So Jason and I have just finished reading Thor Essentials #1! (What this chapter is based off of, and the subsequent chapters will be based off of the following segments in the Thor age!) Since Jason loves me so, and I love him so, he is awesome enough to continue being EVER so prolific in writing these fics for me! We plan to be writing a separate fic together soon, so stay tuned! :P

Loki's arms windmilled as he landed atop the highest platform of Odin's sprawling fortress. His eyes were wide and his mouth agape at the suddenness of his travel here. Thor has tied him to his hammer and hurled him with all of his godly might, into the sky of Midgard, across worlds and into the realm of Asgard. Even as Loki watched, stunned, Thor's hammer arced back to return to it's sender. Loki blushed as he heard Asgardians who had been nearby to see this spectacle hoot and holler at him, praising Thor for defeating him so soundly so as to deliver him in such a manner.

Loki's eyes shot forward to observe Odin sitting high upon his throne, watching Loki with a stern expression upon his face. Loki's mind raced to think of how he might avoid his father's wrath. The trickster stepped forward tentatively, his eyes on the floor as he did his best to sound extremely apologetic.

''Father, please do not hate me, I have been trapped within a tree for thousands of years, and I fear my mind is not quite adjusted to being free... I saw Thor as the reason for my imprisonment and acted without reason for reason was not mine to have.''

Loki glanced up furtively to see how his lie had played out. Odin stared levelly with his one eye, his expression unwavering. Loki could only hope that his father felt some form of guilt in imprisoning him for so long. Loki feared being sent back to that tree or worse, and his only chance lay in Odin's sympathy.

The lord of gods shook his head slowly, scratching his thick white beard.

'' I shall not imprison you thus again, that being a tree might not further addle you. However, you must still answer for your crimes against Thor, whom is your own kin! Never again are you to leave our home! You will remain here forever! In this way I shall monitor your mental health and see that you are set right. Go to your room and cause no more mischief!''

Loki exulted in his heart that he would face no punishment for his actions. He went to one knee very formally, as if he had ever been Odin's most loyal champion.

''Yes, Father...''

----------------------- The Next Day -------------------------------

Loki struggled violently, and even Thor, for all his might, was hard pressed to contain him. It was bad enough that Thor had paraded him around in front of the mortals to show them that they were now 'safe' from the trickster god, but now Thor threatened to return him to Asgard! To Odin, whose wrath would surely boil over.

''You can't take me there!''

Thor grunted as he threw the net over Loki once more.

''I must. I was going to let you walk into our home with some pride left intact, but you force me to restrict your movement once more. So be it.''

-------------------- Back in Asgard -----------------------------------

Thor deposited Loki at Odin's feet, the trickster god bound in the net, his body curled up to fit within the trap. Many Asgardians laughed at his plight and Loki flushed a bright crimson within his makeshift prison.

''I am most pleased to see my favorite son again! But, as for Loki... I know not what to do with him! He grows more wily, more dangerous, more uncontrollable each hour...''

Thor nodded to his father, graciously bowing to the compliment and turning to fly back to Midgard.

Loki struggled within the net before finally crawling free of it, to the continued jeers of those in his father's court. He tossed the ruined ropes down heatedly before glancing over at the throne, the color draining from his face as he took in Odin's dark expression. Odin reached one hand out, beckoning Loki to come closer. Loki steepled his fingers nervously, licking his lips before speaking.

''Father, I do not know what came over me... it was some strange madness, I could not control it...''

Odin continued to glare, his hand still raised, his silence a strong command in itself.

Loki inched forward, glancing left and right to the faces of those attending, but seeing no help forthcoming. Not that he had expected any; after all, he was Loki, scorned by all. He was several feet from Odin and still his father glared, his hand still beckoning. Loki gulped as he moved uncomfortably close to his angered father. With speed rivaling lightning and a grip like that of a manacle Odin clamped one massive fist around Loki's slender wrist, pulling the surprised trickster over his lap, so that his hips stopped on Odin's right leg.

