Alice peered down into the blackness that was the White Rabbit's hole. 'It's much too big for an animal, though much too small for someone the size of myself' Alice thought. It had been three years since she had visited Wonderland. The last time she had found herself there, she had battled the Jabberwocky with the help of the Hatter, March Hare and the White Queen. Not that she would remember such a thing.

You see as Alice left Wonderland that day, her memories of the place were perceived as nothing but dreams. Dreams that always started with Alice herself, falling down this very rabbit hole.

"It's so dark down there," Alice breathed to herself as she knelt down to see just how far the rabbit hole went. Alice, who was now twenty-two years of age, had a strange sense of déjà vu as she peered further into the hole. She had the feeling she had done this once before, but couldn't quite place it as she was always thinking strange thoughts that should never be allowed out of one's mind.

The edge of the rabbit hole crumbled, and Alice's stomach dropped as she realised she was going to fall head first into the rabbit hole. Down she went into the darkness.

Now to anyone who was passing by, you would not have seen anything like a blonde falling down a hole in the ground. You may have heard a shout of surprise, but that would have been about it and you would have then continued on your merry way as you wouldn't have seen anything strange, except for white rabbit in a blue waistcoat, that jumped out in front of you before dashing off.

"Oh dear!" the rabbit exclaimed, as he had seen a pair of feet fall down his hole. He dashed forward but wasn't able to see whom had fallen in. And there were no clues as to whom it could have been except for a piece of light blue material skewered to a protruding root.

Deciding it was probably best to try and find Alice one last time before he left for home, he grabbed the material and hopped off.