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Chapter 1

After the tragedy happened where Jack Russell defeated the Silver Dragon, Aphelion, he resigned as a knight and he returned to his home, Solieu Village. When he traveled at dawn from the Lupus Gate of Radiata, he felt someone was catching up. But as he averted his gaze from the front, there was no one approaching him. There was only a speck of dust that has been blown by the wind spontaneously.

There was an expression of disappointment on his face. He gazed his head forward and breathed deeply.

He had traveled with a mournful expression on his face because ever since Ridley died, there's no one to protect anymore. While he was walking in a slow pace, he encountered a goblin with a knife on its right hand and stood in a fighting stance. It was ready to face him.

Jack sweat dropped with an annoyed face, he's not in the mood to fight anyone. Instead of fighting the goblin, he just continued walking and ignored the goblin.

The goblin froze from embarrassment because he is just been ignored. The goblin quietly recovered from the temporary reaction. He stomped towards him, and shouted, "Fight me!"

Then, Jack stopped walking. He replied in a monotonous tone, "Whatever" with a determined face. He resumed to walking. However, the goblin is so determined to fight him. It approached him quickly and said to Jack mockingly, "Chicken ass. You coward. Scared to fight me, aren'tcha? Loser."

"Whatever", he repeated.

Jack quickly grabbed his sword and knocked the goblin out. Now, the goblin lies unconsciously on the ground (imagine an x-marked in the goblin's eyes nyaha!)

"You're nothing but a weakling. What a chatterbox. Who's the loser now? Jack mocked back.

After that pointless argument, Jack gazed on the blue sky seeing the image of Ridley sculptured on a cloud. He sighed. From his gaze, he returned looking on the road. His mind still wandered.

He noticed that he is near to his village. Jack continued walking and stopped in front of the façade of his house. As he entered, he called out,

"Hello… I'm home." Adele came out to greet him. She had a surprised look on her face, "Why did you come home? I thought you're still in Radiata as a knight."

He replied, "I quit as a knight."

Adele was shocked to what he answered. She wasn't able to do anything.

In a confused tone, she questioned him, "Why?"

He said hopelessly, "Because there's no one to protect. She's gone."

"Is that so? Well, it doesn't mean that you will stop fighting as a knight because there's no one to protect."

"But, you know, it feels kinda hard to forget someone you care for the most."

"I know you care about her and it is fine if you can't forget her that easily. But, I'll say this, she would not be happy if she saw the state you're in right now."

"Thanks sis."

"Ok, I'll prepare dinner for you. Go get changed first. And rest. I know you're tired from your journey."

"Ok." Still, Jack felt disappointed.

After the scene, Jack lied on the bed with his arms wide open stretching out. He can't stop thinking about Ridley and about the bull session with his sis.

He was bothered and said to himself, "… Ridley… would not be happy of what I'm in now? What does it mean anyway?"

After that she called, "Jack, dinner's ready."

"Ok, I'm coming." He replied back.

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