Odin contained Loki's arm by keeping that wrist held as he slapped the trickster's ass hard with the other. Loki bounced forward in surprise, a yelp escaping his lips. His brown eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open in astonishment. He was being spanked! The reality of it struck home with Odin's second swat to his rear, and Loki squirmed with the unexpected pain. His hand shot back reflexively with the sting of it.

''Wait! What are you doing?! This punishment is reserved for children!''

Odin slid the thumb of his controlling hand around Loki's other wrist, drawing them together before pushing the trickster's arms both up into the small of his back.

''I saw how you were acting down in Midgard. It is a Thor stated then, you have been smashing things in Midgard like a spoiled child in a fit of anger. So I shall punish you as one.''

Loki's eyes bugged with the feeling of having his arms pushed up like that, away from his ass so that there was no chance for him to cover up as Odin swatted him. The feeling of helplessness and the pain both doubled as Odin pulled his trousers down enough to expose his rear. Loki cried out loudly as Odin smacked him now, turning to look back and blushing to see his exposed cheeks tuning red from the punishment delivered by Odin's calloused hand. Things were going all wrong! This wasn't supposed to happen!

''Please, father, I am sick, I need time to acclimate to my sanity once more!''

Odin shook his head as he continued to slap Loki, the trickster's cries growing louder with each swat. Loki began to wriggle about now, his ass moving left and right but unable to escape Odin's hand. Loki looked back to see that he could not possibly turn in any way to avoid the sting of Odin's discipline, and he began to panic as Odin spoke. Having his arms pinned seemed to only continue to add to this growing feeling.

''Nay. As I stated when Thor brought you back to me, you grow worse, not better. I know not what better way I might use to ensure you correct your illness. It seems to have made a child of you, so we shall start again with the basics. I cannot fathom that you would disobey me mere hours after I had commanded you to remain in Asgard! You will learn again why you are not to defy your father!''

The swats became harder and Loki writhed around in pain. The irony of his lie coming around to humiliate him in such a fashion was not lost on Loki. And the worst part was that he could see no way to get out of this particular punishment without revealing that he had lied in the first place! Loki glanced around, suddenly remembering the others in the room as he cried out sharply. They had all gone deathly quiet, but they still stood watching this shameful debacle.

Loki blushed, feeling tears of shame well up in the corners of his eyes. He tried to take his punishment as a Norse god should, but his stamina for such pain was short lived, and the tears began to flow freely as he could not help himself from crying out pathetically from the punishment. He craned back to plea to Odin, making sure his father could see the open misery in his face.

''Please! Do not do this in front of the whole court!''

Odin nodded, seeming to agree with Loki. He raised his voice so that it boomed across the open halls of his castle.

''Leave us. My son is sick, and needs a special sort of guidance that shames him for you to witness.''

Those there nodded to Odin and silently filed out of the huge room. Loki closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as he lowered his head. Odin's words had managed to make it worse. They had already seen, it was too late, and now they all thought of him as if he were some child with special needs... Loki's breath hitched, he could not stand the indignity of it all, but had no real way to set it right. It just wasn't fair. Loki sobbed in abject misery as Odin's hand came down again and again, the trickster hanging limp and defeated over Odin's knee.

Odin increased his tempo so that Loki began to buck and twitch again. The trickster looked back and immediately wished that he hadn't. His ass was bright red and quivering. As he watched he couldn't help but clench involuntarily before each swat since he saw Odin's hand coming down. He forced his eyes forward and tried to relax, but now not seeing made it worse, and he clenched in anticipation all the same.

Ultimately, there was no way he could escape the growing sting and Loki kicked his feet as he cried out tearfully as Odin's discipline continued. He was past his ability to endure the pain, and could not even think straight to try to manipulate his way free any more. So all he did was cry out and strain with each swat until his body grew tired from his struggles and he went limp again, whimpering quietly as Odin continued, yelping occasionally after a particularly painful swat.

After some time of this, Odin slackened the pace somewhat and leaned down to question his simpering son.

''Do you feel you will remember this?''

Loki's voice cracked as he replied eagerly and loudly.

''Y-yes! Please, yes!''

