And of course here is the third chapter of the series based on the Thor Essentials (Silver Age Thor).

WARNING: Non-consensual spanking.

Loki sat upon the edge of his bed, brooding. Months had passed in which he had been grounded to the castle. Many a humiliating day had been spent languishing in his room, fretting over the situation that had landed the prince in a place where he could not go where he wished or do as he pleased. He had spent a fair amount of time pacing, crying, fuming, screaming into pillows, or otherwise venting his stress, but none of it had brought relief.

Loki had been stuck with the way he felt, just as he was certain Odin had intended. When Thor had strolled in his arrogant way through Asgard, he had done so with impunity. Odin had lessened Loki's restriction slightly by that time, allowing the trickster to leave his room but forbidding Loki to leave the castle itself. So it was that Loki had stared hatefully at Thor, unable to do anything about the way he felt, lest Odin punish him once more...

With time, Odin had allowed Loki to venture free of the royal castle, into the Asgard proper, and Loki had taken this privilege as a bird freed from a long confining cage. He had even thanked Odin each time he was granted more freedom. This part stung Loki as well, that he should feel gratitude for something that should have already been his right...

And here he was again, back to being confined in his room once more. Loki's lips trembled as he felt wave after wave of self-pity wash over his frowning form. Loki had been given leave to travel the other lands surrounding Asgard, and had ventured to the Norn Woods, hoping that a visit with his old acquaintance Karnilla would ease his mind somewhat. But once there, he had seen an opportunity to attack Thor, a great one.

Loki had fought the urge at first, a voice in the back of his mind telling him that such could end in disaster, but the opportunity was too great, and like a man addicted, he had snatched the voodoo doll of Balder from Karnilla's hag, and used it to strike down Balder, insuring that Thor would turn into Don Blake to aid him. All caution swept aside in his mad fervor to have his long-awaited vengeance upon his brother, Loki had raced to Midgard to steal away the cane that allowed Thor to assume his true form.

Great had been the exultation Loki had felt once that fateful item was within his grasp. And so quickly was it replaced by frozen terror when Loki felt and heard the booming voice of Odin, who had caught him in the act. Loki had been unable to speak or move for a long moment at first, so great was his heart-pounding fear as the realization of how much trouble he was in sunk in. He had mustered up the will to argue, of course... he always did.

It had proven pointless, however, and Odin had forced him with threat to relinquish Thor's hammer to his hated half-brother. After doing so, Loki had fled back to Asgard, hoping against reason that Odin would be sated by the act of his returning Thor's weapon to the thunder god. But this was not so, Odin's voice had found him again, and the booming command had been for him to return to his room, there to await punishment for his disobedience in traveling to Midgard and causing trouble for Thor.

Loki wrung his hands as he sat upon his bed, replaying all the things that had led him to this point. It wasn't fair! Never had Loki heard of an Asgardian being treated so... but Odin would not be turned from his course, and Loki had found through painful experience that complying brought far less pain... still he hated his situation, and often paced for hours at end. His gaze traveled to a mirror across the room. He looked haggard and worry-worn, dark circles under his eyes proof of his difficulty sleeping lately.

A full week had passed since Odin had commanded he wait within his room for punishment, and Loki found that the anxiety of waiting for that discipline punishment in and of itself. He often considered fleeing, using his magic and cunning to leave Asgard to seek refuge from his father's wrath elsewhere. But that would be foolish, Loki had often underestimated his father's superior power, and did not wish to risk the consequences of repeating such an error now...

Loki's gaze lifted to the door as it often did, his anxious eyes searching and his anxious heart wishing and not wishing to see his father enter, wondering how long he would have to suffer so when the door opened, Odin's powerful bulk filling it's frame. Loki's heart leapt into his throat, and he sat wide-eyed and frozen upon his bed, helpless to do anything but watch his father's advance into his room and the horrible things to come it must signify.

Loki licked dry lips mutely as his terrified gaze traveled to an object in Odin's hand. Loki had seen much, but never before had he seen a paddle in the castle of Asgard. He knew what it was for, yet he asked anyways. ''M-mi-lord, whatever is that object in your hand?''

Odin glanced at the long smooth length of wood in his hand as he answered. ''It is a tool, a learning tool.''

Odin had thought long and hard while Loki had wallowed in his bedroom on how he might teach his son to better himself. He had used increasingly painful forms of punishment, and it had met with increasingly positive reactions from his wayward child, but Odin needed something more. After contemplating for some time, he had decided to create an implement, a symbol that would strike fear into Loki merely at the sight or mention of it.

Loki's eyes were wide and disbelieving. ''Wherever did you get such a thing?''

Odin grunted at Loki as he shut the door behind himself, an action that sent chills of fear coursing through the young prince. ''I had the dwarfs make it for me. This way it is very smooth and hardy, it shall not break.''

Loki almost asked why it would ever have risk of breaking, but he feared the answer as surely as he knew it. ''F-father, I know you are displeased, but hear me out, I have reason for my actions.''

Odin simply shook his head as he seated himself next to Loki upon the bed, taking the frightened trickster by the arm and pulling him across his knees suddenly and without ceremony.

Loki couldn't believe it was happening already. ''Wait! Let me say my piece, will you not even allow me to defend myself?'' Loki glanced back and watched in horror as Odin went about securing him in place while shaking his head no at his son once more. ''T-this isn't fair! You haven't even heard what I have to say!'' Loki felt tears already springing to his eyes, his composure a thought of the past, fear running wild through his pounding heart. He felt almost rigid with expectant terror.

Odin continued to shake his head as he lifted the paddle and pulled Loki's pants down. He glanced at his son's face which now boasted tears as he replied shortly. ''Time for talking is done. I grow weary of having to do this, and seek this time to make the lesson stick. This paddle shall ever aid me in this task from here on.''

