"Does anyone know why those three Indy rejects are here?" Christian grumbled

"They were probably hired." Darren Young took the teasing comb out of his hair long enough to reply.

Christian rolled his eyes. "I know they were hired, D-bag. Last week they were beating people up on Smackdown. I thought the exchange program was over!"

"Apparently it isn't." Orton leaned in between them. "Maybe after the show the three of us should make them welcome?" He winked

"What about Evan?" Christian whispered "After what you said last week…:

"Evan doesn't have to know, if you understand what I'm saying…" Orton flashed his Viper-smile at the pair. It took less than half-a-second for both Christian and Darren Young to agree. Their post-show plans now made, they leaned back and actually enjoyed the rest of the meeting.

"In conclusion, I would like to remind everyone that attendance at these meetings is mandatory. Missing one is a strike; if you miss two, well good luck in your future endeavors." Alexx answered "In case you were wondering why The Shield is here, I have acquired them temporarily due to the Hardy Brothers needing some time off. Apparently there's a situation that needed to be dealt with and it can't be done here. That's all I can say."

Heads turned to glare at Cena. He stared at the floor. Since the match with Matt, he'd become a lot less out there. Everyone wondered if maybe what had happened had changed John.

"Good luck and let's give them a good show."

Following their six-man brawl on RAW, Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose were in a strange mood. They had joined the rest of the roster to watch the rest of the show. No surprise that they had all been a little excited by some of the flesh on parade, but not one of the trio considered himself to play that way. Keeping the whole "Shield Unity" gimmick intact, all three of them headed out of the arena together. They made it as far as the bathrooms before Orton, Darren, and Christian made their moves.

"Hey guys… long time no see." Darren broke the ice.

"Uh yeah." Ambrose stuttered, looking to Rollins and Reigns as if to ask 'what the fuck?'

"Just chill." Christian added. "We were talkin' backstage and your match was brutal."

"He means brutal in a good way." Orton quickly added

"Yeah, so we was wond'rin since you're not gonna be around long if you wanted to go grab some drinks with the three of us?"

"Well…" Again Ambrose looked to his Shield-mates before answering. Both Seth and Roman shrugged.

"Cool… this will so totally rock!" Christian said

"Can't we change first?" Ambrose seemed to do all the talking tonight.

"Nah, you look fine." Orton smiled

Two hours later…

"Man, I wish I could've seen your face when your mom told you she was into girls." Christian laughed, buzzed completely.

"Dude that was a shoot." Darren stated "At least I hope it was."

Across the table, the three members of the Shield were a little shell-shocked. The drinks were good, but the topics of conversation were changing so fast, not one of them could keep up with the chatter, even when it involved them.

"I gotta take a piss." Seth announced. It was the first word any of them had managed to interject in the last ten minutes.

Orton and Darren looked at Christian, who nodded. "Yeah, me too. Hold our places boys, we'll be back in a bit."

Seth and Jay headed for the back. Randy immediately signaled for the waitress to bring them another round of drinks.

The bathroom was empty. This was both a surprise as well as a blessing for Jay. Rollins was very vocal in the ring and if he was half that when his ass was getting done, then having a lot of people around to here would not be the best thing.

Seth grabbed the nearest urinal to do his business. Jay took a spot a couple toilets away. He could still get a good view, but he could do it without it being too noticeable. What a view it was.

"So what did you think of RAW?" Jay asked

Seth shrugged. "Honestly, I'm shocked that HBO even lets you get away with some of that stuff."

"You should've seen last week. Cena got rammed by a twelve-inch dildo." Just the thought of last week was making him start to get hard.

"Really?" Seth chuckled "The All-American Cena?"

"Oh man, you obviously haven't been watching RAW for the past two years. There are stories I could tell you that would make you sweat."

"If they're half that, I believe you. It ain't really my scene though."

Jay raised his eyebrows. "What is your scene?"

"I don't really have one." Rolling stated "It depends on my mood."

"And what is your mood?" Jay made his move.

"Well…" Seth looked down, then back up. In those few seconds, Jay moved over next to him.

"C'mon, you can tell me." Jay whispered "I won't tell anyone."