Odin stopped slapping Loki and gingerly pulled his trousers up once more. Loki felt incredibly small, and his eyes were downcast as he stood sniffling, wishing only to return to his room, so when Odin commanded him to do just that, he headed off to comply quickly without a word.

----------------------- Two Days Later --------------------

Loki peered into his magic sphere, watching the goings-on of Midgard. More specifically, what was going on with his half-brother, Thor. His eyes burned with hatred, but he dared not leave Asgard, his ass still bore marks reminding him of why he should avoid that folly. He fumed and cursed as he watched Thor become a champion to the people of Midgard, beloved by all. The god of thunder was untouchable to Loki... except...

Loki's face spread in a grin as he observed a person Thor came into contact with, a psychic of humble prowess who possessed what Loki needed to cause Thor harm. Sandu was greedy, self-serving, and criminal. He was perfect! Loki quickly exercised his powers to heighten this mans powers, leering at the possibilities as he planted the mental suggestion to harm Thor into Sandu's mind.

Loki jumped up and down for joy, clapping his hands together excitedly. This was it! Sandu had faced off against Thor and now had his mallet in another dimension! In less than sixty seconds, Loki will have finally defeated the god of thunder! Loki's face fell as he watched Sandu try to use his powers to lift the hammer, pouring more and more energy into the effort.

''Stop! You Fool!''

Loki grabbed each side of his viewing crystal, wishing the man on the other side could hear him. The worst happened, though, and Sandu pushed his concentration too far, losing his powers and slipping back to Midgard, where Thor soundly defeated him, and thus Loki, once more.

Loki shook the crystal in anger, his mouth open in a snarl as he loudly growled his frustration. A deep voice from behind him caused his blood to freeze and he whipped around to see Odin.

''What ails you son, that you create such noise?''

Loki panicked, doing his best to block Odin's view of the screen with his own body.

''N-nothing! The... uh, my viewer is not working properly is all, it is nothing of great importance, really.''

Odin raised and eyebrow and Loki felt his heart hammering in his chest as sweat trickled down his brow. Finally the All-father spoke.

''See to it later, you do not need more stress in your condition. See yourself to your bed soon and rest, it can do no good to vex yourself so.''

Loki breathed out a sigh of relief, nodding to his father.

''As you wish, father. I shall retire shortly...''

As Odin left the room, Loki returned to his own thoughts of his most recent failure. Sandu... Sandu had been a little too much like Loki himself... No, Loki would not be able to defeat Thor this way, he would need another tact. Loki rubbed his chin as he considered the position he now held before Odin. His father thought him merely ill now, perhaps he could use that to his advantage...

-------------------- A Few Months Later ---------------------

Loki split his time between standing at Odin's side and making himself helpful to regain his father's trust and watching Thor on his viewing crystal. At the moment, he saw Thor looking mournfully out to sea from a dock on some lonely Midgard coast. It was perfect! Lately Odin and Thor had been having a string disagreement over Thor's professed love of a mortal woman. Now the sap pines away so obviously it can be seen, what a great opportunity to turn his father further against him!

Loki hurried to Odin's throne room, bowing to his father as he entered. The aged lord nodded assent to him as he approached. The All-father seemed tired as he slouched in his throne. Obviously troubled from his last argument with Thor. Loki hated that Odin doted on Thor so. Surely Odin spent no time troubled about how Loki felt...

Loki fought to keep the scowl from entering his face, instead smiling at his father. Any moment now.

''Loki, I wish to see what Thor is up to. Will you use your magics to summon his image for me?''

Right on time. Loki smiled genuinely.

''Of course, father. There, Noble Odin! I give you a thought projection of Thor, as you requested!''

The air shimmered as Loki spoke, and Thor stood on the pier still, his face still pained, his shoulders slumped with untold sadness. Loki's upper lip curled back at the sight of it. As if Thor knew what suffering was. At least their father cared how HE felt...

As if to compound Loki's thoughts, Odin suddenly spoke, his voice pained.

''My favorite son still is troubled! If only I could drive that girl from his heart!''