Loki wailed in fright as Odin's arm tensed and brought the paddle home, leaving a red rectangle in it's wake and teaching Loki yet another new form of pain. ''Wait! Wait!''

Odin grew quiet as he brought the wooden paddle to bear on his son's squirming ass, and Loki found himself in a whole new level of panic. His father wasn't responding to reason! He wouldn't even talk to Loki, all he intended was to administer his barbaric punishment! Loki twisted about in Odin's grip and scrabbled at the sheets of his bed, one of his legs falling free of the bed to kick at the floor as he struggled. This only earned Loki a faster, harder punishment, and he went rigid with the redoubled pain of it.

''Father! I-I am already pushed too far! Please, this is worse than before, I can take no more!'' Loki cringed at the desperation in his own voice. He glanced back as he yelled, and saw miserably that his ass was a crisscross of red paddle marks already. The bruises left by this punishment would stay for quite some time, he was sure, and he imagined sitting would be difficult for days if Odin kept up this pace. Loki whimpered when Odin did not respond, and he tried vainly to rein in his yelps and tears.

The other times Loki had been punished in this fashion Odin had at least spoken to him while he was being disciplined. This way made Loki more aware of the how serious Odin was about the punishment, and left him alone with the pain, unable to focus on anything else. If anything, Odin shifted him upon his lap so that his ass received more punishment while the rest of him rested more comfortably upon the bed, the sting in his buttocks the only point of focus available to the trickster.

Odin was not responding to his words, but that did not keep Loki from trying. ''Father, I beg you, at least consider my words! Please!'' Odin continued to swing that dreadful paddle in silence, though, and Loki felt mounting frustration over the vanity of his words. ''Father, everything I have done to deserve being here like this, I am sorry! I repent, please, speak to me!''

The paddle continued to arc down on Loki's clenching ass, and Loki trembled with his fear and pain, his stomach a tight knot to match his clenched buttocks. Something about the nature of this confrontation scared him far more than any of the others, and he brimmed over with anxiety. Surely this was what Odin had wanted to happen, but Loki could not stop it, nonetheless. He could only cry out helplessly as he glanced back occasionally to see what he couldn't stop.

Loki felt the tempo increase again, and began to wail in abject misery, begging Odin to stop and knowing that his cries fell on deaf ears. ''You are cruel to me! You wish only to cause me pain! What could I have ever done to deserve this treatment! You would never do something like this to your beloved Thor!'' These words had the same lack of effect as any other that Loki had tried, and he screamed in fury as he clawed his sheets in impotent rage as Odin continued to punish his ass.

As Odin continued to yet increase the tempo, Loki felt his will shatter against the wave of inescapable pain, and he found himself whimpering pathetically once more. ''I-I'm sorry. I did not mean those things... I am sorry, only please stop this!'' Still Odin ignored him, and Loki wailed anew, his cries resounding off the walls of his room. Yet another day of the Asgardian castle filling with his pathetic crying, he thought. Loki doubted he could drop much lower in the eyes of his peers, and this brought fresh tears to his face.

Loki glanced back as he continued to writhe beneath Odin's vengeful paddle, and winced at the score of red upon his naked rear, and how embarrassingly it quivered beneath the swats Odin delivered. Loki's knees dug into the bed, moving sheets pointlessly as his feet alternated between kicking high in the air and digging at the floor in futile gestures of pain. His free hand clutched the blankets of his bed until his knuckles turned white, and his back arched occasionally with particularly painful swats.

Odin continued to adjust Loki as he punished his son, so that the paddle always found the most sensitive areas of Loki's tanned ass. Loki screamed until he could scream no more, and finally went limp in Odin's grasp, his hitching breath catching every time the paddle contacted his pained rear. His body still jerked from time to time as Odin swung, but otherwise he was defeated in body as in spirit.

Odin slowed to a halt after a time, once he was certain that Loki was broken by his punishment. ''Now there is time for talk. Do not wear me with your excuses, I saw everything you did on Midgard firsthand, so there is no point in it. I have administered your punishment, and will now hear you admit why we are here today and I will also hear your apology, both to me and Thor.''

Loki wiped tears from his faced as he sniffed, trying to regain his shattered composure. He was going to have to apologize to Thor... that was perhaps the worst punishment Odin had ever levied upon him. An instant wave of humiliation almost caused him to say something reckless, but a glance at the paddle still in Odin's hand gave him pause, and he bit his lip instead. ''W-we are here because I went to Midgard without permission, and because I stole Thor's hammer away...''

Odin leaned a bit closer as he raised his eyebrow. ''...And?''

Loki gulped. This part was always harder when he wasn't currently feeling pain, but he suspected Odin knew that. The sad part was that Odin's new methods were highly effective... Loki felt a great deal of regret when he crossed his father these days. ''I-I am sorry, father. Please forgive me...''

Odin nodded and Loki found himself staring down, idly scratching at the bedsheets with his free hand. ''We shall go apologize to Thor once he returns from his mission concerning Galactus. Until then, where do you think you shall go?''

Loki felt the tears threatening to crop back in. Always, it came back to this helpless feeling, this loss of control. ''I-I shall be within the confines of my room father.''

Odin nodded once more as he pushed Loki's pants up and stood, watching Loki as his son winced trying to sit, electing instead to lay on his side upon the bed, his face a downcast frown. ''I shall place the paddle here upon your dresser, where it will be easily accessible should you err again. Were I you, I would pray against that day.''

As Odin departed Loki could not help but stare hatefully at that smooth board of wood. In all of history, only Loki had caused Odin to create such a thing... how embarrassing.