Too Much Time In His Hands
or Second Thoughts are Twice as Fun
by Shade

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Round Two: Ready, Set, Date!

The Silver Millenium.

A time of peace.

A time of prosperity.

And from the Princess of Neptune's point of view, boring as hell!

It wasn't so bad to be stuck in the Outer System, away from
the countless royal functions and endless parties of Queen
Serenity's court. A tomboy through and through, Michiru just
couldn't stand having to dress up in those fragile formal
dresses or observe those incredibly boring rules of etiquette.

Elegance could go straight to Earth, as far as she was concerned.

Who really cared about which spoon was supposed to be
used for the fish course and which was for the soup
anyway? A fork was a fork and her hunting knife was
better at cutting meat then any silly little silver
utensil. And frankly it was practically impossible
to climb a tree in a dress, the ruffles and lace
always got snagged on the branches.

Why couldn't all of her studies be more like unarmed combat
training or spear fishing? Math was boring, history was dull,
and if she had to endure one more stupid violin lesson Michiru
swore she would scream and tear off her instructor's floppy wig!

And the less said about those bowing and scraping planetary nobles
who kept trying to court her favor, the better. Useless petty fops,
each and every one of them. Half the men there were cheating on their
wives and the other half were being used by those same wives to cheat
on their husbands.

She much preferred the cleaner atomosphere out here where things were so much simpler,
without the odious stench of politics.

Of course, things had gone much more interesting ever since "he" had arrived.

An enigma if she'd ever seen one.

Although he had arrived straight from the Inner Courts, it had quickly become clear that this
was no soft Lunarian. Out here in the Outer System the Princess of Neptune had seen taller frames,
broader shoulders, bigger muscled chests and biceps, and of course handsome faces were a dime a dozen
among the magically inclined nobility. But this one, this one was very different from the rest.
No single attribute seemed to stand out alone, but together the sum of the parts were somehow greater
as a whole. Only the faintest traces of a Terran accent hinted at his true origins, though it was
equally clear that he was no mere primitive Earth barbarian either.

Which of course made him all the more "interesting". Especially to princesses told not to show
any interest in the unusual visitor.

There was just one teensy little problem.

Just what did that infuriatingly interesting man see in a prissy little
shrinking violet like the Princess of Pluto anyway?!


Setsuna regarded the now unconscious young man in her arms
and smiled at the memories of when they'd met for the first
time the last time.

'Nice to know that I've still got it.'

She had always found it rather ironic that the reincarnations of herself
and the other Senshi had apparently reversed some of their major characteristics
by accident. Venus, the infamous Ice Queen of Duty, reborn a boy crazy idol chaser.
Mercury, the scandalous flirt of the Inner system, now allergic to even simple
love letters.

And as for herself and the other Outers...

'Ranma went after the shy blushing maiden of Pluto
in our last life. This time it's my turn to do the

It was tempting to simply drag him off to a love hotel
and ravish him to her heart's content. But she dismissed
that idea (as appealing as it might be), since the information
she had collected on Ranma indicated that a subtle approach
would be better suited to achieving her goal.

Half carrying, half dragging him to the park's restroom
Setsuna managed to find an unoccupied stall and locked
the door behind them.

It was a moment's work to remove his clothes,
they were already half destroyed anyway.
With a look of regret she left his boxers
on though. They alone had survived intact,
leaving her with no excuse to remove them.

Dressing him proved to be a slightly greater challenge
but she managed to achieve her goal within a reasonable
amount of time. It was fortunate that she'd factored
possible delays like this into today's schedule.

Ah, the memories this brought back...


"Stop, someone will see us," Princess Setsuna gasped nervously
as she clutched at the dark head of hair hidden under the long
skirt of her dress. The slightly transparent ocean blue lunar-moth
silk obscured but did not hide the young man kneeling before her.

Nestled snugly between her slightly spread legs, her amused
lover mumured softly, "There's nothing here to be ashamed of."

And to prove the truth of his words, he resumed his interrupted
exploration of her velvety delta. The soft rasp of his tongue
slowly sliding over the outer lips was enough to force the princess
to stuff her silky sleeve into her mouth to muffle her own cries.

With a patience that was almost maddening, he began to stroke the area behind
her lush core and the other forbidden hole. Tears pooled in Setsuna's eyes
as the sensation sent a sympathic vibration running all the way up her spine.

She wanted to climax. She needed it like a plant needed the sun.

He lipped the tight bud of her clitoris.

With a strength she'd never have thought possible before, Princess Setsuna
clapped her thighs around the young man's head and pressed his face forward
as every firework in the Kingdom seemed to go off inside of her head.


Setsuna ignored the scandalized looks that she got
from a trio of girls who saw her exiting the restroom
with the unconscious young man. She took him with her
to a shaded spot that offered a measure of privacy.

With surprising tenderness, she gently placed his head
in her seated lap and settled down to wait for Ranma's
return to consciousness.

