Summary: Here are some Picard and Crusher oneshots

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"You are the most infuriating woman I have ever known!"

"You are the most infuriating man I have ever known!"

Beverly stood opposite Jean-Luc with his desk between them; her hands were flat on his desk. They were having another one of their heated arguments only this time Beverly couldn't remember what sparked her ire. She knew it had to be pretty bad for her to be in his ready room yelling and screaming at him; but what was the reason? Before she knew it her head was lowered and laughter bubbled up, spilling past her lips. Rather than feeling mad she felt ridiculous for shouting at him when she couldn't remember the reason.

Jean-Luc watched as Beverly began to laugh. She was actually laughing and he could feel the same with in him. About half was through their screaming match he had forgotten the reason she was so angry at him. He outright forgot; which was unprecedented for him. Jean-Luc made sure he never forgot what could set Beverly off. She had a temper that could burn brighter and longer than any sun. But with this he just couldn't remember what he had said to set her off. Sitting down in his chair he let her laughter dance over him.

Beverly sobered enough to look at her Captain. He was sitting back in his chair watching her. There was no more anger in his eyes; anger that she had put there with her own temper. Jean-Luc could look at her like no other man could. Even her husband had never looked at her like he could see into her heart. It was a look that she never really knew how to deal with it, but just seeing him looking at her like that was the most precious thing in the universe to her. Going around the desk Beverly leaned her hip on the edge and stared into his eyes. She started to lean into him.

"What are you doing?" Jean-Luc asked while leaning foreword. He was compelled to get closer to her. She was a force of nature; his force of nature.

"Being bold," Beverly answered a split second before she took his lips in a light, tender kiss. Ever since they had been on Kess-Prytt she had thought of him constantly, thought of them being together. The main reason she held back was her fear. She was afraid of losing the friendship they had built. That friendship was solid and it was familiar; but she wanted to know Jean-Luc the only way a lover could.

"You're… always… bold," Jean-Luc spoke between light kisses. He knew for things to change between them he had to let her make the choices and take the first steps. Beverly had to get over her fear of something more between them. His fear was not entirely lost, but he had hope that they could be lovers and still have that friendship.

"Exactly," Beverly laughed pulling back. "So, tonight my quarters, bring a bottle of wine." Rising from his desk Beverly left her captain and prayed to whatever deities were listening that she knew what she was doing. Tonight she was going to take a leap of faith. Tonight she was going to take Jean-Luc as her lover and not look back. With every stride she took she felt more and more confidant that she was doing the right thing.