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Bella dosed off for sometime, the last thing she remembered was driving somewhere near Sacramento and someone mentioning a candy factory. Coming to, she wiped the bit of drool that had escaped her mouth during her sleep with the back of her hand. Lifting her head she noticed an even larger collection of drool on Edward's grey dress shirt.

"It's fine, don't worry about it, it'll be dry by the time we get to the park."

"I thought you couldn't read my mind." Bella pushed off of Edward and sat straight up in the seat and gazed at the rolling green hills of California.

"So, where exactly are we?"

"About fifteen miles outside of Valencia, from there it's only fifty more miles until we hit Anaheim." Alice spoke from the front seat.

Just then Bella's stomach gave a rather large gurgle, Edward's head turned slightly and he smirked. "I think it's time for the human to eat."

"I know just the place." Alice gunned the car on Interstate 5, pushing the seventy mile an hour speed limit up to ninety five. "There are too many cars in these parts to go any faster with you in the car."

A short while later billboards advertising for various fast food joints started popping up. One in particular caught her interest. As they drove through town she caught site of the food place she wanted, but it seemed that Alice had it already figured out.

"Tommy's, everything slathered in chili. I would recommend staying away from the double chili burger; I saw what happens if you eat it and it's a site I would rather not bear reality to."

Parking her yellow Porsche, the foursome walked as a group inside the diner, which was filled with quite a few people. They all got into line, which surprised her since she was the only one eating. Approaching the counter, Bella surveyed the menu. "I'll take a tamale chili boat, a regular fry, a medium coke and a regular strawberry shake." The cashier took the order. "Will that be all for you today?" Bella went to reply but Alice, followed by Edward and Jasper all ordered a different flavored shake and a separate cup.

Once Edward had paid for it all, they found a vacant table and sat down. "What are you guys doing ordering shakes?" Bella quietly asked. "Well. While we can't imbibe it, we can still savor the taste and spit it out." Jasper replied smoothly. "Besides it would look kind of odd if you're the only one eating."


Their order number was called shortly after and Edward and Jasper went to collect it. Distributing it all, Bella got down to eating while watching the three Cullens each take a sip of their respective shake, swish it in their mouths and discretely spit into the empty cup. Then they rotated the shakes clockwise and repeated the motion.

Finally done with lunch they made their way back to the car. It was then that Bella noticed how perfect the weather was for them and as she watched, the overcast skies grew darker and the smell of ozone thickened in the air.

"We best get into the car, we're going to be getting some rain in about five minutes."

And sure enough, no sooner had they gotten back onto the interstate did it start to rain.

The rest of the trip to Anaheim was relatively uneventful. Bella dozed on and off the remainder of the way and it wasn't until they were at the park entrance did they finally wake her.

Alice's sing song voice filtered through her head and her eyes opened a crack, enough to see the beaming faces of Alice and Jasper. "Welcome to Disneyland, Bella."

Bella's eyes flew opened and she turned in her seat, her nose pressed against the window. Outside she saw numerous kids wearing Mickey Mouse ears and some holding balloons, not to mention various colored ponchos, though the rain had let up for the time being she noticed.

And the entourage of all the Disney princesses, princes, animals and the like, not to mention Emmett waving like some crazed person, Rosalie with a forced smile and Esme and Carlisle the ever humble parents looking on; though she did notice that the famed Mouse was nowhere to be seen.

Bella heard a click and turned to see a camera flash. She sunk into the seat and covered her face. "You're kidding me, right?"

"You have to know my sister by now, Bella." Edward said.

Glancing back out the car window she noticed that the parade was getting closer to the car and without further lollygagging the Cullens exited the car. Bella was still hunched in her seat when her door opened and Edward's face came into view.

"You're going to be presented with a crown and a balloon and the parade will carry on until we reach our destination. You said you wanted to come to Disneyland, well, you got your wish."

"But, was all this seriously necessary? I mean come on, a parade for me?"

"Like I said before, do you not know my family, especially Alice by now? Come on, let's get going."

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe, Bella took Edward's hand and he lifted her regally from the car.

From there it was a blur of all the characters shaking her hand, photos being snapped by professionals and the Cullens. An over the top crown adorned with pink and white crystals was placed on her head, a scepter with a balloon attached was placed in her right hand and in her right a bouquet of daisies. The parade swept past hundreds, possibly thousands of people, who all looked on in stunned awe at the welcoming Bella was getting. Trying to be incognito Bella walked as close as she could to the others and tried to stay out of sight, but she failed miserably. When Donald Duck stopped and turned to wave at the crowd, Bella ended up ass over heels on the cement right in the middle of Main Street. Edward was of course there and picked her up, along with the crown that flew some feet away.

Once righted again, the parade carried on and that's when she noticed the palms of her hands were bleeding and Alice and Jasper were nowhere to be found. Glancing up at Edward she noticed that he had stopped breathing and his honey eyes were on the way to turning black. Sensing her gaze he turned down and smiled. "I am fine. Jasper is okay as well. They will meet us at the room in a little bit."

"Room? I didn't think that there were any rooms here at Disneyland."

Edward smirked. "There are two to be precise. One was right at the very entry way, made for Walt Disney himself. The other is for very special people, mostly sweepstake winners or people with a lot of cash."

Bella buried her head in her hands and tripped again, but didn't make it to the ground thanks to the helping hand of Edward. "Please tell me this trip did not cost a fortune."

Edward looked straight ahead. "That is not a concern of yours. You're here and that's the point. My family can do things like this without issue. Enjoy your time here, even if it gets a little overbearing. I know you're going to love it you do not need to worry about anything."

With the conclusion of that, the parade continued on down the road and Bella and the Cullens banked right. Cinderella and Prince Charming escorted them to Pirates of the Caribbean and right past the main line towards the exit. Walking up a steep slant they passed by what looked like a restaurant, though no one was presently dining; in the distance Bella heard canons blasting and pirate talk.

Cinderella and Prince Charming stopped in front of two large wooden doors and gave over the top, happy smiles. "On behalf of Disneyland and the Cullen family, I present to you the key to Disneyland and humbly invite you to the happiest place on earth and to the Disneyland Dream Suite!"

With flourish the two characters each gripped a knob and opened the doors.