"I see this life hasn't been very good to you so far.
Always up to your neck in trouble. Some things never change."

Setsuna absently played with an unruly raven lock
of his hair as she waited. It hung defiantly over
his brow, having somehow escaped from the young man's
crude (but effective) attempts to keep it in order.

He had changed, which was only to be expected,
yet she could still see the man that she'd fallen
in love with.

'I wonder if a part of him still remembers me?'

Steady. She needed to take her time here.
But it was so very hard. Despite her role
as the Time Guardian patience didn't normally
come easy to her.

Especially when it came to matters of the heart.

In hindsight, perhaps that first kiss had probably
been just a tad too early. She should have waited
until after their first date, not right at the beginning.

Damn hormones.

Damn double standards of this time's society.

Damn overcrowded island with no real privacy for hot nookie.

An eyebrow twitched.

'Ah, he's finally waking up.'

"Welcome back, Sleepyhead."

Both of Ranma's eyes shot open and stared up at her.

Almost immediately his pupils widened to the size of small dinner plates
as he realized that he was looking up at her through her abundant cleavage.

Setsuna had choosen her dress perfectly for this moment.
Although fashionably low, the teasingly thin material
actually implied a lot more then it revealed.

Which didn't help Ranma's peace of mind at all,
especially as found that he could even smell
the faint scent of cherry blossoms coming from
that direction. He usually had no problem with
nudity, even skimpy clothing that shouted the
owner's interest failed to arouse his interest.
But this was a more subtle attack, one which
he didn't have even the first idea about how
to defend himself against.

'Wah! Ah!! Ah!!'

The young man couldn't seem to blink, his eyes drawn like a magnet
to the two large half hidden orbs overhead. For the first time in his life,
Ranma found himself wondering about the mysteries of women's clothing.
There was something about how this woman looked that was different
from all the times he'd been with his fiancees.

It was strange. And a little frightening.

And actually kind of nice in a sexy sort of way.

'Gah-mental whap to the head-Who is she?'

"See anything you like?"

Again that softly teasing voice.

But there wasn't even a hint of malice in it,
rather it seemed to sound almost hopeful.

His first instinct was to try and get up.

Unfortunately that was when the martial artist finally
realized where he'd been resting. Once Ranma lifted
his head off her lap his face naturally ended up colliding
with her bosom.

This prompted a natural response from him.

'Oh crap! Now she's going to call me
a pervert and beat me to a bloody pulp!!'

A few months earlier such an incident wouldn't have inspired
such a level of panic in him. But after having repeated encounters
with blunt instruments of pain and suffering from certain violent girls
he had started to develop an instinctive reaction to these kinds of situations.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to!! It was an accident!!"

Quicker then greased lightning the young man backed away from her
and assumed the stance of the Crouching Tiger. Who would have thought
that his father could come up with such a useful technique?

Setsuna stared at him in amazement.

'Oh my, I can't believe it. He's actually blushing.'

Maybe she shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss that love hotel idea after all.


Ranma couldn't believe his luck.

A girl that listened to his apologies?

A girl that didn't hit him?!

There had to be a catch here!

Any minute now she was probably going to reveal her true identity
as a slavering bug-eyed alien invader who intended to pickle his
brains and serve them as some sort of UFO side dish.

"Is there something on my dress?"


Waving his hands frantically, Ranma stumbled backwards and fell over.

Setsuna giggled.

This was going to be so much fun.

She offered him a hand up, which he took with shaking fingers.

"Would you like to get something to eat?"

Ranma's stomach answered before his mouth could refuse.


The young man flushed, embarrassed for the first time about his body's
natural reaction to missing breakfast and lunch.

"Um, I don't have any money."

Ranma wanted to sink into the ground as he made that shameful admission.
Something about this woman made him look at himself and wince at his own

"My treat," she said invitingly.

The pangs of hunger screamed at him to accept, but where he would have
in a heartbeat if it had been Shampoo or Ukyo, the words choked in his
throat here.

"I couldn't, I mean, I don't even know your name-"

"Setsuna. Setsuna Meiou."

"Ah, it's nice to meet-I mean, My name's Ranma-, that is-"

The pigtailed boy found his tongue tripping over itself as he tried to regain
his mental equilibrium. The sweet faint tang of her perfume seemed to be
burrowing into brain like a ghostly stilletto.

"I know."

"You do? I mean-"

"Yes, I know."

There was something in the way she said it that made it true.

"Oh, right, but-"

"Beef, fish, pork or chicken?"


"Which would you prefer?"

Ranma wasn't entirely sure how he'd gotten to this point,
but if there was one thing that his Old Man had taught him,
it was to surrender to the inevitable.

"Pork. Right now, I'm definitely in the mood for some roasted pork."

"I see. Well let's go then, we don't want to be late for our reservation."

As she took him by the arm and led the unresisting boy off, all Ranma
could think was, 'We have a reservation?'