"Jay… I don't know… are you sure? I mean, the guys are waiting for us."

"Let them wait." Jay reached between Seth's legs. He was also starting to get hard. "So, what's your scene?"

Seth gulped. "Whatever." He shrugged

"Have you ever..." Jay pointed with his head back toward the main room.

"No!" Seth shouted

"Really?" Jay curled his long fingers around Seth's member. "I find that hard to believe."

"Well…" Seth inhaled deeply. "Not with Dean."

Even off-camera, Jay almost laughed at how in-character the Shield member was.

"But what about Reigns?" Jay started to stroke him a little faster, working the skin delicately over the steel shaft.

"Once. It was just a bit of mutual masturbation." Seth's dick throbbed in Jay's hand. "That's all."

"Mmm." Jay leaned in close to Rollins' ear. "I bet you both came real hard. "

Seth nodded. He was more interested in Jay's hand than his voice at that moment.

Jay looked around. The stalls were still deserted. He didn't know that Randy had paid the waitress one hundred bucks to put an 'out of order' sign on the door so they wouldn't be bothered.

"Follow me." He let go of Seth's penis and walked to the back of the restrooms and into the last stall. Part of him wondered if Seth might not bolt back to Reigns and Ambrose, but if Seth was thinking with the only part of him that mattered to Jay...

He didn't have long to find out. Barely had he sat down on the seat, then Rollins was right there in front of him. His dick was still out, it was still hard, and it looked ready for some serious partying.

Jay pushed back some of the extra skin and licked the pink tip. On reflex, Rollins thrust forward.

"Someone is totally impatient." Jay smiled

Seth looked down at Jay, silently begging.

Jay licked his lips, then swallowed three-fourths of Seth's girth with one practiced gulp.

Seth was ready for the blowjob, but he still almost lost it when Jay's teeth gently scraped along him. "Oh man…" he gasped, holding on to the stall's walls before he fell over.

Jay winked at him, continuing to lick along the thick veins that encircled him. All Seth could do was hold on as Jay took him to areas of pleasure that no woman had ever before.

Jay knew that Seth would be a fast cummer, and probably a loud one too. If there was going to be screaming, then Jay wanted it to be while Seth was getting the fucking of his life.

When the dick in his mouth started to twitch, Jay knew what he had to do. He pulled off and started undoing Seth's belt. Seth let him until his pants and underwear were bunched around his ankles.

"Turn around." Jay whispered "I wanna be inside you."

"Jay, I don't know." Seth hesitated "I've never..."

"It's okay. I'll show you, but you have to trust me."

Seth exhaled, turned around, and leaned his forehead against the cold steel door.

Jay stared at Seth's pert ass for a moment, and then went to work preparing him.

The moans he heard from above soon told Jay that any uncertainly Seth had about this particular sex act was gone. Jay used his fingers and tongue to stimulate Rollins' most private of areas, then stood behind him and quickly freed himself from his way too tight jeans.

"Just relax and remember to breathe." Jay whispered in Rollins' ear. "You might feel a bit of pain at first, but it'll go away quickly."

"Oh-okay." Seth exhaled loudly.

Jay placed his erection on-line and slowly pushed forward. Rollins' hole resisted him for a moment, but a few gentle strokes by Jay on his dick and he gave in.

Jay sheathed himself inside Seth. It was hot and tight, just the way he liked his men.

"Ready?" He asked

Seth nodded. The sensation was already way more than he'd expected and once Jay started to move in and out, he had to bite down on his wrist to stop from screaming.

Putting his head on Seth's shoulder, he continued to ride the young man while holding him close.

"Oh fuck me…" Seth shouted

"As you want it." Jay had purposely avoided going all the way. If Seth was this receptive to what he was doing now, Jay had no doubt that things would explode when he hit his mark.

Jay thrust forward and nailed Seth's prostate dead center. For Rollins, it felt like his entire body was hit with a live electrical wire. From his highlights all the way down to his toes, everything seemed to tingle.

"Damn… do that again." Rollins begged

Jay smiled "Oh I will, don't worry."

Jay moved in and out of Seth very evenly, but decreasing the time between each stroke until he was pounding his ass constantly. For his part, Seth took all of Jay for as long as he could until he just had to come. He reached down for his throbber.