Loki turned his face away from Odin slightly as he spoke, not wanting Odin to see how much his words had cut him. Favorite son. Loki's heart hardened to it as it always did, and he turned the pain into useful hate, the better to fuel his focus. He weaved a faint portion of his magic into his voice, his words, a suggestion that played strongly on Odin's already turbulent emotions.

''You have ordered him to forget her... but still he broods! Is this not rank disobedience?''

Loki studied Odin's face, more than slightly worried of what might happen should Odin realize his trick, but he saw with satisfaction that Odin's sadness also turned into anger. The All-father's face darkened with magically induced fury. His voice grated with menace as he spoke.

''Yes, Loki... it is! And, by thunder, it shall be punished!!''

The room shook with this decree and Loki exulted inwardly, fighting to keep himself from smiling openly at this victory. Soon, Odin himself would be turned against Thor! For some reason, Loki enjoyed this thought more than any other revenge scheme he had ever lain against his half-brother... As Odin decreed Thor banished from Asgard, and his powers reduced besides, Loki nearly cheered. He had never felt so happy...

----------- Later -------------

Loki watched Thor still, despite his victory in getting his brother banished from Asgard, Thor still found admiration from the mortals of Midgard and it made Loki's insides churn. He thought to simply cover the crystal, to enjoy that Thor was no longer a part of Asgard and go about being Odin's sole heir, but the melancholy that Odin dwelled in only caused the bitterness to fester in Loki's heart.

At one point Loki had suggested to Odin that he send The Enchantress, Amora to Midgard to seduce Thor away from his mortal lover. He had suggested it as a way to gain favor with Odin and attempt sabotage of Thor as well, for Amora was sure to break his heart as she had every other man that had ever passed her lips. How Loki would love to see his half-brother pine over such...

But Amora had bungled the whole scheme. Not only had she not gained Thor's favor, she had tried to have the Executioner kill Thor's woman, an act that broke the code all Asgardians lived by and which only drew Odin closer to Thor when he learned of it. Loki seethed that nothing ever seemed to work the way he planned it. He was the most cunning there ever was, he just had such bad luck...

Now Loki watched his father as Odin stood upon a rocky ledge looking out over much of Asgard. He could tell his father was once more brooding over Thor's stubborn desire to mate with a mortal against his father's command, and this still stung Loki. Why could Odin not just forget Thor and enjoy the company of his remaining, loyal son?

Odin sensed his approach, and for a long while, the two stood in silence, each thinking very different thoughts. Loki was glad he stood behind Odin when his father finally did speak, for Odin went on for some time about how troubled Thor's decision had made him, and it was painfully clear that Odin yet favored Thor over Loki, despite his disloyalty and Loki's subtle magic. Loki started when Odin asked him something unexpected.

''You are clever, Loki. I ask for your advise.''

Loki stared at Odin a moment agape, not used to being complimented in any way, and certainly surprised by this act of trust. He smiled quickly, though, regaining his composure as his mind began to whirl on how he could use this to his advantage. At last! My chance has come!

''You have but one course to take, noble Odin. You yourself must go to Midgard and assert your authority in person.''

Odin scratched his chin as he thought.

''I? Visit Midgard after all these ages?''

The spell Loki had subtly weaved before was still in place, but Loki was uncertain how it would affect this current situation. He leaned forward expectantly, hoping for the best. At last Odin finally shouted out, raising as hand out imperiously above Asgard as he decreed his action.

''By Asgard! Your suggestion strikes my fancy, I shall do it! And in my absence, I invest you with a portion of my power, Loki. You shall rule Asgard until my return.''

Loki's heart skipped a beat. This was more than he could have ever dreamed! Odin now trusted him enough to run Asgard with the power of the All-father? Not only that, but Odin traveled down to Midgard to punish Thor! Loki could not help but smile. What a glorious day! But how best to use this? ... Yes! Loki would ... accidentally release the magical bonds that hold two of Odin's greatest enemies imprisoned on Midgard.

The Frost Giant Skagg and the Fire Demon Surtur would wreak havoc such as Thor could not dream of handling in his weakened state, and if all went according to plan, Thor would be crushed before Odin even arrived in Midgard! Loki set to work feverishly, employing his magic to weaken Odin's spells of binding...

