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"I think God makes more than one soul mate for every person, and the one you live your life with is just the one you met first. Yeah well, I have a problem. I met all of mine at once."

"The only thing I'm scared of...is that you might love him more than me." - Pearl Harbor

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He stumbled on the snow and landed on his knees. He had no reason why he did it but he just felt like it.

The snow in Alaska was getting thicker and colder but he didn't notice any of those things – he couldn't think about anything else. He was numb all around but for his heart. His heart was aching so much – it yearned for something that had been lost. He couldn't let it go. It was like it was marked forever in his heart for it to bleed.

He stayed there for a while, just kneeling and breathing in the icy air, but eventually, the place around him started to light up and the sound of tires rolling with the snow sounded out of nowhere. Headlights hit his direction – the thick white snow looked kind of familiar to him but it was not what he was longing for.

A car's horn honked twice and the car stopped near the heap of body kneeling on the cold snow. The car engine's heat emanated out with the smell of metal and oil and it reminded him of the smell of leather inside a limousine. The heat was not unpleasant unlike what he was experiencing inside his heart right now.

He heard a car's door open and they were followed by slow footsteps. Black pointed shoes appeared in front of his peripheral sight accompanied by two pale pink palms. He looked up and saw cat-green eyes looking at him with concern. His realization of who she was shocked him a little in spite it all.

He never thought that this woman in front of him would be concerned for somebody's welfare – especially his. But seeing her face now, so concerned, it was inevitable not to talk.

"Someone called, said you'd come." she told him and gave him a small, apologetic smile that just increased his shock.

"What am I doing here?" he tried not to show his shock in front of her but it was like she could see through every lies he made – like every other time when he visits her office.

"I don't really know." she was holding something back but he cared less.

"Why do I feel so…" he looked for a word that could describe what he was feeling right now. "…empty."

"Maybe it's just the shock." She replied and took his arms, supporting like he was disabled.

"What am I shocked about?" he asked she knew and he was not asking about his shock from her change of heart.

She shook her head. "That was what I wanted to ask you." she said as she helped him to the car. The guardian who drove the car was getting… his bags.

That was strange; he hadn't remembered that he was moving away. Where was he going? Why were his bags packed? And most of all, why was he doing outside the academy instead of being inside the safety of the wards?

He saved those questions for later – he didn't want any guardian to know that he had lost his mind.

He tried to conceal his pain and the desolation of his heart by looking out the window. It was day out but the dismal snow in Alaska made it possible for Moroi to go out. It looked like it was afternoon. The gloomy surroundings in Alaska didn't make him feel better – it was like it was keeping him company by sharing what it felt. It made him feel worse.

Why was he feeling this way? What did he lose? Did he care about something that he lost? Was he insane? He kept throwing questions at himself.

Eventually, they arrived at the academy unscathed. Seeing the academy here brought some distant flashbacks of another life.

He ran his hands through her smooth, dark hair. He loved her hair. It felt like silk against his calloused fingers but nothing could ever compare how her lips felt against his.

Just seeing a beautiful mane of dark hair, the pain inside his chest tightened and the empty feeling came. The hollowness inside him grew slowly, eating him whole and almost getting him undone. He touched the throbbing part of his chest and inconspicuously exhaled. Trying to let the pain out but to no avail. Yes, it hurt him. Too much.

He tried to cave in his torments and made himself feel strong.

Whatever this was, he decided, it was not going to last for long.

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