Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with the 'Skinners' series. I used the book when I was reading it as a base for my story.

Author's Note: I was reading the first book 'Skinners' and I had an idea for this story and I wrote it down, typed it up and voila here it is!! I strongly advise anyone reading this to go out and read the 'Skinner' series … it was incredible and gave me thoughts into what the future COULD be, but the truth about the future is that no-one really knows what is going to happen. PLEASE REVIEW!! XOXOXO

Lia ran.
Auden ran too. He wasn't as fast as she was and he was becoming exhausted.
Zo was coming up fast behind them.
Walker lay dead back in the cafeteria.

Lia had no trouble killing him. He should be so lucky she killed him painlessly. A quick snap of his neck and he was gone.
Simple. Painless.
And Lia had the strength to do it forcefully.

Walker's head did a full 360degree rotation.

Auden was scared when Lia did it.

"This is not Lia! This isn't who she is!"he thought to himself.

The way Walker's head loosely rotated in Lia's hands but still the muscles putting up a fight.
Lia's could hear the muscles tearing with her incredible, electronic ears.
They were tearing slowly, to quiet for the humans to hear, pushing against her hands.

This emotion that ran through her circuits felt real.

"THIS is what it was like before I got dumped into this stupid body. I LOVE THIS!" Lia thought to herself but she said out loud "I LOVE FEELING!"

The rage she was feeling was incredible.

The anger.

The hate. It was all so incredible.
She smiled a vicious, evil smile. Her face was dark.

Everyone who had gathered around the fight was now backing off. She was showing how vicious she could be.
Auden had tugged at her waist after she ignored him for the tenth time and said "Let's get out of here!"

Lia ran.
Auden ran behind her a couple of steps.

As the ran out of the cafeteria and ran down a hallway towards the front of the school an alarm sounded.

That was the suicide bell alarm bell, not that the school have ever needed to use it before.

Even though Walker didn't kill himself it was still a death and the school has no dead person alarm bell.

As Lia and Auden reached the edge of the school grounds a piercing shriek came through loud and clear.

"Crap!" said Lia as she shoved Auden from his stand still position.

Only he wasn't looking back. His eyes were fixed on something in the distance.

"What? What's there?" Lia asked when he wouldn't move.

"Those!" he said as he pointed at the police cars and ambulance's that were rushing up the drive towards the school.

"Quick … into the bushes!" Lia said dragging him into the thick scrubland.

"Won't they catch us sooner or later?" He asked as the cars disappeared up the hill.

"Later would be better!" Lia said as she tugged Auden's shirt so they'd start running again.

When they got to the border of town Auden needed a rest so they stopped but only for a short while.

"Where do we go now?" he asked breathlessly.

Lia looked off into the distance and simply said "We just keep running."

"Forever?" he asked with a bit more breath, looking up at her.

"Yes … we can't go back now, or ever!" she said "but you don't have too, you can go back and say it was all me … which it was."

"No … I will, I want to be with you no matter what situation we get into!" Auden said bravely, standing up and putting his hands on Lia's waist.

"Really?" she asked looking into his soul baring eyes.

"Absolutely!" he said with full confidence knowing that he loved her no matter if she was a machine on the outside. He knew she was thinking for herself, it wasn't just some computer.