Lia, Revan and Miranda warily. She had her doubts as to Cerberus and while Revan had remained fairly neutral on his activities in regards to the human extremist group she knew that the man wasn't entirely human and would never be accepted by the more radical elements of Cerberus despite whatever technological wonders or horrors he could bring. It was for that reason that she'd been privy by proxy to Revan's plan. They hadn't discussed it but both knew the relationship with Cerberus was strictly for access to the Conduit and the sensor readings and while Revan had some interests in Shepard's overall mission, Revan's own problems were of more concern than whatever fate awaited the Citadel Galaxy.

Skeptical as she'd been of the Reapers when she'd first heard of them, Shari'a was beginning to believe it was possible with how submissive Revan was becoming to Shepard's orders. She'd seen the recordings of the man's mask and knew it bowed to no one after leaving the Jedi Order. Something did not add up and with a small frown on her pale blue lips, Shari'a spared a concerned glance for the young Quarrian caught in the middle of what was likely going to become a shooting war between Revan and Cerberus.

"Goddess let me be wrong."

Shari'a pleaded, knowing through the recordings on Revan's mask the lengths at which the man would go or be pushed to accomplish his goals. Liara T'Soni's words to her on Illium weeks before came back and the Asari Matron shivered slightly despite the well-regulated temperature of the Normandy's Command Deck.

"He would burn a thousand worlds to reach his goal… Goddess only knows what it is, but he- he can't be trusted."

Shari'a hadn't tried to mentally bond with the Force-signature of Revan's mask like the reckless Asari Maiden turned Information Broker had, but she could almost sense the malice burning beneath Revan's dark eyes. She respected Revan, knew that most of his decisions were necessary and often times the only means to guarantee survival or success... but that did not mean she agreed with him.

"I must speak to him in private when he returns... but where would we find privacy on this vessel?"

EDI had eyes everywhere and if the information Lia had sent her when they'd both arrived was any indication, so did the Illusive Man. Resigning herself to the tedious wait, Shari'a briefly toyed with the thought of mentally bonding with Revan to share her concerns before dismissing it. Things had not become that desperate and the process was far too intimate for two strangers to engage in when a simpler solution would be to just wait until they were both off world and separated from the Cerberus crew.

"Hopefully Lawson won't find anything truly damning of Revan."

AN: Yes I did not forget about Shari'a or Lia. They'll play important roles later on. Also, Revan is a bit arrogant in his capabilities and that arrogance as well as a bit of oversight just bit him in the ass. Hope you enjoyed.