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The truth about FIRST LOVE…


I have my own secret place. That place is where I would run and hide from my family's annoying guards. It's been my favorite place to release all my frustrations. As I was heading to my 'spot' I uncovered a boy, similar to me by age, sleeping on my territory. I wiped my face cleans of tears and snot. I started screaming at the male, "Hey! Get up, this is my spot!"

I guess those words woke him cause suddenly he rose and faced me with his amethyst colored eyes, vacant of expression, a void with a hint of a gloominess. Those same eyes entranced me and made me fall in love with them. The boy looked at me with a blanked face," Who are you?"

"Huh?" I felt like face palming myself at his stolid innocence. "This is my spot. You have no right to be here."

He rubbed his eye, snapped his head to the right looking in the distance and before I knew it, he tackled me to the ground. We fell with a thump, him ending up on top of me. I was about to yell at him for his clumsiness but he turned his head and put a finger to his lips. Silence, then the leaves trembled and I saw one of my family's guards searching through the area. My heart was ragingly beating in my chest, as the guard went away, I exhaled.

"What's your name?" he asked as he move away from me.

"Hiroki. Kamijo Hiroki." I dusted myself of," You?"

"Akihiko. Usami Akihiko." Violet specs stared at me and smiled, "See you later, Hiroki."


We were in university, still the same as ever. Though this time, I really grew to love him, Usami Akihiko. Each time he's next to me, I blush, I stutter, and my heart keeps smacking my chest. I doubted my family had a problem with my orientation I didn't confess. That's because I couldn't, not when he fell in love with him. His other friend that he got to know, Takanashi Takahiro. I was jealous and betrayed. Irony stuck, Takanashi Takahiro was straight. I don't know if I should laugh or cry Akihiko was grief-stricken by the thoughts of him loving his best friend. I played a card I thought I'll never use, I asked him to use me as a substitute for his best friend. It was a double edged spear, because though both of us are content with the bedding, I have my unrequited love to deal with.

*2 Years later*

Flashbacks of all the pleasure of being held by him broke me. I couldn't deal with it anymore. I left him. Though, I never gave a proper explanation, I'm sure he would understand. Tears build up in my eyes. I'm glad no here on this part of the park. All my control was let loose, sniffling I looked up at the sky. At the sky, with pinpoint accuracy it landed in front of me, scaring the hell of me. Out of nowhere, a male with cerulean eyes appears and I quickly scrubbed my face.

"Oh! That where it went! I'm sorry, are you alright?" He strides over, towering over me.

"Yeah, is this yours?" I handed the rocket, he shook his head.

"No, it's my friend's, why don't you come and watch it?" He beams and drags me away.

I panicked and squirmed around trying to get his hold of my hand. Over and over, I told him to let go of my hand, he didn't listen one damn bit. We headed to a clearing and I spotted four old men. Three of them were on a picnic blanket with beers and the other one was standing with, what I would guess the rocket launcher. Frowning to myself, I grasped my hand back, he suddenly pets my head. The touch was so familiar all I could do was state at him. The next thing I knew, I was seating with the old geezers. Each of them talked about how they met "Wat-chan" surprising for me that he was an orphan who was left to fend for himself. I watched him pump the rocket with a happy expression. I turn away.

The weirdest thing was after that he kept following me like a lost dog. It was getting annoying so I made remarks about it every time he tried and talk to me. When I got to my apartment, he was still there, right behind me, boring his eyes on my head. I don't know how we ended up being with the tutor arrangement but it was clear after one afternoon, he kissed me. He kept saying he loved me and won't leave me alone, that he fell in love with me crying on the park. I did the only natural thing to do, I blushed.

…is that we move on after them.

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