--------- Later -----------

Loki paced back and forth. He did not even wish to view the crystal any more. Not only had Odin arrived in Midgard far faster than he had thought he would, the All-father had not had time to punish Thor before the two creatures Loki had released had announced themselves. It was all such horrible timing. Why did it always come to this? Now Odin had joined Thor in defeating the two ancient menaces, and their camaraderie was reinforced rather than weakened.

Loki's fists balled and shook and he hissed in rage. Now Odin would return to Asgard and Loki would have to explain that he had been too weak to hold the giants in their prisons, even with the power Odin had granted him. This story might save Loki, but would lessen his father's opinion of him regardless. Weakness was frowned upon in Asgard. Loki cried out in frustration and kicked a small table over. Nothing ever went his way!

--------- Later ----------

Loki returned to his room a bit shaken. Odin had been very upset about the earlier events. The All-father had moved towards Loki menacingly at the time, and Loki had had to speak fast to avoid going over his father's knee once more. Loki shuddered as he thought of Odin's strong threat to spank again severely him if anything else like this occurred, ever. Odin had sent him to his room, exasperated, and Loki had gone quickly, fearful lest Odin change his mind about spanking him right then.

Loki sat in front of his viewing crystal, watching as Thor happily walked in a park in his Don Blake persona, holding hands with his mortal lover, Jane. He must risk it! Even if it meant the possibility of another spanking from Odin, which scared him greatly, Loki had to wipe that smile from Thor's face! He would be careful, he would assume the form of a bumblebee, and slip past Heimdall, who watches the rainbow bridge, that way Odin would not know he had left Asgard.

He would have to be fast! Loki traveled down to Midgard quickly using the full power of his magics so as to make better time. That meant he would have little reserve to fight Thor if it came to that, but his first priority was returning to Asgard once he had acquired his target, Jane...

------- Atop a Lone mountain in Asgard ----------

Loki took a deep breath of the mountain air. Victory! Finally, after all these years, he had finally beaten his brother! He had disguised himself as an old man, thrown Don Blakes' cane out of a fourth story window, making it impossible for him to turn into Thor, then stolen his lover away from him while he stood there, helpless! Loki treasured the look that had been on the face of his brothers mortal form.

Now he had just used the last of his power to seal the girl into Limbo, just in case Thor managed to regain his cane and come here before he had time enough to regain his sorcerous strength. Loki laughed, but his laugh turned into a snarl as Thor landed atop the mountain with him. Of course. Thor always prevailed. But he was too late... he couldn't stop Loki this time!

Loki let his hatred fuel his muscles as he leaped upon Thor, knowing he couldn't best the thunder god in battle but trying anyways. He had no more magics, and when he taunted Thor by telling him his remaining magic was being sent to harm his lover, he learned that his brother had recruited arcane allies to protect her within Loki's prison! Loki screamed his fury as he attacked Thor with wild abandon, but the thunder god easily sidestepped and parried his attacks.

Thor landed a solid punch that jarred Loki and snapped him out of his rage. The pain reminded him again that he couldn't win a fist fight with Thor, and he raced to think of what he could possibly do to turn things in his favor. Thor threatened to strike him again if he did not release Jane from Limbo, and Loki agreed for two reasons. One, he did not wish for Thor to strike him again, the first time had really hurt and; two, Loki could re-absorb the magic he had used to put Jane in Limbo in the first place, perhaps giving him the sorcerous edge he needed to defeat his brother.

He splayed his hands out in arcane signs and told Thor as much when a swirling cloud suddenly erupted from behind him, causing him to look back, startled. Before Loki could react, a strong armored arm reached out of that cloud and he suddenly found himself being carried bodily on horseback along the rainbow bridge, the mountain he had been on rapidly fading into the distance. Loki screamed out and kicked as they traveled, his mind filled with unreasoning frustration.

''No! Don't... not yet! I might have beaten him if I had more time!''

