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I am so sorry I haven't updated .. I got so lost in school work and I got a boyfriend .. well Fiancé now. ^-^ I've had so much going on in my life, I kind of got lost on my writing . I'm so sorry I feel really bad to have left you hanging for all these past . what has it been year(s)? It's horrible . my faithful fans deserve better then that . But I just don't feel I can finish the story now, no time . and I don't want to leave you guys hanging there . so I'm going to tell you the ending . the rest of the story . as I would have written it. I might finish it one day (but if I did I would re-write the entire thing . I know I could do better.. this story is kind of like my ongoing masterpiece). or actually I'm thinking of using my favorite parts of the plot and turning it into an Original story .. . but that day won't be soon or maybe it will, if I do I'll leave a link for you guys. And I might have changed some things but this is basically how it would have gone .. *deep breath* Here we go .


The Ending: A Summary

Well from the point I left off I was going to have the next day they wake up and Elrond suggest Leneil give Legolas a tour of Rivendell and during this there would be this scene with a waterfall and a cliff and at the end of the day Leneil admits to herself and Legolas that she is in love with him. Legolas says he loves her too of course and they have a moment .

They are all happy for a while in Rivendell . then Harmar finds out and follows them. He is of course stricken with jealousy and he pulls Leneil aside and tells her that he plans to marry her. She of course tells him no, but that he tells her, what he knows. How he knows who she is and her father (as in the first chapter if you don't remember). Fear of discover and ruin of plans she is forced to marry him. They get married in Rivendell. Galadriel comes with her Mother for the marriage ceremony. Legolas doesn't come to the wedding. He's crushed of course, betrayed by his love. He asks Leneil why before the ceremony and she can't answer him.

The ceremony takes place on a somber note. Leneil follows through and marries Harmar. After the ceremony Galadriel tells Elrond news of Orcs regrouping, seen in Mordor. Elrond and her start planning to beat down the regrouping armies before they get to strong. Leneil leaves with the elves to Mirkwood where she is forced to be with Harmar.

While she is living torn, depressed, miserable *as Legolas also is in Mirkwood* She is alone in her room and then she hears Sauron's Voice. (Oh and sorry guys, I forgot to include that there was also a gem on Leneil's forehead that Sauron put on her when she was a child. and the other half of the stone was put in her sword . it was to late when I realized I forgot I was going to put it back in when I re-wrote it) Her head starts to throb and Sauron tells her there is no way of escaping her fate. She is the dark lords daughter and nothing can change that . she decides . she doesn't care anymore . and She's just going to talk to Legolas and forget about Mordor to be with Legolas. Then Harmar comes in and somehow I would figure out how this would all go in order but Harmar basically tries to force himself on her. And in her rage and fighting of Harmar she grabs her sword (with a bit of nudge of Sauron's influence) Kills him. Then Legolas, who she asked earlier to meet in her room, ( I don't know how but I'd figure it out later lol) comes and sees it happening and he tells her to just leave, run, never return basically.

She runs to Mordor and talks to Calina and finds out Saruman the white has joined their cause and they know that Galadriel and Elrond sent armies to kill out the rest of their orcs and found out who Leneil's father was, probably through her mother.

Then, there we to be a final battle. Both sides lined up at the battle field, still bones of the last one and scattered helmets. The elves mostly on horses and Leneil mounted on her beloved Naraina. Leneil sees Legolas on the other side, his eyes cold and empty. She makes her decision. She starts the battle charge and just before the two sides meet, Leneil turns around and starts to go in a mad killing spree on the orcs. Legolas shocked. The battle continues though. Leneil fighting as she never had before, the orcs finally start to fight her back. She seems unstoppable, but an orc spear pierces her from behind. She drops her guard for a second from fatigue and is finally over taken by orcs. She's knocked down to the ground and the start like ants on her. She breaks through for a moment and starts to fight as much as she can, with ever last bit of life and energy in her. But she falls, and Legolas finally reaches her, when is far past to late. She looks up at Legolas sweat blood dirt and tears covering her, but he thinks she's never looked so beautiful. She reaches out and lightly touches his face and whispers . I love you, then she fades away and crumbles to ash and so does her sword, leaving him with nothing but dust, faded memories, and the two gems left behind.

I was going to have a final scene where Legolas throws the gems by the waters they first admitted they loves each other.

* ~ The End ~ *

Yes and that's how it would have gone for some degree. actually now after reading this . I'm really inspired to use some of this plot and create my own story. I think I shall do that. I'll give you guys a link in case I don't put it up on Fanfiction.net. Honestly I think FF.net has gone way down hill and because of all the cannon crazy people on this site . I was going to start my own FF site but . things got crazy and I don't' have the time .. maybe I still will though. Well anyways.. I'll give you guys a link to where I do put up my story. Thanks, you guys have really helped me in my writing and inspired me to not stop. Thanks for all your guys' support. Especially those who have been reading from the beginning and kept reading. It means a lot. I still might come back and post every once in a while. Guess I'll see you guys around.

Keep writing and Rock on.

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