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- Introduction -

So here we are again ay? To all old and new readers of the story, I want to give you some background before you start reading. Its not really necessary to read this if you don't want to. But if you wish, I would appreciate it. First of all I want to say sorry to the old readers ^-^''' I didn't mean to wait till like a year till I updated again. What really happened was that my computer got erased, completely destroyed. All my work was gone. It discouraged me from writing more on the story, cause it erased almost three chapters I was going to add. Well, the more I waited, the more I wanted to start the story again. And here it is ^_^ Re-written. I hope you enjoy it.

This story started out as just a mindless Legolas Mary Sue. But it turned into something more. Leneil evolved into one of my favorite characters to write about. The plot took course on it's own. Things get a lot more complicated as the story goes on. I've written more detail into this version of the story. Now read and review! For my soul craves it =^-^=

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Ice of Heart

Prologue: The Battle

By: Sarah

(Or otherwise known as Aranel, Rina-san, Jstari, Serina, and Myia)

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings or know the real names of Legolas' brothers (grr . . .wish I did) I own Leneil, Calina, Arienel, Sola, Harmar and Naraina. Please don't sue me _ I'm just a pathetic fan with no life. And if you did, all you'd get from me is a pencil, and the cardboard box I live in.

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Leneil walked along side her father, mounting her beloved black steed Naraina. She glanced over at her father, the dark lord Sauron himself. She looked a lot like her beautiful mother Arienel. Her mother had been a Lothlorien elf. Leneil remembered little of her. She left Leneil and her father a long time ago. Father had forbidden going to Lothlorien. Leneil had been training all her life for this moment, when she could prove herself worthy to her father. She was a skilled warrior and ready for anything. This was the first time Sauron had let her fight. She was ready for this.

Leneil glanced around at the battlefield with her cold green eyes. They sparkled with a mischievous glare she had inherited from her father. Her heart had been turned black with the constant blinding hatred she felt for no reason. All she knew was her father, and from her father, she knew she was a warrior and had no pity for anything or anyone. Her black hair she got from her mother was let loose but held down with a tiara of silver. It was an elvish design, and in the middle was a small blue stone.

Sauron watched down on the elves pathetic attempt at beating his armies. They had no idea what true power he had.

"Are you read for this Leneil?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yes father," she replied.

"I have a gift for you, It's very powerful. Use it wisely and not wastefully. Great power lies in this creation I made for you. If you use too much of your energy though, it could kill you."

"I'm always careful."

"Yes I know," he said. Leneil could see his smirk through the opening of his helmet. "I can always count on you. One day you will take over for me, and rule middle-earth."

Leneil smiled. It was so rare for her father to show this much emotion. He pulled out a sword in a dark black cover. Beautiful designs have been forged into it, lined with silver. He handed it to her. Leneil let her hands run over the smooth black cover, looking in awe. She pulled the sword out and gasped. It was a crescent shaped sword. Blue and white gems where embedded in the silver handle. The writing on it was in black speech. When said in common tongue it read 'Leneil, lady of darkness. The perfect warrior.'

"It's magnificent father," she said breathless.

"Now lets go! It's our turn," he said, letting his horse gallop in at a full speed. Leneil followed close behind. She took of in a separate direction and held up her sword.

The elves and men looked up at her amazed. Her black hair was flowing behind her like fine silk. She stared down at them with her green empty eyes. They where transfixed by her beauty. She raised her sword and suddenly slashed down upon one of the elves, cutting him in half. The elves looked in horror. The soon gathered their strength and started to fight her. Leneil defeated every sing one who approached her. Not even having to get off her horse.

Sauron crushed the king of Gondor. He flied into the side of the cliff and landed dead on the rocky ground at Sauron's feet. Isildur ran, grief stricken by his father's death. He could take no more of this evil. Sauron was about to finish him off, when Isildur picked up his father's sword, and sliced the ring of his hand. A sudden gust of wind blue up and brought everything to a halt. Sauron, the dark lord, had been defeated.

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