The stalwart warrior who now carried him under his arm like a bag of grain replied easily.

''Your time has almost run out, Loki. Odin commanded me to bring you to him, and he gave my arm enough power to hold you no matter how you struggle to break free.''

As they galloped on, Odin's vast citadel growing quickly in their vision, Loki's heart sank. Odin had sent this guardsman to fetch him. That meant Odin knew what he had been up to. Oh no...

------- At the Castle -------------

Loki gulped as he stared hard at the floor. The guardsman had been right, no matter how Loki had struggled, he had been unable to prevent coming here through muscle or magic. Now the All-father glared down at him darkly from his throne, Odin's back straight in the chair, each of his hands resting on one armrest. Odin dismissed all the others attending his halls and this only added to Loki's growing unease. Once they were alone Odin's booming voice echoed through the room at him.

''Speak, son. I am eager to see what lie you contrive this time.''

Loki's face paled as he regarded his father's steel gray eye. How much did Odin know? Such a slippery place Loki now stood on, he didn't know what he might say to make things better rather than worse. He tried denial first...

''I have not lied, All-father, I am hurt that you would say such after I have worked so hard to prove myself to you.''

Odin scoffed, one gauntleted hand waving off Loki's words dismissively.

''And prove yourself you have. You proved that you can endanger mortals by pushing them in front of oncoming machines and using unstable magics on them. You've proven that you are willing to betray all of Asgard by releasing it's greatest enemies upon Midgard. You've also proven that you will bring a mortal here, to Asgard, which is forbidden, just so that you can have it out with your brother over her. And lest I forget, you have proven your defiance of my edicts once more by going to Midgard to retrieve this mortal in the first place.''

Loki's heart sank with each word. Somehow the last part frightened him the most, even if it wasn't the greatest crime. He knew it was because that was the reason Odin had spanked him last time, and the reason for which Odin had promised to spank him again, should he repeat it. Loki licked his lips, wishing he were somewhere else.

''I-I can explain...''

Odin growled and Loki quieted. The All-father stood up and the trickster flinched, taking a step back. He felt far too close to Odin where he was standing. When Odin reached out and took his wrist he shouldn't have been surprised, but he still was. Odin sat down once more, placing Loki across his lap in a familiar fashion that covered Loki in goosebumps. Odin's voice rang out with anger.

''I have had enough of your explanations. You will tell me that your time in the tree has addled you or that you were too weak? Unacceptable.''

Odin began to strike Loki's ass and the trickster yelped immediately in fearful pain, his body remembering immediately where this was headed to. That knowledge drove him to beg right away.

''Please, father! I meant no harm! The worst of my tricks have caused no injury to anyone!''

Odin grabbed at Loki's hands as the trickster tried to cover himself with them and pulled them up out of the way of his spanking hand. Loki cried out in frustration at the immediate feeling of helplessness, the cry echoing louder when Odin threw one powerful leg over Loki's to secure him in place. Being so completely unable to move was terrifying, and Loki feared what kind of spanking Odin thought to deliver that he pinned him so. Odin's words grated as his hand came down, eliciting another yelp from Loki.

''Perhaps you mean no harm, but your reckless ways would injure someone eventually if left unchecked. Consider this me checking you!''

Loki bucked forward as Odin picked up the pace, squirming with very little margin to move within Odin's tight grip, which only added to the trickster's terror. He looked back in time to see Odin rip his pants down roughly, and cried out as he watched Odin's hand contact his unprotected flesh. Only one slap, and already he could see the hand shaped mark Odin's hand left behind. This hurt, scared, and humiliated him all at the same time.

''I-I do not need this! I will do better, I swear it!''

Loki watched as Odin shook his head and felt the tears of pain come as Odin's hand picked up yet more speed and power, striking cheeks that felt like they were on fire. Loki tried to focus on anything other than the fact that he was getting spanked but could not. It felt as if the center of his mind could be nowhere else but the pain radiating from his ass. Loki wished with all of his might that he had stayed in Asgard. This had not been worth the risk!

''I will decide what you need, after all, you are addled, are you not? What would you know what your confused state needs?''