"Let me." Jay saw what Seth wanted. He reached around and started to jack him off in time with the pounding he was giving him from the rear.

"Fuck Jay… I'm gonna come soon." Seth pumped into Jay's tight fist.

"Let's come together, stud." Jay gasped, pumping both ends of Seth as fast as he could.

"Yeah…" Seth gasped "Oh fuck!" Thick streams erupted from his dick, covering the door, Jay's hand, and his own sweaty chest. The spasms from his dick went straight to Jay's core and he filled Seth almost immediately after. He continued to fuck him until he was completely drained before pulling out.

Jay collapsed onto the seat and waited for Seth to recover. Rollins stared at the splatter of juice.

"I can't believe you made me come like that." He panted, wiping some of the fluid from his body with some toilet paper. "No one has ever done me like that?"

"Not even Reigns?"

"Hell no. The only time he even made any noise was when he came." Seth pulled his pants back up. "Uh…"

"Don't worry. They won't know unless you tell them." Jay answered, fixing his own clothes. "But we should get back to our table, don't you think?"


Jay and Seth left the bathroom together, only getting a passing glance from the waitress who discretely removed the sign from the door before attending to her customers.

To their surprise, only Ambrose and Orton were at the table. Of Darren and Roman there was no sign except for some empty glasses.

"Darren left his wallet in his car and Reigns needed some air… or so he said." Randy shrugged

Jay returned the shrug.

"I ordered you some more drinks. I hope you don't mind." Randy pointed to the center of the table.

"Nah." Jay said, sitting down. Rollins did so as well, but a little more gingerly. "I have a feeling we might be here for a while."

"Isn't that always the case… you're having the time of your life, then you have to go do something stupid like find your wallet!" D-Young complained.

"Can't say I've ever had that problem." Reigns shrugged, leaning against the car while Darren searched through the front seat.

"Lucky bastard." Darren mumbled. Whether it was meant as a reply to his comment or to what might happen later was still up in the air.

"What was that?" Roman asked

"Never mind. Can you give me a hand looking?" Darren asked, getting a little anxious.

"Sure. Where do you want me?"

"The back seat." A slight smirk at Reigns' comment, then Darren climbed into the rear compartment as well. "Maybe it fell under one of the seats and slid back here."

It was tight, but both men squeezed into the back of the car. While hunting for the elusive billfold, Darren noticed that Reigns seemed to tense up every time their bodies brushed against each other. He wondered if the Samoan might be ready for his next move. A glance down confirmed his surprise. There was a bulge forming in his black pants and, if he was anything like his cousin Dwayne that was only the beginning.

"A-HA! Found it!" Darren exclaimed a few minutes later. It had somehow gotten wedged under the driver's seat. When he pulled his arm free, he looked up and was face-to-face with Reigns. Roman was breathing heavily. Their faces were so close that all it would take was one push forward and…

Reigns made the first move. Darren wasn't surprised that he did, but it was still a little shocking to be suddenly playing "dueling tongues" with the stud.

They kissed for what was at least a "marijuana minute". (Look it up, it's a real expression.) They only broke apart when Darren realized that he was going to get off in his pants if he didn't slow down.

"Hold on." He gasped

"'s cool." Reigns replied. Darren was surprised to hear Reigns' was breathing as hard as he was and a look at his crotch showed that he was excited in another way as well.

Darren climbed onto the back seat and quickly closed the door. Reigns followed suit on his side.

"So… are we…?" Reigns looked a little uncertain.

"Dude, I am so fucking horny right now that if we didn't, I'll still jerk myself off with you sitting here." Darren started to rub his groin to prove himself.

Reigns watched for about five seconds. "Let me do that." He removed Young's hand and his own hands quickly had Darren naked from the waist down.

Darren knew that he was going to be bottoming for Reigns, but it was still a little shocking just how fast Roman was moving. Roman removed the rest of Darren's clothing then five seconds later was already pushing at his entrance with his fat cock.

"Go for it!" Darren gasped, relaxing as he felt Roman begin to enter him.

Roman did not give Darren much time to breathe before he started moving at a not unpleasant pace inside him.

