"You know," Bella started out, "that while I lived in Arizona I never went to Six Flags or to any other amusement or theme park while growing up."

Edward was hearing what she was saying, but didn't like where it was going.

"So I was thinking, since you won't have sex with me until after I am turned, maybe this summer I let you buy my way into Disneyland…"

"Bella, I don't," but Edward was cut off before he could say another word. Alice crashed through the bedroom door. "Did somebody say DISNEYLAND?!"

Oh, god…

"Bella, I think that is a wonderful idea and you know what? I have already seen what happens and you're going to love it there! I also foretell some rather interesting conversations that will take place!"

And you mister better not try anything funny. Alice shot towards Edward.

Edward returned the thought with a brooding look at Alice, who just rolled her eyes and crossed the room to Bella. "An entire Cullen trip to Disneyland, I don't think we've all been at once!"

"I can say I haven't been since the first year it opened and it was almost unbearable. You may want to keep a leash on Jasper."

"Oh pish posh Edward, you know he can break through a leash." With that Alice turned and left the room leaving Bella and Edward alone.

"Anyway, as I was saying before my sister interrupted, I don't think it's a good idea. I mean you're fragile and you could get seriously hurt on some of the rides there…"

"Edward, seriously, I'll be fine. If a 48 inch four year old can go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down and not get hurt, I think I'll be fine!"

"Well there is only one problem though."

"Which is…" Bella had it with the excuses from Edward at this point.

"The sun. Sunny California. Bright and happy. I sort of sparkle…"

"Oh, well that's an easy one, we go online look up California trends on dark and gloomy weather and have Alice pick us the best day to go and plan around it."

She knows my family too well.

"And what about Charlie?"

"He'll be fine. Besides he was saying that he wants to get out of town and go fishing, this would be the perfect opportunity and not to feel guilty about it."

"Don't you think he may want to go?"

Bella laughed. "Charlie…Disneyland…I've never been. I think if he wanted to take me, he would have done it when I was like seven."

Edward thought long and hard about all of it. If she wanted Disneyland, she'll get Disneyland, but she'll get it under my circumstances.

"Okay Bella, Disneyland is yours this summer."

Edward finished running over his idea with Carlisle.

"Now, are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm pretty sure. It needs to be sleek enough to fit under jeans, not bulky and easy to move in."

"And she knows about this?"

Edward gave a strained smile. "Oh yeah, of course she does, she wants to be protected and not get hurt."

"This doesn't sound like the Bella I know."

"Trust me Carlisle, it's what she wants, I know I was shocked to hear it myself."

Meanwhile Alice and Bella were shopping for the trip. While logically she couldn't go to the beach during the day, Alice was still going to get a swimsuit. Alice held up a bathing suit, or rather a bikini, to put it more accurately a Brazilian bikini. "I think that you should wear this for when we got to the beach."

Bella bit the side of her lip and looked at the practically nonexistent suit. "No, I don't think that color will look good on me."

Alice beamed. "Silly human, this isn't the only color." Alice found a deep mossy green one. "This is the color for you and I am going to buy it for you!" Alice disappeared. "Well," Bella spoke aloud to herself, "looks like I won't need you." She replaced a brown one piece back on the rack and went off in search of Alice.

Five months later the entire Cullen clan, plus Bella, was on their way to Disneyland. Taking two cars Alice and Jasper took Bell and Edward, while Rosalie and Emmett went with Carlisle and Esme.

"Seriously Edward, you're scared of me going on rides designed for children while your sister does 150 miles per hour down the highway?"

"That's beside the point. I can have you out of this car in no time if need be, strapped into some metal, death contraption is another story, especially one that is in front of thousands of people.

Bella rolled her eyes. "What about the teacups, what's wrong with those?"

"You could spin too fast and fly out of the cup."

The entire car erupted into laughter, except for Edward. She could fly out of the teacup? Seriously Edward you have issues. Did something traumatizing happen to you when you went to Disneyland?


The rest of the ride was relatively uneventful. The closer they got to Disneyland the more excited Bella got and the more Edward got tense.

"So, where are we staying at?" Bella asked the car.

"We're sta"

"Don't you dare finish what you're saying Edward Cullen or I will personally rip you apart."

"Oh, there's my psychotic girl." Jasper finally spoke.

"Okay then, secret, got it."

Just then Alice's phone rang. "Yes…Okay main entrance…3:00PM…Dinner 7:30…Got it…Bye." Alice hung up the phone and looked in the rearview mirror at Bella. "Everything is perfect and right on schedule for the Disneyland Virigin."

Despite herself, Bella gave a high pitched 'yay' and looked sheepish afterwards. "Just a little excited."

A/N: There is indeed more to come. As a request from a friend it will be multiple chapters.