Loki balked at the pain as Odin began to slap the tender under curve of his ass hard and repeatedly. He groaned pitiably and shuddered with each shocking blow. He had already passed his limit for this sort of torture, and yet he felt Odin was only getting warmed up. This time, Odin seemed far angrier, and Loki imagined that the last spanking would pale before what Odin planned now. This thought sent chills up and down his spine. He had to try to end it, any option was better than saying nothing!

''I-I am sorry! I had lied to you, I was not addled, I merely acted on centuries of pent up hatred for Thor! Please, I still did not break the code!''

If anything, Odin smacked him yet harder, and Loki screamed loudly as he trashed around in Odin's grip, his ass reddened and shuddering from the hard slaps. Odin rapidly slapped the same area in succession, and Loki's back arched at the pain, his feet digging into the floor as he was struck.

''You think that would make this discipline unnecessary? If anything, it makes it more so. I am pleased that you are being honest, and take it as proof that spanking is proving effective correction to your mischief. I wish I had thought to employ it earlier, and will certainly use it more now.''

Loki felt warm tears run down he face as he began to sob, both from Odin's unwillingness to stop spanking him and his promise to spank him more often, as well as the pain. He glanced back over his shoulder to see Odin's hand continue coming down on his now bright red ass, the hand prints there all merged together into one great big red welt that caused him great shame to look at. He realized distantly that he was once again clenching in anticipation but he knew there was nothing he could do about it, so he sobbed and tried to get Odin to look at his mournful face instead.

Odin saw that Loki was projecting his pain in hopes that his father would pity him, and this caused Odin to become angrier still. He was sick of Loki using him in such a fashion. He would make certain his son thought twice before doing it again. Odin stopped spanking Loki with and the trickster looked visibly relieved, thinking that his appeal for mercy had worked until he saw Odin unstrapping his thick leather belt.

''Wait! No! Please! Pleeease!!''

Loki's tearful eyes were wide in panic, but he was still pinned and helpless regardless of how he squirmed, and Odin continued to casually draw his belt off of his waist, folding it in his one hand before raising it above his head to strike Loki's shining red posterior.

''Oh gods! No, please!''

Odin disregarded his pleas, though, and the belt arced down, Loki violently wrenching forward with each swing, his voice quickly trebling high as he screamed his pain. The previous spanking had made his ass more sensitive, and it only heightened the feeling of the belting. Loki convulsed and shuddered but knew he could not go anywhere, could not even properly wriggle in such a tight grip, all he could do while Odin swatted him was crane his head back to see what Odin did, which did not make it any easier. Loki was unsure which was worse, seeing it or not, and he alternated between watching and closing his eyes miserably.

Odin growled to him as he continued.

''I shall set the precedent for any future discipline you might bring upon yourself now. Ten hard strikes now and the number shall increase each time you anger me enough to merit my knee.''

Odin stopped for a moment and Loki gasped for breath. He had not realized he had been holding it. Odin had paused to allow him a moment to get ready, but somehow the wait was torturous. He glanced back worriedly, seeing Odin looking back at him. Once their eyes met Odin brought the belt down, striking one cheek very hard, and Loki screamed loudly. The brief pause seemed to only have made his cheeks somehow even more sensitive!

Odin struck him again and Loki screamed even louder, his voice cracking as the third swat landed, sending a convulsion through his entire body. Never again, never again would he leave Asgard! On the fourth swat Loki screamed this for Odin to hear it, but Odin continued quietly, placing the fifth slap where the fourth had been. Loki cringed and twisted, his back arching with the pain. Only five! He was only halfway done! Never before had the number five seemed such an impossibly large number!

Odin brought the belt down two more time successively on the tender under curve and Loki's breath hitched in shocked pain, his fists closing tightly in Odin's grip. His whole body trembled as Odin placed the next few slaps, and Loki's throat felt raw from the screaming as he slumped over in Odin's lap, panting and sobbing at the same time.

Odin pulled his errant son's pants back up and stood him up as Loki winced.

''Be off to your room, and pray you do not give me cause to repeat this de-addling session.''