"You… really are… a… powerhouse." Darren moaned, arching his back with each deep thrust .

Roman just grunted in return and continued to deeply fuck D-Young.

It was definitely one-sided, unlike a lot of Darren's other encounters. Usually he was not stretched out across the backseat of a car getting the shit fucked out of him. The longer it went on, Darren enjoyed it more and more and much like in the ring, Roman was all business.

Darren could feel his insides tightening up. He was going to come soon, and Roman hadn't yet nailed his prostate.

"Fuck!" He shouted "Yeah, fuck meeee…." His voice trailed off into a happy sigh when his penis finally exploded. Roman growled loudly, shooting his own seed into Darren moments later.

"Wow…" Darren said after Roman pulled out. "You got dick and you know how to use it."

Roman only smirked, and then looked down almost in disgust at the smears of cum on his vest.

"This never happened." He muttered, wiping his vest off with his hand.

Darren smiled. "But at least we found my wallet."

"Where was it?"

"In my pocket." Darren chuckled. "But like you said, this never happened."

Darren and Roman returned to the bar. Seth shook his head slightly, and then returned to whatever the conversation was. It remained like that until the bar closed.

The main reason Randy had selected Ambrose was not because of what he saw in the ring. Even though they were both a little wild in-character, it was more because of what Randy had heard off-camera. Purely by luck, he'd roomed next to Ambrose months earlier. It was just after the Shield had made their debut. The sounds from Dean's room were enough to make Randy jizz in his pants just thinking about it and had been quite helpful for many lonely nights after.

Even better was that, while they were in town, Ambrose was again rooming nearby. Not next door, but still close enough.

Dean was drunk, Randy was pretending to be as drunk. He'd met Evan the same way, so why not press his luck?

Ambrose was mumbling incoherently about something. Randy nodded politely, although it could be anything from office politics to beer and pretzels that Dean was talking about.

Dean dropped his vest on the floor once he was inside, then pulled his white shirt over his head. Randy just stood and watched. Dean had his pants halfway off before he realized that he was being scoped out.

Instead of asking what Randy was doing, Dean simply kicked his pants aside, then grabbed Orton and tossed him onto the bed.

"Mine." Was all Dean said before rudely sticking his tongue down Orton's throat.

"Hey…mmph." This was not part of Orton's plans.

"Shut up, Viper!" Dean pulled away long enough to pull open Randy's button-down shirt. He traced along his six-pack, then gave both his nipples a tweak. "Tonight, you're mine."

Randy gasped. His nipples were one of his sexual Achilles' heels. Evan had found this out early on in their sex lives. However, Orton was not to going to lie back and let Ambrose have all the fun.

"Not if I have any say about it." Orton rolled over, pinning Dean to the mattress. He kissed Ambrose's chest, giving both his nipples a tweak for good measure, then ground delicately against him. Wearing only his undies, the friction from Orton's jeans was enough to send him to full mast very quickly.

Randy looked down when he felt something hard press against him. "Rookie." He muttered, reaching down to cup the swelling between his first two fingers. He began to stroke Dean through the soft fabric of his underwear.

Dean sighed; this was not how his usual encounters occurred.

Randy rubbed until the front of Dean's underwear was wet with his precum. He stopped, and then got a deadly serious look in his eyes. He tore open the front of the shorts and quickly went down on the younger man.

Dean moaned loudly. At the first familiar sounds, Randy boned up. This was what he had been listening to that night and now that he was the one provoking the erotic noises, it was getting him ready really quickly.

"Suck my cock… fuck…." Dean growled "Oh God… fuck yeah, that's it…"

For the next five minutes, Orton continued to pleasure the Shield member. Dean alternated obscene moans and shouts with commands that Randy was only too happy to oblige.

"Shit, Orton…" Dean suddenly raised his hips off the bed. "I'm ready."

Even with his mouth full, Randy was still able to smile. He slowly drew off.

"What the hell?" Dean asked while his pecker throbbed .

"Not yet, rookie." Randy slowly removed his own pants and underwear. His jutting phallus was pointed directly at Dean. "I'm the predator, remember?"

