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Dangers in the Past.

Harry's face was blank, looking at his headmaster and his godfather. It had barely been a month since he had finally killed Voldemort. The moment it had happened, something had died inside him. He guessed it was the presence he always felt when the dark lord was nearby. He knew he should be happy, everyone else was, but he couldn't bring himself to be happy and carefree again, too much had happened to him.

It was the first day of the summer holidays; he would spend them for the first time in his life with Sirius, even that thought was barely able to make him smile. He saw the nurse fussing over him for a final check-up before he was finally allowed to leave the hospital wing, where he had stayed all of past month.

Dumbledore and Sirius seemed to be discussing something important; they had been talking for the last half hour with a seriousness that was uncommon for both men. Finally, Madame Pomfrey stepped back from the bed and said he was ready to go. The two men stopped talking and approached them.

" So, everything alright?" Dumbledore said looking at Harry.

"All his injuries are healed, Headmaster, but don't be surprised if you get tired a lot, Harry, it's to be expected."

The boy nodded and looked expectantly at the headmaster, as if sensing the old man had to tell him something he wouldn't like. Dumbledore read his gaze and answered the unspoken question. "Harry, we have received notice that some death eaters have gone back in time to try and kill your parents before you're born, in hopes that Voldemort won't be defeated if you're not here. We have been able to pinpoint their location in the year 1975, that's when your parents were in fifth year. Professor Snape has been able to go with the death eaters as a spy and we have been able to infiltrate Charlie Weasley as help for the professor of Care of Magical Creatures. However, I would like for Sirius to take the job of DADA teacher. He knew James and Lily better than anyone else and will be able to protect them from the death eaters."

Harry's face betrayed nothing of any thoughts or emotions and it made Sirius feel nervous. Finally he spoke. "So, I have to return to the Dursley's?" Sirius's head snapped up and he locked eyes with his godson. "Of course not! I would never allow you to return to those sorry excuse of muggles."

He looked almost outraged at that thought, Dumbledore placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke in a calming voice. "In fact Harry, you have several choices."

"Which are?"

"You can stay with the Weasley's, who I'm sure would be delighted, you can stay with Remus Lupin, or you could go back with Sirius."

Harry's interest was immediately drawn. "You would allow that, sir?"

"Yes, Harry, except there are a few rules you have to follow. You are right now in no condition to begin to exert yourself, so you will be placed in fifth year again, and it also will allow you to be with your parents. You will be staying with Sirius in the teacher's dorms till you're strong enough to return to the dorms, Madame Pomfrey insists that you need a lot of rest and I'm sure you won't be getting it any in the common rooms. If you agree to these terms, you can go with Sirius. Do you want to think about it?"

Harry shook his head. "There's nothing to think about, sir, I want to be with Sirius"

His godfather smiled happily at him and Dumbledore's eyes twinkled gently. " I thought you would choose to go with him, so your things are already packed. I will send you to a time, five days before term begins. My past self won't be expecting you so you will have to get the job on your own, Sirius. No one is to know who you really are if you can help it, so you will be using fake names. Sirius you will go as Ryan Desclair and you Harry will be Harry Danton. Even though you still look a lot like James, now that you wear contacts and have your hair long, you are no longer identical, so it shouldn't be a problem. Charlie is going by the name of Ethan Surley, he will act like an old childhood friend of yours, Harry, kind of an older brother, ok?" They both nodded. " You will have to go to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley to buy some things. I'll give you money from the Order, Sirius, to pay for it. And Harry, if you want to fly, I think it might be better if you bought another broom. That Firebolt of yours might cause to much unneeded attention."

At hearing this, Madame Pomfrey's head shot up from where she had been writing. "You are not going to fly until, at least, two weeks have passed. Is that understood, young man?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Ok, now that everything is taken care of, you should be going. Your trunks are already in my office as are the cages of Hedwig and Godric, I suppose I assumed correctly that you want to bring them with you, Harry?"

The boy nodded. Hedwig had been his owl since his first year, it had been his first birthday present ever and he had grown very attached at her. Godric was a phoenix he had found injured in the Forbidden Forest when he was serving detention with Hagrid one night. The bird had allowed him to help it and had stayed at his side ever since.

"Where are Derek and Echo?"

Harry smiled and showed his arm to the headmaster where a snake laid dozing off. He had found the snake injured in a small forest in Dumbledore's manor and the old man had allowed him to keep him as company.

"Derek is here, and Echo is sleeping in the pocket of my robes."

Echo was a little fairy that he had found lost around the castle one day. He had helped her find the way back to the forest and they had met regularly on the grounds until she decided to stay with him permanently.

" Very well, Charlie will be waiting for you at the entrance, lets not make him wait."

Harry tried to stand up, but immediately his legs felt like they were made of Jell-O. Sirius quickly steadied him by wrapping an arm around his waist and griping his arm.

" Thanks Sirius."

" You're welcome, Kid, let's go."

Slowly they followed Dumbledore to his office, with Sirius occasionally lifting Harry in his arms when they had to climb up stairs. At first Harry protested, but Sirius wouldn't hear of it. He didn't want for Harry to overexert himself when he still was weak. When they finally arrived, Harry was panting heavily and Sirius was supporting most of the boy's weight, and looking down at him with concern. Sirius carried him up the last flight of stairs and into Dumbledore's office, where he made him sit down in one of the chairs. He brushed some of Harry's hair out of his eyes and looked him over carefully. "Are you ok, Kid?"

Harry nodded and closed his eyes, trying to stop panting. Sirius and Dumbledore waited patiently until the boy had regained his breath and opened his eyes again.

" Ok, Sirius, here are all the papers you'll need to get the job, and here is the money." Sirius took both things and thanked him. Dumbledore smiled at him, "ready to go?"

"Yes, sir,"

Dumbledore handed Sirius a time-turner. "It has been charmed so that with every turn, you go back one year, understand?"

" Yes, sir. Come on, Harry."

The boy stood up and took a place next to his godfather. They both took a hold of their trunks and in a flash of light disappeared from Dumbledore's office.

To be continued.

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