Porcelain or Cloth.

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Hakate Kakashi wears a mask.

Thing is, no one's ever figured out why.

Some say that the mask is merely there to hide his ugly face.

But really, he's rumoured to be handsome as the Fourth Hokage. Perhaps more so.

Others say he covers the lower half of his face because he's too handsome.

Sane people call this out as plain ridiculous. And rightly so. 'Too handsome' is no excuse.

A few speculate that he stays unknown because he looks like his disgraced deceased father.

But no, Kakashi had worn his mask long before his father's death.

A lot of ninja think it's to distinguish him from his heritage. Gain a reputation of his own.

Again, that isn't the reason. But strangely, that mask is as part of him as his Sharingan is these days.

Many just now assume he wears it to annoy the hell out of everyone else.

Perhaps that's part of the reason, but it isn't the answer.

No, he wears it because he can't stand looking at a murderer. And that's who he thinks he is.

A murderer of many masks, whether it is cloth or porcelain, it doesn't matter.

His hands are stained with crimson blood.


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