Before Dean to ask what that meant, Randy had one leg draped over each shoulder and his dick was pointed directly at his ass hole. Despite not having control, Ambrose couldn't resist being a cocky son-of-a-bitch.

"Gonna dry fuck me, eh?" Dean growled "Gonna take what you want from me?"

"Always do." Randy thrust forward, breeching Dean and slamming against his prostate with his first push.

"FUCK!" Dean screamed loud enough to wake up Drew McIntryre, who had been asleep in the next room.

"Keep it down i'there." Drew shouted, throwing a pillow, and then his shoe, at the wall.

"Better be quiet, Deano. We're waking the neighbors." Randy joked

"Make me." Dean shouted

Randy leaned over and sealed their mouths together. This softened the noise, but it still wasn't enough to let Drew go back to sleep.

"Perverts." Drew mumbled, now fully awake and fully erect. He quickly dressed and left his room. He hoped he'd find some company at the bar who would take his mind away from what he'd just listened to. The only man in the bar was Christian, having a few more drinks after his fun with his own Shield member.

"Scotch. Neat." He demanded

"Can't sleep?"

"Bloomin' shag in the next room woke me up." Drew moaned

Christian smiled into his beer. He knew who it was without having to ask.

"Is there a reason you're here instead of asking to join in?"

"Who says I want to?" Drew snorted

"That monster in your pants does."

Drew looked down… still hard.

"Why don't you come back to my room?" Christian whispered

Drew thought about it… for five seconds. "What the hell?" He drained his shot and got off the stool. The bulge in his pants showed through, but McIntrye didn't care.

"Put the drinks on my tab. I'll settle tomorrow." Christian said

"Very well, Mr. Reso." The bartender smiled, although he was a little sad that he wasn't going to be the one spending the night with the handsome wrestler.

Christian followed Drew out the door. They passed Drew's room, and the one beside. Bangs and other loud grunts were still being heard.

"They're gonna be at it a while." Christian laughed "I hope you brought ear plugs."

Drew laughed as well, and then followed Jay inside.

Orton and Ambrose were still going at it like two dogs in heat. They had changed positions so many times, that Orton was running out of ideas. The sweat was pouring off their bodies, and both men had been to the edge of coming several times. Neither had finished, though.

"Are you gonna come or do I have to choke you out?" Dean growled… he was currently the one on top.

"I told you… I'm the predator and you're my prey." Randy barked and lunged to the left. Now he was on top.

"I don't think so." Again they flipped.

"Don't make me have to RKO you!" Randy pushed Dean back down to the mattress and dug his fingers into his trapezium muscles.

"Don't make me have to plant you myself." Dean kneed Orton in the gut and again, rolled him over.

"I'd like to see you try." Orton dared the younger man.

"I got a better idea." Dean slammed his still-erect dick back into Orton's behind and started pumping him again. "You want me to get off, man? Only if I make you my bitch!"

Randy was surprised at the energy that Dean still had. He tried to push him aside, but just as he was close to getting control, Ambrose pulled another trick out of his bag, He grabbed Orton's dick and started jerking it furiously.

"Now Viper… is the big snake gonna let his little snake do what it wants?"

Randy's pride was on the line, but the pleasure he was feeling from both sides made just thinking very difficult.

"OH Fuck… Dean, dammit… I'm…"

"Yes you are… you're my bitch! Don't forget that." Dean slammed Randy hard.

"Evvie!" Orton screamed, coming all over his chest, abs, Dean's hand, and the mattress.

"What the… Bourne?" Dean almost lost his control when he heard Orton scream John's name at the moment of orgasm. "You gotta be… fuck!"

Orton clenched tightly, and rode Dean to his own orgasm with a technique that Evan had taught him.

Ambrose came almost as hard, filling Orton with the first two spurts, then pulling out to add the rest of his load to the trails on Randy's chest.

He collapsed onto the mattress, sweaty, sticky, and spent.

"Told ya I was the predator, rookie." Orton smiled "But don't worry about Reigns and Rollins… they got their own secrets."

It finally dawned on Ambrose. "You sons of bitches! You set us up!"

"You can call it a set-up… I call it welcome to RAW!"

Up next… what happened with Christian and Drew? You'll find out… for megsjedi.